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74 Mental Illness Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Mental Illness Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Mental Illness and Effective Treatments
    Causes of Mental Illness Generally, the causes of several mental illnesses have not been established and remain unknown.”However, research into the issue has established that in many cases, the condition develops as a result of […]
  2. Social Network and Personal Loss Among Young Adults With Mental Illness and Their Parents: A Family Perspective
    This leaves the parents of young adults with mental illness depressed and hopeless. In fact, young adults with mental illness and their parents need support from all members of the society.
  3. How Do People Labelled With A Mental Illness Deal with Their Stigmatization?
    There are five presumptions of the important to understand basically a biological issue, the problems of the disabled are because of the disability, the disabled individual is victimized, the disability is a core concept in […]
  4. How the Media Influence Society’s View on Mental Illness
    According to Francis et al, the observed developments in media framing of mental illness in Australia reflects deep-seated concerns with the nature of perceptions generated from reporting cases of mental illnesses in both broadcast and […]
  5. Moral Treatment of the Mental Illness
    Before the 19th Century confinement and use of mechanical restraints was prevalent mode of treatment for the patients who were mentally ill in many parts of the world.
  6. Bipolar Disorder in the Muslim and Discrimination of People With This Mental Illness
    However, the largest proportion of Muslims believes that there is a significant association of mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and evil spirits.
  7. Mental Illness as a Theme of The Yellow Wallpaper
    As it appears from the novel, the reason why the narrator and her husband John decided to spend their summer vacation in a secluded mansion is that this proved beneficial to the narrator’s mental condition.
  8. Medical Issues: Mental Illness
    The second effect of mental illness diagnosis is psychosis; this refers to the experience of a patient to lose contact with the aspects of reality.
  9. Children Mental Illness and Its Effects on Parents
    There is a dearth of research on the effects of childhood mental illnesses on the parents. In this view, the impact of childhood mental illnesses on the lives of the parents appears to be underestimated.
  10. Does Economic Insecurity Cause Mental Illness?
    To address the issue, the researchers develop eight alternative measures of economic insecurity and investigate the relationships with two measures of mental health, uses Australian panel data that is rich in items on financial expectations […]
  11. Mental Illness in the Creative Mind
    Ironically, the content of his character that acted as a source of his depression provided him with the tools he needed to save the nation.
  12. Mental Illness Through the Policy Glass
    According to Hartley and Lambert, one of the arguments for the CMHC Act relates to the introduction of community-based care viewed as the most appropriate psychotherapy for persons with mental illnesses.
  13. The Cultural Construction of Mental Illness
    The review of the given sources contributes to the acquisition of knowledge needed to trace the evolution of the cultural construction of mental illnesses and determine the most significant changes.
  14. Mental Illness and Homelessness in the United States
    Hence, there is a need to establish elaborate policies for addressing the problem of mental illness among homeless people in all regions in the US.
  15. The Mental Illness and Gun Violence Analysis
    The analysis of criminality and people’s mental health contains not only the effect of inflicted harm on one’s mental stability but also the potential predisposition of people with mental illnesses towards violent behaviour.
  16. Imprisoned Customers with Mental Illness
    As a conclusion to the case study, one may suggest that interrelation of social stigma and psychological behavior is closely tracked through the example of the inmate, imprisoned for murdering his own daughter.

