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Best Buy Corporation’s Strategic Audit Report

Current Situation

Current Performance

Best Buy Corporation is an American multinational organization whose central command is situated in Richfield, Minnesota. The company sells consumer electronics with regional branches in the US, China, and Puerto. Best Buy products are categorized to suit consumer demand. The products include Best Buy Mobile, Magnolia audio, video, and geek squad.

Strategic Posture


The company’s strategic posture includes the mission statement, objectives, strategies, and policies. The mission of Best Buy Inc. centers on quality and consumer satisfaction (Hoffman, 2010). It is a development-centered organization mandated in solving the neglected needs of customers and it depends on its representatives in fathoming these riddles. The primary value ideas of the organization include having fun while creating innovative products, showing regard, gaining from its difficulties and modifications, honesty and, modesty while harnessing its client base.


They base the vision on innovation, individuals, and the quest for satisfaction. The organization focuses on the neglected client needs and afterward searches for the most ideal ways of addressing those requirements and methods for serving clients keeping in mind the goal to develop a strong public image. As a result, Best Buy Corporation utilizes client-friendly methodologies to overcome consumer’s dissatisfaction and complaints.


The strategies of the organization include creating competition in its current markets, migration, modeling, and expansion as a method for offering new items to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The organization likewise establishes new stores after a cautious evaluation that starts with a comprehensive business assessment of its objective territory. After the region is established, the organization at that point ventures into submarkets and rural regions. The organization likewise has a procedure of diminishing ozone-depleting substance and this incorporates the utilization of energy proficient lighting in buildings, testing of sun-powered boards, an inclusive strategy for its armada, and utilizing innovation in monitoring energy use.


The organization has a working strategy that trains representatives in political action relating to work operations and development.

Strategic Managers

Board of Directors Hubert Joly (Chairman/CEO)
Gerald Vittecoq (Director)
Kathy Higgins Victor (Director)
Lisa Caputo (Director)
Bradbury Anderson (Director)
Thomas Millner (Director)
David Kenny (Director)
Patrick Doyle (Director)
Karen McLoughlin (Director)
Top Management Hubert Joly (Chairman/CEO)
Sharon Mccollam (Administrative and Finance Officer)
Mathew Watson (Vice President, Finance)

External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS Matrix)

Natural Environment

The natural environment does not affect the company’s operations. A few conditions, for example, climate, or eco-friendly packets had no impact on the organization. Thus, climatic conditions do not affect its marketing strategy and sales.

Societal Environment


The organization operates in the US and the monetary crisis in the US influenced the organization’s business tasks. The organization likewise confronted customer-related difficulties at each purpose of its market. As a result, there were emotional and durable changes in purchaser practices because of the nation’s monetary challenges. Because of the financial crisis of 2008, Best Buy Corporation requested that its workers disengage from the organization on an intentional premise, a technique that permitted the organization to recover its investments. The company’s income showed a noteworthy solidness and also, an indicator that the organization was right in disengaging its workforce.


The organization was equipped with the most recent innovation and contraptions required with the help of its client base. The future verification program the organization created enabled clients to assess various products according to their necessities and refreshed with the most recent reports on innovation. The organization has additionally been utilizing site encryption innovation as a method for guaranteeing effective trade and communication with its clients. Consequently, the organization used innovations such as the click program on its sites to monitor the inclinations and preferences of its guests. The innovation utilized by the organization helped it in the improvement of a superior and protected shopping knowledge.


Best Buy Corporation is occupied with various exercises to advertise and market political hopefuls and party associations. In the US, corporate commitment to politicians is not permitted at the government level and in a few states. However, the organization can make donations for the benefit of gathering and political competitors. The organization conforms to laws that are identified with political commitments and endeavors towards the obligation to politicians for the prosperity of the business.


Best Buy Corporation has been a partner with a powerful network and social related institutions. The organization built a Children’s Foundation that supports neighborhood networks through grants. The organization likewise empowered adolescents and encouraged them on how to develop their talent, a move for enhancing their learning curve.

