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Marketing audit Report (Assessment)


Business enterprises usually asses their capability in the market by conducting audits. These are analytical procedure conducted to plan for the future needs of the market.

Market audits can be conducted by the company or with the assistance of an external entity. Analysis of Du indicates that the management will access the company’s capability within the UAE market. Du is a communication company that focuses on providing quality processes to its clients.

The organization has been providing its merchandise and services for close to six years meaning that information concerning the organization is available in the public domain. This piece presents an analysis of the findings after a marketing audit process of Du Company.

Scope and purpose of the report

The report will analyze the forces controlling the activities of Du Company in the market. It is fundamental to acknowledge that information from the company’s website will be helpful in devising the most effective marketing strategy for the organization in the market.

The report presents an evaluation of the current situation of the company in the market. Moreover, the peripheral and internal forces that affect the activities of the company in the market are also analyzed independently (DU, 2012).

Company’s mission & objectives

The company ensures that they provide brilliant communication services to the Asian market. As such, Du takes pride in impressing their customers.

The management focuses on empowering the community by tapping into their potential in performing duties. Employees at the organization are empowered with the intention of maximizing their productivity. The company is concerned with preserving the environment.

Employees are dedicated to minimizing wastes in the environment. Waste management is critical; the company has set up recycling management plants.

They have supported initiatives that create awareness on the benefits of energy conservation (DU, 2010).

Several forces characterize the marketing environment of Du Company. This includes the domestic and external forces within the Asian market. The business operates within the competitive Middle East market.

Business operating within Middle East should comply with the regulations of the countries. Majority of the clients of the company are conservative. Religion influences the behavior of the populace in making decisions (DU, 2010).

The corporation has been rendering services for close to a decade. This is an indication that the organization is not very experienced in comparison to the other competing firms in the Asian market.

It is challenging to adjust to the rapid changes in the technological market. Competitors are coming up with new technology every time. It is difficult to serve million of clients without encountering technological hitches (DU, 2010).

Market environment

Market forces influence the activities of the company in the market. The influence presents several challenges to the company. Consequently, the management has to devise measures to curb the challenges.

It is advantageous that the company has a huge capital base that will allow it to meet its targets. Du Company offers services to millions of clients within the Asian market.

Consequently, it is clear that the marketing activities within Du Company will lead to the expansion of Du activities in the global market because it focuses on customers.

The mobile market has been known to be dynamic; thus, it is difficult to predict the expectations for growth of the company in the market (DU, 2010).

Political processes influence operations of the company in varied ways. Since most employees of the company are Muslims, Sharia laws play a role in affecting policy making for the company.

This affects taxation and other management policies. For example, the pay that the company offers to their marketing staff affects the entire productivity and prosperity of the corporation in the market.

This is because marketing staff require additional incentives in order to market the company effectively (DU, 2012).

The company has experienced staff capable of availing superior services to clients. Secondly, Du receives high tech components by reputable technological manufacturing companies. The support department continuously assesses the market to advise the management.

The company thrives on the fact that it has reliable suppliers. Consequently, the reliability of the suppliers allows the company to maintain its delivery of quality services (DU, 2010).

Adherence to the legal requirements of the companies within UAE is an added advantage for the company. Fortunately, Du operates based on the stipulated business ethics. Furthermore, the management recognizes diversity. It is interesting that clients of the company are influenced by brands in making a choice of products.

The lifestyles of most of the company’s clients revolve around religious belief. They are influenced by religion in making decisions.

Therefore, Du Company ensures that its entire clientele does experience poor services because of their devout practices.

There is an increase in demand for mobile accessories in the current market. Meaning, the clients of the company have a high literacy level (DU, 2012).


A firm’s products determine its profitability since products are what consumers get in exchange of their money. DU deals with communication products and services in the EAU. The firm supplies both mobile and fixed telephones.

Additionally, it offers connectivity of broadband and IPTV services in residential and commercial areas. Some of the main consumers of the firm are the TV broadcasters, which get satellite UP/Downlink services from the firm.

Last year, the company managed to attract about 5 million individuals and 40,000 companies, which are now using its products and services (DU, 2012).

The 4ps


Apart from the products quality, the prices of goods and services are also vital in the marketing world. A firm can fail to attract many consumers Even if the qualities of the products are high and the products are not priced correctly (DU 2010).

For instance, if the products are overpriced, a company can attract few consumers. Moreover, a company can still have low sales if its merchandise and services are poorly priced because consumers may not take the products seriously.

DU has attracted many consumers because it has priced its goods correctly. The pricing strategy for the company is different from other similar firms.

That is why the firm has more customers compared to other firms (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2009).

Some of the company’s product prices are higher compared to the same products in other firms (DU, 2012). By looking at the prices of goods, one might think that the firm is overcharging.

However, the firm still more consumers compared to other firms. Some of the product prices in the company are high because the products are on high demand. Furthermore, the company’s products are of high quality.

This makes the firm to have faithful customers who stick to the products regardless of the products (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2009).

DU has also managed to set higher prices for some of their products, and still have many consumers. This is because its commercials target the middle and upper class individuals who can afford the products.

Moreover, some products in the company are also cheaper compared to other companies. These products are cheap because the company spends less money in marketing and delivering them. For instance, the company sells some of the products online.

This reduces the company’s expenses since through the online services the company uses fewer workers (Rosenbloom, 2009). The firm also records high sales because it helps its consumers by giving them discounts.

An example of the discount offered by the firm is the free delivery when customers purchase certain quantity of goods (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2009).


The company attracts many consumers because its stores are located at strategic places (DU, 2012). This makes its products to be available at the right time and quantities.

Additionally, the company offers online services and this reduces the customers’ travelling expenses.

This is because the customers only order for the goods and the firm delivers them (Rosenbloom, 2009). It is fundamental to restructure DU to empower it; thus, satisfying consumers.


The company promotes its goods by offering discounts especially for their new products. In addition, the company’s high sales are moderately attributed to the commercials, which are comprehensive and address organizational goals.

It also invests in marketing researches in order to know the characteristics of its competitors. This has enabled it to know the potencies and weaknesses of its competitors.

To attract more consumers, the firm also uses special offers and gifts if the customers purchase certain quantities of products.

The firm increases the customers’ loyalty, by focusing on superior goods. In addition, its products have warranties.

According to Lamb, Hair & McDaniel (2009), DU focuses on cultural diversity because its workers come from different countries.

Therefore, the firm can serve many consumers with different cultures because the workers can speak many languages. This reduces communication barriers in the market (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2009).

Furthermore, it allows the organization to embrace varied approaches that will empower the personnel. This is apparent in symposium that has the chance to address concerns that may emerge from the organization and personnel.


DU is a fast growing company because it offers high quality products to its consumers. The company supplies communication products and services in the EAU. The products offered by the company serve many consumers at homes and commercial areas.

According to Lamb, Hair & McDaniel (2009), the company attracts many consumers because of its excellent marketing strategies. For instance, the company has invested in the online advertisement of its goods where many people can be reached.

Additionally, through the online services, customers spend less time making orders. The customers also spend less because the merchandises are provided to their residences of places of work meaning that transportation costs are eliminated.

In addition, the company offers discounts on their products especially when the sales are massive and the administrators know customers. This encourages the consumers to buy products in bulk.

DU offers variety of superior goods meaning that the customers have fewer complaints. This also contributes to the high proportion of consumers visiting the outlets.


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