Taxation Law Essay Examples and Topics

It is essential to keep in mind that essays on taxation law tend to analyze their topic from the perspective of a single state or country. Different areas have varying legislation with regards to income tax.

Comparing them is an excellent way to evaluate a specific situation. The differences in the taxation systems of different countries or states may provide ideas for the essay.

For example, you can try to establish a link between tax levels and employment. To do so, you would need data from several locations with notably different laws.

Make sure to cite relevant laws when making statements or exploring taxation essay topics. Legal topics rely on exact wording and interpretation, and adhering to this practice is an excellent way to avoid mistakes.

However, government documents tend to be long and difficult to read. You may want to find a summary before searching through the text for your topic.

Such a version may even have references to specific articles of the source law. In this case, you will skip the search and go directly to the important material.

Try to avoid comparing different places based on their tax policies alone. Taxes fund governmental programs and change depending on the needs of the area. There are successful countries with high taxation rates that use the money to fund social services.

Other locations with high average incomes employ low taxes and put prices on services such as healthcare. At the same time, do not be afraid to make conjectures about your findings. You may be wrong, but your paper should answer taxation essay questions.

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Principal Ways of Financing the Welfare State

Introduction In a century faced with significant global financial crises, discussing financing welfare state as an issue of urgency has become inevitable. Obscurity in the way in which welfare states are financed has significantly contributed to uncertainty about which policy alternatives are available. Scholars have expressed diverse opinions about the financing mechanisms of the welfare […]

Levy Tariffs On Imports In USA

The government has various ways of collecting its revenue, domestically; it is collected through government bonds, treasury bills and levied taxes. The government through its revenue collection agency levies taxes and duties on various services and commodities sold. This is either through income taxes where workers both in the government and established private companies and […]

Impacts of the Implementation of Australia’s “Carbon Tax”

Introduction The increased need for environmental sustainability within the global perspective has made countries to adopt robust strategies. The effects of global warming and high production levels of carbon have particularly drawn a lot of interests. Countries have extensively debated on the growing concern. Evidently, there have been development and ratification of several policies that […]

Carbon Taxation in Australia

Introduction Several countries practice robust environmental management strategies. There is an urgent need to observe global environmental sustainability. Several protocols and treaties advocate for environmental conservation. This trend is presently notable within the global context. Generally, a higher level of economic development is vital. This is because it results into the advancement of the human […]

Personal Income Tax

Introduction Across the world, governments tax people’s income in order to generate revenue for economic development of nations. It is imperative to note that income tax revenues constitute the biggest percentage of the revenue generated by the government. For instance, in Canada, the biggest share of government revenue comes from personal income at 75% compared […]

Carbon Tax Advantages and Disadvantages in Australia

Introduction Carbon tax is a type of tax levied on the amount of carbon emitted during the burning of fuel (hydrocarbon fuel). It an environmental tax that puts a price on the amount of carbon produced in order to reduce the impact it has on the environment. When fuel burns, the carbon in the fuel […]

Superannuation and Tax

Introduction This is a detailed report on superannuation and tax implications on SMSF (self managed super fund).Superannuation is a project or rather a system that is used in Australia with the aim of securing the old people and their plans in terms of investments. This is where a regular or a repetitive payment is made […]

Definition and Role of the Revenue Policy in Economy

A sound revenue policy is considered an essential component of any strong fiscal management practice. Notably, the revenue policy outlines proper controls for use in budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, the revenue policy outlines how budgetary reconciliations are to be attained. To ensure this is done effectively the government ensures that there is good and proper […]

Fraudulent accounting and tax evasion

In the recent past, high profile cases due to fraudulent accounting and tax evasion have led to substantial changes in the regulations of corporate governance and accounting (Crocker & Slemrod, 2005). Fraudulent accounting and tax evasion has been established as an avenue through which corporations can increase their profits and as such requires increased regulation […]

Social Security in the United States

Social security in the U.S is the most significant income program available for the elderly. However, United States ranks 26th compared to Greece which ranks 3rd in the replacement of the prior earnings. Despite this great variance, Greece has recently had its national debt restructured by the European Union to avoid bankruptcy. The following discussion […]

Government spending and tax legislation signed by the president

Introduction Fiscal policies can be described as policies that governments implement to stimulate their economies. Every government tries to spend within its revenue limit. In fact, rarely do governments spend beyond their income. However, United States has been spending more than its revenue since 1969. This is mainly because it pays interest on the loans. […]

UK Taxation System

In 2008-2009 total UK government receipts have been 37.3% of UK GDP. This is as same as approximately £ 10,900 for every adult or £ 8,900 per person in the UK. The big sources of revenue for the government are Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and VAT (Stuart and James, 2009). The Tax System Income […]

American Tendency of Rising Taxes

Recently, American citizens have witnessed a tendency of rising taxes (Blodget 1). This issue of rising taxes seems to have gained momentum, especially after the financial recession of 2008. Today, many Americans are concerned about the increasing tax levels. The issue of huge taxes has led to declining disposable income, forcing many consumers to struggle […]

Persuasive Piece: A White Paper

Introduction A white paper is an authoritative report or a persuasive piece that is written by government by interest groups and government agencies to influence government policies and legislature. White papers are usually formulated to address specific issues or problems that exist in government policies or laws. White papers are formulated to educate the general […]