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Workforce Essay Examples and Topics

Ethnocentrism and Diversity in the Workplace

In general, communication with a stranger goes down to the anticipation and the prediction of the answers. On the contrary, when communicating with strangers, the individuals involved in the communication are more cautious of the [...]

Workplace Diversity and Challenges of Leadership

However, the importance of attaining diversification strategy within the organization was due to two broad reasons: retaining competitiveness of the organizations after employing the diversity strategy and morally, diversification of the organization is the right [...]

Teamwork: Theory, Research and Practice

Teamwork is one of the most imperative considerations not only in school but also in the current working environment because of the benefits acquired in the process of mixing and sharing with other people in [...]

Employee Turnover in Fast-Food Restaurants

Overall, the management of these enterprises should focus on their recruitment strategies and work on the transformation of the organizational culture in order to address the problem of increasing employee turnover.

Expatriate Security Training and Safety Program

The preliminary overview of the literature on expatriate security and safety has demonstrated the lack of data on the preventive strategies that can be implemented to provide assistance to the female workers and thus further [...]

Microsoft’s and AT&T’s Diversity Management

Diversity initiatives and outcomes, leadership commitment to the policy, as well as the incorporation of the framework into the main operations of the firms, will also be reviewed. The success of Microsoft is dependent on [...]

Employee Participation in the Netherlands

Dissimilar to the regulation of other nations, the rules of the government of Netherlands do not obligate the workers to participate in the works council; nor do they empower it to influence the allotment of [...]

“Beautyism” in the Workplace

The tendency of employers to divert their recruitment skills to physical attractiveness of a prospective employee is deceiving and implies potential discriminatory effects on hiring in the workplace.

The Work-And-Life Balance in the U.S. Companies

From this point, it is necessary to discuss the approaches followed in the U.S.companies in order to guarantee the work-and-life balance for their employees in terms of proposing policies on the maternity leave and care [...]

Women and Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility in the place of work is a multifaceted result of numerous social and structural transformations of the American civilization. Different aspects have influenced the flexibility of women in the place of work.

Child Labour Practise

This paper seeks to elaborate the reasons behind the use of child labour in some corporations and the general ways child labour affects the conditions of the children involved.

Promoting Diversity at Workplaces

Consequently, it is the role of the organizational managers to educate the workforce concerning the benefits of diversity. Organizational managers may establish a committee to assist in the implementation of the policy and to identify [...]

OBE Workplace Diversity

According to Colquitt, Conlon, Wesson, Porter and Ng, the next perspective is anchored on the organisational response to the impact of the legal and political environment, which introduce diversity training programs when they have lost [...]

Racial discrimination in Organizations

It is the work of the management to provide a neutral working environment within any organization, as well as ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all employees regardless of their race.

Religion in Workplace

This Act is important in that, it reminds employers of their duty to recognize and accommodate the religion stand of their employees.

Workplace Conflict: Article Summary

Furthermore, while it is possible that everyone in the workplace is vulnerable to conflict, the responsibility of dealing with conflict should not be left to the top management and the human resources.

Workplace Diversity Benefits and Challenges

The second one is that managers are supposed to implement diversity friendly policies which recognize the diversity of the employees. The most challenging aspect of diversity in my organization is to convince every person that [...]

Analysis of Organizational Change Outcomes

In particular, the study sought to find out whether the reported drop in incidences of sexual harassment in the military resulted from behavior change or it was just caused by change in the responses of [...]

Managing Diversity at Workplace

In the workplace, diversity, if properly managed, optimises the willingness and ability of all employees to contribute to the organisational success by encouraging each employee to draw fully on the talents, different points of view, [...]

Discrimination and Affirmative Action

The recruitment results showed that a number of individuals from both minority groups and the white group had passed entry mark; however, no single candidate from the minority groups had secured a chance in the [...]

Equal Employment Opportunity in the US

As such, it is only imperative to evaluate the basic tenets of EEO to be able to clearly outline the disjoint between the ideals of EEO and the realities on the ground In the US, [...]

