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Law Ethics Essay Examples and Topics

Use of Torture in Gathering Intelligent Information

Is its simple definition, torture refers to the infliction of pain to an individual as a means of interrogation. Torture as a form of interrogation is wrong because of the consequential reasons that it has.
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Importance of Fatwa in Islamic Jurisprudence

Due to the important role of Fatwa in shaping peoples conduct and bringing human action into the sphere of fiqh, Fatwas will always remain a significant influence in the development of Islamic law and jurisprudence.
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Yahoo:Justin Ellsworth Case

Yahoo's refusal to grant email access to the family on account of their policy cannot be a welfare enhancing policy due to the emotional pain it caused the family and as such, it is morally [...]
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Should Psychologists Aid Interrogation?

Therefore, it is the bounden duty of every citizen of the country to provide for services, when required especially in times of war or when the very survival of the country is at stake. Psychologists [...]
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Ethical Issues among the lawyers

On the other hand, in case the lawyer is aware of the truthfulness of the testimony, it should be given in the pursuit of the clients' interests.
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Criminal Justice Ethics Definition

Criminal justice ethics involves all the codes as well as standards that apply to all the concerned parties in the criminal justice system for example attorneys, prosecutors, and the other entire professionals in the criminal [...]
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Importance of Ethics in Homicide Investigation

This means that ethics of homicide investigation are a set of values and standards that the investigators must put in consideration in order to facilitate the process of investigation.
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Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

The significance of values in a business is highlighted by the growing importance of corporate governance. Some ethical issues too arise in the health care in rural areas, and these problems influence the delivery of [...]
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European Union & Court of Justice

The sixth most important developmental trend in the history of Europe has been visualized by Europeanization since the 16th century in a broad historical sense."The primary and overarching objective of EU development cooperation is the [...]
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Police Brutality: Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386

In this essay, a summary of the Graham and Connor case and the decision of the court will be introduced. In case this suggestion is correct, Connor appears as a police officer who failed to [...]
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Ethics in Law: Lawyer Misconduct

However, there was a dire need for standardization of legal practices in regards to the moral foundation of fairness and justice.
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Zero-Tolerance Policies

One of the main arguments for the idea that ZTPs violate students' rights is connected to instances of discrimination. In particular, they may result in students from disadvantaged groups being more likely to partake in [...]
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Ethics in Criminal Justice

The morality of punishing people for their actions will always be a topic that is worth discussion because, in the majority of the cases, no one has the ability to view the issue from a [...]
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  • Words: 558

The Cab Rank Rule and Access to Justice

In light of the fact that the rule aims to support the right of every person to be eligible for representation, Fountain Court Chambers adds that the choice of a lawyer should also be respected [...]
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Defending Guilty: Between Truth and Civil Rights

This dilemma represents the confrontation between the need to expose the truth and the rights of the accused, some of which include the right to counselor privacy and the right against self-incrimination.
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Noble Cause Corruption in Police Officers

One might argue that NCC has a reason to exist as it may serve as the means of safeguarding the wellbeing of the members of the community in dire situations.
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Codes of Ethics, Conduct, and Oaths of Office

As soon as one of the members of the community notices that some of the people break these rules and yet remain dignified members of the community, the positive effect of these oaths and principles [...]
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Hernandez v Hillsides Case Analysis

When checking the computers, the specialist found that the computer in the laboratory and one belonging to Lopez had been used in violation of the email circulated, as they had been used to access pornographic [...]
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Ethical Issues Surrounding Terri Schiavo

In the case of Terri Schiavo, she had not given such directives, on the other hand, her condition was on brain damage and not the heart thus DNR was not applicable.
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Obscene and Indecent Materials

On the contrary, for material to be indecent, it must describe or present sexual content in a manner that that violates the community standards that govern the presentation of such content.
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Private Prisons’ Ethics and Capital-Driven Corruption

The promotion of private prisons in the U.S.context was a response to the identified crisis. Even though there is a slight propensity to justify the idea of private prisons as the tools for containing prisoners [...]
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Ethics in Criminal Justice and Fuller’s Principle

There is also no need in applying professional discretion because the gift in the scenario is just a sign of respect and appreciation of a community member for the service of a police officer in [...]
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Ethics and Character in Law Enforcement: Interview

The attributes of liberty and justice have emerged to safeguard the needs of the greatest majority. According to the respondents, character and ethics were critical aspects in the field of law enforcement.
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Ethics in Criminal Justice: Moral Aspects

Also, it may be necessary to outline the basics of behavior that is acceptable in the workplace. There is also a supposition that an intensification of the organizational strictness may be harmful to trust.
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Ethics, Media and Criminal Justice

The reporting should be handled by the media and not by the punishing governmental body due to the fact that the influence of criminal justice on the news may become a new case of bias [...]
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  • Words: 584

Evaluating Moral Behavior: State v. Steele’ Case

Also, the objectives of the police are to serve the society and to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, to combat crime, and to support public safety and order based on ethics and human [...]
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  • Words: 858

Is It Allowed to Withhold Physical Evidence?

