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  1. Why We Fight: Military Industrial Complex and Its Impact on the American Life
    It is very hard to define whether military-industrial complex is a kind of a threat or a benefit for the Americans, as many historians have their own points of view concerning the American history; one […]
  2. Safety in the military workplace
    This paper is an exploration of the safety measures that can be taken to reduce incidences and accidents in the military workplace.
  3. Work-Life Balance in the Military
    The purpose of this research is to establish the main concerns work-life balance in most of the organizations and fields of employment such as the military, business enterprise, health care facilities just to mention but […]
  4. Gay in the military
    To do this, an employees’ profile is required, which should have a full image of their workforce and the way diversity has been reflected especially in the main occupations.
  5. Analysis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Military Personnel
    The experiences that military personnel undergo determine the nature and extent of the posttraumatic stress disorder they develop during and after their deployment. However, Ramirez had resilience factors that helped him to cope and manage […]
  6. The Military Style Practices in Small Business Management
    There is necessity of infusing business with an element of military leadership experience to enable efficient execution of business objectives within the market environment. Military is considered to be in business of leadership the same […]
  7. How the Constitution applies to being a Military Leader/Officer
    On the other hand, it must be mentioned that though it is the duty of the military to protect the Constitution it is only through the Constitution itself and its various amendments that the military […]
  8. Women in the Military
    Historically participation of women in the military dates back to times of the revolutionary war, due to the awakening of the world that, women also had a role to play as pertained to protecting their […]
  9. The Evolution of US Military Logistical Procurement
    The success of the revolutionary war was attributed to the logistics employed by the George Washington as he coordinately combined the continental army and local militia and focuses his attacks on the weakest points of […]
  10. United States Military as an Institution
    Initially, the institution had been prepared to deal with the threat posed by certain dictators on the security of the nation, but as time went by, the army has been dealing with the potential threat […]
  11. Military Draft: Arguments for and Against
    While the all-volunteer military force established in 1973 by the US has been adequate up to the end of the last century, recent events have resulted in the over stretching of the military forces of […]
  12. Are 18-21 Years Old Psychologically Mature Enough to go for War/Military?
    This was done to improve the overall welfare of the service and the inclusion of the eighteen years old meant that they were psychologically fit to offer service in the military and war.
  13. Planning for and Implementation of Information Technology in Civilian and Military Organizations
    Though the military is always perceived to be a purely hierarchical system with chains of command that must be adhered to, there have been calls from experts and leaders in the military departments for a […]
  14. Steps by the Local and Military Officials to Prevent the Spread of Avian Flu in Okiwan
    The local and military officials have laid down policies that are aimed at controlling the spread of the disease and lessening the economic, health, security, and communal impacts.
  15. Use of Simulation in Military
    The first type of simulation used in the military is live simulation. The second application of simulation in the military is the use of virtual simulation.
  16. Military Funeral Honors in the US Navy
    Similarly, I will explain to the person to whom I am delegating this task to how I will measure his/her performance and be in a position to tell whether the quality of his/her performance was […]
  17. Military Equipments and the Technology of China in Early Modern World
    The differences that were witnessed in the way of life of the early man and that of modern man are also evident in the types of weapons that they developed.
  18. Military History of United States of America
    The American military modeling has been in existent for many years and is evident today in the comparison of the realistic three-dimensional military education and training systems.
  19. It is Not Just for the United States to Use Military Force to Prevent the Acquisition of Nuclear Weapons by Nations that Pose a Military Threat.
    The campaign should put across all the fears and threats against humanity that the development of nuclear weaponry poses to mankind and to the environment at large.
  20. Gays in the Military
    Since it is not the military that introduced the DOD policy, it is the role of the military to ensure that every person who is working in there obeys al the laws that are enacted […]
  21. Kosovo 1999: Hacking the Military
    The paper addresses the motivation behind the attacks, the methods of attack, and the responses of the defenders to these attacks.
  22. The Government Policy on Military Expansion
    The source is relevant to the study as it presents details about the history of the military, the significance of expansion, and the changes that have taken place in regards to allocation of funds to […]
  23. Military Master Resilience Training Verses Positive Psychology
    Despite the fact that both positive psychology and MRT programs have a common goal, several differences including time spent in training, the performance assessment tools incorporated and the number of program elements each of them […]
  24. How military and/or civil courts address sexual assault/rape in military
    According to Somerville, in the sexual assault reports released by the Department of Defense in the March 2007, 2947 cases of sexual assault were reported in the military camps in United States in 2006.
