Law Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

History of Western Civilization

Introduction Western civilization is anchored in an active interaction of law and justice that perpetually try to find harmony and stability in the gist of unending antagonism and vulnerable dissolution. Civilization has thrived while this counter-point has staggered and crumbled (Plato 69). Greek tradition and misfortune were the reasons for instability. Thus, Aeschylus outlines the […]

Title IX Law

Gender equity has been a challenge to implement in every sector of the economy. Despite the efforts that have been put in place to ensure that gender equity is achieved, men find great favors than women in very many areas. Sports sector is one of the areas where gender equity has not been attained. It […]

Laws and ethics

Comparison between law and ethics Law is defined as legal requirements, which are written down and enforced by relevant government entities such as courts of law. On the other hand, ethics is defined as moral guidelines that govern a person’s behavior when interacting with others or the society in general. Although application of law and […]

Legal ethics

Introduction Legal ethics is an applied form of ethical standards that attempt to assess the nature of behavioral patterns among legal professionals. Hence, recognition of the fact that individuals differ in terms of behavior, cultural value, race and ethnicity is important (Pinnington & Lafferty, 2002). For example, any government will apply legislation in highlighting the […]

Case of David Scott Mathers

Introduction This is a case of David Scott Mathers who suffocated his life partner after realising that her attempted suicide had failed. This is a case of euthanasia where help is given in dying so as to make the death more tolerable. It is also a case of assisted suicide because the deceased Eva Griffith […]

Al-Shafi “Four-source” Theory of Law

Introduction Mohammed Al-Shafi was the founder of the Islamic theory of law. The Islamic law scholars have acknowledged Muhammad Al-Shafi for his contributions towards development of Islamic theory of law. Historians believe that Mohammed Al-Shafi discovered the Islamic theory of law single-handedly. The details of the Islamic theory of law were set out systematically by […]

Omnibus Bills of the National Congress in the US

An omnibus bill refers to a law that is still in the proposal stage but it includes unrelated subjects. Anything can be included in an omnibus bill. The bill itself is a single legislation document that can be passed in one voting session. An omnibus bill usually includes a main subject (for example, budget) but […]

Should Names of Rape Victims be disclosed in Public

Rape, a heinous crime committed against women involves forced intercourse which causes physical and psychological pain to the victim. The aftermath of the crime can continue to be a cause of distress for the victim as a result of police investigations. Rape has a stigma surrounding it and the attention which rape victims receive makes […]

Death and Justice by Edward I. Koch: A Book

Introduction This report is a review of the essay Death and justice by Edward I. Koch. This essay addresses the use of the death penalty as a way of deterring people from engaging in serious criminal offenses such as cold blood murder (Koch 1). Koch uses statements of some of the condemned murderers to show […]

Euthanasia: Your Right to Die?

When the person’s life is full of everyday sufferings because of diseases and there are no perspectives for the recovery, the question of possible euthanasia becomes urgent. The problem of euthanasia is discussed from many perspectives with references to the social, medical, ethical, and religious aspects. There are two opposite visions of the problem which […]

The death penalty: can it ever be justified?

The controversy, surrounding the practice of sentencing criminals to the death penalty, continues to remain an important part of public discourses in Western countries. Partially, this explains why, as of today, this practice is being commonly regarded inappropriate by those politicians/public figures, who strive to gain the reputation of being particularly progressive individuals. Nevertheless, the […]

Ethical Issues for Defense Attorneys and Persecutors

Criminal law obliges the state to enforce criminal justice in a society. It presupposes that most of the people will not commit a crime. If a crime is, nonetheless, committed, it is the duty of the state to investigate it, and punish the person who committed it. The duty of a persecutor is, therefore, to […]

Defamation and Law

Introduction Freedom of speech abuse may lead to harming others as is the case of defamation. Defamation occurs when one person speaks in a bad way concerning another person based on false information. Defamation, therefore, may be viewed as spreading of rumors about a person. Defamation is either a criminal offense or a civil wrong […]

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression refers to the right to express one’s opinions or thoughts freely by utilizing any of the different modes of communication available. The ideas aired should, however, not cause any intentional harm to other personality or status through false or ambiguous statements. Communication of ideas can be achieved through speech, writing or art. […]

Universal Moral and Legal Codes

A legal code is a governing principle that people of a certain society choose to assume as their guide in certain aspects of the society’s existence. All people who are subject to the code in the society are expected to abide by the code, failure to which serious repercussions or punishment are bound to be […]

Animal Cruelty as an Ethical and Moral Problem

Animal cruelty has been defined as the act of intentional and inhumane harm on animals through the act of physical abuse or maltreatment, yet it is often the case that individuals who have been found guilty of such acts, are left off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist or a fine and […]

Death Penalty and Ethics

Introduction Philosophy is a very wide discipline with numerous branches and sub disciplines. Some of the sub disciplines include epistemology, which is the study of knowledge for instance its nature, sources and limitation, ethics on the other hand studies morality for instance what is right or wrong or good or evil. Religion is also an […]

Attorney Client Privilege: Alton Logan’s Law Case

Moral and legal ethics differ significantly. People should not mix up those notions. While moral ethics states that one action is inadmissible, legal ethics assures that there is no other way of dealing with the case. Considering an example of Alton Logan who had to spend 26 years in jail for the crime he did […]