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176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Auditing Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Entrepreneurial Audit Report on an Existing Business
    According to BHP website BHP Billiton is listed in the Australian securities exchange and London stock exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.
  2. External Audit for Strategic Management
    Ford Company has been forced by the prevailing conditions to adopt the changes; for example the company has a website where a customer can log in and communicate directly to the company.
  3. Ethical Culture Audit: Corporate Policies and Norms
    The organizational culture is very important for the company as it enables the management to ensure that all employees are aligned to the culture and make decisions in accordance with the corporate policies concerning the […]
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit in Business Operations
    In this framework, the environmental assessment and auditing are applied in order to identify benefits of conducting Environmental Impact Assessment and auditing on the main ecological elements of pollution.
  5. Contact Report: Personal Property Auditor of San Francisco
    He seems to like the freedom that comes with his current position because he is able to set his own work schedules.
  6. Choice of Career Between Accounting Manager and Accounting Auditor
    On the other hand, auditors are tasked with the responsibility of revising the financial accounts prepared by financial accountants to ensure that they represent “a true and fair view of the company’s financial position”.
  7. Statement on Auditing Standards No. 99
    This necessitated the need for review and revision of the procedures that these firms use to detect fraud in present and future financial audit statements. Regulations in SAS 99 improve necessary procedures involved in the […]
  8. Productivity Audit: Analyze an Organization’s Effectiveness
    The audit will evaluate Walgreens policies and, how the policies are contributing to the productivity of the corporation. The productivity audit will evaluate the roles, which the objectives of corporation have played in the success […]
  9. The Roles of an Internal Auditor in Corporate Governance
    Boards have the role of ensuring that internal controls work, which makes it very important for them to have the services of the internal audit team.”An effective internal audit function plays a key role in […]
  10. Marketing Audit and Plan For the Future Needs of the Market
    The report will analyze the forces controlling the activities of Du Company in the market. The report presents an evaluation of the current situation of the company in the market.
  11. A Marketing Audit for Du Product & Service
    The review provides a platform from which to assess the performance of the company in the market. Such issues are likely to affect the operations of the company in the market.
  12. Strategic Audit – Adidas and the Global Sportswear Industry
    The logo of the company, the three stripes and the originality of the products of the company, has given the company a resounding name in the industry.
  13. Apple Inc Market Entry Audit: The Entry of Apple Inc Into a New Market With an Existing Product or Service
    The company is currently the market leader in the android smart phones and computer technology market. In fact, the operations of the company are segmented based on the nature and location of its customers.
  14. Hewlett-Packard Strategic Audit
    The company is the market leader in most of the computer hardware market has rapidly grown and it edged Dell Company in the global PC market in 2006 and was able to manage the lead […]
  15. Yearend Auditing in a Small Company: Is It Worth It?
    The paper will also give a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of appointing the same auditors of the parent company to audit XYZ Ltd.
  16. Audit Performance and Monitoring
    The importance of this system was brought about by the increased intolerance to risk in the society, the increase in the compensation tendency, public demand for transparency in the operations and the tendency for the […]
  17. Brand Audit of Marriott
    Brand auditing is a critical outlook of a brand from different dimensions or perspectives to ensure that it is still relevant in the market, to ensure that the brand is competitive in the market and […]
  18. Construction Company Auditing Process
    In order to be effective, the auditor will use the company’s record of mobile equipments. The auditor will also test the adequacy of the depreciation amount with regard to the mobile equipments.
  19. AT&T Audit and Analysis
    Due to the success that the company has enjoyed over the years, it has managed to be among the largest companies in the region in terms of size and revenue.
  20. Environmental Sustainability Audit: The Oman Environmental Services Holding Company
    The government used to handle the task of waste management in the Sultanate but with the establishment and legalization of Be’ah, the task of such is delegated to the said company.
  21. Center for Audit Quality
    Thus, shareholders in a publicly listed company are likely to establish the company’s reputation from the caliber of the company’s auditors.
  22. Situational Analysis and Marketing Plan Audit for Nissan Patrol Desert Edition
    An increase in the profit margins for the new version will allow the company to reduce the pricing of the car, reduce its debts, and even scale up its operations as part of its corporate […]
  23. Eco-Auditing Report for the Green Impact Awards
    This report aims at reviewing the impact and level of individual change of personnel in one of departments of Anglia Ruskin University in terms of the environmental concerns and the impact of this change on […]
  24. Marker Audit Analysis – McDonald’s
    In analyzing the company the study focuses on objectives and the strategies the company needs to implement to expand its market share and retain the current market share.
  25. Marketing Audit: Toyota
    In this paper, analysis of the product and the market is covered in order to give feasible recommendations to the company.
  26. Interbrand Marketing Audit: PRADA
    The image helps the customers to recognize the brand in the market Consists of the brand name and the initials of the company’s name.
  27. Cultural Audit in Society: Collectivism and Individualism
    The collectivism cultural audit is important to use in a school with the children with disabilities since it encourages interdependence and the success of the group.
  28. Marketing Audit: Mediafire.com Company
    In calculating the unit cost of the online products retailed by the Mediafire.com, the company applies the Conjoint Analysis, which is a marketing research tool that is used to determine attributes of each product and […]
  29. Market Auditing and Planning in Accor Group
    For instance, the company can use this tool to identify the conditions in the market and the viability of expanding its luxury hotels in specific market locations that the company may consider now or in […]
  30. CookSafe Food Safety Management Audit
    The audit also highlights some of the major problems hindering the application and effectiveness of the CookSafe system. The suitability of HACCP in food safety management is made apparent in the wide scope of the […]
  31. Auditing and Assessing Financial Condition
    Data from various years can be compared in order to evaluate the economic and financial position of the country. In this economy, it would also be necessary for the government to diversify their sources of […]
  32. Strategic Audit: Home Depot Inc.
    The company’s policy evolve around its customers, the need to enhance the customer experience is vital to success and therefore the company intends to encourage associates to spend close to 70% of total work time […]
  33. Strategic Audit in Delloite and Touché Company
    The two factors also offer the necessary familiarity with the company and make the analysis easy. Consequently, the approach provides the necessary knowledge that allows the company to suppress the weaknesses.
  34. Financial and Fraud Auditing
    Financial audit is the review of financial statements of the organization. The information provided will show that there is sufficient monitoring of the actions of the people in managerial positions.

