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Restaurant’s Environment-Friendly Rules Essay

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Updated: Apr 21st, 2021


The values we place around food refer to all the internal and external factors down to the presentation of the food itself. Firstly, for change to occur, new foods that were previously regarded as ancient, alien, and inedible must come back to represent positive rather than negative values. This may only happen when individuals are enlightened more on their positive values (Lupton, 1996). Also, the categorizing of certain foods and allowing them to be eaten on certain occasions makes it restricted, prestigious, and designated for a specific privileged group or individuals, therefore diminishing its value to the greater society.

Secondly, significant chemical changes occur in food during harvesting, processing, and storage, which affect its general quality and value while influencing both its major and minor components. Another main factor that influences food value is the environment in which the food is prepared and served. The environment in food handling should always be clean, conducive, and bearable at all times, and being a restaurant owner, there is no bargain when it comes to this. Moreover, elements such as air-conditioning, oil, grease, and the level of garbage that results from my restaurant’s activity are of my great concern, as they will have a broader impact on the environment at large. These are the reasons that have motivated me to give out the following memo to my employees.

Environmental Memo

Since the restaurant is having a more significant impact on the greater environment, my staff should adhere to the following rules and regulations as stated here so that the business can gain a more environment-friendly image.

  • The levels of garbage are relatively high and should be minimized. Therefore, refuse, recyclables, and returnables must be removed from the premises by portable receptacles that are lawfully constructed and maintained or a transport vehicle that is legally built and maintained ( Arduser and Brown, 2005). Therefore, I have invested and put a pyrolysis system to curb the massive air pollution menace caused by our incinerator. To adjust to this system, garbage should be separated into heavy and light components with metals or glasses extracted to be processed through this system.
  • The oil and grease that comes from the restaurant also hinders the growth and purity of various organisms and may lead to the death of some when in contact. I have therefore commissioned the installation of an oil and grease interceptors into our plumbing and drainage system. Furthermore, I have also placed special brown coded containers on wheels to make it easier for all staff on where this oil and grease will be disposed of. These waste oils, such as grease and spent fryolator oil, are also used in biodiesel production and have therefore signed a contract with a biodiesel company, which will be retrieving this waste from our establishment (Singh and Steven, 2010).
  • The restaurant will also switch to eco-friendly central air conditioners, which has a low remittance of carbon into the environment. Compared to room air-conditioners, there is less misuse since central AC is much more energy-efficient (Findley, 2010). Due to this reason, all employees should adapt to natural ventilation when the weather calls for it.


In conclusion, though it may prove to be costly, this is just a step that I have taken towards making our environment better and safer, and the more significant task lies with you. Everyone will have to see that these changes are adhered to effectively and make it a daily ambition.


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