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Divorce made easier Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Dec 19th, 2018

Initially, marriages were designed to last forever, but in the recent past, divorces have become norm. This is facilitated by courts and legislatures that have made it simple.

The legal processes are reduced and anyone filling a petition to seek divorce can be granted without explaining in details the reasons as to why he/she needs to divorce. The parents who have been married for one year can file a petition seeking for divorce on basis of adultery or accusation that the other partner has unacceptable behavior that he/she cannot put up with.

These cultures that accept divorce readily are causing more harm than good to the society. Although the parent assumes their behavior will work for the good of their families, there are dangers that it posses thus it would be advisable for the court to consider the repercussions of divorce and carry out counseling to both parents and children under the age of 18 before issuing divorce.

Although the parent assumes that divorce has no effect on their children, the lives of the children from divorced families are affected even in their adulthood. These children are likely to be exposed to physical and emotional abuse that could result to health and emotional problems. The trauma of their parents’ separation tortures them psychologically since they constantly think that they are the cause.

This creates emotional distance between the children and their parents, which affects their learning and they are likely to repeat the divorce cycle or even develop some behavioral problems as adults. The parenting role is left to the custodian parent only and therefore, the children lack the role models to help them in resolving their conflicts and even in making viable decisions.

The financial position of the divorced parents is affected since they do not apply the economy of scales. The parents have to cater for the expenses of two homes, which sometimes expose them to financial crisis. Statistics show that most of the people who seek welfare assistance are from divorced families. Single parent especially women are forced to work for long to cater for their children thus neglecting the parenting role.

Despite the dangers of divorce, the laws have made its process easier. There are bills passed to quicken the legal processes that issue divorce. The bill seeks to give wives legal right to property owned by the spouse during the period of their marriage. The bill aims at give irretrievable breakdown of marriages a new ground to grant divorce.

The court reduced the compulsory period of at least six months to the period that favors the party filing a petition. Where the couple had agreed on divorce then one party avoids the court to delay the court proceedings, the law had been amended in favor of the party insisting on divorce.

In conclusion, most of the married couples are open to divorce without considering the consequences. The societies have embraced divorce since there are numerous people who are raising their children comfortable as single parents. The legal system has made it easier for the couples that desire to divorce by granting them divorce without getting details of the reasons that are causing them to divorce.

The children are the most affected when these divorces go through and therefore, the judges and the parents ought to think of their welfare before considering it. When divorce cannot be avoided, the couple should seek professional counseling to prepare their children psychological on how to handle the news and coup in absence of one parent. Although many couple considers divorce as the best way to solve their conflicts, the consequences are severe since it causes more harm than good.

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