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90 Mental Health Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Mental Health Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Problems related to Physical and Mental Health Issues
    Thus, if there would be an increase in the funds and a clear way of follow-up to ensure that the funds provided for medical care are used for that goal and in the best way […]
  2. Supporting Children’s Mental Health
    The child spends most of the time with the teacher while at school, so in this case one expects the two, that is, the child and the teacher to have a strong bondage.
  3. Children’s mental health
    Below is a mention of these factors and their subsequent impacts on a child’s mental health. Having looked at some of the factors that may contribute to negative mental health in children, it is my […]
  4. Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder Problem
    The first limitation that made the study difficult was lack of accurate records for patients who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
  5. Mental Health & Culture on Weight and Eating Disorders
    The depressed and anxious mind sabotages one’s efforts to loosing weight thus leading to the weird feeling of hopelessness and the good efforts or intentions capsizes leaving one to the option of the detrimental food […]
  6. A Mental Health Project
    This project will use a strength-based model, and as such, will focus on how the guidance and counseling practitioners can assist the target young people to collaborate with their peers, families, and the community with […]
  7. Ambulance Personnel and Critical Incidents: Impact of Accident and Emergency Work on Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
    In fact, the researchers intended to categorize the psychopathology incidence amongst the paramedics, as well as the correlations amid the exposure to the crucial events and personalities.
  8. The Connection Between Poverty and Mental Health Problems
    The daily struggle to earn a daily bread takes a toll on an individual mental health and contributes to mental health problem.
  9. Mental health counseling
    The decision to apply for the clinical counseling in mental health program was mainly influenced by an internship that I had at the Carter Center of Mental Health.
  10. Mental health administration
    With the increased number of cases, the government opted to have a policy that would see the proper administration of the condition; this lead to the formation of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services […]
  11. Mental health and spirituality
    How religion helps to define life purpose and provides a sense of meaning among people who are susceptible to depression Many religious people affirm that their lives have a sense of purpose and meaning.
  12. Marijuana and its effects on mental health
    The effects of the use of marijuana can be comparable to those exhibited by the removal of this important part of the brain.
  13. The Critical Role of School Psychology in the School Mental Health Movement
    The authors also argue that it would be beneficial to increase the significance of the role of school psychologists in providing SMH, analyze the currently existing obstacles to this, and offer a number of recommendations […]
  14. Code of Ethics for Mental Health Professions
    In the mental health profession, codes of ethics mainly address professional responsibilities, handling of clients, storage of clients’ information, and the relationships that should exist between the clients and the mental health workers.
  15. Mental Health Counselor: Ethics and Professionalism
    To this end, the leaders’ act remains ethical and professional in the context of group therapy and the ACA Codes of Ethics.
  16. Interview with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor
    The interviewee acknowledged that burnout is a normal part of practice and anybody planning to become a licensed mental health counselor should be prepared to face burnout and deal with it in a manner that […]
  17. Mental Health Benefits in the Employee Benefits Package
    Continued research in the areas of personnel health and productivity levels of firms has demonstrated that a considerable number of employers are aware of the critical responsibilities in ensuring that workers achieve better health outcomes.
  18. Eliminating Stigmatization in Mental Health Diagnoses
    Stigmatization towards individuals with mental health disorder results in different kinds of exclusion and discrimination in the social spheres or the place of work.
  19. NYS Office of Mental Health
    This gives the company monopoly as it is the sole provider of data and information related to mental health in NYS. With the latest advancement in technology and the presence of computer geeks, the information […]
  20. Community Mental Health
    The coming of reforms in this sector has led to the closure of many mental hospitals because of violation of patients’ rights.
  21. Mental Health Counselor
    It implies that the counselors must always be ready to bear with such clients to be able to help them to achieve the goals and objectives of counseling.
  22. Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
    The integration of mental health service providers in the criminal justice system addresses the needs of people with mental illness. Criminal justice system involvement in the issue is attributed to the stigma of mental illness […]
  23. Refugees and Mental Health
    They live their lives on the edge because they are unsure of what is going to happen to them and their families.
  24. Medical Ethics in Mental Health Care
    According to the patient, the psychiatrist that he was meant to see did not meet him and did not explain the reasons for that.
