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Labor Law Essay Examples and Topics

Workplace Discrimination and Legislation in the US

Therefore, attempts to discriminate employees by firing them, not because they are unable to deliver on their job mandates, but based on the context of their disability, genetic information discrimination, retaliation, or physical attractiveness breaches [...]

Legislation of Manager-Employee Relations

Among the laws that have seriously advanced relations between managers and employees, one can highlight the Norris-LaGuardia Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Whistleblower Protection Act. The main purpose of the Norris-LaGuardia Act [...]

Employment Agencies and the Labor Law

This was reflected in the quality of the provided services: the agencies were often mistreating their clients and engaging in abusive practices, taking advantage of the unfavorable situation on the labor market.

The Need in Labor Legislation

After this investigation, three examples of the use of labor laws are provided at the end of the paper. On the other hand, the absence of labor laws is supposed to hasten the economic growth [...]

Labor Laws and Unions

The union leaders hold a meeting to discuss serious employees issues such as working conditions and outlay changes needed in employee-employer contract.

Justifications of the Vicarious Liability

The rationale for the vicarious liability lies in the contractual relationship that binds the employee and employer. According to Lord Millet, vicarious liability is a mechanism of the loss distribution.

Employment Law Compliance Plan

In India, the increasing employee expectations have resulted in the weakening of authority, more attention to work ethics and an increased number of activists in the employment sector. Therefore, to retain employees in India, it [...]

Employment-at-will Doctrine in South Carolina

In the absence of any modification, the laws open employees to the vulnerability of sudden or arbitrary dismissals. While employers can fire employees for any reason at will, common law exceptions to the rule prohibit [...]

Labor and Work Importance in the Global Economy

The U.S.labor unions, businesses, and governments can learn a lot about industrial relations practices in the UK. There are numerous lessons that the labor unions and other business sectors in the U.S.can learn from this [...]

Child Labor in Turkish Cotton Industry

The global initiatives pertaining to child labor have been successful to a great extent in reducing the instances of child labor in the developing countries. Among the workers who work in the fields, the percentage [...]

Labour Law in the Book: “Behind the Label”

In this regard, Bonacich and Appelbaum define the importance of the spread of capitalism with respect to globalization and trade flow shifts showing that it is the influx-efflux mechanics that have culminated in the increase [...]

Lanning versus SEPTA

Overall, the appeals court affirmed the district's court ruling that the perceived disparate impact on female candidates for failing the fitness test run could not be ruled as a discriminatory employee selection practice but as [...]

White Collar Job

The important things in white collar jobs do differ with the specific type of job and are even changing with the advent of technological developments.

Responsibilities of Employers to Employees

For instance the needs assessed by the employer for training or refreshing the skills of the employee give the impression on goals attainment and duty-of-care by the employer. The paradigms of the responsibilities of the [...]

Succesorship vs. Accretion

On the other hand, accretion refers to the addition of transferred employees to an existing bargaining unit due to changes in the operations or structure of an organization.

Child Labor

Improvements to labor laws and an intensified focus on the human rights issue that child labor represents in more recent years have diminished the prevalence of child labor somewhat.

Human Resource Management Acts

The aim of any human resource department, therefore, should be geared toward making the most of the output of the firm by way of optimizing the efficiency of its staff while at the same time [...]

Workers` Compensation Problem

Its main function is to watch the rights of workers to be preserved. First of all, it should be recommended for a person to act in accordance with the laws accepted in the company.

Employee Mistreatment in Qatar

The ministers of interior affairs and labor met at the country's headquarters in Doha to announce the new changes, a move that was seen to respond to the piling pressure from the international community.

Violations of Labor Rights of Workers

Murphy states that the situation of the workers is embarrassing both to the football federation and to the mother country. The material covered in the article is an example of the many cases of violations [...]

Unfair Labor Practices

Furthermore, it is wrong for government officials to profit from the activities of MNCs, when they have a duty to protect their vulnerable workers in the first place.

Employment Laws

The article below focuses on the impacts of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on organizations as highlighted in the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law.

Racial Discrimination at the Workplace

The main change that is discussed in this essay is the introduction of legislation that will see the creation of a special authority that is aimed at guaranteeing the freedom of all workers at the [...]

Labor-Related Laws in US

Current labor laws are capable of dealing with labor-management problems because it protects the interest of the workers and the general public.

Labor Issues: Employment at Will

The firing of employees has been in the rise due to the need for ensuring high performance. The principal is liable for the actions of an agent that lead to court suit if they are [...]

Australian Employment Welfare

For political reasons, the government paid special attention to the increase in employment among young people and the offering of employee welfare and benefits "sweetened" the deal.

Businesses Engaging in Child Labour

They claimed that child labor practices were against the precepts of their company and international labor laws. Fairtrade International admitted that they were informed of the allegations of child labor in the cotton farms.

70-Hour Workweek Dangers

In conclusion, there are numerous people who work for extremely long hours to improve the organization at the expense of their health, families, and social life.

Child Labor Issue

They are forced to depend on manual jobs for the rest of their lives, ultimately leading to child labor in each generation, more poor children and more communities with undercutting wages.

Gilliland-Moore Wines. Legal Advice

Some of the legal and ethical issues that Gilliland-Moore wines must observe include the following: Age Discrimination- the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 forbids biasness against applicants of 40 years of old or [...]

The Position of Wage Labor in the United States

Therefore, the paper reveals how the collaboration of the political goodwill and the restructuring of unions through proper legislative and administrative policy has promoted and fundamentally improved workers' interests, hence, improving the position of wage [...]

The Issue of Workplace Equity

Although it is not easy for an entire institution to be fair to all employees in every aspect, it is the responsibility of senior managers to be the ambassadors of equity in all their decisions [...]

McDonald V Santa Fe Trail Transportation

Finally, it is also based on whether the participation of the white employees in the misappropriation of the cargo rendered them more unqualified for employment as compared to the black employee, Jackson White's involvement in [...]

The Effects of Labor Unions on Employees

Prior to the formation of labor unions, many employers had the tendency to exploit their employees by failing to provide proper working conditions and also giving them a considerably low pay in comparison to the [...]

Equal Opportunity and the Law

Consequently, this paper intends to analyze the linkage between the prerequisite for having equal opportunities for employees within organizations to the assumed accrued benefits.