Improving Work Place Ethics

An employee who detects dishonest activities such as falsification of important company documents and reports the perpetrators to the company executives is highly advisable and recommended because every company requires honest employees.

Conscientiousness in the Workplace

Therefore, from time to time, employees of the organisation may have conflicts due to differences in their personalities. However, it is vital for employees of the organisation to prevent the conflict from degenerating into a [...]

Age discrimination in Employment

According to the provisions outlined and put forward in the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, all employees who are aged forty and above are entitled to work and earn all the benefits accrued in employment.

Discrimination in the Labor Market

As a result, there are two schools of thought, the market oriented perspective and the embedded perspective, which try to explain the racial discrimination in the labor market.

Equal Employment in the Workplace

Measures have been put in place to ensure maximum utilization of the available skills, energy, and creativity that strengthens employee involvement and increase the productivity of employees.

Human Resource Management: Workforce Diversity

To understand the processes associated with the phenomenon of workforce diversity, it is important to concentrate on the peculiarities of the development of multinational companies in which workforce diversity can be discussed as the characteristic [...]

Dealing With Romance in the Office

Romance in the workplace is a common phenomenon attributed mainly to the recent influx of women into the labor force. In the process of trying to impress a co-worker, productivity of the employee improves.

Managing a culturally diverse workforce

The Concept of Globalisation Globalisation can be defined as the minimisation of the differences between the people of the world and the maximisation of their similarities through interactions, cooperation and communication.

Violence in the workplace

The heritage of violence in the political economy is the main cause of violence in many countries5. As a son in the family, he was expected to provide for the family.

Discrimination at Publix Incorporation

Despite the claim by the management of Publix Incorporation that the firm is committed to ensuring non-discrimination; the firm has not effectively implemented policies aimed at abating discrimination.

Family Responsibilities and Discrimination

The report highlighted five major barriers that prevented women from advancing to senior management roles within the hospitality industry which included the challenge of balancing between work and family, gender bias and inequality in the [...]

Concepts of Unions

Overall, employers are opposed to unions and in some situations; many workers loose their jobs because of unionization. Unions are vital to workers' job security and in many instances; they improve the lives of the [...]

Concept of ‘Entry Level’ Working

A real entry level job offers the chance to learn about the industry, the industry segment, and the firm itself. If hired, you need to establish a pattern that is both admirable and sustainable over [...]

Managing Diversity in Work Places

With the meaning and the range at which diversity means clear, the next crucial step is managing of the human resources, the human resource department has the role of establishing the differences of beliefs, races, [...]

Increasing Diversity in the Workplace

They have conformed to the traditional way of life, and therefore are rigid to some of the changes that take place in the external environment. Technology is one of the leading factors that have contributed [...]

Strategies of Workplace Diversity Management

Additionally, it is crucial to train employees on the importance of diversity within the workforce and how it can be harnessed for the betterment of the company. This has helped in addressing the challenges and [...]

Workplace Hazards

One of the goals is to prevent people from carrying cold weapons or firearms to the workplace. This combined strategy can be the key to the elimination of workplace violence.

Fire Safety in the Workplace

While the role of fighting fire is designated to firefighters, organizations should do whatever it takes in their capacity to ensure fire is avoided.

Two Types of Sexual Harassment (EEOC)

Sexual harassment is becoming a major social issue in the contemporary society and apart from the unbearable shame and humiliation that it brings to victims, it is also likely to bear adverse consequences to the [...]

Gender in Management

Gender in management is a term that is used to describe the proportion of employees that occupy management positions in an organization based on their sexuality.

Managing Workforce Diversity

This conclusion is arrived by considering two factors; the first one is the fact that it encourages other organization to incorporate objectives concerning effective management of workforce diversity, in their corporate.

Workplace Violence

Although the term suggests that the violence is restricted in the workplace, the truth is that this violence can happen inside or outside the workplace.

Work Place Violence

This paper will look at some of the causes of work place violence, the impacts it has on the performance of industries, and its impacts to the management of human resources.

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

The scenario being experienced at the workplace provides that members of staff are offended by the personal photos and calendars hung in the back of the kitchen that are sexual in nature.