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Juvenile Justice Essay Examples and Topics

Juvenile Rights Laws

But if Jeremy's actions and the act of entering into the contract was overseen with his parents or guardians in the presence of the sales personnel, the company will be able to sue for damages [...]

Juvenile Correctional Facilities

The purpose of the facility is to allow the children and juveniles to finish their education and be able to continue their lives once let out of incarceration.

Juvenile Justice System and Recommendations

The above problems represent some of the problems that the juvenile justice system faces in the current world. First, it is the role of the leaders of different democracies to ensure that they have a [...]

Young Suspects’ Interrogation and Wrong Convictions

The findings indicate the discrepancy between the perception of youth in general and that of the young suspects in the interrogation process, and the existence of predominant view that interrogation techniques devised for adult population [...]

Violence and Juvenile Justice

The problem of domestic violence seems to be the most difficult as it occurs in relation to the family members who are expected to support each other.

The American Juvenile Justice System

In this study, the researcher will investigate the increasing importance of the system and what stakeholders can do to improve the services it offers. In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the relevance of [...]

Juvenile Justice and Race

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the reasons why juveniles of color have higher rates of contact with the police, and propose correctional policies based on principles of restorative justice.

Juvenile and Adult Courts in Comparison

The juvenile justice system is made up of juvenile justice department and juvenile courts within the judicial system. In the adult courts, case proceedings and records are open to the public.

Crime Causation and Diversion in the Florida State

The Civil Citation Programs in the state of Florida get their primary funding through the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. The most commonly applied sanction in the Civil Citation Courts is the community service, which [...]

The Juvenile Division of the Court

The present paper looks into the problems and advantages that may arise in using the individual case management system and permanently assigning a judge to the juvenile division of the court.

Treatment Programs for Juvenile Offenders

The other role that the youth involved in the juvenile treatment program should play is that of feeling guilty of the committed offence, which marks the beginning of the healing and the change program.

Juvenile Justice Case Management

Under this model the manager in charge of implementing the treatment plan on the client is expected to have great regard for the juvenile and that such a person has an inward ability to discover [...]

What is Juvenile Probation?

It explains carefully and clearly the meaning of juvenile probation as well as the organization of the juvenile probation office. The article also explains the meaning of probation and parole as well as the importance [...]

Juvenile Corrections System

The main objective of the juvenile justice system is to promote a system that is competent in handling the problem of juvenile delinquency, protecting the society, enhancing accountability for infringement of law and providing juvenile [...]

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults?

On the one hand, youth falling under the category from 12-17 should not be tried in the adult court system because of their emotional immaturity and inability to control their impulses.

Boot Camp for Juveniles

As the video progressed, some of the juveniles share their experiences how boot camps have transformed their characters to the extent of going to school without supervision.

Juvenile Delinquency

The defenders of the system on the other hand appreciate the marked role of juvenile justice system in rehabilitating juvenile delinquents and are advocating for the conservation of the system and reforming critical structures that [...]