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54 Sexual Harassment Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    The scenario being experienced at the workplace provides that members of staff are offended by the personal photos and calendars hung in the back of the kitchen that are sexual in nature.
  2. Sexual Harassment: Tail Hook-Scandal
    The public officials involved in the Tail hook scandal were accountable to the Tail hook Association, the leadership of the aviation community in the navy, as well as to the general public.
  3. Ethical Analysis of American Apparel Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
    The CEO attributes the benefits the company offers her employee to the care and support that the employees give to the company to realize its growth potential.
  4. Gender discrimination at the work place: a case of sexual harassment
    In the current case and issues surrounding Herman Cain the Republican presidential candidate, it is apparent that cases of sexual harassment have taken place based on the above definition.
  5. Two Types of Sexual Harassment (EEOC)
    Sexual harassment is becoming a major social issue in the contemporary society and apart from the unbearable shame and humiliation that it brings to victims, it is also likely to bear adverse consequences to the […]
  6. Sexual Harassment Case Analysis
    To avoid the reoccurrence of workplace sexual harassment incidents, the HR manager is duty bound to investigate the harassment complaints and comments without ignoring any of them.
  7. Suicides Among Male Teen Homosexuals: Harassment, Shame or Stigma?
    Culling authoritative surveys from the 1970s to the early 1990s about the sexual mores and behavior of teenagers, Braverman and Strasburger report that from five to eight percent of 11th and 12th grade boys and […]
  8. Problem of the Managing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
    Employees in an organization have a specific role that they are supposed to play and this means that there might be shortcomings which should not lead to bullying.
  9. A report on the structure and nature of sexual harassment
    The study particularly considered the gender and the race of the participants and the effect the two had on sexual harassment of the victims.
  10. The Important Harassment and Employment-Related Laws and Regulations
    The other issue relating to the occupational safety is that the company should conduct policies of development in the country. The company should create employment policies that favor the international employees to take care of […]
  11. Oppression, Sexual Harassment, and Employment
    Also one always have a guilt conscience and his or her social and sexual life is usually affected as most of the victims may opt never to be involved in sexual acts or develop phobia.
  12. Sexual Harassment and Culture
    The new law further specifies that the leadership of schools has the responsibility of making sure that students and the rest of the school community are co-exist in a school environment that is free of […]
  13. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Two Basic Theories
    In the past, the courts held that the employer had the responsibility to ensure the provision of safety at the workplace for employees.
  14. Power Harassment: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    The impact of sexual harassment in the workplace can be detrimental to the employee and the organization from a legal and financial perspective.
  15. The Main problems of Handling Sexual Harassment Cases
    Sexual harassment cases in the workplace are encountered across the world. Complaints have been made in relation to the two issues that constitute sexual harassment in the organization.
  16. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Male and Female Perspectives
    However, the cases of sexual harassment in the workplace can happen, and they have to be analyzed, the majority of them has to be prevented, and some solutions need to be offered.
  17. Sexual Harassment in Schools
    Sexual harassment is one of the many forms of violations that an individual can be subjected to in society. The reason is that this form of abuse is common in the school setting.
  18. Sexual Harassment in Workplace
    Mark is very upset that he did not get the promotion and has decided to go to the EEOC to report that he is being discriminated against and that you are retaliating against him because […]
  19. The Impact Street Harassment Has on a Person
    The reason for this is that, as of today, there is plenty of empirical evidence as to the fact that women’s exposure to this kind of harassment has a number of clearly negative effects on […]
  20. Sexual Harassment Definition in the Hospitality Industry
    Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of the major issues that the employees all over the world have to place.
  21. Sexual Harassment Cases
    According to the authors of the article, the investigative role is supposed to be performed by the jurors because they often find it cumbersome to determine the liability of the accused.
  22. Effects of Physical Attractiveness on Harassment
    Wuensch and Moore used the logit analysis to investigate the effects of the gender of the juror and the appeal of the complainant and perpetrator on the judgement passed by the mock jurors.
  23. Sexual Harassment Dispute
    This paper will analyze the main facts of this case and the goals of the parties that were involved in it.
  24. Sexual Assault and Harassment: Synthesis of Literature
    These authors report that sexual assault and harassment of college women require closer scrutiny, as between 20 percent and 25 percent of women studying in these institutions are raped during the course of their college […]
  25. Sexual Harassment Policy for the Company
    The policy on sexual harassment should be monitored and reviewed periodically. The employees should be encouraged and praised when they deserve it.
  26. Street Harassment: Effects and Management
    Due to the rise in the cases of harassment, several individuals have changed their ways of living and adopted new lifestyles in an attempt to minimize the challenges of harassment.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Sexual Harassment

  1. Female Athletes and Culture of Sexual Harassment
    Finally, the third reason in support of the justification is the increased trust of women for sports that is expressed in less anxiety and fear to report sexual harassment incidents. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to […]
  2. Communication Competence and Sexual Harassment
    It is important in the development of relationships, facilitates the coordination planning, and control of organizational operations, and allows employees to accomplish tasks in areas such as sales and marketing.