  25. US Military Spending
    In this study, we shall evaluate the impact of spending on the military as measured against other sectors of the economy of the U.S.
  26. Military Commercial Driver’s License Act of 2012
    The House of Representatives passed the legislation on the 28th of November, 2012. The legislation was also meant to address the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry.
  27. How Racial Discourses Subtend Military Projects
    The agreement between the two governments shows the complicity of the Haitian government to cover-up the massacre thus ensuring denial of justice to victims.
  28. The Lack of Child Care Facilities in the Military Communities
    Thus, the US Department of Defense is expected to pay more attention to organizing the high-quality and affordable child care facilities in the military communities with the focus on developing the military child care system, […]
  29. Does ‘China’s Growing Military Power’ Pose A Threat To The Region?
    The Chinese indicate that the increasing military investment is just a sign of economic prosperity and should not be taken as a security threat in the region despite that fact that China has the capacity […]
  30. Communication in the Military
    For the military personnel to engage in effective communication, they have to be open to the opinions and behaviors of each one of them.
  31. Military Forces and Politics of Iran
    The inherent factor that links the military forces and the politics of Iran is that those who occupy positions in the military hierarchy are appointed by the president and their loyalty is to the serving […]
  32. Military Disrespect
    It is important that every person in the military adhere to the conducts whether in uniform or not. Therefore, issues of disrespect tend to be very minimal in the military.
  33. The Importance of respect in the military
    This paper seeks to discuss the importance of respect in the military. Therefore, respect in the army ensures that the jobs of both the seniors and the subordinates are done.
  34. The Combination of a Coaching and Military Style of Leadership
    The best leadership style is the combination of a coaching and military style of leadership. The problem with a military style of leadership is that it can crush the spirit of the subordinate especially if […]
  35. “Military Rule in Latin America” by Karen Remmer
    In many parts of the world, tension, conflicts, mistrust, and brutality were the order of the day. The first part talks about the broad overview of the state of affairs in the Latin America.
  36. The Ottoman military and political organization
    The chief adviser to the House of Osman was Grand Vizier and the noble class. Field marshals were in charge of the territories and reported to the commander in chief.
  37. China’s Military Modernization – Aggressiveness or Defensiveness?
    The paper analyses the events and the arguments presented by the ruling regimes of the twentieth century to explain the militarization of the state.
  38. How Should the United States Respond to the Expansion of China’s Military Force?
    The military and economic growth of China is a cause for concern among many policy-makers and military planners in the United States.
  39. Military Modernization in China and Israel – Research
    12 The research question that has to be answered in the course of the study is to determine the impact of the military modernization of China and Israel.
  40. The Military Development of Post-Mao China
    In spite of the fact the proposed transformations can be discussed as typical for the process of the sphere’s development, the differences were in the country’s orientation to gaining the military superiority in the region.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Military

  1. Changes in Canada’s Military System
    The success of a C2 organization is vital to the success of military operations. Not all of the results in this experiment were helpful to the improvement of the military command system.
  2. Revelation of Quran to Prophet Mohammad and Religion, Politics, and Military Affairs
    Religion In the context of birth and growth of Islam as a religion, the revelations of Quran to Prophet Mohammad altered the way people thought about religion.
  3. Stanislaus Military Academy developmental model and plan
    Through the implementation of the changes, the military academy should be in a position to assess the expectations of the community and design its training in line with the community needs.
  4. The United States Armed Forces: One Military Force Combining Land, Sea, and Air Activities
    The source is helpful in the context of the present research paper: it reveals the essence of joint force as an instrument of policy, the conditions of operating environment, the effectiveness of the US joint […]
  5. DOD Policy on Social Media Concerning Military Members and Government Public Administration
    In the current era of digital technology, the government has a duty of ensuring that the department of defense policy on social media addresses the use of invented technologies of communication within and outside the […]
  6. Military Fascism in pre-WWII Japan
    The military fascism was a way of expressing the Japanese economic, power and policy dissatisfaction by the west, and it hence contributed in some ways to the rise of World War II.
  7. Military Downsizing
    A number of structural policies and strategies guide the military; these provide explanations on the business of the military and the values it upholds.
