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Law Practice Management Essay Examples and Topics

Lawyer Profession and Its Prospects

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Military Law and One Team’s Concept

Third, it oversees the activities of the military and the judiciary, the observance of the disciplinary practices, and the legality of actions in order to determine the legal validity of the decisions taken.

Solicitors and Barristers in the UK Legal System

The UK legal system has many differences in comparison to the legal systems of different countries starting from the existing hierarchy of judicial precedents and ending with the division of the English legal profession into [...]

American Legal System, Its Role and Functions

The concept of judicial review implies that the decisions of state and federal courts are subject to review and change in cases the decisions violate constitutional rights of the United States citizens or any other [...]

Lomack v. City of Newark

The court held that the City could apply racial classifications if it was involved in the previous discrimination that led to the imbalance.

Being the Judge

You have to make sure that you do not take sides during the hearing of the case. Pete Bartel argues out that he should have been given a warning according to the company's policy before [...]

Law as the Study of Prediction

In his opinion, the study of law is not always related to the assessment of people's moral behavior; more likely, its task is to foresee the forces of law and their effects on an individual [...]

Benefits of the Counsel

Fifth, the counsel would assist the victim to keep strict court deadlines that are vital in preliminary proceedings to avoid technical or legal disqualification.

“Why Congress Should Legalize Pot”

Jeffrey Miron, the author of the analyzed article, is a director of undergraduate studies and senior lecturer at the Department of Economics at Harvard University and a member of the Cato Institute.

Value Neutrality

In addition, in the process of opinion expression, a counselor might be biased in a problem approach or may be subjected to stereotyping.

Personal Jurisdiction of a Court

According to Nebraska Long-arm Statute, any court in the state has the right to exercise personal jurisdiction over any person who directly, or through the help of agents, carries out any business transaction in the [...]

Right to Counsel

Moreover, the deficiencies of an attorney must not deprive a person of the right to fair trial. To a great extent, this case represents the latest stages in the historical development of the right to [...]