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68 Animal Testing Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Looking for interesting animal testing topics to research and write about? This field is truly controversial and worth studying!

In your animal testing essay, you might want to explore the historical or legal perspective, focus on the issue of animal rights, or discuss the advantages or disadvantages of animal testing in medicine, pharmacology, or cosmetic industry. We’ve gathered the most creative and catchy animal testing titles and added top animal testing essay examples. There are also useful tips on making and outline, formulating a thesis, and creating a hook sentence for your animal testing essay.

🌶️ Animal Testing Titles: Catchy & Creative

  1. What would life be like without animal testing?
  2. Animal testing: the cruelest experiments.
  3. AWA: why does not it protect all animals?
  4. What if animals experimented on humans?
  5. In the skin of a guinea pig: a narrative essay.
  6. Opposing animal testing: success stories.
  7. Animal-tested products: should they be destroyed?
  8. What have we gained from experiments on animals?
  9. Animal testing and cancer research: past and present.

🐶 Animal Testing Essay: How to Write

Animal testing has been an acute problem for a long time. Scientists
and pharmaceutical firms use this approach to test cosmetics, foods, and other products people use daily.

Essays on animal testing are important because they highlight the significance of the problem. Writing outstanding animal testing essays requires extensive research and dedication.

We have prepared some do’s and don’ts for your excellent essay. But first, you should select a topic for your paper. Here are the examples of animal testing essay topics you can choose from:

  • The question of animal intelligence from the perspective of animal testing
  • Animal testing should (not) be banned
  • How animal testing affects endangered species
  • The history and consequences of animal testing
  • The controversy associated with animal testing
  • Animal Bill of Rights: Pros and cons
  • Is animal testing necessary?

Remember that these animal testing essay titles are just the ideas for your paper. You are free to select other relevant titles and topics for discussion, too. Once you have selected the problem for your essay, you can start working on the paper. Here are some do’s of writing about animal testing:

  • Do extensive preliminary research on the issue you have selected. You should be aware of all the problems associated with your questions, its causes, and consequences. Ask your professor about the sources you can use. Avoid relying on Wikipedia and personal blogs as your primary sources of information.
  • Develop a well-organized outline and think of how you will structure your paper. Think of the main animal testing essay points and decide how you can present them in the paper. Remember to include introductory and concluding sections along with several body paragraphs.
  • Start your paper with a hooking sentence. An animal testing essay hook should grab the reader’s attention. You can present an interesting question or statistics in this sentence.
  • Include a well-defined thesis statement at the end of the introductory section.
  • Your reader should understand the issue you are discussing. Explain what animal testing is, provide arguments for your position, and support them with evidence from your research.
  • Discuss alternative perspectives on the issue if you are working on a persuasive essay. At the same time, you need to show that your opinion is more reliable than the opposing ones.
  • Remember that your paper should not be offensive. Even if you criticize animal testing, stick to the formal language and provide evidence of why this practice is harmful.

There are some important points you should avoid while working on your paper. Here are some important don’ts to remember:

  • Avoid making claims if you cannot reference them. Support your arguments with evidence from the literature or credible online sources even if you are writing an opinion piece. References will help the reader to understand that your viewpoint is reliable.
  • Do not go over or below the word limit. Stick to your professor’s instructions.
  • Avoid copying the essays you will find online. Your paper should be plagiarism-free.
  • Avoid making crucial grammatical mistakes. Pay attention to the word choice and sentence structures. Check the paper several times before sending it for approval. If you are not sure whether your grammar is correct, ask a friend to look through the paper for you.

Do not forget to look at some of our free samples that will help you with your paper!

Animal Testing Hook Sentence

Your animal testing essay should start with a hook – an opening statement aiming to grab your reader’s attention. A good idea might be to use an impressive fact or statistics connected to experiments on animals:

  • More than 100 million animals are killed in US laboratories each year.
  • Animal Welfare Act (AWA) does not cover 99% animals used in experiments: according to it, rats, birds, reptiles, and fish are not animals.
  • More than 50% adults in the US are against animal testing.