💡 Most Interesting Auditing Topics to Write about

  1. Diversity Audit of Goldman Sachs
    The brand management always considers the two before introducing it to the markets because of a strong relationship between the brand and culture though they are separate disciplines.
  2. Marketing Audit on Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University
    The marketing report evaluates the University’s strategy to expand into the Arab world market and offer customized education program, depending with the changing needs of the business world and the challenges facing the world economy.
  3. The Nike Company Market’s Audit
    Table 1: Analysis of the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS The first problem associated with the product is that the market already has access to the features it provides in various forms.
  4. Auditors Role in Financing
    In this case, a company can recognize the whole amount of income expected before the execution of a contract or recording revenue that is more than the contract amount. The final warning sign is recording […]
  5. Audit of Service Environment in Organization
    Whereas the quality of items in two firms could be the same, a consumer may prefer one over the other because of the environment in which the service is provided.
  6. Marlboro Industry Environment Company’ Marketing Audit
    The cigarette which is manufactured by Philip Morris Corporation has been sold in the market for close to 100 years and it is one of the most popular consumer goods.
  7. Strategic Audit in Management
    Nokia’s mission is to connect people throughout the world, so it works towards making sure that the company provides quality mobile phones to the market.
  8. Best Buy Company Comprehensive Audit
    In fact, research has shown that it is the best approach that could be utilized to evaluate resources and capabilities of a business establishment.
  9. Embraer Jets Company Market Audit
    Due to the rapid growth of the Brazilian economy, the airline industry is expected to continue growing. It is also expected that the population will become wealthier, and the number of people using the airline […]
  10. Auditors Training Strategy
    The mission of this training strategy is to improve employee proficiency and skills in the public audit organisation. The vision is to ensure that the organisation is a global and national leader in audit operations.
  11. Contract Financing: Audit Requirements and Quality Control
    When selecting a contractor, the client must evaluate the financial strength of the potential contractors based on the scope of the project.
  12. Household Management Audit: Mr. Smith Family Case
    The initial analysis has revealed much of the information about the available space in this house and how it is distributed among the members.
  13. The State Audit Institution in Abu Dhabi
    The main purpose of this organisation is to make sure that the company functions according to the current legislation and the financial situation in the company is safe.
  14. Environmental Audit of Industries in China
    While communication and interpersonal skills are the most sought-after skills, they also remain the poorest skills among Chinese graduates in China.
  15. Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority’s Pre-Assessment Audit
    The management of the organization would like to improve the delivery of the services of the firm as well as improve its performance.
  16. National Bank of Abu Dhabi’ Audit
    In the case of NBAD, the top management of the bank is committed to improve the quality of its services and systems to meet the needs of its customers.
  17. The Point-of-Sale System Market Audit and Plan
    From the very beginning of the analysis, it should be said that the UAE seems to be one of the best possible choices for the promotion of a new service, especially connected with digital devices.
  18. Nestle’s Nescafe Arabiana Marketing Plan Audit
    Nestle saw the opportunity and used it to advance its brand in the region. The UAE region has adapted to it, and it has become the best coffee product in the market.
  19. The Coca-Cola Company’s Health, Safety, Wellness Audit
    The success of the Coca-Cola Company is supported by the fact that it ensures the safety of its employees, visitors to the premises and the public.
  20. Electrolux Company’s Analysis and Audit
    In this matrix, the stakeholders are analysed depending on the level of interest as well as the power that these stakeholders have to influence the decisions that are made by the company.
  21. General Employment Enterprises’ Audit Report
    The overall losses in revenues and current assets can be attributed to the economic crisis of 2008, which resulted in the reduction of demand for the company’s services.
  22. Amazon Company’s Strategic Audit
    From the analysis, based on the weights assigned, it is apparent that the most important factors affecting Amazon’s business growth and expansion include the growth of Internet usage, the expansion of the e-commerce industry, and […]
  23. WeChat’s Social Media Audit With Storify
    Just next to it there is a page for the nannies. Due to that, WeChat is building a portfolio from its participants and relating it to the country of origin’s registrar of births.
  24. Disney France Company’s Strategic Audit Project
    It is assumed that the adoption of a sustainable strategy that will allow for a more flexible allocation of the corporate resources and assets, as well as the implementation of a better-balanced leadership approach, will […]
  25. Belot Enterprises’ Audit and Standard Framework
    According to the information provided in the case, Robinson is in the process of finalizing the appraisal of Belot’s financial records for the firm’s second quarter.
  26. Du Company’s Mission, Performance, Strategic Audit
    The paper will present Porter’s 5 forces analysis focusing on the following elements: the threat of new entrants, the power of suppliers, the force of buyers, the threat of substitutes, and competition.
  27. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s Accounting and Audit
    ADNOC is a state-owned company that operates in the oil and gas industry of the UAE. The company was founded in 1971, and today, it unites more than 20 subsidiaries, known as the ADNOC Group […]
  28. Capability Audit in the Hospital’s Functioning
    The paper provides the data concerning the capability audit and the application of its main aspects to the investigation of the functioning of a hospital.
  29. Contemporary Auditing: Real Issues and Cases
    The next stage of the audit consists of conducting extensive fieldwork and checking the internal controls of the audit. The fifth stage of the audit is the creation of a report that dwells on the […]
  30. Certified Public Accountant and Internal Auditor
    Furthermore, the requirements for the CIA have to be determined to understand the necessity of education and certification to become a professional in the future in Georgia.
  31. Wendy Company’s Operational Audit
    The aim of this paper is to outline the results of an operational audit assessing the quality of the customer service at a fast food restaurant.
  32. Walgreens and CVS Health: Proxy Statements & Annual Reports
    In order to better understand factors that influence the determination of external audit fees for Walgreens and CVS Health it is necessary to consider key characteristics of the companies.
  33. The Audit Fees: Walmart, Bank of America and Aetna
    The aim of this paper is to compare the audit fees of three companies: Walmart, Bank of America, and Aetna. The analysis of differences in audit fees paid by Walmart, Bank of America, and Aetna […]
  34. Big Data and Analytics in the Audit
    In order to make big data and analytics a part of the auditing process, it is necessary to indicate what type of audit evidence is derived with their help.

