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90 Earthquake Essay Topics & Examples

Need a catchy title for an earthquake essay? Earthquakes can take place almost everywhere. That is why this problem is so exciting to focus on.

In your earthquake essay, you might want to compare and contrast various types of this natural disaster. Another option is to talk about your personal experience or discuss the causes and effects of earthquakes. In a more serious assignment like a thesis or a term paper, you can concentrate on earthquake engineering or disaster management issues. In this article, we’ve gathered best research titles about earthquake and added top earthquake essay examples for more inspiration!

🏆 Best Earthquake Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. School Preparedness Plan for Tornado, Earthquakes, Fire Emergency
    In case of an earthquake emergency, the school should be prepared to keep the students safe. In case of a tornado emergency the school should be prepared to keep the students safe.
  2. The Great San Francisco Earthquake
    The length however depends on the size of the wave since the larger the wave the larger the area affected and consequently the longer the period of time taken.
  3. Geology Issue – Nature of Earthquakes
    Such an earthquake is caused by a combination of tectonic plate movement and movement of magma in the earth’s crust. Continental drift is the motion of the Earth’s tectonic plates relative to each other.
  4. The Impacts of Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami on the World Economy
    The future prospects in regard to the tsunami and the world economy will be presented and application of the lessons learnt during the catastrophe in future” tsunami occurrence” management.
  5. Mitigation of Earthquake Hazards
    The geologists should also inform the architects on the areas where earthquakes are likely to occur and how strong they will be able.
  6. Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, Floods and Volcanic Eruption
    This is due to the relationship between an eruption and the geology of the area. It was observed that the mountain swelled and increased in size due to the upward force of magma.
  7. Losing the Ground: Where Do Most Earthquakes Take Place?
    Since, according to the above-mentioned information, natural earthquakes are most common in the places where the edges of tectonic plates meet, it is reasonable to suggest that earthquakes are most common in the countries that […]
  8. Earthquakes: Definition, Prevalence of Occurrence, Damage, and Possibility of Prediction
    An earthquake is a dangerous tremor that is caused by sudden release of energy in the crust of the earth leading to seismic waves that cause movements of the ground thus causing deaths and damages.
  9. The Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiment
    The seismic activity and the relatively regular sequence of the earthquakes in the area of San Paul Fault generated the interest of the geologists in exploring the processes in the rupture.
  10. Report on the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake
    The Tangshan Earthquake happened in 1976 is considered to be one of the large-scale earthquakes of the past century. The 1975 Haicheng Earthquake was the first marker of gradual and continuous intensification of tectonic activity […]
  11. The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
    The earthquake was accompanied by a great tsunami given the high magnitude of the earthquake that reached 9. The third disaster was the meltdown of a number of nuclear plants following the tsunami.
  12. Plate Tectonics, Volcanism, Earthquakes and Rings of Fire
    Plate tectonics has led to the separation of the sea floor over the years and the earth is composed of seven tectonic plates according to the available geological information.
  13. Earthquakes as a Cause of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Although earthquake is a major cause of the post traumatic stress disorder, there are other factors that determine the development of the same.
  14. Tōhoku Earthquake of 2011
    The rate at which the pacific plate undergoes displacement is at eight to nine centimeter per annum, hence the plate subduction of the plate led to a discharge of large amounts of energy leading to […]
  15. Scoping Report for the Earthquakes in New Madrid, and Fulton City, Missouri
    The accumulation of this stress is a clear indication of the slow but constant movement of the earth’s outermost rocky layers.
  16. Mitigation for Earthquake and Eruption
    Since the energy is mainly derived from the sustained stress and deformation of the underlying rocks, the precursor signals of earthquakes especially in seismic zones are majorly based on the careful study of the earth’s […]
  17. Haiti Earthquake Devastation of 2010
    In addition, most of the personnel who were part and parcel of the recovery teams were lost in the disaster making it difficult to reach out for the victims.
  18. 2008 and 2013 Sichuan Earthquakes in China
    This was the worst and the most devastating earthquake since “the Tangshan earthquake of 1976 in China”. In addition, impacts differ based on the number of fatalities and damages to property.
  19. Geology Issues: Earthquakes
    The direction of the plates’ movements and the sizes of the faults are different as well as the sizes of tectonic plates.
  20. Natural Disasters: Tsunami, Hurricanes and Earthquake
    The response time upon the prediction of a tsunami is minimal owing to the rapid fall and rise of the sea level.
  21. Crisis Management: Nissan Company and the 2011 Earthquake
    Expand on the points made in the case to identify the potential costs and benefits of these actions. The sharing of information was quite beneficial to Nissan in its response to the disaster.
  22. Earthquake Statistics Understanding
    Tectonic earthquakes are prompted as a consequent of movement of the earth’s crust because of the strain. The USGS National Earthquake Information Center reports an increase in the number of detection and location of earthquakes […]
  23. Earthquakes Effect on New Zealand HR Management
    Similarly, the occurrence of the incident led to the loss of lives that had the potential of promoting most businesses into great heights.

