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Workforce Essay Examples and Topics

Construction Unions and Their Management

Both approaches are valid and acceptable in the formation of a union since both protect the integrity of the workers. It is in the interest of construction management panels to consider a warm relationship between [...]

Outsourcing, Its Variants, Risks and Benefits

Backsourcing is actually terminating the outsourcing agreement in cases where the outsourced manpower is perceived to be underperforming, engaging in illegal activities in the name of the host company or as a result of negligence [...]

Age Discrimination and Workplace Segregation

In the United States, the age discrimination in the workplace is prohibited according to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, but the forms of "hidden" discrimination can be observed about the treatment of "both the [...]

Unemployment as a Sorting Criterion

The researchers developed a study to evaluate the relationship between the length of unemployment and the stigmatization attitude associated with employers when they handle the affected job applicants.

Generation Y and Its Needs at the Workplace

To avoid such situations in the future, it is highly important to realize that the more Google expands, the more flexibility it needs to adapt and develop. They need to understand the importance of commitment [...]

Talents and Competition in Emerging Markets

It is simple emerging markets are growing and suggest more and more opportunities, the number of young and talented people who are searching for those opportunities is enormous, and the study is needed to connect [...]

Workplace Learning: Individual and Agency Roles

Finally, this paper is an attempt to speculate on the significance of agencies and individuals in achieving success of learning programmes and find out what is the influence of implementing such initiatives in organisations regardless [...]

Emiratization, Its Measures and Methods

To fulfill the primary objectives in its Emiratization endeavors, the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi may participate in job fairs, invest in the academic and professional development of students and current employees, create benefits for nationals [...]

Professional Development Workshop

The model is known to facilitate better engagement of participants and, by extension, a higher level of retention. The model promotes the fusion of existing knowledge, participants' experience, and the content of the workshop in [...]

Labor Market and Differentiation Strategies

Such a measure as economic rent may be used to increase the attraction of talents in the context of perfect competition. In this way, it will be possible to increase the attractiveness of a low-salary [...]

Volunteers Recruitment and Managment

Volunteers can be recruited using several methods, including making contacts to the local volunteer center, making use of existing volunteers in the organization, advertising the positions in the media, and announcing the vacancies in the [...]

Workplace Safety Importance

Such training is imperative as the employees get to know the best practices that would minimize potential hazards and hence ensuring healthy and safety in the workplace.

Child Labour in India and Intervention Measures

The Union government of India need to earnestly take the initiative of conducting civic education, particularly for the Indian scheduled castes and Tribes as these categories provide wellspring for the vulnerable and susceptible Gender.

Whistleblowers and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Cases of organizational malpractices and whistleblowing peaked by the start of the 21st Century, which necessitated the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act into law to protect whistleblowers. Finally, the paper highlights the extent to which [...]

Voluntary and Involuntary Redundancy in the UAE

Seglow's research has some limitations as he did not examine directly the economic implications of redundancy on the workers, what these workers would do after they would lose their jobs, the loss of stable social [...]

Workplace Diversity: Values and Challenges

The majority of the multicultural companies are embracing cultural diversity as a resourceful strategy to support new and unique ideas. Young people are also eager and prepared to work in a global setting due to [...]

Learning and Development in an Organisation

Learning is a key part of the business environment, various complexities usually introduce themselves in the course of business operations and without continuous learning and development programs employees may be faced with a lot of [...]

Workforce Development Approaches

One of the central concepts of developing the workforce is intelligence, and there are different approaches to improving it. Another approach to improving intelligence is that of Scott Swanson who believes that it is crucial [...]

Technology and Work Transformation

As economists Brynjolfsson and Cowen noted, the last decade has witnessed a spectacular growth of productivity rates and output, but the irony is that the level of unemployment is as well skyrocketing because machines keep [...]

Ethnocentrism and Diversity in the Workplace

In general, communication with a stranger goes down to the anticipation and the prediction of the answers. On the contrary, when communicating with strangers, the individuals involved in the communication are more cautious of the [...]

Workplace Diversity and Challenges of Leadership

However, the importance of attaining diversification strategy within the organization was due to two broad reasons: retaining competitiveness of the organizations after employing the diversity strategy and morally, diversification of the organization is the right [...]

Teamwork: Theory, Research and Practice

Teamwork is one of the most imperative considerations not only in school but also in the current working environment because of the benefits acquired in the process of mixing and sharing with other people in [...]

Employee Turnover in Fast-Food Restaurants

Overall, the management of these enterprises should focus on their recruitment strategies and work on the transformation of the organizational culture in order to address the problem of increasing employee turnover.

Expatriate Security Training and Safety Program

The preliminary overview of the literature on expatriate security and safety has demonstrated the lack of data on the preventive strategies that can be implemented to provide assistance to the female workers and thus further [...]

Microsoft’s and AT&T’s Diversity Management

Diversity initiatives and outcomes, leadership commitment to the policy, as well as the incorporation of the framework into the main operations of the firms, will also be reviewed. The success of Microsoft is dependent on [...]

Employee Participation in the Netherlands

Dissimilar to the regulation of other nations, the rules of the government of Netherlands do not obligate the workers to participate in the works council; nor do they empower it to influence the allotment of [...]

“Beautyism” in the Workplace

The tendency of employers to divert their recruitment skills to physical attractiveness of a prospective employee is deceiving and implies potential discriminatory effects on hiring in the workplace.

The Work-And-Life Balance in the U.S. Companies

From this point, it is necessary to discuss the approaches followed in the U.S.companies in order to guarantee the work-and-life balance for their employees in terms of proposing policies on the maternity leave and care [...]

Women and Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility in the place of work is a multifaceted result of numerous social and structural transformations of the American civilization. Different aspects have influenced the flexibility of women in the place of work.

Child Labour Practise

This paper seeks to elaborate the reasons behind the use of child labour in some corporations and the general ways child labour affects the conditions of the children involved.