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64 Hunting Essay Topics & Examples

Looking for good hunting essay topics? The oldest known human activity is worth exploring!

Hunting has a long history. Many scientists agree that it was the thing that influenced human evolution. Early humans started making and using stone tools to make hunting more effective. This activity was long critical for people’s survival and still remains critical in some places of the world. However, in developed countries it is now used mostly for recreation.

In a hunting essay, you might want to focus on the reasons why hunting is good or bad for the environment. One more idea is to discuss if hunting should be allowed. Another controversial topic is the ethical aspects of this activity. Finally, you can collect hunting safety tips.

If you are looking for hunting essay topics, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find great hunting topics to research, paper titles, and hunting essay examples for your inspiration.

🏆 Best Hunting Essay Examples

  1. Hunting and Gathering
    Agricultural practices were implemented 10,000 years ago, and it has since played a vital role in the replacement of hunting and the gathering as a way of livelihood. In ancient times, hunting was seen as […]
  2. What Theory or Theories of Counseling are Observed in the Film Good Will Hunting?
    It is crucial to state that there are too many therapists who refused to work with Will Hunting because of a number of reasons, the main of which was the character’s contempt to them.
  3. Whaling in Japan: Justifiable by Culture?
    The gap in reasoning when it comes to utilizing the concept of “scientific research” as a means of justifying the hunting of various whale species by Japanese whalers is the obvious fact that you do […]
  4. Gender Studies: Gathering and Hunting Abilities
    For instance, the hunting skills of men can be attributed to their being dominant in the arm simply because they have a better chance of hitting the target than women do because of their better […]
  5. Hunting a Christmas Tree by Barbara Dean
    This story is an amazing combination of natural beauty, human pretentiousness, and despair that may spoil even the most beautiful events in a human life like Christmas.”Hunting a Christmas Tree” is Dean’s personal position on […]
  6. Hunting, Its Moral and Environmental Issues
    The first fact refers to the idea that there is nothing more natural than hunting, and that is why it is normal.
  7. Church Role in Witch Hunting
    Despite the fact that a lot of research has been done on the history of witch prosecution and the part of the Church in it, it is still debatable whether its power exceeded the influence […]
  8. Ken Liu’s “Good Hunting” and The Perfect Match
    This essay aims to explore the elements of defamiliarization that are evident in the two works and to summarize the points to show how the use of this technique differs in the stories.
  9. Environmental Issue: Hunting on Whales
    The case study at hand presents an environmental issue involving the Makah tribe that had hunted whales over two thousand years until the 1920s when this practice had to be discontinued due to the decline […]
  10. Hunting in Wildlife Refuges in California
    In addition, the lack of regulations and the prohibition of hunting in wildlife refuges in its entirety has led to the overpopulation of certain species and the introduction of imbalance to the ecosystem, with the […]
  11. The Wild Boar Hunting Experience
    Not the most pleasant experience in the world, rubbing mud and whatever other kind of natural goo I could find in various strategic spots on my body, but I did the best I could and […]
  12. Human Behavior and Psychology in “The Good Will Hunting” by Gus Van Sant
    The second important person with him is his best friend Chukie, who he tells that he would love to be a laborer for the rest of his life.
  13. Ethical Aspect of Hunting: Dilemma of Hunting Ethics
    This paper illustrates the ethical aspects of hunting on the basis of human as the hunter versus animals as the hunted.
  14. History of Hunting: Evolution and Improvement
    Contrary to the modern trend of hunting being more of a sport, during the pre-civilization era hunting was one of the main means of survival.

📌 Hunting Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The Growing Use of Firearms in Sports and Leisure Hunting Today
  2. The Hunting and Gathering Societies of The Kung, Shoshone, and Mbuti Tribes
  3. Prey Are Better Protected From Visually Hunting Predators
  4. Wildlife Valuation: The Collective Good Aspect of Hunting
  5. The Effects Of Hunting And Fishing On The Economy
  6. The Norwegian And Japanese Position On Permitting The Hunting
  7. The Negative Effects of Stopping Hunting and Trophy Hunting to the Animal Ecosystem
  8. Trophy Hunting and Its Benefits in Economic and Conservation Significance of the Trophy Hunting Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa
  9. The Kung, Shoshone, And Mbuti Tribes: Hunting And Gathering Societies
  10. The Benefits of Hunting for Food in Hunting, Climate Change and the Future of Food, an Article by Nick Romero
  11. The Deer Hunter: The Unintended Effects of Hunting Regulations
  12. Trophy Hunting : A Common Controversial Issue Among People
  13. Seal Hunting in Canada”s Coast Angered Animal Rights Activists

🏹 Interesting Hunting Essay Topics

  1. The Symbiotic Lives of People in The Hunting Snake, a Poem by Judith Wright
  2. Traditional Hunting and Its Relevance to Eskimo Societies
  3. The Reactive Attachment Disorder of Will in Good Will Hunting, a Movie by Gus Van Sant
  4. The Role and Contributions of Hunting and the Issues Surrounding the Sport
  5. The Importance Of Hunting In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
  6. The Necessity of Legalizing Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin
  7. The Traits of the People of Hunting and Gathering Societies
  8. Types Of Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs
  9. Why The Hunting Can It Affect The Surrounding Ecosystem
  10. The Economics of Hunting, Game-Preservation, and Their Legal Setting
  11. The Importance Of Pursuing Love Is No Different Than Hunting A Deer
  12. The Relationship of the Characters of Will and Skylar in the Movie Good Will Hunting

👍 Good Essay Topics on Hunting

  1. The Intrigues of Hunting and Gathering Chipanzees
  2. The Dangers and Inhumanity of Big Game Trophy Hunting
  3. The Effects of Mercury Contamination in Pheasants on the Value of Pheasant Hunting in Oregon
  4. Whaling: The Hunting Of Fin Whales In Antarctic Ocean
  5. Why Is Hunting Good For The Environment
  6. What Theory Or Theories Of Counseling Are Observed In The Film Good Will Hunting
  7. Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth Century New England
  8. The Controversy Surrounding the Bloody Sport of Fox Hunting
  9. Why Sport Hunting is Cruel and Unnecessary
  10. The Patriot Act: Hunting Terrorists or Civil Liberties
  11. The Hunting of People in The Most Dangerous Game, a Book by Richard Connell
  12. The Pros and Cons of Hunting and the Controversies Surrounding the Practice of Killing or Trapping Animals

🦌 Controversial Hunting Topics to Write About

  1. Witch Hunting And Branding : Rural Areas Of India
  2. Procreation, Fishing, and Hunting: Renewable Resources and Dynamic Planar Systems
  3. Valuing Characteristics Of Transferable Deer Hunting Permits In Kansas
  4. Social Sites: Virtual Playgrounds Or Predatory Hunting Grounds
  5. The Growing Importance and Value Implications of Recreational Hunting Leases to Agricultural Land Investors in America
  6. Shark Hunting: The Loss of an Apex Predator, and the Corruption of the Ocean Ecosystem
  7. The Economic Value of Lottery-rationed Recreational Hunting
  8. User Fees and Equity Issues in Public Hunting Expenditures: The Case of Ring-Necked Pheasant in Oregon
  9. The Impacts of Hunting and Gathering in the Paleolithic Period
  10. Whale Hunting and its Significance to the Makah Culture
  11. The Market Value of Ingress Rights for White-Tailed Deer Hunting in Texas
  12. Why Hunting Animals For Sport Shouldn’t Be Banned
  13. Promoting Successful Hunting and Fertility with Paleolithic Art

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