Workforce Essay Examples and Topics

“The Good Temp” by Vicki Smith

Abstract The rise of temporary help service industry and its effects on the society has become a major concern to sociologists and other social scientists. A number of scholars have conducted studies on this topic. In their book The Good Temp, Vicki Smith and Esther Neuwirth try to tackle the subject of temporary labor market. […]

Expatriate Workers in the UAE: Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Over the past few decades, a steep rise in the number of expatriates from a variety of countries to the UAE has been noticed. The immigration rates are beyond impressive, as the 2014 statistics shows. Moreover, people flee to the UAE from a great number of countries. At present, the citizens of more than eighty […]

Demographics of the Workforce in the United Arab Emirates

Workforce Demographics of the UAE According to the report of Ministry of Economy (2013), more than 65% people are rate of economically active; however, Malit & Youha (2013) stated that this country is a popular destination for temporary labor migrants since 80% of total people are migrants (come mainly from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other […]

Worker Issues and Welfare Program in Canada

Introduction The first article talks about the temporary worker issues in Canada (Burgmann, 2014). The country has the federal government governing national policy and the provincial governments exercising jurisdiction over the provinces. Each province can have its laws, but many are subject to the existing laws of the federal government. The temporary labor laws are […]

Child Labour Practise

Introduction Child labour is an illegal practise that has been in existence for a significant period. Many companies, including renowned multinational corporations, still practise child labour, despite the negative connotation associated with this practise (International Labour Organization, 2010). The practise is rife in the developing world where regulatory frameworks are feeble and poverty levels are […]

Substance-use Disorder at the Workplace: Alcohol Dependence

Introduction Some of the established mental disorders in the population require medical attention and psychiatric treatment. One common thing about mental disorders is that they affect the performance of individuals and their interaction with others in society. However, not all mental disorders are as serious as to necessitate treatment. In fact, some of them go […]

Promoting Diversity at Workplaces

Introduction The success of contemporary business institutions lies on the capacity of the businesses to encourage and promote diversity. Business institutions that embrace and emphasise on “…diversity in their working cultures can significantly benefit in a variety of ways, including indirectly improving their bottom line” (Agócs & Burr 2004, p. 33). Moreover, organizations that encourage […]

OBE Workplace Diversity

A summary of the paper shows that the debate focuses on the impact of implementing a diversity training program to fight workplace discrimination. Organisations implement diversity training programs as an afterthought when they have lost cases of employee discrimination. The paper discusses the advantages, disadvantages, and the practical implications of the diversity training program using […]

Workers Safety: Protecting Welders From the Hazards of Poisonous Gases and Other Dangers

Introduction Multiple industrial operations involve processes that pose many dangers to workers. In the course of performing their duties, industrial workers meet both immediate and non-immediate hazards. Industrial hazards can result from air poisoning, electrical shocks, moving components such as conveyor belts, as well as exposure to radiation. Welding processes present multiple sources of hazards […]

Concepts of Visibility and Invisibility in an Organization

Introduction The issue of gender inequality in organizations has never been addressed satisfactorily (Alvesson & Billing 2009, p. 3). Daily activities carried out within an organization dictate the level of gender inequality. Realization of gender equality is important for the success of any organization. As such, organization’s internal practices play a great role in the […]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Two Basic Theories

Unfortunately, the actual description of what can be termed as a sexual harassment has continued to evolve each day. As the American population is forced to spend time in their individual places of work, the probability that they will get into intimate relationships in the workplace has immensely grown. As these relationships flourish, they also […]

Racial discrimination in Organizations

Racism has been a prevalent issue in many work places and organizations. Racial discrimination is an imbalanced treatment of people or groups on the basis of their background or race (Pager & Shepherd, 2008). On the other hand, racial discrimination in an organization entails a differential treatment to workers based on their race. It has […]

Gender and Diversity in the Workplace

Gender, race, and ethnicity are important aspects that would tend to determine how people react towards each other in a group. Among these aspects, gender has become a matter of interest in the modern business environment where gender inequality remains the norm is many organizations. In fact, women have been overlooked for senior positions in […]

Religion in Workplace

The employees’ rights in the workplace are protected by a number of laws or Acts. These would include, but are not limited to, Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, 2008. There is also a law safeguarding the religious […]