  8. Should the US Increase or Decrease Military Forces Overseas to Protect the US
    One of the groups that has posed threat to the security of the US and other people around the globe is the al-Qaida and Taliban.
  9. Mandatory Military Service in the United States
    The history of the Armed Forces in the United States focuses on the government’s reliance on the civilians who should consider military service as their moral duty and obligation to contribute to the protection and […]
  10. Diplomatic and Military Fronts: 1948 Arab-Israeli Conflict
    The cause of the ceasefire is attributed to the approval by the Jewish People’s Council of the proclamation that affirmed the forming of a state on the Jewish side in Eretz.
  11. Suicide in the Military (US)
    The contributions of these factors to the rise in suicide in US military can be explained as follows. The authorities of the US military have taken cognizance of the need to reduce the cases of […]
  12. Military Leadership in US
    Military leadership involves the use of suitable behaviours, personality, and actions that can align the overall behaviour of the military with mission goals without compromising the growth, wellbeing, and development of the military force.
  13. Making a Happier Military
    The evaluation shall be done through the use of interviews and questionnaires where various soldiers, army managers and close relatives of different parties shall be encouraged to participate in a bid to find the disadvantages […]
  14. The United States of America Military Experience Through the Eyes of Films
    He dips a cloth in the water at the bottom of the shell hole and touches it to the wounded Frenchman’s mouth.
  15. Military Sealift Command (MSC)
    The other factor of the organization that affected the US military include the type of technology used even though the advancement of information and communication technology has proved to be beneficial, it can also be […]
  16. The Military Sealift Command
    The Military Sealift Command or MSC was designed to aid in the logistical and transportation needs of the United States Military, and specifically handles the transportation, supply, and personnel needs of the U.S.
  17. Leadership in Military
    Based on the current military standards, most of the great military leaders in the history of the US military would be considered as racists.
  18. Disaster and Emergency Management: The Use of Military During Disaster Response
    The validity of this suggestion can be well illustrated in regards to the crucial role that military personnel played, while participating in search-and-rescue operations in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and in regards […]
  19. System Engineering and the Positive Role it has in the Military
    Engineering systems and projects and are in most cases very complex and therefore system engineers come up with new models and methods to address the complexities in engineering systems and projects.
  20. “Fall of the Roman Empire: The Military Explanation” by Arthur Ferill
    The book “fall of the roman empire” states that the fall of the Roman Empire was a due to a collapse in the military and army.
  21. Leadership Development in the Military Context
    The obligation of the leaders is to be responsible to the followers where the needs of those who are led are given priority even if they are the juniors.
  22. Military Professional Ethics
    This is where ethical decision-making must be applied to be fair to the nation and my friend. In conclusion, one has to stress that the military is expected to act in a good and ethical […]
  23. Involvement of Psychologists in Military Interrogations
    This led to sustained and strenuous efforts of these groups and the support of APA, leading to the adoption of detailed and clear specific ethical standards to limit the role of psychologists in interrogations.
  24. U.S. Military Draft
    Re-introduction of the Military Draft is one of the most controversial debates in America, because too many American citizens, mentioning of the Military Draft elicits in the painful memories of the Vietnam War that left […]
  25. Policy in the Military
    A battalion of soldiers is composed of a number of personnel of different backgrounds under the supervision of a single commander.
  26. The War Finance Feature in Promoting Military Success
    The war finance feature of Geoffrey Parker’s model of the “Western Way War” has been the most important factor in promoting military success over the past three centuries. The war facilities were tasked to product […]
  27. Military and Civilian Safety Management System
    The operation or workings of other related organizations such as the Occupation Safety and Health Administration will also be analyzed to ensure that the project proposal is in line with the laid down procedures.
  28. Military Dictatorship Effects in Nigeria and Brazil
    Brazil fell into the hands of the military in 1964 when the military came in to restore order, as there were tensions in the country.
  29. Military Affairs: Revolution and Development
    Researchers are inclined to discuss the concept of the revolution in military affairs as the completed phenomenon which results are referred to the second part of the 20th century or as the developed tendency with […]
  30. Military Strategy in the Afghan War
    Effective application of the maneuver-minded strategy requires the military to have a clear understanding of the inner workings of the enemy.