Task Environment

The danger of new entrants

This implies that Best Buy Co. Inc. encountered a low danger of new participants. One of the primary explanations behind the low passage was because of barriers enforced as regulations for new organizations. The players in the business are ensured by the number of hindrances, which made it very troublesome for new participants to enter the market. Entry barriers include tax rates, entry confinements, dispersion channels, and high capital prerequisites, which constrained new participants from contending with the current market players (Wahl, 2015).

Competition among existing firms

The danger among existing firms was high in the retail market. The primary contenders of the organization, for example, Amazon and Wal-Mart have given a relentless market rivalry. However, the achievement of Best Buy Corporation relied on the items it offered based on monetary pricing and quality. Wal-Mart had a compelling method of offering merchandise at low costs, a move that reduced the profit margin of other contenders.

Risk of substitute products

Clients prefer electronic and stimulation devices in doing their business and work. Customers need to supplant their devices with innovative and trending gadgets.

Bargaining power of buyers

The company’s bargaining power was high when compared with other substitutes. Product quality, costs offered, and change in demand determine the necessities and needs of clients. As a result, the organization utilized a client-driven model, which weakened its capacity for managing customers. The marketing strategy transferred a measure of power to purchasers and this influenced their ability to buy items at specific costs. Consenting to client requests expanded the organization’s cost of operations.

Bargaining power of suppliers

In 2009, the organization acquired its stock from several suppliers, which made it defenseless against market forces. The providers controlled the procurement process and their coveted benefits from Best Buy Corporation. However, if the organization outsourced its components to different merchants, it would not have stayed subject to the bargaining power of suppliers.

Power of stakeholders

To seek client focus and target, the organization shifted the management operations of its corporate office to retail locations. They adjusted the organization’s item collection with the point of guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Thus, the acceptable bargain between an organization and its investors or stakeholders mirrors the relative believability and the intensity of different partners. The external factors that affect the corporation include political, economic, legal, moral, and cultural variables.

EFAS Evaluation

External Factors Weight: Rating: Weighted
Natural environment .20 5.0 1.0 The natural environment affects any business investment. Thus, the rating is based on its significance.
Economic, social, political-legal, technological, and sociocultural factors
.04 4.6 .23 These variables create a strong or weak corporate image. The rating is high at 4.6 as the organization overcomes business challenges
Task Environment .23 4.0 1.20 The task environment includes the firm’s core competencies. This accounts for the rating of 4.0

IFAS Evaluation

Internal Factors Weight: Rating: Weighted
Organizational Structure .20 5.0 1.0
Organizational Culture .05 4.6 .23
Organizational Resources .25 4.0 1.20

Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS Matrix)

Organizational Structure

The organization manages over 1000 stores both domestic and international. The hierarchy enables territorial chiefs to control regional branches. As a result, they assign a regional head to 20 stores, which include sub-stores such as Best Buy Mobile and Geek Squad.

Organizational Culture

The organization operates an employee inclusive management. As a result, each staff provides administrative input to the decision-making process. They base employee productivity on the work environment and job specialization. Thus, employees may choose a work location within a specific region.

Organizational Resources


Best Buy Corporation used mobile advertising to associate and communicate with clients. The organization incorporated mobile technology into its extensive arrangement for propelling its iPhone App sites that will bolster clients to find items on its website.

Research and development

Best Buy Corporation spent over a billion dollars in innovative work. The firm’s competitive advantage is made through tech favorable positions and highly innovative work. The organization has branches in Canada and the US with over 60 outlets. Under its human resource department, the achievement of the organization relies on information, abilities, and encounters of its human assets (Wheelen & Hunger, 2012). Best Buy Corporation has over 110,000 workers on its payroll. The organization utilized an efficient data framework to improve sales. The company exploits the Internet with its site as one of the biggest online destinations. It likewise utilized Facebook pages to update clients with special offers.