  25. Child’s Mental Health and Depression in Adulthood
    The objective of the proposed research is to provide a comprehensive study focusing on the impact of mental health in childhood on depressions in the adult age.
  26. Transitions in Late Life – Mental Health Concerns
    Owing to the snowballing number of older people around the world, there is a need to address the transitions in late life with a view of improving the physical, psychological, social, economic, and interpersonal aspects […]
  27. Human Resources for the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health
    Woods commented that there were two major problems in the hiring process, which included failing to hire the right person for the job and the costs of advertising the vacancy.
  28. Mental Health Nursing: Health and Illness
    My definition of health therefore, is the spiritual well-being of an individual or a community whereas illness is the physical outcome or the manifestation of the spiritual poor being of the community or an individual […]
  29. Mental Health Specialist Job and Career
    The mental health worker can also offer counseling and guidance services to different learners. Learning institutions have established CSTs in order to support the needs of different students with mental disabilities.
  30. Mental Health: Screening and Assessment
    With this in mind, it should be said that a good counselor should take into account the cultural peculiarities of a patient and mind the possibility of punishment in case of different violations.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Mental Health

  1. Female Mental Health in Sociocultural Conditions
    The distinctions in the mental disorders in the various societies have a connection with the cultural differences, the social environment, the material and financial conditions, and inequality.
  2. Schizophrenia – Mental Health Disorder
    The neurotransmitters at the ending of the nerve cells transmit messages from one area to another nerve cell in the body.
  3. Mental Health Disparities’ Data Collection
    Despite the extensive research on the topic of mental health disparities, the medical and health fraternity tends to disagree on the meaning of inequalities in the field.
  4. Mental Health Practice Model for Public Institutions
    The restoration of social functioning and the cessation of symptoms will be the definition used for clinical recovery. The management of a health institution implementing the model will be tasked with the authorization and support […]
  5. Mental Health: Research Methodologies Issues
    The study used soldiers as the focus of a study with the stressors of military life and the use of the Master Resilience Training course as the conditions considered.
  6. Mental Health Strategies at the Workplace
    According to the article by Gallagher and Underhill, there is an increased amount of evidence, which suggested that certain work and company characteristics have a direct impact on bad well-being, increased stress, as well as […]
  7. Buddhist Traditional Healing in Mental Health
    To understand the traditional healing in Buddhist culture in mental health, it is important to start by understanding the origin of Buddhism as a religion.
  8. Soldiers’ Therapy in Military Mental Health Clinic
    The authors of the lecture titled “Practice of Virtual Reality Case Teaching Using in the Military Training Based on Virtools” argue that case teaching effect of military theory can be utilized in military academies. It […]
  9. Information Technology Company’s Employee Mental Health
    The nature of the work in this organisation is not steady because the company works on orders that should be completed on a tight deadline, so the majority of employees are under tremendous stress due […]
  10. Mental Health Care Services for Veterans
    To guarantee that this requirement is met and the policy falls within federal jurisdiction, it is essential to address four dimensions of the program.
  11. Mental Health among Latin American Adolescents
    The World Health Organization defines a Body Mass Index as a straightforward record of weight-for-tallness that is used to order underweight, overweight, and stoutness in grownups.
  12. Psychological Assessment of Mental Health Issues
    James is a United States national in his late 20s and a person who has gone through the education curriculum, though the diagnosis of his condition affected his education and he had to call off […]
  13. Mental Health as the Juvenile Justice System Challenge
    The issue of mental health within the context of juvenile justice has been subjected to heated debates as the society started placing more expectations on the system to address the needs of young offenders who […]
  14. Mental Health: Challenge of the Juvenile Justice System
    With regard to social factors that may influence the research on mental health in juvenile justice, the characteristics of the area where juvenile offenders committed a crime are crucial.
  15. Nursing Care Plan for Mental Health
    Unilateral neglect Impaired environmental interpretation syndrome Acute confusion Chronic confusion Ineffective impulse control Impaired memory Impaired verbal communication Hopelessness Risk for compromised human dignity
  16. Mental Health Illness Problems Corrections
    Second, corrections administrations are to promote the policy of awareness and understanding among prisoners, so that to make it possible to reduce the rates of discrimination.