  31. George Patton: General and Military Innovator
    In order to analyze George Patton’s activities during the Battle of Bastogne, one should mention that he was able to understand what kind of actions should be taken to stop the possible offensive of the […]
  32. The United Arab Emirates Military
    Hence, the UAE military is divided into four main blocks namely; the navy, the air force, the marines and the army.
  33. Military Leadership: Great or Toxic
    This can only be achieved if leaders are able to show their juniors that they believe in the steps they take.
  34. Military Interventions: Advantages and Disadvantages
    This is one of the possible outcomes that can be identified. This is one of the main arguments that can be put forward.
  35. The Military Actions in the Cyber Reality
    In the age of cyber society, when the entire world is going digital and people prefer talking to each other via social network rather than having a traditional conversation, the issue of cyber security seems […]
  36. China’s Military Transformation and Its Regional Impact
    The balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region has been influenced by China’s modernisation of its military. China’s military power is being driven by the need to curtail the global influence of the US.
  37. Military Logistics in Operation “Iraqi Freedom”
    It was also very easy for the planners to identify the right amount of fuel needed for distribution in the farms, unlike other classes of supply which had a lot of challenges. The soldiers lacked […]
  38. Global Operations in Military Logistics Function
    The leaders are global sourcing and manufacturing, and the number of or percentage of them sourcing more than half of their supplies outside their home markets is expected to increase in the coming years.
  39. The United States’ Military: Core Values’ Importance
    These values define the conduct and roles of officers in the Air Force by reminding them what it takes to accomplish the mission of this security department.
  40. Classical and Modern Military Strategists
    Given that this is a battle zone setting, contemporary strategic planners must understand that the concerns of the civilians in the war are analogous to the stakeholders and the employees in ay organization.

📃 Interesting Topics to Write about Military

  1. Civilian and Military Tribunals Differences
    On the other hand, the civilian justice system is governed by the judiciary in accordance to the laws created by the legislative arm of the government.
  2. The Battle of Sadr City as a Military Operation
    The operation on the whole was able to lead to the desired political outcomes, for the terrorists were driven out from the territory, and the Iraqi government managed to establish control of the city.
  3. British Military Catering System’s History and Future
    This revolutionary event marked the start of enhanced cookery in the army. In essence, the system of production of food for British army had not been perfected.
  4. Humanitarian Military Intervention Outcomes
    The responsibility is clearly spelled out in the principle of the duty to protect. France proved that it did not intend to offer humanitarian military intervention to the people of Rwanda.
  5. China’s “Military Exercises” near Taiwan in 1996
    After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, in 1949, there emerged a period of tension between China and the U.S.
  6. Learning from Crisis: Hospital and Military Examples
    Learning from crisis is the final component in crisis management. Ignoring the signals may lead to future hospital crisis and extension of the influence to the entire system.
  7. Sexual Assault and How It Changed the Military
    The article “Sexual Assault and How It Changed the Military” provides an overview of an issue of sexual assault in the area of military practice.
  8. Technology in the US Military Capabilities Revival
    For instance, the use of combat drones enables the US army to deploy weapons in the battlefield while keeping a safe distance to reduce casualties.
  9. Military Capacity of the US as a Young Nation
    It took the intervention of the senior commanders of the continental army to protect the garrison from the attack by the British forces.
  10. US Militia System Evolution to US Military
    The United States military evolved from the early militia system that helped in bringing independence to the country to the modern advanced military system that is currently considered the best military system in the world.
  11. Native Americans, Colonial Militia and US Military
    The Native American Timeline shows how the Native Americans suffered in the hands of both the American colonialists in the 1600s before the country gained independence and in the hands of the United States military […]
  12. Military Technology in the American Civil War
    During this time, victory largely depended on the size of the army, the effectiveness of the generals to plan and execute ambush, and the morale of the military unit.
  13. US Military Thinking and Concepts Development
    Jomini’s ideas had a massive influence on the development of the United States’ military thinking in the first half of the nineteenth century.
  14. Military Deployment Effects on Family Members
    Scholars in the field of psychology have performed various researches to investigate aspects of military deployment on the family members of the deployed officers.
  15. Cuban Crisis, Its Military, Social, Economic Factors
    In the era when the threat of a nuclear attack was viewed as the primary fear factor, the Cuban Missile Crisis created grounds for worrying about the wellbeing of the American citizens, hence the increase […]
  16. Pakistan-United States Economic and Military Relations
    During the Cold War period, Pakistan opted to stick with the United States of America instead of the Union of Soviet Social Republics.
