Animal Testing Essay, Research Paper Examples

Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Introduction Cosmetics have become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of consumers around the world. Items such as lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow, concealers, moisturizers, skin whiteners, blush, and an assortment of other products are bought on a daily basis by female consumers in order conform to the current societal view of beauty. However, the […]

Against Animal Testing: Why It Is Still Being Used if So Many People Are Against

Introduction People start using animals for various purposes in prehistoric times. The development of humanity gradually led to more sophisticated forms of such use. Eventually animals are used to test numerous substances which are developed for human use. However, the twentieth century was the epoch of rising activism which also touched the sphere of animal […]

Testing On Animals

Animal testing is described as a procedure involving vivisection and/or In vivo testing of animals for experimentation or research. In the pursuit of what is known as scientific progress, animals have fallen victims of distress in the process. Throughout history, human has employed animals in carrying out various activities as beasts of burden, for companionship […]

Ethical dilemmas in animal testing

Introduction Using animals for testing, research, and developing new products has brought about tremendous scientific and medical advancements. Animal research continues to help man in his understanding of the nature of diseases thereby aiding in the developing of new vaccines and cures. People living in the world today enjoy better quality life thanks to the […]

Should animals be used for scientific research?

There are several scientific research activities that are conducted annually globally. These research activities are conducted with the sole aim of solving certain problems that affect human life. Basically, research activities are conducted to improve human life and status of living. Moreover, scientific research findings are used for the benefit of all organisms in the […]

Use of Animals in Research Testing: Ethical Justifications Involved

Discourse about the use of animals in research has characterized the domain of science for a couple of decades now. Debate about whether animals should be subjected to experimental research remains divided, with advocates suggesting that this is a matter of necessity (Francione, 2007), whereas critics use the ethical bandwagon to demonstrate that use of […]

Ethical Problems in Animal Experimentation

Introduction Animal experimentation is the scientific use of animals for research and laboratory analyses. These experiments are common in medical schools, commercial facilities, universities and companies. Supporters of animal testing argue that majority of medical achievements are because of the researches. However, some animal rights associations and organizations argue that the practice is cruel, outdated […]

Animal Testing- Argumentative

Introduction Animal testing denotes the use of animals in medical experiments to unveil the potency, safety, toxicity, and viability of developed drugs. Concurrently, the phenomenon also applies to other biological experiments, which utilize animals as specimens. The method incorporates the administration of pharmaceutical compounds into biological systems (test animals). This usually occurs for scientific purposes […]

Experimentation on Animals

Introduction The debate about experimentation on animals, though well documented in literature, is still endeavoring to free itself from past controversies and current challenges. This particular debate have attracted many advocates and critics, each advancing valid reasons as to whether it is morally, scientifically and logically right to subject animals to experimentation (Horner & Minifie […]

Psychoactive Drug Testing on Animals

Theories have been suggested towards the psychotic like traits in animals that have been subjected to psychoactive drugs. The proposed theories were accompanied by research experiments to evaluate the effects of psychoactive drug testing in animals. Psycho active drugs refers to drugs that have a significant effect on the behavioral characteristics of animals; both human […]