🏆 Best Animal Testing Essay Examples

  1. The Negative Issues of Animal Testing: Arguments
    In many instances it can be proofed that drugs have been banned from the market after extensive research on animal testing and consuming a lot of cash, because of the dire effects that they cause […]
  2. Should Animals be used in Medical Research?
    It is therefore possible to use animals while testing the dangers and the toxicity of new drugs and by so doing; it is possible to protect human beings from the dangers that can emanate from […]
  3. Psychoactive Drug Testing on Animals
    The alterations in behavioral traits of animals due to psychoactive drugs are primarily attributed to the changes in the brain functions or inhibition of certain brain components in animals which ultimately translates to changes in […]
  4. Experimentation on Animals
    However, critics of experimenting with animals argue that animals are subjected to a lot of pain and suffering in the course of coming up with scientific breakthroughs which in the long run may prove futile.
  5. Medical Research on Animals Should be Forbidden by Law
    Vaccines and treatment regimes for various diseases that previously led to the death of humans were all discovered through research on animals.
  6. Animal Experimentation/ Testing on a Utilitarianism View
    There are alternatives in testing drugs such as tissue culture of human cells and hence this is bound to be more accurate in the findings.
  7. Animal Testing- Argumentative
    It is crucial to agree that animal testing might be unethical phenomenon as argued by some groups; nonetheless, it should continue following its merits and contributions to the humankind in the realms of drug investigations […]
  8. Ethical Problems in Animal Experimentation
    The banning of companies from testing on animals will force the manufacturers to use conventional methods to test their drugs and products.
  9. Use of Animals in Research Testing: Ethical Justifications Involved
    The present paper argues that it is ethically justified to use animals in research settings if the goals of the research process are noble and oriented towards the advancement of human life.
  10. Should animals be used for scientific research?
    Therefore, considering the benefits that have been accrued from research activities due to use of animals in scientific research, I support that animals should be used in scientific research.
  11. Ethical Dilemmas in Animal Testing
    This means that both humans and animals have rights that need to be respected, and that is what brings about the many dilemmas that are experienced in this field.
  12. The Debate on Animal Testing
    The purpose of this paper is to define animal testing within a historical context, establish ethical and legal issues surrounding the acts, discuss animal liberation movements, arguments in support and against the act of animal […]
  13. Effects of Animal Testing and Alternatives
    Another challenge to the proponents of animal testing is related to dosage and the time line for a study. Animal rights values rebuff the notion that animals should have an importance to human beings in […]
  14. Against Animal Testing: Why It Is Still Being Used if So Many People Are Against
    The major reason for such “devotion” to animal testing can be explained by the fact that alternative sources of testing are insufficient and too inaccurate to replace conventional way of testing.
  15. Cosmetic Testing on Animals
    The surface of the skin or near the eyes of such animals is meant to simulate that of the average human and, as such, is one of easiest methods of determining whether are particular type […]
  16. Genetic Modification and Testing: Ethical Considerations
    It is done on a molecular level by synthesizing DNA, generating sequences and then inserting the received product into the organism which will be the carrier of the outcome. Another possibility is that the time […]
  17. Animal Testing Effects on Psychological Investigation
    In this context, ethical considerations remain a central theme in psychological research.”Ethics in research refers to the application of moral rules and professional codes of conduct to the collection, analysis, reporting, and publication of information […]
  18. History of Animal Testing – Medical Ethics
    Moreover, in the twelfth century, another Arabic physician, Avenzoar dissected animals and established animal testing experiment in testing surgical processes prior to their application to man. Trevan in 1927 to evaluate the effectiveness of digitalis […]
  19. Animal Testing and Ethics
    I believe it is also difficult to develop efficient legislation on the matter as people have different views on animal research and the line between ethical and unethical is blurred in this area.
  20. Animal Testing for Scientific Research
    Despite the fact that the present-day science makes no secret of the use of animals for research purposes, not many people know what deprivation, pain, and misery those animals have to experience in laboratories.
  21. Animal Testing and Environmental Protection
    While the proponents of animal use in research argued that the sacrifice of animals’ lives is crucial for advancing the sphere of medicine, the argument this essay will defend relates to the availability of modern […]
  22. Animal Testing as Unnecessary and Atrocious Practice
    Such acts of violence could be partially excused by the necessity to test medications that are developed to save human lives however, this kind of testing is even more inhumane as it is ineffective in […]
  23. Animal Testing: a Long, Unpretty History
    Nevertheless, that law was more focused on the welfare of animals in laboratories rather than on the prohibition of animal testing.
  24. Negative Impacts of Animal Testing
    To alter these inhumane laws, we should organize a social movement aiming at the reconsideration of the role of animals in research and improvement of their positions.
  25. Animal Testing from Medical and Ethical Viewpoints
    Striving to discover and explain the peculiarities of body functioning, already ancient Greeks and Romans resorted to vivisecting pigs; the scientific revolution of the Enlightenment era witnessed animal testing becoming the leading trend and a […]
  26. Animal Testing: History and Arguments
    Nevertheless, that law was more focused on the welfare of animals in laboratories rather than on the prohibition of animal testing.