🎓 Good Research Topics about Auditing

  1. Accreditation, Auditing and Requirements
    Nevertheless, in order to choose the method that would be the best for a particular organization, for example, a clinical laboratory, it is necessary to rely on the basic values of a company and the […]
  2. Do Analysts and Auditors Use Information in Accruals?
    For that reason, it is important to examine various factors that can be linked to the reasons and explanations of how those forecasts can affect the future performance of a particular company, including whether the […]
  3. An Ethical Audit: Nike Controversy
    The purpose of the present paper is to examine Nike as the company that follows some principles of corporate social responsibility but fails to meet the ethical requirements in relation to its workers from the […]
  4. Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release Project
    By the time of the audit, Kouser was an engagement partner at BBD and was in charge of the Fund’s audit for the 2014 fiscal year.
  5. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Audit Planning and Control
    Effective planning is one of the key pillars of this process and focuses on essential areas of the audit such as ensuring that there is adequate allocation of resources to the auditing procedure.
  6. Best Buy Corporation’s Strategic Audit
    The strategies of the organization include creating competition in its current markets, migration, modeling, and expansion as a method for offering new items to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The organization operates in […]
  7. Air Arabia Company’s Strategic Audit
    The organization operates in the travel business, as it is relevant to the company’s mission. They are also relevant to the company’s environment and the industry in which it operates.
  8. Audit in Business and Public Organizations
    The main difference is that performance auditing seeks to improve the effectiveness of an organization while compliance auditing is undertaken to examine whether procedures and financial reports are in accordance with existing policies, procedures, or […]
  9. Code of Ethics for Audit Organizations
    A code of ethics is composed of a guide of principles and rules that help professionals in the workplace to act with honesty and integrity.
  10. Burger King Company: Strategic Audit Report
    Burger King is a famous American fast food company that, in the past, competed with McDonald’s for the title of the most widespread and popular burger company in the USA and abroad.
  11. Brand Audit: DXB Entertainments PJSC
    The strength of this company lies in the diversity of the products it offers to its customers. The strategic location of the park in the city of Dubai is the strength of this company.
  12. Concept of the Risk-Based Auditing
    Risk-based auditing, as one of the types of the internal auditing process, involves the thorough analysis and management of threats that can undermine the organization’s successful work.
  13. Al Rawabi Company’s Marketing Audit
    As it is mentioned above, the Al Rawabi Company has several competitors in the territory of the UAE. It would be proper to mention that the target market of the Al Rawabi Company consists predominately […]
  14. Social Media Audit: The Most Effective Social Media Channels
    To develop a selection of relevant assessment criteria for the choice of social media channels, it is necessary to consider the findings of recent academic studies. The focus of this section of the report is […]
  15. Commercial Bank of Dubai: Strategic Audit
    The purpose of the given strategic audit report is to describe the current performance and mission of Commercial Bank of Dubai and analyze external and internal factors using EFAS matrix, IFAS matrix, and SFAS matrix.
  16. Four Season Company’s External Strategic Audit
    It is social responsiveness or the ability of an organization to relate its operations and policies to its social environment and natural environment in ways that are mutually beneficial to the organization and all stakeholders […]
  17. Didi Chuxing Company’s Communications Audit
    The mentioned incidents provoked a flurry of criticism from the public in relation to Didi, which calls for punishing the company for murders committed by the drivers of the service.