  17. Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions
    Clearly the psychologist in this case is facing a difficult choice: on the one hand, to harm society but to respect the rights and personal choice of the infected person, or on the other hand […]
  18. Sociology of Mental Health and Gender
    The notion that femininity and masculinity as concepts may significantly affect one’s understanding of mental health is supported by various evidence.
  19. Mental Health Practice in the UK
    The report from the Department of Health and the National Health Service outlined an endeavor to enhance the nation’s health care system by fixing the shortcomings of the mental health sector.
  20. Understanding Student Perceptions of Mental Health
    In their article, Laidlaw et al.find it necessary to explore undergraduate students’ understanding of such concepts as mental health and mental well-being and investigate the situations when students find it necessary to ask for help […]
  21. Self-Care: Physical and Mental Health
    Also, there is a variety of approaches that can be used to improve self-care, and it is essential to introduce the client to all of them.
  22. Substance Abuser’s Mental Health Risks in 3D Model
    When it comes to the use of opioids, there are also a number of dangers associated with it, such as engaging in delinquent or violent behaviors, which may be a risk for X, who already […]
  23. Institutional vs. Community Care in Mental Health
    A review article by Wysocki et al.”Long-term services and supports for older adults: A review of home and community-based services versus institutional care is focused on the analysis of institutional care as opposed to home […]
  24. Stigma Effects on Mental Health Treatment in Minorities
    It is one of the most significant impediments to progress in mental health services and providing timely help to the patients. As such, the utilization of mental health services is low as compared to Caucasians.
  25. Pre-Mental Health Counseling Assessment for Child
    The counselor who assesses the client for perception of Relationship Test has to ascertain the closeness of the child with either of the parents.
  26. Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse: Dual Diagnosis
    The prevention of the development of addictions is achieved through the integration of the client into the community and neutralisation of the stressors that can lead to drug or alcohol misuse.
  27. Mental Health Care, Its Politics and Ethics
    Nurses can and should bring the voices of mentally ill people and their close ones to the fore when addressing policymakers as well as articulating important messages to the public.
  28. The Role of Nurses in Managing Mental Health Issues
    Therefore, this reflection is not just the evaluation of my nursing skills and practical achievements, it is a story of my personal growth as a medical worker and the peculiarities of recovery process among young […]
  29. Explaining Mental Health Inequalities in Northern Sweden
    The major weakness of the selected article is that it fails to present proposals for guiding future scholars to examine the nature and effects of mental health inequalities.
  30. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurses’ Roles
    The primary objective of the study is to investigate the changes in caregivers’ role in the treatment of patients with mental health disparities.

💡 Simple & Easy Mental Health Essay Titles

  1. Mental Health Promotion and Effective Interventions
    In their article “The Evidence of Effective Interventions for Mental Health Promotion,” Clemens Hosman and Eva Jane-Llopis state that to prove the effectiveness of the programs contributing to mental health, it is necessary to refer […]
  2. Mental Health Patients in the Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit
    The vulnerability of the subjects was factored in the research design, and this affected the approach to this research. The study variables were clearly defined, and it was clear from the design of the research […]
  3. Medi-Cal Expansion of Mental Health Services
    And although it claims to offer holistic health services, they are steered towards individuals with HIV or Hepatitis, instead of the individual or family experiencing mental health.
  4. Protective Factors Promoting Mental Health
    The protective measures include an understanding of the gender, social-economic factors, cultural practices, working place and how these experiences predispose people to higher risks of mental health.
  5. Prisoners’ Physical and Mental Health Care Needs
    Because the number of prisoners in a correctional facility exceeds a few thousand, it is necessary to follow the selection of facilities with the selection of the actual research sample that will participate in the […]
  6. Mental Health Nursing Skills in Practice
    I found the nurse’s skills to be effective, as she maintained the conversation clearly and did not emphasize the fact that it was an experiment, which allowed the client to remain calm. A patient had […]
  7. Mental Health Issues Identification in Schools
    The code of conduct proposed by APA may affect the introduction of behavior modification principles by engaging both counselors and students in the process of behavior analysis and the subsequent positive change.
