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86 Hurricane Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Hurricane Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Public Policy and Hurricane Katrina
    Two days before the disaster, the president had declared a state of emergency in several regions such as Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama The government responded to the hurricane by use of several agencies.
  2. Disaster of Hurricane Katrina in 2005
    This was a wakeup call to the federal government, as it was able to put adequate measures that would make the management of such a disaster effective and efficient in future.
  3. Galveston Hurricane Influence on America in1800s and 1900s
    At the threshold of the 20th century, the city of Galveston was considered a prosperous city with the population of about 37.
  4. The Failure of Leadership in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina exposed the shocking degree of unpreparedness of the Federal Government, FEMA, various local and state officials, and the residents of New Orleans when it comes to dealing with hurricane-force winds and massive flooding […]
  5. 1900 Storm: The Great Galveston Hurricane
    At the turn of the twentieth century, hurricanes were unknown and it was hard for the meteorological officials to predict that the storm of 1900 would be a hurricane.
  6. Hurricanes Causes and Effects
    Hurricanes might not really be the main storms on the earth, but their mixture of size and strength make them fatal and the most disparaging storms on earth.’The eye of the hurricane’ is a round […]
  7. Lack of Quality Management During Hurricane Katrina
    The failure experienced caught officials and the emergency response team completely off guard and this was further worsened by the fact that the police, medical, and other means of assistance were inadequate to cope with […]
  8. Public Health Lapses in Dealing With Hurricane Katrina
    The present paper demonstrates how the health promotion and disease prevention categories within the public health infrastructure contributed to the degeneration of the public health situation immediately after Hurricane Katrina.
  9. Disaster Management: the Case of Hurricane Katrina
    These are the first people at the site of a disaster and they attempt to mitigate the impacts of the disaster and save lives. Local and State authorities need to respond decisively in the event […]
  10. Hurricanes in Indiana University Board Risk Assessment and Management Plan
    To assess the eventuality of an occurrence of a natural disaster, policy makers should access the geological and/or hydro-meteorological hazards to which a particular country or region is exposed; the location of Monroe County is […]
  11. Hurricane Andrew: Response and Recovery Failure
    In the event of a disaster, preparedness, response, and recovery to the incident determine the extent of damage. With the use of radar and reconnaissance, the Hurricane Center was able to issue a 12 hours […]
  12. The Nature of Hurricane Katrina
    Consequently, the storm led to the destruction of the eco-systems that acted as cultural and social centers along the coastline. Lack of information on preventive measures is one of the elements that led to the […]
  13. Environmental and Health Concerns of Hurricanes
    Moreover, the changes in waterways and near shore ecosystem result in the death of most of the organisms. In fact, patients are categorized according to the conditions and the type of the disease.
  14. Addressing the Issues Faced by the Hurricane Katrina Survivors
    The research question, which is going to be answered in the given study, therefore, can be out in the following way: what are the possible intervention methods, which can be applied to solve the problem […]
  15. Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, New York
    Destruction of the environment was blamed for the hurricane because of lack of scientific evidence to explain the cause of the storm.
  16. Natural Hazards – Hurricane Andrew
    From the figures, it is evident that Hurricane Andrew was the costliest natural hazard in the history of the United States.
  17. History of Hurricane in Galveston
    The storm is considered to lie on the 4th category of the tempest hurricane, and it had been recorded as the tropical storm in Mexico Gulf.
  18. Hurricane Katrina’ Economic Effects for New Orlean
    The current poverty levels in the city of New Orleans are also a factor to go by in evaluating the government’s intention to rebuild the city.
  19. Literature Studies: Every Little Hurricane by Sherman Alexie
    Talking about the relationships between Americans and the Natives has never been easy, mostly because of the notorious historic events that took place during the colonization of America, and the following misunderstandings between the Native […]
  20. Natural Disasters: Tsunami, Hurricanes and Earthquake
    The response time upon the prediction of a tsunami is minimal owing to the rapid fall and rise of the sea level.