  18. Farrow and Ball Company’s Brand Audit
    Farrow and Ball is a British company that manufactures and sells a variety of paints and wallpapers. Evolution and development is also a vital component of the brand, which is demonstrated by the stylistic changes […]
  19. Audit Professional Associations and Business Ethics
    The collapse of the scheme meant that he had failed to recruit more investors to pay off the already existing ones. The company employees as well as the founders have an ethical responsibility to members […]
  20. External vs. Internal Auditors Against Financial Frauds
    However, the case of BASF raises a number of issues, including the relevance of the external audit function and its implications for financial security in business.
  21. British Petroleum: Responsible Management Audit
    A detailed enquiry into the incidents that led to the explosion points out to a deliberate attempt by the management of the firm to maximize its infrastructure at the expense of the rights of the […]
  22. Proposal Letter to Audit Samsung Electronics
    The cost of the services will depend on the amount of work that we are to accomplish and the level of expertise required.
  23. Nokia Corporation Strategic Audit
    It is usually used in implementing tactics that would result in improved performance of an organization in comparison with the competitors. It simply presents, in brief, factors that are strategic and which affect the success […]
  24. Starbucks Corporation’s Strategic Audit in 2016
    Starbucks has a strong and impressive mission statement that reflects the efforts that the company makes to keep its business running successfully.
  25. Wesfarmers Company’s Financial Statements Audit
    The audit procedures we undertook when investigating the audit risk areas of Wesfarmers are about the context of our audit process and our analysis of the financial statement of the company as a whole.
  26. Aramark Inc.’s Audit Planning Steps
    For purposes of this report, we only focus on the planning phase, which includes five main steps – understanding the organization’s internal control processes, assessing the risk of material misstatements, planning the materiality level, developing […]
  27. Technical Communication Audit and Intervention Plan
    To improve the situation, the team should collaborate on the means of interaction used for inside stakeholders, elaborate communication plans, and make the communication audits a routine activity.
  28. Project Control, Audit, and Termination
    The process of project controlling is a complicated system of various actions which requires a lot of experience and efforts. This type of control meets some challenges as it is not always easy to identify […]
  29. Keystone Computers & Networks Inc.’s Audit Plan
    The objectives of the audit are to identify and describe the objectives of the audit engagement and services that will be provided to the client by the audit team and to define the responsibilities of […]
  30. Retail Store Audit: Points for Improvement
    The audit of any retail store needs to consider a variety of factors to make the assessment accurate and meaningful. Even if the evaluation team did everything correctly due to high levels of mutual respect […]
  31. Tesco PLC: Increased Audit Risk
    To properly assess the areas of increased audit risk faced by Tesco PLC, it is essential to explore the typical risks relevant to the retail industry, the company’s history of auditing problems, and the facts […]
  32. Auditing After Enron or Financial Services
    The violation of the code of ethics by auditing companies compromised their reputation and the integrity of financial markets, leading to the collapse of their organizations.
  33. Maternal Death Audit: Millennium Development Goal
    Personally, I believe that the ideas and insights presented in this article are meaningful since effective and timely reviews for maternal deaths can promote superior measures to support the attainment of the MDG 5.
  34. Tesco Plc.’s Audit Risks and Plan
    Based on the review of the company’s financial statements and relevant sections of the annual report, four key audit risk areas have been identified and discussed in this report by using the integrated reporting concept.