Strategic Factors Analysis Summary (SFAS Matrix)

Situational Analysis (SWOT)

  • Generally accepted brand
  • Robust performance records
  • Powerful web presence and online framework
  • Organization size and efficient delivery chain
  • Innovative services center competency through its Geek squad
  • Too many products
  • Weak financial position
  • Ineffective inventory administration
  • Management challenges
  • Succession issues
  • Expanding the requirement for IT outsourcing
  • Expanding online trade and presence
  • Changing trends that require an innovative upgrade
  • Developing worldwide markets
  • Volatile exchange rates
  • The predetermined number of providers and a growing number of merchants who are developing into its rivals
  • Investor claims and litigation against the administration
  • Lower cost of substitute goods
  • Online contenders that use the brick and mortar delivery strategy
  • Monetary legislation
  • Financial recession and the high unemployment rate

Audit of Current Mission and Objectives

The organization strived to sustain its operations and administrative responsibilities. Best Buy Corporation focused on solving the client’s needs and relied on its representatives to solve business challenges. As a result, the organization evaluates the neglected client need and searches for the most ideal method for addressing those requirements with a specific goal to develop its brand differentiation objective. The organization utilizes client-friendly methodologies fundamental in managing monetary vulnerability challenges. The strategies of the organization include creating competition in its current markets, migration, modeling, and expansion as a method for offering new items to meet the diverse needs of its customers. The organization likewise establishes new stores after a cautious evaluation that starts with a comprehensive business assessment of its objective territory.

Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

Strategic alternatives: Electronic mail

One of the strategic alternatives is electronic mail. Developing this strategy will improve the firm’s digital marketing, expand the customer base, and support functional strategies (Bentley-Goode, Newton, & Thompson, 2017). Under the functional strategies, the management will use mobile apps, technology incubators, and the Internet. The organization will use a dedicated website and mail address for official transactions. This strategy could improve sales, profit, and enhance brand differentiation (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2014). However, an online presence is risky and unpredictable.

Strategic alternatives: Expanding Online Presence

Another strategic alternative is the expansion of the firm’s online presence. A directional corporate strategy will support the business framework and functional strategies. Under the online framework, the organization will improve social media platforms, redesign its mobile applications for better performance, and create collaborative partnerships with major customer-friendly applications.

Recommended Strategy

The recommended strategy includes social media expansion, aggressive customer outreach, mobile app expansion, and expanding its internal and external strategies.


The programs and tactics include digital presence and client outreach

Digital Presence

Best Buy Corporation will use social media platforms to advertise its products and meet the target audience. Thus, sentiment investigation will help in observing and managing the organization’s online networking outlets. They must improve the current site to make navigation easy and user friendly. To improve sales, the organization will evaluate is vending devices through partnership investments.

Client Outreach

Customer outreach will be accomplished through the utilization of innovative websites, computerized advertising, and fast digital applications. The organization will re-invent its purchase applications to guarantee clients get a caution at whatever point there have coupons in the store. Thus, the organization will outsource its app production to competent suppliers and investors. The organization will also synchronize its logistics network to enhance product delivery. As a result, they will integrate postmasters in its delivery chain.

Evaluation and Control

The digital presence will be controlled using portable applications while observing web-based accounts. The accomplishment of this system will attract a substantial number of clients (Kietzmann, 2013). An increase in the aggregate volume of items sold will be utilized to assess the accomplishment of the vending machines. The web presence will be assessed based on customer presence and engagement. As a result, they will manage the website from a central unit set by the organization to screen guests and exercises. Technology incubators will be utilized to draw the attention of potential clients. The number of clients clicking and purchasing on the web will be used to measure the adequacy of portable applications. Thus, the web application will be monitored from a control zone for all exercises and information gathering. This will be improved through the organization’s collaboration with postmasters, as they will guarantee the items are conveyed to customers immediately.


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