  21. The Hurricane Katrina Disaster
    In this paper, the focus will be to analyse the interaction of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere and the hurricane Katrina disaster.
  22. Hurricane Katrina Stats: Path and Intensity
    Meteorologists had detected the in-building storm and warned the inhabitants to move out of the prospective path of the hurricane. The hurricane forced the authorities to evacuate hundred thousands of the population living in the […]
  23. New Orleans Life after Hurricane Katrina
    In 2005, the Gulf Coast of the United States was hit by one of the strongest hurricanes in the history of the America.
  24. Hurricane Ike 2008 and its Impacts on America
    Scientists regard it as one of the most destructive cyclones in the history of the United States. In Haiti, the hurricane resulted in a major humanitarian crisis due to the destruction of infrastructure.
  25. Hurricane Katrina’s Analysis
    The evidence provided in the materials shows that New Orleans is vulnerable to flooding due to its low elevation, continuous human interference, haphazard construction of levees, and disappearance of natural wetlands and barrier islands.
  26. Hurricane Katrina’s Outcomes Management Methods
    The city that suffered the most from the hurricane was New Orleans. Moreover, the variety of people living the city presupposed communication barriers since there were many languages used.
  27. Hurricane Katrina as a Class Disaster
    This was also one of the biggest failures in the history of the US government as it was unable to respond adequately to the challenges associated with the disaster.
  28. Hurricane Katrina Crisis Response and Criticism
    Hurricane Katrina that hit several regions of the US in 2005 caused some of the greatest losses in the history of the country.
  29. How to Prepare for a Hurricane?
    Fortunately, today, there exist ways to predict hurricanes and their routes so that the regions that are likely to be under risk can prepare beforehand and take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety […]
  30. Hurricane Katrina: Communication Challenges
    It is possible to state that one of the major reasons for the ineffectiveness of the response was officials’ inability to foresee the loss of major communication channels.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Hurricane

  1. Hurricane Katrina: Emergency Response
    Regarding the power of the natural disaster, its management demanded the consolidation of all local resources and improved collaboration at all levels to assist people who found themselves in difficult conditions and provide them with […]
  2. Hurricane Harvey Crisis Management
    This paper will provide a series of bullet points that will outline the damage, how it was handled, what outcomes were present, and the possible ways in which it could have been done better.4.
  3. Hurricane Katrina and Incident Management Principles
    The utilization of this measure could have included research about the management of other similar disasters and the effectiveness of the measures taken.
  4. Hurricane Sandy and Company Excutives’ Response
    The CEO of Sears Holding Corporation was forced to cancel his business trip to New York when cancellations hit the airport and so he did what he could by boarding an Amtrak train to the […]
  5. Organizational Change Models in Response to Hurricanes
    One of the advantages of a bureaucratic model is that it is more effective and efficient in implementing organizational change. The network model is an effective management approach that can be applied during hurricane disasters.
  6. Evacuation: Hurricane Quasimodo
    My route will depend upon the amount of time that I will have at my disposal. Plant City is not located in the evacuation zone, and the effects of hurricanes will not be so disastrous […]
  7. Disaster’ Health and Medical Aspects: Hurricane Katrina
    The fire department not only responds to hurricanes but to all kinds of emergency circumstances, including bomb attacks, as the one the US experienced on September 11th, 2001.due to the fact that the fire department […]
  8. Hurricane Katrina and Public Health System for the Future
    The occurrence of natural disasters that prevent the delivery of health care to the community, such as Hurricane Katrina, ends up affecting the delivery of health care negatively.
  9. Natural Disasters: Hurricane Sandy
    A natural disaster is defined by the UN as: “the consequences of events triggered by natural hazards that overwhelm local response capacity and seriously affect the social and economic development of a region”.
  10. Hurricane Katrina Survivors’ Happiness Factors
    The paper is dedicated to the study of factors influencing the happiness of women, whose lives were affected by the Katrina Hurricane, one and four years after the hurricane.
