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Dog Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

There are many different dog essays you can write, as mankind’s history with its best friends is rich and varied. Many people will name the creatures their favorite animals, citing their endearing and inspiring qualities such as loyalty, obedience, bravery, and others.

Others will discuss dog training and the variety of important roles the animals fulfill in our everyday life, working as shepherds, police members, guides to blind people, and more.

Some people will be more interested in dog breeding and the incredible variety of the animals show, ranging from decorative, small Yorkshire terriers to gigantic yet peaceful Newfoundland dogs. All of these topics are interesting and deserve covering, and you can incorporate all of them a general essay.

Dogs are excellent pet animals, as their popularity, rivaled only by cats, shows. Pack animals by nature, they are open to including members of other species into their groups and get along well with most people and animals.

They are loyal to the pack, and there are examples of dogs adopting orphaned kittens and saving other animals and children from harm.

This loyalty and readiness to face danger makes them favorite animals for many people, and the hundreds of millions of dogs worldwide show that humans appreciate their canine friends.

It also allows them to work many important jobs, guarding objects, saving people, and using their noses to sniff out various trails and substances.

However, dogs are descended from wolves, whose pack nature does not prevent them from attacking those outside the group. Some larger dogs are capable of killing an adult human alone, and most can at least inflict severe harm if they attack a child.

However, dogs are still trusted and loved because of their excellent trainability. They can be taught to be calm and avoid aggression or only attack once the order is given.

Dogs can also learn a variety of other behaviors and tricks, such as not relieving themselves in the house and executing complex routines. This physical and mental capacity to perform a variety of tasks marks dogs as humanity’s best and most versatile helpers.

The variety of jobs dogs perform has led humans to try to develop distinct dog breeds for each occupation, which led to the emergence of numerous and different varieties of the same animal.

The observation of the evolution of a specific type of dog as time progressed and its purposes changed can be an interesting topic. You can also discuss dog competitions, which try to find the best dog based on various criteria and even have titles for the winners.

Comparisons between different varieties of the animal are also excellent dog argumentative essay topics. Overall, there are many interesting ideas that you can use to write a unique and excellent essay.

Regardless of what you ultimately choose to write about, you should adhere to the central points of essay writing. Make sure to describe sections of your paper with dog essay titles that identify what you will be talking about clearly.

Write an introduction that identifies the topic and provides a clear and concise thesis statement. Finish the paper with a dog essay conclusion that sums up your principal points. It will be easier and more interesting to read while also adhering to literature standards if you do this.

