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Vegetarianism and Its Causes Essay

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Updated: Feb 20th, 2022

Today, the vegetarian diet is becoming more widespread, and the reasons for this are rather different. Some people are influenced by the popular vegan culture, while others are concerned about protecting animal rights. Not everybody knows about the most common reasons to become a vegetarian. For example, economic factor influences eating habits of many low-income families who cannot allow buying meat. People who call for animal protection adopt a vegetarian diet to demonstrate their respect for animals. Finally, specific health conditions may become the reason to eliminate meat-containing products from the menu to maintain well-being. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the most common causes of vegetarianism in detail.

Common Reasons for Becoming a Vegetarian

The choice of a vegetarian diet can be explained by different factors that are highly individual. Some people choose this lifestyle to reduce family expenses; others follow personal principles or eliminate meat to remain healthy. At the same time, inhumanity towards animals is considered the most widespread reason for choosing vegetarianism. In this part of the essay, all causes mentioned above will be discussed separately.

Economic Reasons

The first cause to discuss is connected with economic reasons or the inability to include meat in everyday diet. Many families consider vegetarianism an effective way to reduce expenses. Indeed, meat is usually more expensive than vegetables, fruits, or grains, and low-income families may find it difficult to buy meat regularly. At the same time, the nutrients contained in meat can often be found in other products. For example, beans and eggs are much cheaper than meat but can provide a human with sufficient proteins. Finally, reducing the consumption of meat may positively influence the agricultural sector, as the demand for vegetables, legumes, and grains may increase.

Animal Protection

One of the most powerful and widespread causes of vegetarianism is connected with ethical issues related to animal protection. For some people, abstinence from meat is a matter of principle rather than gastronomical preference. Like people, animals have feelings, and many vegetarians consider eating meat unethical and disrespectful of living creatures. Besides, livestock animals are bred and held in inappropriate conditions. In captivity, animals often live in small pounds, where they have no room to move freely; some of them are forcefully nourished or injected with hormones. The cattle are usually treated in a violent way, and animals live in constant pain and suffering; in the end, they are killed through violent methods. Many vegetarians share the opinion that a meat-based diet is a sign of inhumanity. On the contrary, plant-based ration is often seen as a way to fight for animal rights.

The last cause to analyze is connected with particular health conditions when meat should be excluded from the everyday menu. Medical specialists prescribe a vegetarian diet to people with diabetes, cardiac problems, and other dysfunctions. A plant-based diet reduces the risk of health deterioration and provides a human with the necessary nutrients. It is also scientifically proved that vegetarianism is beneficial for overall well-being. As the organism requires more energy to digest meat, vegetarians are usually more active, have greater stamina, and are in better shape than meat-eaters. Besides, meat-based products often contain chemical supplements and flavor intensifiers that are harmful to health. Preservatives allow meat to be stored on the shelves for a longer time, though these additives may lead to allergy, intolerance, or other conditions. As a result, vegetarians have more chances to avoid health-related risks.


To sum up, it is important to emphasize that a wholesome lifestyle and overall well-being are based on a sensible and balanced diet. The choice of eating habits is individual since different people have their own opinions about healthy products. Plant-based and meat-based diets have already been profoundly studied by many specialists. Referring to multiple scientific works, many people say that vegetarianism is the only way to provide the body with nutrients, remain healthy and active, and contribute to one’s environmental and spiritual balance.

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