  8. Mental Health Promotion in Society
    Mental health is an integral part of health which serves as the foundation for the well-being and effective functioning for a person and society.
  9. Female Mental Health in Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”
    The main role of a 19th-century woman was a loving nurturer, serving the needs of her family and obedient to her husband/father.
  10. Optimal Mental Health Approaches: Depression & Anxiety
    The work of a counselor implies the necessity to understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, as well as find “the missing pieces of reality” that impact innermost lives.
  11. The Benefits of Fitness for Physical and Mental Health
    It is necessary to mention that I have been able to improve my sleep schedule and its quality because of exercise.
  12. Mental Health Problems: Patient Care
    The first level of care that can be available to SK is that of hospitals. A powerful approach will be considered to assess the needs of SK.
  13. Consumer-Centered Mental Health Education
    Heedless of the fact that mental health education is effective in reducing negative attitudes to depression and people who have this diagnosis, certain stereotypes still impact patients’ decision-making.
  14. Social Media Users’ Personality and Mental Health
    The use of social media has impacted people’s mental health by both contributing to their anxiety and creating a stressful and competitive platform on which people have to perform.
  15. Cannabis Effects on Mental Health
    I am a nursing student who will present today on the topic of cannabis and mental health, providing you with an overview of the adverse effects of marijuana and the possibilities of addiction treatment.
  16. Psychiatry. Promoting Recovery in Mental Health
    It is vital for a mental health nurse to recognize the different benefits and disadvantages of both philosophies and consider various aspects of recovery and patients’ decision-making process.
  17. Physical Healthcare Among Mental Health Patients
    The need for such a review is motivated by the prevalence of mental disorders and the grave impact of unaddressed comorbidities.
  18. Mental Health Disparities
    The field of activity of this agency includes, first of all, efforts to improve the behavioral health of the nation and improving the lives of people with mental disorders.
  19. Teaching and Learning in Mental Health Nursing
    The task of NHS England is to make sure that everything possible is offered to improve the quality of work, support the staff and patients, and create the best conditions and services.
  20. Mental Health and Grief Counseling Issues
    One of the objectives of grief counseling is getting an individual to the last and most important stage of the process where someone accepts the reality of the loss they experienced. This would play a […]
  21. Burnout as a Mental Health Issue in the Workplace
    The first step to address such a problem should be inducing and promoting employees’ awareness of both personal needs and healthy mental practices.
  22. Ethical Dilemma in Mental Health Patient Care
    My ethical response to the situation was that Catherine should only be attended to by the female staff especially when she was naked and that only the female staff needed to have access to the […]
  23. Unconscious Mind and Mental Health Treatment
    This was the most basic point for Freud’s dynamic psychology of the mind and its relation to the unconscious. You can say unconscious mind is like the pilot of an aircraft and the conscious mind […]
  24. Mental Health of Canadians Overview
    The extent of the effect is affected by the socio-economic environment, the individual, the family, and the type of illness that one is suffering from.
  25. Psychopathology. The United States National Mental Health
    This factor is closely connected with the wrong identification of the person’s role in the world; Very often the level of mental disorders in the nation depends on the cultural lifestyle and values of people.
  26. Mental Health Stigma from American Perspective
    Mental illness affects many aspects of suffers’ life, the most important is that the diagnosis of mental illness comes with the additional burden of a negative label.
  27. Confidentiality in Mental Health
    Based on this definition, confidentiality is a commitment of a person towards another, while privacy is the information a person wants to keep and not to disclose to anyone else. This is a part of […]
  28. Effects of Drugs and Alcohol Use on Mental Health
    This paper is a bibliography listing a selection of works discussing effects of drugs and alcohol use on mental health.
  29. Mental Health Care Analysis
    While the military is engaged in combat operations the psychologists are able to increase their understanding of the psychological consequences of combat operations.
  30. Vincent Van Gogh’s Mental Health Problems
    It is seen that after 1888, his mental conditions worsened and he was often at a loss of control over his own mind.

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