Diversity and Inclusion in Relation to Music in the Workplace

Executive Summary All organizations endeavor to streamline diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. In most scenarios, diversity and inclusion is a key component of a company’s mission statement. Diversity and inclusion applies to all relationship components in an organization including customer-to-employee and employee-to-employee contacts. This paper addresses a diversity and inclusion issue that involves the […]

Workplace Conflict: Article Summary

Workplace conflict particularly interpersonal conflict (IC) is a major form of workplace mistreatment that causes many negative workplace outcomes such as negative emotions, reduced job satisfaction, and low organizational commitment among others. According to Sliter et al. (2011, p.424), IC is linked to different effects relative to its source. Therefore, Sliter and his colleagues present […]

Workplace Diversity Benefits and Challenges

Workplace diversity is the ability of managers to accept, acknowledge, value and understand the differences that exist among different people with regard to class, age, mental and physical abilities, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientations. Issues related to workplace diversity have been crucial in the recent past due to the increase in differences among people. […]

Analysis of Organizational Change Outcomes

An Analysis of Understanding Change in Organizational Outcomes-Article in Journal of Management Problem Addressed by the Study The study suggests that experimental research designs are not suitable for examining change in organizations because they require a lot of resources, are badly timed, and due to ethical reasons (Arvey, 2011). Sexual harassment is a strong instance […]

The Poorly Prepared Workforce in the United States

Introduction Education is and will remain to be the best investment in children in the world. Being the leading nation in the world, the United States is one of the leading countries in terms of investing in education for the U.S. children. However, the question that still bogs is whether the investment in education in […]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Sociological, Legal, and Organizational Issues

Introduction In every organization, strategic staffing process is vital as it helps an organization in identifying and addressing the staffing implications of their respective business strategies and plans. Over the past decade, the issue of promotion barriers in the workplace has been a critical one. Although considerable effort has been put to promote equality in […]

The Discrimination Against Women Employees in the Telecommunication Industry

Aims of the Dissertation This dissertation will aim at investigating how women are impacted negatively as a result of employment discrimination in the telecommunication industry in Europe and Middle East. Discrimination in this sense means that there are fewer women than men working in the telecommunication industry in Europe and Middle East. In investigating this […]

Age discrimination at the Workplace

Background Age discrimination occurs when an employee is discriminated against on grounds of age. In theory, the term can refer to any age group, however, the group that is most commonly discriminated because of their age is that aged 40 years and above. Employee age groups are divided into three: The youth; Those aged 40 […]

Managing Diversity at Workplace

Outline Workforce diversity should be treated as a business initiative and not a human resource or personnel department function. There is a strong business case for diversity in the workplace. The 21st century enterprises have a felt need to value, and leverage diversity. It is top agenda item for successful CEOs. It is commonly accepted […]

Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Introduction In organizations or institutions, the positions that are held by different individuals plays very important role in creating a better working environment within the organization’s community, as well as establishing a closer relationship with the surrounding community and/ or the entire community networks of its operations. For an organization to have smooth and well-organized […]

Equal Employment Opportunity in the US

Introduction The struggle against discriminative practices in employment has been one of the defining characteristics of American life for years. Starting in earnest in the 1940’s, this struggle has been at the heart of various organized groups in the US, such as political parties, civil rights movements, contemporaly women’s movements and other interest groups (Burstein, […]

Workforce Diversity and Human Resource Management

Abstract At present, employers have acknowledged that employees’ satisfaction is essential for company’s development. The present paper dwells upon the latest findings in the field of human resource management. It is reported that workforce diversity is beneficial for employees’ productivity. However, it is also important to remember that workforce diversity can cause certain constraints which […]

OSHA recommendations regarding workplace safety

Abstract How to promote workplace safety is a continued debate. Organizations invest millions of dollars in workplace safety training. Nevertheless, the current state of safety leaves sufficient room for improvements. This paper discusses and evaluates OSHA recommendations regarding workplace safety in the meat packaging industry. Cultural and language issues in workplace safety training are discussed. […]