🔍 Interesting Topics to Write about Auditing

  1. Starbucks Audit: The Largest Coffeehouse Chain in the World
    Afterward, the company released information on the amount of waste produced as a result of its operations worldwide and decided to reduce the utilization of paper napkins and garbage bags.
  2. Efficient Market Hypothesis and Financial Statements
    The efficient market hypothesis holds that the prevailing prices of assets such as stocks reflect the know-how as well as expectations of investors.
  3. The Entrepreneurial Audit: Bosshardt Corporation
    The current president and founder of the firm are Aaron Bosshardt, and the general manager is Glennette Maxwell. It is in this way that a directed organizational culture can ensure that both the organization’s leadership […]
  4. Accounting. Phishing Scam in Auditing
    As a result, the attacker knows the password for the administrator account of the company that cooperates with the company of the employee.
  5. Auditee Responsibilities in an OMB A-133 Audit
    According to Ashenfarb, the most important obligation required of an auditee before an OMB A-133 review is the preparation of the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards. An auditee has a crucial role to play […]
  6. The Report by the Auditor General of Western Australia
    The second issue was the effectiveness of project management and monitoring of contract performance and risks. Creating a detailed plan for performance monitoring, audit, and inspections would help private companies during the pre-contract award stage […]
  7. The Gap Incorporated: Strategic Audit
    The company is committed to inspiring products and they ensure the product the best. The company is the retailer of men, women, and children’s personal wear.
  8. Global Marketing and National Audit
    The structure of the foreign subsidy will be: a general manager on the top who coordinates the work of the division and reported to the main office.
  9. Communication Strategies in Accounting & Auditing
    I had to explain myself and convince the management of the client of the misstatements and the impact they had on the financial accounts.
  10. Global Marketing: National Audit and Foreign Markets
    The Communist Party of Vietnam is struggling to adapt to the principles of a market econ omy, and the layers of bureaucracy, built up over decades of communist rule slow the pace of change.
  11. Gap Inc.’s Strategic Audit and Management
    This is a testimony to the kind of competition the company has been facing during the last couple of years. This calls for some adjustments and reviews of the policies being adopted by the company.
  12. South Korea Marketing Audit Analysis
    South Korea is a newly industrialized country with a GDP of about 897 billion dollars, most of the people in South Korea depend on agriculture for their survival and due to industrialization they have in […]
  13. The Role of Audit in Information Security Management
    The role of audit in the information security management is to review and confirm the compliance with the organization security policies, business and legal regulatory requirements; to confirm that confidentiality, integrity and availability of information […]
  14. Hih Royal Commission: Auditors Independence
    It would be revealed in this essay that in order to ensure the independence of auditors most of suggestions and recommendations of HIH royal commission report have been incorporated in the corporation legislation via CLERP […]
  15. Petsec Energy: Audit Risks and the Corresponding Audit Plans
    There are many users of the financial statements of the Australian company, Petsec The users include the stockholders, the customers, the suppliers, the creditors, the banks and other lending institutions, the government regulating agencies, the […]
  16. The Western Australia Main Roads Department: Performance Appraisal Audit
    Performance appraisal is the process through which the performance of an employee is evaluated for various parameters; the major ones being the quality of work delivered, the quantity of work done during the evaluation period, […]
  17. SANS – Sysadmin, Audit, Network and Security Organization
    This malware is a cross-platform virus it operates in Window, Linux and Microsoft, the program can be classified as a backdoor, it enables to penetrate into the system without identification.
