Macdonald Restaurant’s Moral Problems Report (Assessment)


This study has embarked on identifying one of the major companies in the globe with the main objective of investigating some of the moral problems that are facing it. In this light, the writer identified MacDonald restaurant and has discussed the ethical problems that are facing this multinational company.

The criticism that has been raised about MacDonald’s operation in the globe is discussed below. The study will evaluate the ethical issues identified with a close reference to the ethical theories of utilitarianism and ontology.

Ethical issues that are facing MacDonald restaurants

Macdonald restaurant is a leading food serving the industry with millions and millions of customers eating food from this restaurant. Over the years several issues have been asked about food health. This issue of food health has put MacDonald in the line of fire with many people in the society stating that the brand is catalyzing the rate of obesity and unhealthy eating in the world.

The company has been offering unbalanced food in its menu, and the information on the essential nutrients in food is insufficient. This has resulted in a public outcry in which it has vehemently criticized the company for encouraging young people to make unhealthy decisions on the type of food that they eat through its appealing advertisements which target this section of the population.

It is evident that the burgers and fries that are served at the company outlets have high calories in them and this has made the rate of obesity to skyrocket in the United States.

Analysis of the ethical issues that are facing MacDonald restaurant based on utilitarianism

Utilitarianism is one of the many theories that have been formulated in ethics in an attempt to dissect the issue of ethics in society. Utilitarianism is a theory of ethics that lies out that the motivating factor in the course of action that is embarked on by any individual should always be to maximize the benefits that are reaped from the action by a majority of people in the society.

A close analysis of the theory depicts that; all actions should be guided by the outcome of their happening in which everyone is expected to do what constitutes the greatest benefit (Little, 2009). From this analysis of utilitarianism, it is evident that MacDonald restaurants are to blame for the spiral rates of obesity that are being experienced in the country.

It is the duty of MacDonald to ensure that it carries out adequate and conclusive research on the nutritional levels of its products to mitigate the high levels of calories that are included in their food packages. This will reduce the levels of criticism the company is facing.

Analysis of the ethical issues that are facing MacDonald restaurant based on Deontology

Deontology is the approach of ethics which advocates adherence to rules and obligations. This theory negates the utilitarianism approach to morality in which actions are judged based on the consequences they have on society. Deontologists are moral absolutists and therefore, any action that does not follow the set moral rules no matter the goodness that could be reaped from it, is not right.

Based on this theory, MacDonald restaurants are morally responsible for the problems that have been discussed above. The health sector in the country has stipulated the levels of calories that should be served in fast food restaurants, and therefore, they should adhere to these stipulations.


From the information that has been written about MacDonald restaurant, it is evident that the fast food giant is facing several moral problems about its products. The company should come up with measures that will eradicate these problems. The company is legally and morally obliged to ensure that it safeguards the health of society by serving healthy food at all times.


Little, T. (2009). How to Develop a Positive Mindset and Succeed in Business and Life. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

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