Improving Work Place Ethics

Work place ethics is the study of morality and the value that is worth pursuing within an organization (Cornelius 2). Ethics in itself is honorable and dependent on how one perceives the workplace environment and how their perceptions make them build strong moral values. Within a small organization, which does not have enough staff and […]

Conscientiousness in the Workplace

Conscientiousness refers to “the degree to which a person is responsible, dependable, persistent, and achievement-oriented” (Daft and Lane 100). Conscientious people usually focus their efforts on a few goals and pursue them in a purposeful. It is hard to distract conscientious people when they are pursuing their goals. However, it is easy to distract less […]

Age discrimination in Employment

Age discrimination is a major problem many job seekers are facing nowadays during their job search. It is a common challenge that has affected many countries across the world. Although there are some countries that have made some strides in eliminating this type of vice during the process of employment, a lot still remains to […]

Discrimination in the Labor Market

Introduction Though a lot of effort has been dedicated in ensuring that discrimination along any ideology is eliminated, discrimination is still perpetrated in various sectors of the economy. Studies show that in the American labor market, equality is yet to be achieved. Minority groups still account for a very small percentage of people employed. The […]

Equal Employment in the Workplace

Introduction Organizations have put measures in place to enhance the achievement of equal employment opportunities. The strategy aims at eliminating barriers that prevent equal consideration of employees in the recruitment process and ensure that they have the opportunity to explore their potentials fully. The company applied diversity practices to initiate hiring on merit, fair treatment […]

Human Resource Management: Workforce Diversity

Executive Summary The report provides the analysis of the phenomenon of workforce diversity in the context of human resource management with references to the activity of the multinational company Saudi Aramco. The report presents the critical discussion of the modern trends in workforce diversity with depending on the example of Saudi Aramco and the evaluation […]

Dealing With Romance in the Office

Introduction Romance in the workplace is a common phenomenon attributed mainly to the recent influx of women into the labor force. As a result, the increase in the number of women workers, has led to more women working alongside men in industries and offices. Prior to 1950, “women constituted less than 30% of the workforce […]

The EEOC’s Role in the Lawsuit

Introduction Discriminatory practices and frustration of employees at their employment place is not a novel practice. In multinational and low level companies, the employees continue to live in fear because of persistent harassment. Employees suffer for varied reasons including, work place discrimination, employee harassment, persecution, and reprisal. As a rejoinder, the EEOC, designed laws aimed […]

Managing a culturally diverse workforce

Introduction This assignment is a discussion on the topic of managing cultural diversity. It pays special attention to the strategies which can be used by managers to manage a culturally diverse workforce either in a business or a multinational corporation for the benefit of the organisations, especially within the service sector. The discussion also looks […]

Violence in the workplace

Introduction Violence can be viewed as the extreme form of aggression. These include rape, murder or assault. Violence has adverse impacts on the society, both psychologically and physically. There are a number of possible causes of violence. These include the exposure to violent media, violence in homes as well as the act where the acts […]

Equal opportunity in the workplace is a myth?

Introduction Equal opportunity in the workplace entails the act of treating employees fairly without prejudice and discrimination. The notion of equal opportunities in the workplace is based on the principle that all employees should be given a level playing field in the workplace irrespective of their gender, race or attribute. Equal opportunity in the workplace […]

Discrimination at Publix Incorporation

Introduction It is illegal for firms in different sectors to practice any form of discrimination. To guard against this, various governments such as the Unites States have instituted legislations that stipulate penalties due to discrimination. On the other hand, firms have instituted policies aimed at ensuring non-discrimination. This paper evaluates the degree to which Publix […]

Family Responsibilities and Discrimination

The purpose of this essay will be to discuss the family responsibilities that might affect the progression of women into senior management positions within organizations and businesses that are in the hospitality industry. The essay will look at the work-life balance initiatives that working women can be able to use to progress in their careers. […]

Concepts of Unions

Introduction Primarily, under normal social scenario, people consider ethics a life value. In many occasions, ethics encompasses individual, faction or societal politics at the expense of meeting organizational values. These values must represent fairness to all members and social harmony. Unlike individualism, ethics provides a platform of collective organizational responsibility whether in communal or business […]