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🏆 Best Dog Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. An Adventure with My Pet Pit-Bull Dog “Tiger”
    One look at Tiger and I knew that we were not going to leave the hapless couple to the mercies of the scary man.
  2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
    Haddon therefore manages to carry the reader into the world of the novel and holds the reader to the end of the novel.
  3. Evolution of Dogs from the Gray Wolf
    However, the combined results of vocalisation, morphological behavior and molecular biology of the domesticated dog now show that the wolf is the principle ancestor of the dog.
  4. “The Lady with the Pet Dog”: Oates & Chekhov [Analysis]
    As aforementioned, the plot of the two versions of this story is the same; the storyline of the two versions carries a clandestine love affair between Anna and Gurov with a happy conclusion where the […]
  5. Border Collie Dogs
    So long as the movement of the Border Collies and the sheep is calm and steady, they can look for the stock as they graze in the field.
  6. A Summary of “What The Dog Saw”
    Gladwell explores the encounters of Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer who non-verbally communicated with the dogs and mastered his expertise to tame the dogs.
  7. The Movements and Reactions of Dogs in Crates and Outside Yards
    This study discusses the types of movements and reactions exhibited by dogs in the two confinement areas, the crate and the outside yard.
  8. The theme of love in “The Lady with the pet Dog” by Anton Chekhov
    Chekhov wanted to show the apparent hopelessness of the situation; the situation when it is better for lovers to give up their love because of their fear to overcome the power of public views, the […]
  9. Dogs Playing Poker
    The use of dogs in the painting is humorous in that the writer showed them doing human things and it was used to attract the attention of the viewer to the picture.
  10. Debates on Whether Dog is the Best Pet or not
    The relationships between dogs and man have been improving over the years and this has made dogs to be the most preferable pets in the world. Other pets have limited abilities and can not match […]
  11. Classical Conditioning: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
    According to Basford and Stein’s interpretation, classical conditioning is developed in a person or an animal when a neutral stimulus “is paired or occurs contingently with the unconditioned stimulus on a number of occasions”, which […]
  12. The Feasibility Analysis for the Ropeless Dog Lead
    This is because it will have the ability to restrict the distance between the dog and the master control radio. The exploration of different sales models and prices for other devices indicates that the Rope-less […]
  13. Moral Dilemma: Barking Dog and Neighborhood
    Since exuberant barking of Stella in the neighborhood disturbs many people, debarking is the appropriate measure according to the utilitarian perspective.
  14. Describe the ways in which Chekov conveys the transformation in Lady with Dog
    His acceptance of the fact that he is aging leads him to change his perception in regards to the woman in order to find the true and only love.
  15. The Tail Wagging the Dog: Emotions and Their Expression in Animals
    The fact that the experiment was conducted in real life, with a control group of dogs, a life-size dog model, a simultaneous observation of the dogs’ reaction and the immediate transcription of the results, is […]
  16. Animal Assisted Therapy: Therapy Dogs
    First, the therapist must set the goals that are allied to the utilization of the therapy dog and this should be done for each client.
  17. Operant Conditioning in Dog Training
    In regards to negative enforcements, the puppy should be fitted with a collar and upon the command “sit”, the collar should be pulled up a bit to force the dog to sit down.
  18. Implementing Security Policy at Dog Parks
    To ensure that people take responsibility for their dogs while in the parks, the owners of the parks should ensure that they notify people who bring their dogs to the park of the various dangers […]
  19. Breed Specific Legislation: Dog Attacks
    As a result, the individuals that own several canines of the “banned” breeds are to pay a lot of money to keep their dogs.
  20. Dog’ Education in “The Culture Clash” by Jean Donaldson
    The second chapter comes under the title, Hard-Wiring: What the Dog comes with which tackles the characteristic innate behaviors that dogs possess naturally; that is, predation and socialization. This chapter sheds light on the behaviors […]
  21. “Dog’s Life” by Charlie Chaplin Film Analysis
    In this film, the producer has used the comic effect to elaborate on the message he intends to deliver to the audience. The function of a dog is to serve the master.
  22. The Movie “Wag the Dog”
    The movie “Wag the Dog” is one of the most important cinematic works of the 20th century, as it greatly raised the political awareness of an average citizen not only in the USA, but also […]
  23. Cesar Millan as a Famous Dog Behaviorist
    Millan earned the nickname “the dog boy” because of his natural ability to interact with dogs. Consequently, the dog behaviorist became a celebrity in different parts of the country.
  24. The Benefits of a Protection Dog
    Regardless of the fact that protection dogs are animals that can hurt people, they are loving and supportive family members that provide their owners with a wide range of benefits.
  25. Non-Profit Dog Organization’s Mission Statement
    In terms of the value we are bringing, our team regards abandoned animals who just want to be loved by people, patients with special needs, volunteers working at pet shelters, and the American society in […]
  26. Dog Food: Pedigree Company’s Case
    The attractiveness of the dog food category is manifested through the intense competitive nature of the various stakeholders. The third and final phase of the segmentation is to label the category of dog food as […]
  27. Locations in Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Pet Dog”
    For him to go out of his way looking for her in her home town and almost daring to challenge the husband is a brave move that shows he was truly ready to change and […]
  28. Small Dog Boarding Business: Balanced Scorecard
    Bragonier posits that SWOT analysis is essential in the running of the business because it helps the management to analyze the business at a glance.
  29. “Danny the Dog” a Film by Luc Besson
    It is quite possible to find many films that were released in the first half of the twentieth century, and they were affected by stereotypes and prejudices against Chinese people. In particular, the protagonist of […]
  30. Small Dog Boarding Business: Strategic Plan
    Based on the first dimension of the competing values framework, the dog boarding business already has the advantage of a flexible business model, it is possible to adjust the size of the business or eliminate […]
  31. “Love That Dog” Verse Novel by Sharon Creech
    In this part of the play, it is clear that Jack is not ready to hide his feelings and is happy to share them with someone who, in his opinion, can understand him.
  32. “How to Draw a Dog” Video Lecture Critique
    The video begins with an introduction to the character that the artist is going to draw. The artist provides a more detailed description of the process later when he begins to draw dog’s eyebrows and […]
  33. “Traditional” Practice Exception in Dog Act
    One of those who wanted the word to remain in the clause was the president of the Beaufort Delta Dog Mushers and also an Inuvik welder.Mr.
  34. Dog House: Business Law Today
    Based on the definition of a shareholder’s derivative suit, it is possible to say that corporations can be expected to benefit from this type of litigation.

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