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Pastis Restaurant, New York Critical Essay

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Updated: Jul 2nd, 2019

Pastis Restaurant is a French eatery located in the New York’s 9th avenue and is operated by Keith McNally. The restaurant offers a wide variety of French cuisine as well as a range of services including take outs and deliveries. Besides vintage French wine, Pastis Restaurant offers a wide variety of meals for breakfast, brunch lunch and dinner.

The waiters and waitresses are pleasant, helpful and friendly. They attend to the clients’ needs appropriately making the clients feel valued. The waiters and waitress are well informed of the restaurant’s menu items. Overall, dining at Pastis is a pleasant experience.

The interior decoration at Pastis is deceptively simple. However, the decorations complexly integrate with each other. There are large antique mirrors covering most of the walls.

The ceiling is made of unconventional material (pressed tin). However, a closer look reveals that the tin ceiling is glazed with yellowish-brown pigments giving it a cool shinny finish. This creates the impression that the tin in the ceiling is part of the building. The floor is lined with mosaic patterns that complement the decorations on ceiling and the wall (Tyrnauer n.pgn).

Pastis restaurant does not get its reputation from its food. However, the restaurant serves distinctively good quality French cuisine. Despite the fact that the food seems to be overpriced, it is a largely popular eatery. Ironically, the menu doesn’t contain as much wine as a French menu should.

Nevertheless, the food is well cooked and moderately spiced. The meat seems to be a bit dry and lacks the rich beefy taste, making meat dishes unsatisfactory. Additionally, the green vegetables accompanying the main courses are a bit bitter and mostly inedible. The bread is however delicious.

Much of the wine is served at the bar. There are a variety of cocktails constituting French vintage wine, served in glass, carafe or bottle. Pastis restaurant also serves a variety of French flavored aperitifs at the end of every meal. Overall, other than the distinct taste of French flavors, the food is average. The wines however, are richly flavored and add to a pleasant dining experience (“Pastis”, n.pgn).

Pastics Restaurant seems to combine the best of New York and Paris cultures. In typical New Yorkan culture, the restaurant is fairly crowded most of the time. The waiters and waitresses are surprisingly pleasant given the high number of patrons served every day. They are well informed on the menu items and are pleasant to associate with. Even though Pastis seems understaffed, the waiters and waitresses are quick and attentive, giving the restaurant an extra measure of busyness (“Pastis”, n.pgn).

As indicated earlier, the atmosphere at Pastis is deceptively formal. However, for regular patrons, Pastis is a cool, warm and a friendly restaurant. The extra buzz created by many patrons creates a fairly brasserie atmosphere uncommon to many formal workingman’s restaurants. Despite the unnecessary buzz, the décor, the food and the staff combine to give Pastis a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Patron can enjoy a meal or a drink without being hurried. It is also fun to just sit and watch patrons come and go (“Pastis”, n.pgn).

Were it not for the seemingly prohibitive food prices, Pastis Restaurant New York is a common man’s hotel. Despite its deceptively formal atmosphere, it is quite relaxing and cool. It’s a place to relax and enjoy a good meal.

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