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Family Law Essay Examples and Topics

In Defense of Marriage Act 1996

As the editorial holds, the power of the law is lower than that of the congress and therefore its application on the subject of marriage is like depriving the congress of its powers of regulating [...]
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Parental Rights Terminating: Reasons and Procedures

The problem is supported by the intrusion of the society and some social policies in the cases, when the parents are unable to cope with the child because of some health problems and the case [...]
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Paternity Test from Legal Viewpoint

The main method of paternity testing is performed through is DNA testing. In the testing process the identification of the mother is not necessary, as the child has come from the mother.
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The Divorce Law: Tom and Louis’ Case

This case is a rather common situation, which occurred between Tom and Louis, and it is important to investigate how their property should be divided, the level of support from Tom after the divorce, and [...]
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Marriage Lawsuit in the State of Florida

The trial of Brian and Jennifer against the State of Florida is based on a lawsuit in relation to the existing law prohibiting marriage between short spouses for preserving the birth rate of tall children. [...]
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Should We Reform Laws to Make Divorce Harder

Whenever an application for a divorce is placed before the court system, it is the jurisdiction of any legal authority to deny or authorize the request on the basis of existing laws. In the US, [...]
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Main Causes for Divorce

The fact is that people do not realize that marriage is a hard work and spouses should do their best to support each other and develop their relations. Furthermore, these issues might also result in [...]
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Family Law in South Africa and Saudi Arabia

As for the differences that between the countries in terns of attitude to marriage, it is necessary to mention that the most important difference is related to laws touching upon same-sex marriage.
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Child Trafficking, Its Types and Mechanisms

Thus, the given term could be defined as a sort of human trafficking and exploitation related to children and performed to recruit, transport, or steal a child with the purpose of slavery, different forms of [...]
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Websites for Special Education-Related Litigation

Teachers are also included in this program because they are the ones who monitor the progress of the special students and, therefore, can be consulted to give a report on the effects of these devices [...]
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Local Domestic Violence Victim Resources in Kent

The focus of this paper is to document the local domestic violence victim resources found within a community in Kent County, Delaware, and also to discuss the importance of these resources to the community.
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New Jersey’s Bill on Child Abuse and Neglect

The legislation's impact is expected to be large because it is targeted at raising awareness of the pervasive issue of child abuse and encouraging the public to stay active and not to disregard any signs [...]
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Child Abuse and Protective Act in Idaho

Also, abandonment is recognized in Idaho's definition of child abuse, and, according to the Act, it means the failure of the parent or the guardian to foster a normal relationship with the child.
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Inter-Country Adoption Legitimacy

The postwar humanitarian objective attached to the concept of adoption and fostering of children has over the years been gradually corrupted and influenced by self-interest.
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United States v. Windsor – Homosexual Rights

The main reason as to why Windsor filed this lawsuit was to compel the government to change the definition of a marriage in order for her to receive the refund of the money paid as [...]
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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

However, the information can be released to parents without consent if the student is under 21 years of age and has committed a violation of drug or alcohol rules of the university.
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Judicial Views about Polygamy

Ramsey case of 1885, the court ruled that the law punished polygamists for practicing polygamy after the enforcement of the anti-polygamy law, and not for their practice of polygamy before the applicability of the law.
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Family Centred Practice in Child Protection Services

Benefits of Family Involvement in Family Centred Practice The treatment and involvement of family members in family centred practice has been found to be extremely important in positively influencing the stability of children's placement in [...]
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Children Internet Protection Act

The Child Internet Protection Act demanded that schools, institutions and library that offered internet services to underage children and using Educational Rate discounts and grants that were made through the Library Services Technology Act, were [...]
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Foster Care in the Criminal Justice System

Throughout the history of the United States, the children welfare system has evolved according to shifting values and attitudes about what responsibilities governmental agencies should take in the defence and care of abandoned and abused [...]
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Defense of Marriage Act

On June 26, 2013, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that annulled Section 3 of the law because it contravenes the U. The decision made it possible for married same-sex couples to have [...]
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Divorce made easier

Although the parent assumes their behavior will work for the good of their families, there are dangers that it posses thus it would be advisable for the court to consider the repercussions of divorce and [...]
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Gay Marriage as a Civil Rights Issue

The gay civil rights movement has been particularly fuelled by the fact that there has been inequality between the property rights of heterosexually married couples and people in gay unions.
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A Critical Discussion of the Family Medical Leave Act

Its relationship with other types of leaves such as vacation, maternity and paternity leaves is also discussed Conclusion FMLA has greatly assisted employees to balance their work roles with other family or personal needs Prior [...]
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