While this warped view of the profession could not be farther from the truth, it is based on one of the fundamental rules of the attorney code of ethics, which establishes faithfulness to the client [...]
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  • Words: 853

Apple vs. Wisconsin University in a Patent Case

The situation that occurred is related to the fact that Apple had for some time been using a special piece of technology patented by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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  • Words: 831

Breach of a Law: Critical Thinking

The case discussed in this paper is an excellent example of an ethical challenge in which one participating company must decide on a course of action including whether to continue as one of the parties [...]
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  • Words: 1379

Core Ethical Values of a Lawyer

The process of values acquisition can be viewed as a lifelong experience, which starts from the moment that early childhood development starts, and up to the point of the demise of one's personality.
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Law: the Morality of the Sweatshops

A closer look at the way in which African sweatshops work will reveal that the introduction of the specified principles into the operation of sweatshops is hardly possible due to the cultural differences between the [...]
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What Is the Difference between Justice and Vengeance?

However, research has confirmed that this is very true only that real justice tries to balance the needs of the society and the victim and the offender. In addition to this, the societal understanding of [...]
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  • Words: 1373

Internet Pornography’s Controlling

The availability of internet to people and similar availability of pornographic contents in the internet has been a factor to the spread and influence of pornography.
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  • Words: 832

Animal Rights: Speciesism

Therefore, the interests of animals should not be ignored simply because they belong to species that are considered inferior to human beings.
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  • Words: 1103

Law Issues: Ethical Scrapbook

People have a right to engage in various activities without the supervision of the government. In some instances, pharmaceutical may fail to obtain informed consent from people who are participating in the testing of various [...]
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  • Words: 855

Law: Court Issue Analysis

The worst scenarios were the in which the interpreters did not even know the name of defendants for half of the entire period of interpretation.
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  • Words: 1036

Change of Position Defense

The defendant, therefore, has the onus to demonstrate to the court that the change of position was in good faith. The court, in this case, assumed a different position by acknowledging that the defense should [...]
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  • Words: 2205

History of Western Civilization

This paper will discuss the main issues in the Euthyphro, the Apology, and the Crito, and how these issues impact the western civilization.
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  • Words: 826

Title IX Law

It is important to note that women are not only disadvantaged in terms of sports participation, but also in administration due to lack of opportunities to train for these careers.
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  • Words: 1952

Laws and ethics

Since the law must be obeyed, it becomes enforceable and that is why institutions such as the police and the judiciary have a duty of enforcing the law.
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Legal ethics

Whichever manner the training is done and irrespective of who undertakes it, the aim should be to support ethical behavior in the organization. Therefore, a conducive environment is required to support ethical behavior in the [...]
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  • Words: 2208

Case of David Scott Mathers

It should be noted that in order to qualify as a highly valuable moral decision, the choice to live should be based on one's moral duty rather than preference or simply fear of the repercussions.
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  • Words: 2219

Al-Shafi “Four-source” Theory of Law

According to Al-Shafi'i's "four-source" theory of law, the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet are the primary sources whereas the Qiyas and the Ijma are the secondary sources of Islamic law.
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  • Words: 1678

Omnibus Bills of the National Congress in the US

The enormity of such bills makes it possible for legislators to "burry" items in an omnibus bill. Attaching this insurance law to a bailout bill is one of the confusions that arise from omnibus bills.
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  • Words: 570

Should Names of Rape Victims be disclosed in Public

Proponents argue that information about the rape victim should be disseminated in an honest and truthful manner while opponents assert that the identity of rape victims should not be revealed given the serious nature of [...]
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  • Words: 880

Death and Justice by Edward I. Koch: A Book

Although the issue of the death penalty is quite controversial, it is the most effective deterrence and the fairest justice that can be done to the victims of the most serious offenses.
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  • Words: 847

Euthanasia: Your Right to Die?

Although both positions can be supported with a lot of arguments, people should change their absolutely negative vision of euthanasia because the right to die with the help of physicians can be considered as one [...]
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  • Words: 629

The death penalty: can it ever be justified?

What it means is that, contrary to the assumption that by executing this kind of criminals, the state simply strives to appease the victims' relatives, the actual aim of the application of the death penalty, [...]
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  • Words: 1922

Defamation and Law

Defamation has been noted to be the issuance of statements which are not true and which are meant to harm the reputation of a person.
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  • Words: 1084

Freedom of expression

For one to be in a position to gauge the eventuality of a gain or a loss, then there should be absolute freedom of expression on all matters irrespective of the nature of the sentiments [...]
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  • Words: 1117

Universal Moral and Legal Codes

The code contains some of the basic rules of human coexistence that are common to most of the societies of the world.
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  • Words: 1546

Animal Cruelty as an Ethical and Moral Problem

It is due to the fact that this paper stresses that actions related to the needless and non-progressive act of animal cruelty should be considered a felony with the appropriate amount of incarceration put into [...]
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  • Words: 569

Death Penalty and Ethics

The arguments for the capital punishment as explained earlier are also extremely weak and the practice of death penalty is morally wrong.
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  • Words: 2159