  3. Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Issue
    Sexual harassment at the workplace may cause serious frustration and even disrupt the career development of those affected by it. In the end, she internalized a new belief, strengthened her values, and acknowledged the need […]
  4. Incidents of Sexual Harassment
    The first response would be a letter of reprimand to emphasize the severity of the violation and ensure appropriate intervention. To counter company’s actions, the employee can use a written response to administrative leave or […]
  5. Sexual Harassment and Psychological Stress
    This is consistent with the current understanding of the phenomenon: the majority of incidents of sexual harassment are driven by the power abuse.
  6. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Learning Environment
    The central reasons for victims lack of desire to attract attention to the problem are the fear of losing a job, poor understanding of their primary rights, the absence of any credible evidence, or undesired […]
  7. Sexual Harassment among Celebrities
    However, before addressing the issue of sexual harassment, it is necessary to properly research it, both in the general sense and specifically in the context of our organization.
  8. Sexual Harassment: Isaiah Thomas vs. Anucha Browne Sanders
    It can also refer to the unwelcome promise of a particular reward in exchange of sexual affair, or a form of demotion that results from a denied sexual favor. Pollard experienced the form of sexual […]
  9. Sexual Harassment Types
    The first source to consider is the chapter written by Farris et al.that is included in Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the US Military by Morral, Gore, and Schell.
  10. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    Even though it is not a direct representation of sexual harassment, this aspect of the issue cannot be ignored because employees have access to social media not only at home but also in the workplace.
  11. Sexual Assault and Harassment in the U.S. Military
    This report connects to the subject of workplace harassment, as the military remains one of the most male-dominated spheres of employment both inside and outside of the US.
  12. Propmore Corporation Dealing wiht Sexual Harassment
    Based on the facts presented in the case, it may be necessary to introduce some changes in the manner in which the issue was addressed. Based on the agreement of the manager and the aggrieved, […]
  13. Sexual Harassment Claims
    Rosen, which may affect the outcome of the decision of the sexual discrimination case. I believe that the censorship of the administrator and interference in what the university magazine can publish is a clear violation […]
  14. Course Request: Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    It is essential to start a business communication course that will open and address the problem of sexual harassment and help employees understand its significance.
  15. Sexual Harassment as Organizational Misbehavior
    The CEO also gave her gifts thus affecting the integrity of the workplace. The board should also inform the CEO about the “consensual or love contract agreements in the organization”.
  16. Sexual Harassment of Teenagers in the USA
    The disregard of the probability of bullying to lead to incidences of sexual harassment has assisted to camouflage sexual harassment cases in U.S.schools as cases of teenage violence and teasing.
  17. Sexual Harassment at Work: US Civil Rights Act
    The company has legal liability according to the circumstances that culminated in the alleged sexual harassment of employee XYZ by a senior employee, WVY.Mrs.
  18. Sexual Harassment and Prevention in the US Army
    The hypothesis is that some interventions to be applied by military leaders can be developed to address these challenges at the team and squad levels and achieve the reduction of sexual harassment and assault reports […]
  19. Sexual Harassment and Its Impact on Career
    Since A.was an A-student with enough skills and ambition to land a good position, she asked one of her professors about the upcoming academic events.
  20. Contemporary Social Problems & The Workplace: Sexual Harassment
    Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual courtship, demands for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical manifestations of a sexual nature in the workplace, educational institutions, and other places.
  21. Bullying in the Workplace as a Psychological Harassment
    Another form of bullying in the workplace is physical assault in the sense that if the workers are not at ease with each other and when the rules and regulations are not at all observed, […]
  22. “The Effects of Sexual Harassment on Job Satisfaction” by Laband and Lentz
    As part of this investigation, the authors included a consideration of the general characteristics and gender distribution within the respondent’s organizations as a means of determining whether any correlation could be made between those environments […]
  23. Employee Issues: Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination
    Sexual harassment is not always sexual in nature for instance, in a case where a man assaults women based purely on the woman’s gender.
  24. Sexual Harassment in Modern Society
    According to the Women’s Centre of the University of Virginia, sexual harassment is any form of inappropriate behavior which includes requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, other physical and verbal conduct, or written communications […]
  25. A New Era in Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
    The consequences of Third-party harassment in the presence of such a vulnerable Act as raised by Velasquez concerns about those individuals or practitioners who want to respond to the allegations.
  26. The Harassment of GLBTQ Young Adults
    I have chosen to help those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questionable to have a normal, successful life just like everybody else, and to try and change the attitudes of the society towards […]
  27. Harassment of Young Adults Who Are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning
    According to the professional code of ethics, it is the duty of a social worker to help people in need and with problems.
  28. Sexual Harassment: Issue Analysis
    One of the central problems of modernity is considered to be related to the sexual harassment faced in the spheres of business and education.

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