  11. Catastrophe of Hurricane Sandy
    The consequences of Hurricane Sandy make it possible to formulate a thesis that society and infrastructure need to be adapted to such natural disasters as frequent hurricanes and measures at the community level are necessary.
  12. Hurricane Katrina’s Impact on African Americans
    From the perspective of the social order, to live as an African American in the United States, and New Orleans in particular can mean risks of becoming a victim of violence, rape, and even murders […]
  13. Hurricane Matthew: Communicating Health Risks
    After the cataclysm, more attention was paid to the timely notification of evacuation to the public, and risk communication as the significant aspect of protection became one of the factors of public health practice.
  14. Examining Possible Health Outcomes of Hurricane
    In addition, the fact that the roads were blocked without the opportunity to ensure vehicular traffic creates the difficulty with the transportation of injured persons and those who were locked in their houses.
  15. Hurricane Katrine Exposed Racism in New Orleans
    The democrats and the republicans have shown racial discrimination by withdrawing social services or restricting them from the poor and the blacks Americans in the New Orleans city.
  16. The Impact That Hurricane Katrina Had On Gasoline Prices
    Relevant points: The articles suggest that the shortage in gasoline is due to the disruptions caused by the Hurricane in the oil drilling and refining areas of the Gulf of America.
  17. Natural Disasters: Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes
    Hence the loss may depend on the population of the area affected and also the capacity of the population to support or resist the disaster.
  18. Hurricane Katrina as a Significant National Issue
    I have never thought over the matter of helping the people in need being a volunteer, but that occasion in Houston tx made me realize, that those people really did not deserve suffering, and it […]
  19. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
    A hurricane can be classified as a gigantic tropical storm with a width of up to 600 miles. It is important at this stage to draw the difference between a hurricane and a tropical storm.
  20. Devastating Power of Hurricane Katrina
    The general public and administrative representatives countered the consequences of the storm in a number of ways. Numerous groups of people began refuge to citizens dislodged in the storm.
  21. How to Analyze Hurricanes?
    Traditionally the US researchers gave names to different hurricanes in order to designate their individual structure and hazards as well as the anatomy of it.
  22. Emergency Management on Hurricane Katrina
    As stipulated in the National Response Plan, responding to disaster in the US is by default the task of the local government.
  23. Hurricane Damage in the United States: How to Plan for Catastrophes
    It is important to note that the magnitude of Rita was not as big as that of Katrina but due to failure by insurance companies to compensate this people, the effects of Rita were far […]
  24. Government Response to Natural Disasters – Hurricane Katrina
    Therefore besides the failure of situational awareness, the answer to this natural disaster lies not in the improper handling of the operations, but it seeks to address the incompetent structure of the governmental response system […]
  25. Al Gore and Global Warming: Hurricane Katrina Was Avoidable
    The essay seeks to explore the roles played by the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership in the tragedy The terrible and devastating incidences of hurricane Katrina still linger in the minds of Americans and the […]
  26. Hurricane Formation and Possible Precautions: Ways of Monitoring and Prognosis
    Depending on the intensity of the hurricane, there are five categories of the hurricane. Taino language died out courtesy of the European invasion Most of the hurricanes experienced have their origins from the Caribbean Sea, […]
  27. Hurricane Katrina’s Catastrophic Impact on the Gulf Coast
    The paper will be focused on the fact that the government of the US had outrageously ignored the necessity of responding to the disaster that made the American citizens of the low-income literary fight for […]
  28. Road Back Home: Hurricane Katrina and the Heaviest Toll for the Most Vulnerable Population
    To my mind, the members of the community are right in the assumption that the consequences of the flooding caused by Katrina could have been avoided.
  29. Hurricane Harvey Crisis Consequences
    Hurricane Harvey is not the first and not the only natural disaster that hit the US in recent years. Money means everything to some people and the wealthier they become, the more their appetites grow.

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