  18. An Audit of the Accessibility of the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar to Individuals With Physical Disabilities
    It should be noted that structural presentation of the paper is considered to be one of the most important elements of the paper because it allows following the logical thought of the research paper.
  19. Mercedes Benz United States International Inc.’s Auditing
    For example, if the price of the supplier is high, the cost of the vehicles produced will also be high; hence MBUSI will not have met its process objective.
  20. Forensic Accounting Fraud and Audit Investigation
    Risk Assessment: The audit will identify and investigate accounting and reporting issues that may be considered as high, medium and low risks areas and may result in material misstatement Process Compliance: The audit will ascertain […]
  21. Art Audit: Performance Management
    The work can be done in a studio, an office, a warehouse, a gallery, or any other place and therefore one needs to come up with a systematic process to ensure that all the artwork […]
  22. How Auditing Affects the Operation of a Business
    Auditing presents several impacts in business operations which are observed in terms of effectiveness, responsibilities and in the setting of goals a business.
  23. Marketing Environmental Audit: Influencing Factors
    The analysis is focused on factors from the internal and external marketing audits and the company’s recent marketing campaigns. According to Statista, the company remains one of the most popular brands of yogurt in the […]
  24. Updating the Metro Network of Adelaide: Audit Project
    The project proposal on the construction of the Adelaide Metro Railway road is well-organized in terms of the delivery of the information concerning the planning and execution.
  25. KPMG Corporation’s Auditing & Ethical Issues
    It might be assumed that the discussion of the case in the framework of 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact is a relevant action to undertake.
  26. Why an Auditor Can’t Be Competent and Independent
    Audits are however useful only in cases when the roles and responsibilities of the audit function and of the individuals governing the function is clear and transparent and there are no constraints hindering the performance […]
  27. Audit: DRP and BCP for SCU Credit Union
    The second is the procedure to be followed in case of a disaster strike and is mainly to continue business operations with minimum of disruption. It must be accessible to all of the individuals in […]
  28. The Work of the Auditors in the Case of Lincoln Savings and Loan
    The auditing of the Emerald Homes transaction involved the combination of the EITF 86-29 and SAFS 66 criteria applied to the transaction, its terms, down payment share, and the investigation of the possibility of the […]
  29. Auditors Gone Wild. The “Other” Problem in Public Accounting
    The demands on worker in accounting firms make the work to be stressful. Demands to accounting firms by the act are passed down to workers leading to higher work load and stress.
  30. Systematic Audit Approach for Verification of Interest Revenue and Interest Expense
    Therefore the verification of interest revenue and expense calls for a systematic audit approach. A systematic audit approach should consist of the following steps
  31. Healthcare Data Sharing Among the Different Parties: Audit Rationale
    In healthcare evaluation is crucial to determining not only the ability of a system to improve the process of providing healthcare services but also its ability to ensure safety of the patients in the process […]
  32. The History of Auditing in the United States and the Industrial Revolution
    However, at the beginning, the emergence of auditing was reckoned with the extreme necessity in regulating the movements of the capital integrated in terms of the accounting.
  33. Auditing and Assurance Services
    Auditing and accounting are based on ethical and moral rules of the profession and are subjected to principles of honesty, fairness, and objectivity.
  34. Internal Audit in Saudi Companies
    The review of the relevant literature on the topic of internal audit’s role in the proper corporate governance proves the above points of view and supports the position that the internal audit is one of […]

