Divorce Essay, Research Paper Examples

Counseling and divorce

Executive Summary Counseling is an essential aspect in the field of psychology. This principle was introduced so as an avenue of tackling issues that require a third party in any given situation. Counseling has a number of counseling tools that guide a counselor on how to approach each situation. There are a variety of life […]

The Effectiveness of Marriage Conflict Resolution Programs in Reducing Number of Divorce Cases in USA

Background Marriage is an institution that can be found in any society. Every society has its own definition and arrangement of marriage and as a result, it is likely to find many differences as to what marriage is composed of (Strong, De Vault, and Cohen, 2010). Nevertheless, in all situations marriage is always founded on […]

Divorce Reform: “Gender and Families” by Scott Coltrane and Michele Adams

Summary of the article In their article, Michele Adams and Scott Coltrane expounds on how divorce was perceived in America in early days and the steps that were employed in order to reduce its occurrence in the societies. The article also expounds on how the Americans believed in divorce strengthening marriages. According to the authors, […]

Divorce made easier

Initially, marriages were designed to last forever, but in the recent past, divorces have become norm. This is facilitated by courts and legislatures that have made it simple. The legal processes are reduced and anyone filling a petition to seek divorce can be granted without explaining in details the reasons as to why he/she needs […]

Low Income Marriage and Divorce VS. High Level of Income Marriage and Divorce

Divorce has become a common practice within the contemporary society. In particular, this practice is dominant in developed nations (Cornia 10). Governments have taken transformative legal considerations. The considerations aim at keeping up with the high rates of divorce. These measures are undertaken to ensure all people are acquainted with the legal implications in divorce. […]

Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce is a social problem that sociologists and psychologists have dealt with on several occasions. It causes adverse psychological and social effects to divorcing couples and children depending on the society in which the family stays. This occurs because societies accord the institution of marriage different levels of respect. Currently, divorce is increasing at an […]

Effect of Divorce on Children

The focus of this research proposal is to study the effects of divorce and single parenting on the children. The procedure for acquiring related data includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. The dominant approach will be in the form of case studies and the data will be collected through unstructured interviews and observations. Standardized measuring […]

Divorce within 10 years and its effects on minor children

Introduction Studies carried out on the effects of divorce illustrate that young children in divorced families experience more problems than those in two-parent married homes. These children have adjustment problems in school; they tend to struggle with self esteem issues and tend to develop behavioral deviances. Effects Hetherington (1999) found that 10% of all the […]

The Cause and Effect of Divorce on Children

Introduction Although the main objectives of marriage are permanent union and healthy relationship between couples, unfortunate circumstances do arise in marriage that forces marriage partners to divorce. Psychologists and sociologists have noted that causes of divorce entail many complex issues that complicate and stall continuation of marriage. Infidelity, lack of commitment, drug abuse, poor relationships, […]

Does divorce have a greater impact on men than on women in terms of depression?

Introduction Issues concerning divorce have over the years received a heavy share of research attention and time. Disruption of marriage institutions has been blamed for a number of alternative misfortunes in the modern day society. One such misfortune is depression which basically is a state of mental illness that arises form either social economic or […]

The Divorce Effects

Introduction Divorce involves restructuring of the family where parents separate. When people get married, they get children in the union and who are under the care of both parents. Divorce causes emotional and psychological strain among the parents. The process of divorce is very involving and parents end up as opponents and seek to be […]