🎓 Good Essay Topics on Earthquake

  1. US Charities in Haiti After the 2010 Earthquake
    This paper aims to explore the overall implications of the earthquake and the response to it, as well as to provide an examination of the actions of three U.S.-based NGOs, which contributed to the restoration […]
  2. Earthquake as a Unique Type of Natural Disaster
    Earthquakes are believed to be one of the most dangerous natural disasters, and they can have a lot of negative effects on both the community and the environment.
  3. Drilling Activities and Earthquakes in Kansas
    According to the report of the State Corporation Commission of the State of Kansas, the work of local drilling companies has considerably increased the number of seismic activities in the state.
  4. Earthquake Emergency Management and Health Services
    Fundamental principles of healthcare incident management involve the protection of people’s lives, the stabilization of the disaster spot, and the preservation of property.
  5. Dangerous and Natural Energy: Earthquakes
    The distribution of earthquakes in the world varies according to the region. Click on one of the earthquakes on the map and make a note of its magnitude and region.
  6. Scientists’ Guilt in L’Aquila Earthquake Deaths
    Additionally, there is another issue related to the development of scientific knowledge, which takes time as it is subjected to a lot of criticism before it is adopted.
  7. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake: Eyewitness Story
    The moon crept in and out of the room, like a late evening silhouette, but its lazy rays did little to signal us what we would expect for the rest of the day.
  8. Hypothetical New York Earthquake Case
    Therefore, the following faults would be included in the report as potential causes of the earthquake: the 125th Street fault is the largest of all.
  9. Haiti and Nepal Earthquakes and Health Concerns
    As applied to the environment in these countries, roads were disrupted and, in some parts of the area, people could not be provided with the necessary amounts of food and drinking water.
  10. Emergency Response to Haiti Earthquake
    The response to the earthquake and calamities that followed was a clear demonstration that the country was ill-prepared to deal with such a disaster.
  11. Natural Disasters: Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and Hurricanes
    Hence the loss may depend on the population of the area affected and also the capacity of the population to support or resist the disaster.
  12. Earthquakes: Causes and Consequences
    The first of these are body waves, which travel directly through rock and cause the vertical and horizontal displacement of the surface.
  13. Volcanoes: Volcanic Chains and Earthquakes
    The “Ring of Fire” is marked by the volcanic chains of Japan, Kamchatka, South Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, the Cascade Range of the United States and Canada, Central America, the Andes, New Zealand, Tonga, […]
  14. Natural Hazard: Tsunami Caused by Earthquakes
    Other areas that are prone to the tsunamis include Midwestern and Eastern United States of America and parts of Eastern of Canada, Indian Ocean and East Africa.
  15. Sichuan Earthquake and Recovering as Community Problem
    We plan to give these pamphlets to businessmen in China and we have also uploaded these pamphlets on the internet for all the people around the world to see and to support this great cause.
  16. Public Awareness of Earthquake
    This will mean that the basement that is involved in thickening and shortening is mechanically required to produce the shape of zagros belt.
  17. Earthquake in Haiti and Its Ramifications
    The short-term effects of the earthquake include food shortage, lack of clean water; breakdown of communication, lack of sufficient medical care, closure of ports and main roads, increased mortally, injuries, fires, the spread of communicable […]
  18. Review of Public Meeting Regarded Earthquakes
    This focused meeting held in Port Au-Prince was to formulate the best strategies to help the people of Haiti anticipate, adapt and also recover from the impacts of earthquakes.
  19. Earthquakes: Plate Margins and Causes of Earthquakes
    Therefore, the distance of the fracture will determine the intensity of the vibrations caused by the earthquake and the duration of the effect, that is, shaking the ground.
  20. The Sumatra Earthquake of 26 December 2004: Indonesia Tsunami
    As such, the earthquake resulted in the development of a large tsunami off the Sumatran Coast that led to destruction of large cities in Indonesia.
  21. The Huaxian Earthquake: China’s Deadliest Disaster
    The main reason for the terrible earthquakes consequences was in the absence of a plan for the emergency case. After visiting China later in 1556, he wrote that the given disaster was likely to be […]
  22. Analysis of Damage to Apartment Buildings in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
    In turn, it is a prerequisite for the cataclysms in nature, such as earthquakes and the effect of liquefaction which was particular to the Marina district in the disaster of 1989.