📌 Simple & Easy Auditing Essay Titles

  1. Loss Underreporting and the Auditing Role of Bank Exams
  2. Social Relations and the Differential Local Impact of Global Standards: The Case of International Standards on Auditing
  3. Auditing Reform and Development in Corporation Practise
  4. Optimal Diversification Among Classes for Auditing Income Tax Returns
  5. Connecting Worlds: The Translation of International Auditing Standards Into Post-soviet Audit Practice
  6. Agency Problems, Auditing, and the Theory of the Firm
  7. The Development and Performance Evaluation of a Continuous Auditing Assistance System
  8. ID-Based User-Centric Data Usage Auditing Scheme for Distributed Environments
  9. Corporate Governance and External Auditors: High Auditing Quality
  10. The Public Interest From the Perspective of the Accounting and Auditing Profession: General Well-Being vs. Private Benefit
  11. Information Technology and the Auditing Professional: The Statements of Auditing Standards
  12. Comparing Active Auditors Viewpoints in Public and Private Sector Over Determining Basic Materiality Levels in Auditing
  13. Auditing Theory and Practice: A Focus on Professional Responsibility
  14. Judgment and Decision Making in Auditing
  15. The Acceptance and Adoption of Continuous Auditing by Internal Auditors: A Micro Analysis
  16. Integrating Change Management and Change Auditing Into Information Technology Consulting Practice
  17. Sampling and the Abstraction of Knowledge in the Auditing Profession: An Extended Institutional Theory Perspective
  18. Small businesses, share buybacks, tax auditing and the use of valuation methods
  19. Using the Evidential Reasoning Approach in Auditing of an Information Security Management System
  20. Value Added Tax Evasion, Auditing and Transactions Matching

👍 Good Essay Topics on Auditing

  1. Tax Evasion, Informants, and Optimal Auditing Policy
  2. Audit Committee Characteristics and Investment in Internal Auditing
  3. Auditing Service Providers: Supporting Auditors in Cross-Organizational Settings
  4. Multicriteria Support Methodologies for Auditing Decisions
  5. Relation Between Internal Auditing and Risk Management
  6. Audit Assurance and Compliance: Financial Auditing Standards
  7. Auditing and Professional Practices: Global Business Management
  8. Accounting and Auditing Systems Interact Risk-Shifting of Safety-Nets in Banking: Some International Evidence
  9. Designing Continuous Auditing for a Highly Automated Procure-To-Pay Process
  10. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards: Three Main Concentrations of Audit
  11. The Importance and Need for Auditing in a Business
  12. Asymmetric Information, Auditing Commitment and Economic Growth
  13. The Term Audit and the Main Points of an Auditing Process
  14. The Social Welfare Implications of Industry Self-Auditing
  15. Opportunities for Auditing Research: Back to Interdisciplinary Roots
  16. Environmental Self-Auditing: Setting the Proper Incentives for Discovery and Correction of Environmental Harm
  17. International Accounting Principles and Auditing Standards
  18. Auditing and Accounting for Program Efficiency and Management Efficiency in Not-For-Profit Entities
  19. Political Connections, Financial Reporting and Auditing
  20. Methodological Auditing and Assurance Research

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IvyPanda. (2022, April 29). 176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/auditing-essay-topics/


IvyPanda. (2022, April 29). 176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/auditing-essay-topics/

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1. IvyPanda. "176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." April 29, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/auditing-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda. "176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." April 29, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/auditing-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda. 2022. "176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." April 29, 2022. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/auditing-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda. (2022) '176 Auditing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 29 April.

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