  17. Military Career: Human Resource Certification
    Earning a professional human resource certification is one of the marvelous opportunities for improving professional development because the enhancement of civilian skills may be valuable for improving military career.
  18. CNN’S Articles on North Korea’s Military Parade in 2015
    As of late, observers of global issues have upstretched the anxiety that the media have increased their capacity to influence the behavior of US international relations and foreign policies.
  19. Soldiers’ Therapy in Military Mental Health Clinic
    The authors of the lecture titled “Practice of Virtual Reality Case Teaching Using in the Military Training Based on Virtools” argue that case teaching effect of military theory can be utilized in military academies. It […]
  20. Exoskeletons for Military and Healthcare: Marketing Plan
    Furthermore, the necessity to carry a heavy load, which tends to increase as new tools are introduced into the environment of the U.S.military, is likely to trigger severe back injuries in soldiers as well as […]
  21. Virtual Reality in Military Health Care
    The purpose of the research is to identify the capabilities of VR and its applications in military health care. This study will explore the current uses of VR, its different functionalities, applications in the field […]
  22. The United States Military Spending
    The budget of the US military is actually the highest in the world. During the Vietnam War, in the late 1960s, the spending on military activities was the highest and equaled to about 10 percent […]
  23. Military Control of Students’ Demonstrations
    Many are the times when the core purpose of the demonstration is not conveyed and the aftermath brings tribulations to the parties involved.
  24. The Ubiquity of Media and the U.S. Military Interests
    With the spread of the media, the government has to pay much attention to the light in which the conflict is shown, and manage the outcomes.
  25. Drone Aircraft in Military Encounters
    Sovereignty and international security are the greatest ethical issues behind the use of drones in military conflicts. According to Kant’s theory, the need, in this case, is having international peace and sovereignty.
  26. American Military Involvement in Haiti
    In 2001, the US funded and trained over 650 paramilitary army of anti-Aristide in the Dominican Republic. Three weeks later, the rebel group that was believed to be trained by the US marched in Haiti […]
  27. Napoleon Bonaparte’s Military Dictatorship
    Second, the leaders of the new government generally come from the armed forces and have a substantial support both of the citizens and of the military.
  28. Policemen of the World: U.S. Military Force
    Thesis statement: Even though the U.S.military force positions itself as the “policemen of the world”, there is major controversy existing around the U.S.military forces participating in military conflicts abroad, namely Syria and Cameroon.
  29. Preventing Suicide in the Military and Veterans
    Surveys and psychological questionnaires after the military personnel returned from the war can be very helpful in determining the type of disorder.
  30. Military Personnel Healthcare
    In the second half of the twentieth century, the American military has faced the crisis of a profession due to continuous technological change.
  31. United States Military Challenges
    Nearing the end of the Second World War, the United States demonstrated to the global society that it was moving a step ahead of the rest in military development when it used the first atomic […]
  32. Long Deployment for Military Families
    The main goals this couple has to set are the evaluation of several specific areas that might be affected by a long deployment and maintaining the stability of their relationships.
  33. Military Law and One Team’s Concept
    Third, it oversees the activities of the military and the judiciary, the observance of the disciplinary practices, and the legality of actions in order to determine the legal validity of the decisions taken.
  34. Military Trials: the Criminal Justice Procedures Violations
    According to the currently established procedure of most of the states, the accused has the right to gain access to all of the evidence at any time in the process.
  35. Social Work in the Military: Psychological Issues
    Because SSgt Rodriquez is suffering from the PTSD, it is possible to set the following as the clinical goals for him: Understand the elements of the memories of the traumatic experiences that cause distress and […]
  36. Military Social Worker Intervention
    Nevertheless, the state and military apparatus are not likely to consider the case filed by a civilian with a request to return a soldier home because of concern for him.