💡 Most Interesting Mental Illness Topics to Write about

  1. Incidence of Mental Illness in Australian Workplaces
    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is endowed with the responsibility of collecting data relating to mental illnesses in various companies across the country in order to determine the influence that the illnesses have […]
  2. “Darkness Visible” and “An Unquiet Mind”: Mental Illness
    The beast of manic depression living within the professor is a duplicitous creature whose cravings result in the bifurcation of the woman’s moods and actions, thereby pushing her to either the farthest extremes of sexual […]
  3. Mental Illness in Children and Its Effects on Parents
    The highest percentage of the participant will be students and parents who are victims of this situation. Most of the participants involved in this study are students from the university and their parents.
  4. Mental Illness within the Ranks
    Continuing on the symptoms manifested in the behavior of the new commander, it is necessary to highlight that he fails to control his emotions according to the information reported by his subordinates, he is unable […]
  5. Mental Illness With Mass Shootings
    During their response, the crime scene was full of people, which made it difficult for police officers to do their work and exposed the staff to the terrifying picture.
  6. Humor Therapy for Patients with Mental Illness
    Thus, the researchers concentrated on humor as one of the most valuable components of therapy, having the potential to lead to positive patient outcomes.
  7. Comorbidity of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness, Associated Complications, and Approaches to Care
    The authors have found that the highest comorbidity is between S.A.and schizophrenia, and the lowest was in S.A.and depressive illness. Thus, it is viable to conclude that the incidence of mortality is alarmingly higher in […]
  8. “Mental Illness” and “Mental Imagery”: Guided Research
    The two terms chosen for this guided research are “mental illness” and “mental imagery”. Questions like the following are often asked: Are people with mental illness responsible for their behavior?
  9. The Anorexia Nervosa as a Mental Illness
    While tracing the history of the disease, many authors have come to the conclusion that the disease is to some extent due to the living styles that people have adopted over the years and also […]
  10. Psychology: ”Recovery from Mental Illness” by Anthony
    The community-based mental treatment system, as the article proves is based on the new comprehensive approach to the issues of psychological health, which puts forth not only the consequences of the illness but its deeper […]
  11. Mental Illness Around the World: Socio-Cultural and Genetic Aspects
    Discussing the relationship between socio-political concept of people’s cultural identity and the degree of their susceptibility to mental illnesses represents a certain challenge, especially given the fact that the etiology of such illnesses has not […]
  12. Teen, Mental Illness and Guns
    Of late, the concern has heightened because of the incidences where the teens are getting access to guns stored in their homes in places that are unlocked.
  13. Mental Illness: Behavioral Health and Community
    The article ‘Community health mental principles: A 40 year case study’ deals with the principles of CMHC and its goals, the article ‘All roads lead to community based care highlights the importance of community based […]
  14. Causation and Causal and Etiologic Factors of Mental Illness Differences
    Mental illness is considered to be a genuine medical phenomenon and its causes are explained from the medical point of view.
  15. “Miracle in Cell No. 7”: The Representation of Mental Illness
    In the end, nothing proves to be of any help: Yong-gu is blackmailed by the system into confessing and executed on his daughter’s birthday.
  16. Does Husband Abuse Cause Mental Illness in Women?
    And again out of this number 165 of them were abused by their husbands 38 of who had a common disorder. Of the 128 who had a common disorder, 38 of them were abused by […]

📌 Simple & Easy Mental Illness Essay Titles

  1. The Role Of Mental Illness Play On Psychopathic Behavior
  2. The Relationship Between Mental Illness And Addiction
  3. The Variations of the Theories and Beliefs on the Subject of Mental Illness
  4. The Stigma of Mental Illness in the African American Community in America
  5. Van Gogh Connections Between Creativity and Mental Illness
  6. Using a Short Screening Scale for Small-Area Estimation of Mental Illness Prevalence for Schools
  7. The Role And Benefits Of Dance As A Therapy For The Treatment Of Mental Illness
  8. The Use of Music Therapy to Heal Mental Illness
  9. The Relatioship Between Mental Illness And Child Abuse
  10. Women’s Struggle with Mental Illness and in Society in The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  11. The Moral Dilemma Surrounding the Mental Illness Medication
  12. The Serious Problem of Mental Illness Discrimination in America
  13. The Mental Illness Of The United States
  14. The Relationship Between Mental Illness And Violence
  15. The Theme of Mental Illness in Lisa Bright and Dark by John Neufeld
  16. The National Alliance on Mental Illness
  17. The Problems of Homelessness and Mental Illness
  18. Women Living With Mental Illness And Homelessness Stigma
  19. Vincent Van Gogh’s Mental Illness Reflected In His Self Portraits
  20. United Kingdom’s Criminal Justice System, Crime, and Mental Illness

👍 Good Essay Topics on Mental Illness

  1. The Use Of Lobotomy As A Therapeutic Solution For Mental Illness
  2. United Kingdom’s System of Criminal Justice and Mental Illness
  3. Why Mental Illness Has Changed American Views
  4. Working With Young People Who Struggle With Mental Illness
  5. The Protection And Advocacy For Individuals With Mental Illness
  6. Veteran Mental Illness and System Justification Theory
  7. Understanding the Relationship Between Mental Illness and Ethnicity
  8. Theories and Conspiracies Relating to Vicent Van Gogh Mental Illness
  9. Using Arts And Dance To Treat Mental Illness
  10. Understanding Mental Illness Health People 2000
  11. The Negative Stigmas Attached to Mental Illness by Elyn Saks
  12. Theme Of Mental Illness In The Yellow Wallpaper
  13. The Prevalence of Mental Illness in the United States
  14. The Stigma And Stereotypes Of Mental Illness
  15. The Public Perception Of Children With Mental Illness
  16. Understanding The Impact Of Stigma On People With Mental Illness
  17. Treatment And Commitment Therapy On Mental Illness
  18. The Struggle of Lia with Mental Illness in Wintergirls, a Novel by Laurie Halse Anderson
  19. Types of Mental Illness: Psychoses, Neuroses, Defence Mechanisms
  20. The Myth Of Mental Illness By Thomas Szasz Summary
  21. What Causes the Epidemic of Mental Illness in US?
  22. Violence and Mental Illness in Mass Shootings and Its Solution

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