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Penang Mutiara Restaurant Management System Report

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Updated: May 19th, 2020

Operations management strategy

Penang Mutiara Restaurant functions on the pillar of total quality management system. The hotel is proactive in safeguarding assets and resources, sustaining efficiency in operations, and ensuring completeness in the management strategies. These strategies support communicational culture, efficiency, and optimal resource use in it service delivery to customers. The business has incorporated a corporate disclosure and system of litigation variables which are connected at central point by strategic planning. Every operational decision revolves around quality assurance and creatively. Besides, the risk proportions are thoroughly verifies before informed decisions are made. This procedure is necessary in monitoring decision science, distribution of risk elements, and forecasting into future swings in the restaurant industry market (Slack, 2008). The decision makers in the establishment have rationalise the service delivery processes as a prerequisite for managing operational costs, rather than simply introducing cheap menus or food.

Skills required in supporting business strategy plan are found in the hotel’s operation management model, which functions as an implementer and driver of business decisions. These variables are critical in ensuring organisational survival in the volatile market. The variables are connected at central point by strategic planning which encompasses costing, speed, quality, flexibility, and dependability to create a smooth continuous operation tracking model that operates like computer from one segment to another. As a result, most of the clients are frequent visitors who are attracted by these unique services (Slacks, 2008).

Through setting of performance targets for the staff members, the professional hotel attendees always strive and work harder to satisfy the needs of ever growing demands from their customers. Besides, the topological structure of the hotel consists of communication and operations management system which help in determining efficient performance and optimal resource use. The continuum of increasing the value of quality in operation of the hotel’s human resources lies in constant training and motivation (Williams, 2007).

Possible changes

In order to avoid an imminent failure, it is vital for the operations management system at the Penang Mutiara Hotel to focus on a defined edge in balancing the labour and operation costs. Despite having this efficient operations management system, the hotel has not fully established a mechanism for monitoring progress at micro level and depends on macro auditing in decision making. Therefore, it is necessary to review certain element of the operations strategy. The hotel should introduce a micro auditing unit for internal decision making rather than depending on macro market environment (MacKay & McKiernan, 2009).

Impact of quality, speed, flexibility, and cost

Through implementation of the strategic operations management elements such as speed, cost, flexibility, and quality, the Penang Mutiara Hotel is set to immediately and substantially gain from the reliability aspect as compared to its competitors. Since clients will be able to receive quality, affordable, and flexible services within a shorter time, the Penang Mutiara Hotel stands to gain from customer satisfaction and referrals (Slacks, 2008).

Internal benefits

The element of flexibility will make the internal business environment for the hotel sustainable since establishment will be flexible to the changes in the supply and demand of the production factors. The aspect of quality in service delivery among the employees will ensure profit maximisation and business growth (Samson & Singh, 2008). On the other hand, the element of speed is directly related to the output of each employee in the hotel. The element of cost in the Penang Mutiara Hotel’s operations strategy will ensure efficiency in the use of resources to serve the needs of customers.


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