📌 Catchy Titles for Earthquake Essay

  1. The Impact of the California Earthquake on Real Estate Firms’ Stock Value
  2. Technology Is The Best Way To Reduce The Impact Of An Earthquake
  3. Study On Earthquake-Prone Buildings Policy In New Zealand
  4. The Devastating Effects of the Tohuku Earthquake of 2011 in Japan
  5. The Disasters in Japan in 2011: The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
  6. Why Was the Haiti Earthquake so Deadly
  7. Taking a Closer Lookt at Haiti after the Earthquake
  8. The Aftermath Of The Earthquake Of Nepal
  9. The Effects of the Fourth Largest Earthquake in Japan in Problems Persist at Fukushima, an Article by Laurie Garret
  10. The Greatest Loss Of The United Francisco Earthquake Of 1906
  11. The Impact of Hurricane, Earthquake and Volcanoes on Named Caribbean Territories
  12. The Destruction Caused by the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
  13. Foreshock And Aftershocks In Earthquake
  14. The Great San Francisco Earthquake And Firestorm
  15. Scientific And Philosophic Explanation Of The 1755 Lisbon Earthquake
  16. The Haiti Earthquake : Engineering And Human Perspectives
  17. Voltaire And Rousseau : A Byproduct Of The Lisbon Earthquake
  18. The Great East Japan Earthquake’s Impact on the Japanese
  19. Estimating the Direct Economic Damage of the Earthquake in Haiti
  20. What Should People Do Before, During, And After An Earthquake
  21. What to Do Before, During, and After an Earthquake

👍 Research Titles about Earthquake

  1. Valuing the Risk of Imperfect Information: Christchurch Earthquake
  2. The Impact of the Earthquake on the Output Gap and Prices
  3. The Devastating Earthquake Of The United States
  4. The Earthquake Of The Sumatra Earthquake
  5. The Crisis Of The Fukushima Nuclear Plant After An Earthquake
  6. The Impact Of The San Francisco Earthquake Of 1906
  7. The History and Effects of the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami in 2004
  8. The Effects of an Earthquake Ledcs
  9. The Cascadia Earthquake: A Disaster That Could Happen
  10. The Economy in the Aftermath of the Earthquake
  11. The Impact of Earthquake Risk on Housing Market Before and After the Great East Japan Earthquake
  12. Who Benefit from Cash and Food-for-Work Programs in Post-Earthquake Haiti
  13. Macro Effects of Massive Earthquake upon Economic in Japan 2011 to 2013
  14. How the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Shaped Economic Activity in the American West
  15. The Cause of Earthquakes and the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906
  16. The Effect of the Earthquake in Haiti: Global Issues
  17. Understanding How Gigantic Earthquake and Resultant Tsunami Are Being Formed
  18. Why God And The Earthquake Of Haiti Happened
  19. The Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Investors’ Risk and Time Preferences
  20. The Great East Japan Earthquake and its Short-run Effects on Household Purchasing Behavior
  21. Internal Displacement and Recovery from a Missouri Earthquake
  22. Understanding the Causes and Effects of an Earthquake
  23. Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake
  24. The Earthquake That Shook The World In Pakistan

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