Cruelty to Animals Essay, Research Paper Examples

Animal Cruelty, Its Causes and Impacts

Research has proved that animal cruelty has been on the rise for the last two decades due to the increase of human population globally. The competition between animals and human beings for survival has influenced animal cruelty. In most cases, animals are trained through intimidation as they are severely beaten up like they don’t have […]

Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Introduction Cosmetics have become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of consumers around the world. Items such as lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow, concealers, moisturizers, skin whiteners, blush, and an assortment of other products are bought on a daily basis by female consumers in order conform to the current societal view of beauty. However, the […]

Testing On Animals

Animal testing is described as a procedure involving vivisection and/or In vivo testing of animals for experimentation or research. In the pursuit of what is known as scientific progress, animals have fallen victims of distress in the process. Throughout history, human has employed animals in carrying out various activities as beasts of burden, for companionship […]

Ethical Dilemmas in Animal Testing

Introduction Using animals for testing, research, and developing new products has brought about tremendous scientific and medical advancements. Animal research continues to help man in his understanding of the nature of diseases thereby aiding in the developing of new vaccines and cures. People living in the world today enjoy better quality life thanks to the […]

The debate about animal rights

The debate about animal rights is a controversial among those that support the notion that animals have rights and those who hold the reverse notion. Some people oppose the use of animals in medical research because they say that violates the rights of the animals and amounts to animal cruelty. The others say animals have […]

Animal Cruelty as an Ethical and Moral Problem

Animal cruelty has been defined as the act of intentional and inhumane harm on animals through the act of physical abuse or maltreatment, yet it is often the case that individuals who have been found guilty of such acts, are left off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist or a fine and […]

Medical Research on Animals Should be Forbidden by Law

Introduction Historically, humans have used other animal entities for testing potential foods and medicine in order to gain insight on what may be appropriate for them. The Early man tested herbs by allowing his domesticated animals to eat them to find out whether the herbs were poisonous or not. He also allowed his domesticated animals […]

Should Animals be used in Medical Research?

Introduction No one can negate the fact that medical research is in deed very important in the field of medicine. It generally represents various types of researches like applied, transactional or basic research that are usually carried out with a main aim of supporting knowledge present in the field of medicine. Conducting medical research may […]

Animal Abuse Problem

Animal abuse is defined as a deliberate infliction of psychological pain, distress, deprivation, or death of an animal by human beings. Animal abuses occur every time human beings fail to meet the animals’ basic needs. In general, animal abuses comprise of all intentional, socially, and unacceptable behaviors that threatens the welfare of our fellow animals. […]

Are People Superior to Animals?

Many people think that they are superior to animals. People think they are real masters of all animals. Nonetheless, many thinkers, writers, poets, artists and even ordinary people know that this assumption is absolutely incorrect. People cannot be superior as they are simply tiny elements in the Universe. Italian authors Leopardi, Calvino, Morante and Pirandello […]

Animal Testing Negative Issues

Introduction Scientists spend much of their time testing products that are designed for human beings on animals to be certain about the effects these products might have. When all this is done the lives of the animals concerned is put into imminent risk and nobody cares whether they make it through the experiment or not. […]