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Gay in the military Argumentative Essay


Gay’s rights should be respected because in the US they are never allowed to serve in the army. Christians believe that being gay is a sin and it is very wrong since it undermines their moral values. After the Second World War, movements were started, which were determined to fight for the rights of the gay. They should be recruited openly in the military as the European countries do.

According to the equal employment opportunity commission, there should be no discrimination in employing, promoting or discharging people. This means that applicants for a job should be selected fairly regardless of their color, sex, religion or background (Bruce 1998).

The commission has established uniform guidelines to enhance selection of the applicants without any type of discrimination. They are usually in form of valid tests and selection strategies. All applicants should go through a background check for the position offered. Therefore, the employer should not focus only on specific groups like the Muslims to undergo intense security checks. Clearance must be processed equally regardless of the applicants’ race, religion or origin.

In the EEOC commission, states have separate laws that control the inspection of background employment. In case the background information shows that the applicant was guilty; he or she is not supposed to be automatically removed from the consideration (Bruce, 1998).

Government agencies know that a diversity program will help them achieve their goals and objectives in managing a diverse workforce. Their work is to design a new diversity program, but the crucial thing in creating diverse and excellent employees for tomorrow starts with a powerful leadership obligation and wisdom of where the agency is currently. Successful diversity plans rely on placing the agency first.

The government agency must be fully committed to the diversity program as well as readiness of the agency to move ahead. This is because commitment is the basis for achieving and maintaining a diverse and powerful workforce (De Pree, 1989).

Proper information should be incorporated in the agency employees planning models so that they are available in hiring, recruiting and retaining the workforce. The government agencies should fully comprehend their existing demographic status.

To do this, an employees’ profile is required, which should have a full image of their workforce and the way diversity has been reflected especially in the main occupations. Lastly, the government agencies manage a diverse work force by examining the developments and plans in the workforce. They are able to find out skills gap and wants as well as formulating a series of planning procedures.

Government agencies have the following in the non-discrimination act: the employer should not refuse to hire an employee because of his or her employment privileges or conditions. Secondly, the employing department should not buy genetic information concerning the employee.

Besides, any generic information concerning the employee should not be disclosed by the hiring department, unless the employee permits them to do so. Lastly, the hiring department should not put the generic information in the main files, rather, it should be put in the medical records since that kind of information is very confidential.

Workforce is not only made of two genders; males and females, it also includes the LGBT, that is, lesbians, gay, bisexual as well as transsexual.

This class has always been discriminated especially in the work place. There is one bill that highly supports this class of people, known as, Employment Non Discrimination Act, because its aim is to end discrimination against sexual orientation, which includes the gays and lesbians.

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