  37. Alcohol Abuse for Military-Connected
    It should also be pointed out that in the earlier conversation Wilson expressed interest in transferring to a base that would be closer to home and revealed his intention to terminate service in order to […]
  38. Military Families and Their Sacrifices
    While the acts of heroism made by soldiers are not to be underrated, either, the great sacrifice of their families, who provide consistent support, are proud of their family members in the military, and put […]
  39. Wireless Sensor Networks in Military Applications
    A wireless sensor network can be characterized as a self-designed framework of remote systems to screen physical or ecological conditions such as temperature, sound, vibration, weight, movement, or contaminations and to pass information through the […]
  40. Military Social Worker’s Services for Personnel
    At the moment of communication with Michael, the main intervention that seems to be appropriate is the discussion of recent family problems, relations, and traditions.

🥇 Most Interesting Military Topics to Write about

  1. Military Social Worker’s Services for Family
  2. Veteran Service Representatives for US Military
  3. Sexual Assault in the United States Military
  4. Military Operation Tomodachi: Communication Plan
  5. Leadership and Learning Organizations in the US Military
  6. Psychological Trauma Care in Military Veterans
  7. Military Social Work and Psychological Treatment
  8. Sexual Assault and Harassment in the U.S. Military
  9. Wide Area Network Acceleration for Military Field
  10. Social Work in the Military Rehabilitation
  11. Ex-Military Socialization and Mental Treatment
  12. Military Cyberspace as a New Technology
  13. Encouraging the Accommodation of the Military in Texas
  14. American Military Early Childhood Care System
  15. Military Social Work Services and Family Support
  16. Military Social Worker and Posttraumatic Disorder
  17. Military Social Work: SA Scott Case
  18. Treatments for Alcohol Abuse in the Military
  19. Social Work Against Alcohol Dependency in Military
  20. African Union Military Force in Darfur Conflict
  21. Military Advances Cause Change in Social Structure
  22. Can Terrorism Only Be Defeated by Military Means?
  23. War Purpose and Military Values
  24. Domestic Violence within the US Military
  25. Substance Abuse in the US Military System
  26. Open Homosexuals’ Effects on Military Morale
  27. Military Justice Issues: People’s Rights and Freedoms
  28. Why Must Political Power Have Primacy Over Military Power?
  29. Challenges of Employing U.S. Military Power
  30. East Asian Military Before and After World Wars
  31. Military: Rules of Engagement and Opening Fire
  32. Sexual Orientation and Equal Rights in Military
  33. Powered Exoskeleton in Military & Space Industries
  34. Social Work in the Military with Homeless Veterans
  35. Sharp System and Its Misconception in US Military
  36. Leaders’ Lessons Borrowed from Military Systems
  37. “Military Service and Lifetime Arrests” the Article by Brooke and Gau
  38. Alcohol’s Role in Military Sexual Assaults
  39. Military Conflicts at the Civil War
  40. “Russia’s Military Revival” by Bettina Renz

💡 Simple & Easy Military Essay Titles

  1. Health Behavior & Policies in Military Communities
  2. Military Leadership: Qualities to Acquire
  3. Gender Barriers to Military Leadership
  4. Accountability of Equipment in Military
  5. Chinese Military Modernization and Capabilities
  6. Military in Space: What Will it Give the US?
  7. The American Military and the Evolution of Computer Technology From the Early 1940s to Early 1960s
  8. Military Leadership and Techniques
  9. Military Leadership Styles in Examples
  10. Is Killing in Military Engagement Justifiable?
  11. Should Women Be In The Military?
  12. Tupolev Military Aircraft: International Business Law
  13. Military Substance Abuse Issue Analysis
  14. Military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy. Is It Legal?
  15. Discrimination Against Gays in the Military
  16. “Iron Triangle” in Relation to “Military Industrial Complex”
  17. NATO Organization Civilian & Military Structures
  18. United States Military Withdraw from Iraq Issue
  19. Military Dictatorship in Brazil (1964-1985)
  20. Gender Politics: Military Sexual Slavery
  21. Combating Access to Military Healthcare
  22. British Military Medicine in The 18th Century
  23. The Modernization of the Chinese Military
  24. Private Military Companies’ Strategic Management
  25. World War I Within the Context of Military Revolution
  26. U.S. Military in Iraq: Should They Just Leave?
  27. Military Dictatorships in Latin America
  28. Iraq War and the Effects on the Military Family
  29. What It Takes to Be a Military Commander
  30. Military Leadership in the 21st Century
  31. Military Professionals Study Military History
  32. Uniform Code of Military Justice
  33. Personal Philosophy of Military Leadership
  34. U.S. Military Transformation History
  35. Reinstating the Military Draft

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