📌 Good Animal Testing Topics to Research

  1. Monkeys Don’t Like Wearing Makeup: Animal Testing In The Cosmetics Industry
  2. Animal Testing – Should Animal Experimentation Be Permitted
  3. Essay Animal Testing and In Vitro Testing as a Replacement
  4. Animal Testing : A Better Knowledge Of Human Body
  5. The Importance Of Animal Testing For Evaluating Consumer Safety
  6. The Issues on Animal Testing and the Alternative Procedures to Avoid the Use of the Inhuman Experimentation
  7. An Alternative to the Harsh and Unnecessary Practices of Animal Testing for Products, Drugs, Chemicals and Other Research
  8. The Unethical Use of Animals and the Need to Ban Animal Testing for Medical Research Purposes in the United States
  9. An Argument in Favor of Animal Testing for the Purpose of Clinical Research
  10. An Argument Against Animal Testing and the Banning of the Practice in the United States
  11. The Debate About the Ethics of Animal Testing and Its Effects on Us
  12. An Argument in Favor of Animal Testing as Beneficial to Human Health Research
  13. Animal Testing and the Reasons Why It Should Be Illegal
  14. The Principles of the Animal Testing From the Human Perspective
  15. The Ethical Issues on the Practice of Animal Testing to Test Cosmetics and Drugs
  16. Stopping Animal Testing and Vivisection by Passing a Bill against Animal Cruelty

🎯 Most Interesting Animal Testing Topics to Write about

  1. An Argument Against Animal Testing of Consumer Products and Drugs
  2. The Consequences and Unethical Practice of Animal Testing for Medical Training and Experiments
  3. How Do The Contributions Of Animal Testing To Global Medical
  4. Ways To Improve Animal Welfare After Premising The Animal Testing
  5. Animal Testing – Necessary or Barbaric and Wrong?
  6. Animal Testing And Its Impact On The Environment
  7. Animal Testing and Its Contribution to the Advancement of Medicine
  8. Cosmetics and Animal Testing: The Cause of Death and Mistreatment
  9. Animal Testing And People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
  10. Animal Rights Activists and the Controversial Issue of Animal Testing
  11. A History and the Types of Animal Testing in the Medical Area
  12. Argumentation on Medical Benefits of Animal Testing
  13. An Analysis of the Concept of Animal Testing Which Lowers the Standard of Human Life
  14. Is The Humane Society International Gave For Animal Testing
  15. A Discussion of Whether Animal Testing Is Good for Mankind or Violation of Rights
  16. The Ethics Of Animal Testing For Vaccine Development And Potential Alternatives
  17. The Good and Bad of Human Testing and Animal Testing

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