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Chiefs Restaurant: Action Plan for the Cooks Essay

A successful business thrives on services offered by well skilled and trained personnel. That is not the case with a recently established restaurant, Chiefs.

A close evaluation of the restaurant’s employees reveals a striking skills gap for the restaurant’s cooks (Marshall, n.d). To ensure better service delivery and increased productivity, the proprietor of Chiefs restaurant resolved to introduce a training program for the cooks.

Code named ADDDI, the training program’s model incorporates various training elements. To conduct an effective training based on this model, the initial step involves conducting an analysis of employee performance and assessing their training needs.

Having identified these needs, the model involves moving on to the design stage where training objectives are set. At this stage, test items are developed, and knowledge for the training is evaluated, information content is classified, and instructional strategies such as the use of presentation aids are designed.

This is followed by the development stage where the trained personnel and the training are evaluated and implemented through various strategies. One of the development strategies is prototyping (Marshall, n.d). A prototype will be used to evaluate and analyze the efficiency, productivity, benefits, and performance expectations.

Marshall (n.d) notes here that the developed system is put on a pilot test. A Pilot test is used to evaluate the system for implementation and to isolate flaws that have been incorporated in the design and development stages. Further tests are used to evaluate and identify any weaknesses in the system, system organization, work flow control, system efficiency, and possibly to re-tailor the system if it does not perform to the restaurant’s objectives in meeting the stated business goals.

Successful testing leads to system implementation. Once the system has been put in place and running, it undergoes formative and summative system evaluations. One of the evaluation models is a bottom up approach that includes evaluating if the cooks perform to the established benchmarks and whether service delivery is satisfactory.

In addition to that, the cooks are evaluated to determine if they can perform as per the newly acquired skills. According to the ADDIE model, the cooks are then tested for consistent application of the acquired skills before the whole training is evaluated for strategy propagation.

The ADDIE model comes with a host of benefits. The system employs empirically proven scientific principles in system development. The system is also defined, it is self-correcting. The self correcting nature makes it flexible for use in any environment and with people of different skills levels. The system is characterized by a unique ability to help in planning within available resources.

The system’s development strategies help evaluate whether the system has been developed in line with the goals and objectives of the restaurant’s business goals.

According to the paper Strategy Process (n.d), the process is also flexible to implement and it can be tailored to meet the restaurant’s different business goals. In addition to that, the system provides system evaluation tools to enable the manager evaluate the performance of the cooks in terms of productivity and service delivery.

Startsz (2005) asserts that such as system will help in the current work situation by providing a model for training the cooks, identifying training needs, evaluating employee training effectiveness, and implementing the training in line with identified skills gaps with the employees. Once used, the knowledge acquired through this model is self-regenerating (Startsz, 2005). There could be no need for new training sessions as the model is always self-regenerating.


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