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Indices of Permissiveness by Educational Attainment

Like the attempt to give the legal benefits of marriage to couples who could not procreate and have families of their own, Proposition 19 has sparked debate both within the state and across the nation.
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Abu Dhabi Police Department’s Total Quality Management

The central aspects to be covered are considered to be the following: ethics, integrity, training, teamwork, trust, recognition, leadership, and communication; the analysis discloses the depth of management structure and environment developed within Abu Dhabi [...]
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Pennsylvania State Court System

In regard to the terms of the Appellate Court Judges, their length of terms for Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court are 10 years in all cases.
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Top Court Rules Against Police in Search Case

In the case in point, there are several issues which must be considered: in cases of domestic disturbance, who has the right to grant entrance to police; if police enter to protect one occupant, can [...]
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Arbitration. Problems and Issues.

Though this might result in delays and customer may not be able to thoroughly review such information Another disadvantage of arbitration is that the decision of the arbitrator is final and in general one cannot [...]
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Legal Professions: Barristers and Solicitors

In some countries like England, the legal profession is split between the Solicitor whose work is to represent and advise the clients and a Barrister who is retained by a solicitor to give a legal [...]
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Judicial Independence: Why Is It Important?

Judicial independence is the principle that the verdict of the judiciary should be fair, impartial, and honest and not subject to manipulation from other arms of the government or political or private interest.
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“Comparative Judicial Politics” by Ferejohn et al.

Nevertheless, scholars rely on the empirical measuring of judicial independence through the examination of the frequency of governmental actions' overturning by the court and judiciaries' reaction to nationalization.
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Freedom of Speech on Campus

The primary issue identified by the case study is the extent to which free speech can be used and is protected regarding sensitive social aspects and discussions.
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Discrimination in Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

The findings from the inquiry depict a picture of an office that has incompetent deputies and detention officers whose aim is to harass Latino drivers on the highways and arrest innocent members of the community [...]
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Procedural Fairness Issues in Canada

The emergence of the situation took place in 2007 when the Ontario government announced the budget and made the statement about the projected increase in the minimum wage by the end of 2010.
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Dual Court System Definition

After the State Supreme Court or the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, there is the final avenue of appeal, to the United States Supreme Court.
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Justice Administration and Ethical Considerations

As a result, it was rather difficult to grasp the extent to which the changes in the social perceptions of the members of the justice system affect the administration of justice, and how the representatives [...]
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The Supreme Court Saves Cell Phone Privacy

From the article, it is clear that the government advanced an argument that police officers need to be given the power to search cellphones because of the long-established exception to the Fourth Amendment, which makes [...]
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State Court Organization and Structure

The advantages of the unified model are in the fact that they are operationally efficient because of the centralized regulation, effective use of resources, and the efficient approach to organizing the court operations.
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Court Administration Analysis

Whenever, the members of the public vote against the retention of the judge, the governor is required to appoint another judge to fill the position.
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Hiring Police Officers in Five Steps

As a rule, such tests contribute to the applicant's comprehensive evaluation and allow predicting the person's perspective behavior in the framework of police work.
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Basics of Legal Research

Therefore, the spreadsheets could be useful in determining the due date for interrogatories to meet strict deadlines and in constructing billable time databases.
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Diversity Training for Criminal Justice Employees

The key aim of such training consists in the increased diversity awareness; the expected outcome is the lack of discrimination, harassment, and the promotion of a positive, inclusive environment at the workplace.
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Criminal Justice Employees’ Rights and Laws

An employer is expected to comply with privacy requirements, but it is notable that in certain cases, the line between private life and duty is blurred, which may change the attitude of the law to [...]
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Lawyer Profession and Its Prospects

This article is available in the ProQuest database which contains thousands of articles related to criminal justice. The members of this organization can purchase a wide variety of publications on different areas of criminal law.
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Women Working in the Criminal Justice System

There are many women that have opted to purse the carrier on criminal justice as a result of the inspiration to learn about law so that they can effectively apply it in the real life [...]
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Mock Trial Experience at Brooklyn Federal Court

At the first stages of the procedure, the Counsels succinctly and accurately presented the scope of the case. The defendant was accused of murder, but the motives of the crime were unknown.
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Military Law and One Team’s Concept

Third, it oversees the activities of the military and the judiciary, the observance of the disciplinary practices, and the legality of actions in order to determine the legal validity of the decisions taken.
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Process of Preparation for a Trial

The attention to the details is so important because the results of the preparation stage mostly determine the success of the outcomes of the entire process.
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Solicitors and Barristers in the UK Legal System

The UK legal system has many differences in comparison to the legal systems of different countries starting from the existing hierarchy of judicial precedents and ending with the division of the English legal profession into [...]
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Lawyers’ Professional Responsibility and Regulation

The system of justice in the United States is considered to be 'adversarial'; furthermore, it depicts the dependence of the legal action system on the opposing parties to examine, establish, and provide proof and permissible [...]
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American Legal System, Its Role and Functions

The concept of judicial review implies that the decisions of state and federal courts are subject to review and change in cases the decisions violate constitutional rights of the United States citizens or any other [...]
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Negligence in Jones v. Allman: Legal Reasoning

Sarah and the rest of the crew arrived at the scene to prepare for the shoot. Based on the information that was given by Rayonier's representative, the crew had waited for the two trains to [...]
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Alternative Dispute Resolution in the U.S.

Historically, legal dispute resolution and protection of rights of citizens and enterprises have always been the responsibility of the strong and independent branch of the judicial system.
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Lomack v. City of Newark

The court held that the City could apply racial classifications if it was involved in the previous discrimination that led to the imbalance.
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Being the Judge

You have to make sure that you do not take sides during the hearing of the case. Pete Bartel argues out that he should have been given a warning according to the company's policy before [...]
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Law as the Study of Prediction

In his opinion, the study of law is not always related to the assessment of people's moral behavior; more likely, its task is to foresee the forces of law and their effects on an individual [...]
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Benefits of the Counsel

Fifth, the counsel would assist the victim to keep strict court deadlines that are vital in preliminary proceedings to avoid technical or legal disqualification.
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Public Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease

This will be important in the evaluation of the program activities. Lastly, the advocacy approach and the key messages to be passed to the public will be identified.
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“Why Congress Should Legalize Pot”

Jeffrey Miron, the author of the analyzed article, is a director of undergraduate studies and senior lecturer at the Department of Economics at Harvard University and a member of the Cato Institute.
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Value Neutrality

In addition, in the process of opinion expression, a counselor might be biased in a problem approach or may be subjected to stereotyping.
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Personal Jurisdiction of a Court

According to Nebraska Long-arm Statute, any court in the state has the right to exercise personal jurisdiction over any person who directly, or through the help of agents, carries out any business transaction in the [...]
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Right to Counsel

Moreover, the deficiencies of an attorney must not deprive a person of the right to fair trial. To a great extent, this case represents the latest stages in the historical development of the right to [...]
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