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Labor Law Essay Examples and Topics

Labor Law Case: Clark v. Missouri

At the time of the accident, the plaintiff was under the control of the defendant. The plaintiff was one of the gang members of the section gang that had been put in charge of this [...]

Foreign Restrictions on Termination

Taking the importance of the preservation of human rights into account, governments of countries that comprise the European Union are interested in the creation of good and effective labor laws that will be able to [...]

Employment Law in Human Resource Practice

In this case, the Bottomless Cup failed in the vetting process and the organization is liable for its employees' conduct. Barry can sue the organization for assault and damages caused in the process and this [...]

Civil Rights Issues in Employment

Though this can amount to defamation, however, cannot be safeguarded under the freedom of academic speech and expression. Therefore, in this case, the freedom of expression and speech of academicians cannot be safeguarded under the [...]

Labor Law: Hardage v. CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

After the ruling in the district court, the plaintiff pursued the matter to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal sustained the decision of the district court and affirmed that CBS Broadcasting was entitled [...]

Putty Sports Inc.’s Employment Contract

As Putty Sports is a company that needs to hire a person experienced in the area of the network that handles, monitors, and automatically responds to billing and shipping needs, it is necessary to compile [...]

Minimum Wage Policy in Canada

In response, according to Tipton et al, the minimum wage policy was put in place to counter the rising poverty level by ensuring that employees in Canada experienced the basic standards of compensation and employment [...]

Union Organizing Process

The process of organizing a union in a company has its rules and outcomes, and this paper aims to discuss the essence of a union creation with its steps, as well as well advantages and [...]

The Fair Labor Standards Act

One of the key provisions of the FLSA is the workers' eligibility for overtime pay. On May 12th, 2016, a complaint was filed by Steven Derrick to the Houston Division of the Southern District of [...]

Freedom in the Workplace of American Society

In the workplace, it is vital to implement freedom-oriented policies that would address the needs of each employee for the successful performance of the company which significantly depends on the operation of every participant of [...]

Racial Discrimination in Employment

This discussion focuses on the issues surrounding the problem of racial discrimination in the workplace. The main law that illegalizes this kind of discrimination is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Lost Vacation Days: Evidence-Based Policy

I would go further to identify both salaried and hourly workers and inform them that the corporation is planning to implement a superior model for rewarding, compensating, and addressing their issues. This means that the [...]

Labor Standards with an International Focus

For instance, the concept of adequate protection that is used throughout the international labor standards convention is not defined with a sufficient degree of precision to be used as an enforceable norm, and therefore cannot [...]

Child Labor Analysis

In the situation when there is no chance to get a high-quality education, sometimes a work may help children to acquire skills necessary to succeed in the future.

Occupational Safety and Health Act

There are quite many exempts from the Occupational Safety and Health Act as the management is often free from many provisions of the act due to the peculiarities of the industry companies operate in.

Legal Working Age and Hours Limits

This paper aims to prove that the minimum age should be changed to be eighteen years old for employment with unlimited hours and twenty-one for jobs that are hazardous to one's health.

Human Resource Laws

The Act prohibits the discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, and disability and allows employees to seek compensation if they were subject to intentional discrimination.

Workplace Discrimination and Legislation in the US

Therefore, attempts to discriminate employees by firing them, not because they are unable to deliver on their job mandates, but based on the context of their disability, genetic information discrimination, retaliation, or physical attractiveness breaches [...]

Legislation of Manager-Employee Relations

Among the laws that have seriously advanced relations between managers and employees, one can highlight the Norris-LaGuardia Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Whistleblower Protection Act. The main purpose of the Norris-LaGuardia Act [...]

Employment Agencies and the Labor Law

This was reflected in the quality of the provided services: the agencies were often mistreating their clients and engaging in abusive practices, taking advantage of the unfavorable situation on the labor market.

The Need in Labor Legislation

After this investigation, three examples of the use of labor laws are provided at the end of the paper. On the other hand, the absence of labor laws is supposed to hasten the economic growth [...]

Labor Laws and Unions

The union leaders hold a meeting to discuss serious employees issues such as working conditions and outlay changes needed in employee-employer contract.

Justifications of the Vicarious Liability

The rationale for the vicarious liability lies in the contractual relationship that binds the employee and employer. According to Lord Millet, vicarious liability is a mechanism of the loss distribution.

Employment Law Compliance Plan

In India, the increasing employee expectations have resulted in the weakening of authority, more attention to work ethics and an increased number of activists in the employment sector. Therefore, to retain employees in India, it [...]

Employment-at-will Doctrine in South Carolina

In the absence of any modification, the laws open employees to the vulnerability of sudden or arbitrary dismissals. While employers can fire employees for any reason at will, common law exceptions to the rule prohibit [...]

Labor and Work Importance in the Global Economy

The U.S.labor unions, businesses, and governments can learn a lot about industrial relations practices in the UK. There are numerous lessons that the labor unions and other business sectors in the U.S.can learn from this [...]

Child Labor in Turkish Cotton Industry

The global initiatives pertaining to child labor have been successful to a great extent in reducing the instances of child labor in the developing countries. Among the workers who work in the fields, the percentage [...]