Concept of ‘Entry Level’ Working

‘Entry level’: The very word suggests that you will continue on in this same firm or industry, having opened the door, and having walked through. What is the reality, however? In all too many cases, the phrase ‘entry level’ translates into ‘the work that no one else wants to do’. From the perspective of the […]

The Employment Discrimination Against Muslims at Work Places

Managing diversity is acknowledging the differences in people and taking them as valuable. Doing this helps in enhancing good managerial practices through avoiding discrimination and promoting inclusiveness. It is not given for good management to help someone in working effectively with diverse work force. In addition, there is difficulty in understanding the significance of diversity […]

Managing Diversity in Work Places

International integration, globalization and free movement of labor and factors of production among countries have resulted to a wider labor market, where companies can employ from countries different from their country of incorporation (home country). Countries employing from different countries, communities and societies, enjoys advantages brought about by diversity; however, there are also some challenges […]

Increasing Diversity in the Workplace

Introduction The world is changing very first in various fronts due to the changes brought about by advancement of technology. Technological advancements have made work easier, communication faster, and movement more convenient. Industries and organizations have been heavily impacted upon by this technological improvement. According to Gröschl (2011), organizations have transformed over the years due […]

Managing Conflict and Workplace Relationships

Overview The employee is clearly upset or angry because she perceives the rest of the members don’t want her in the group or, do not value here input. Before handling the situation it is important to acknowledge that the workplace is an open forum where different human characters converge and easily breed emotions such as […]

Strategies of Workplace Diversity Management

Workplace diversity is a critical provision in numerous organizations. Notably, bountiful firms have implemented varying strategies to efficiently tackle the challenges and prospects of this phenomenon. While referring to the best practices (used by Emirates Airlines as the case company), numerous strategies emerge. The first strategy is to recognize and appreciate all forms of distinctiveness […]

Workplace Hazards

Workplace hazards can often be attributed to technological inefficiencies or lack of safety procedures; however, in the majority of cases, they originate from psychological problems of people such as distress, depression, or anxiety. These problems often result in workplace violence that threatens many individuals within the organization and outside. This issue is important for a […]

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire in the workplace can be very disastrous because of the losses it can cause. The losses here can be regarded to the terms of property damage and loss of lives. However, most people do not worry about material loss because they are easy to replace; life is the most precious thing. In most situations, […]

Two Types of Sexual Harassment (EEOC)

Abstract This research paper explicitly examines the two types of sexual harassment commonly found in the work place. As it would be observed, sexual harassment of any nature can be a devastating issue that comes with serious implications to its victims. Nowadays, the habit has turned out to be a major issue in the contemporary […]

Gender in Management

Introduction Gender in management is a term that is used to describe the proportion of employees that occupy management positions in an organization based on their sexuality. More specifically it is a term that is used to describe the pattern and trend in organizations as it regards to allocations of senior management jobs based on […]

Managing Workforce Diversity

Executive Summary Workforce diversity is an issue that has generated sufficient interest from business managers, and scholars. Simply put effective management of workforce diversity as recognizing, understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual in the staff. This should however not be motivated only by the potential to increase profit margin. Even so, a diverse […]

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence refers to brutality or the danger of brutality against employees of a certain organization. Although the term suggests that the violence is restricted in the workplace, the truth is that this violence can happen inside or outside the workplace. The extent of workplace violence can range to anything from bullying and oral abuse […]

Safety in the military workplace

Military bases are perhaps the most unsafe areas, in terms of accidents, both accidental and planned. This is mainly due to the kind of equipment that is found in such bases. Accidents and incidences may also arise due to the fact that the military is used to violence. In some military bases, officers have reportedly […]

Work Place Violence

Introduction Work place violence can be defined as violence caused by employees on their fellow employees or vive versa. It may include abuses, threats, intimidation, and physical abuse among others. Work place violence is a serious issue that can even lead to a reduction in production in an organization. It also results in increased costs […]

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Skaine (1996) defines sexual harassment as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature…when submission or rejection of this conduct explicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment ” (p. 11). The two […]

Discrimination Remedy at Workplace

In the society we are living today there have been several attempts to promote equality in most of the organizations. In these attempts several policies have been established to reduce discrimination especially when hiring women at the same time the minorities in the society. This has been done by promoting affirmative action programs, reverse discrimination, […]