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White Collar Job Research Paper

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White collar jobs simply refers to the kind of jobs that are performed in offices and do not require manual performance. They include clerical jobs, managerial and secretarial related jobs. In simple terms they are jobs which do not involve manual labor. Clerical jobs have been used as the best definition and the perfect example of white collar jobs.

Manual jobs are generally referred to as blue collar jobs. However, with the advancement of technology, the distinction between white and blue collar jobs might be unclear to some especially due to the kind of responsibilities that scientists and other professionals have that may be regarded to some as manual jobs.

How to become a white-collar worker

We can strive to become white collar workers through many ways. Many of the white collar workers are professional workers in their specific fields and have extensive experience on the same. For instance a job such as off,ice accounting an and auditing require qualified personnel with prior experience on the responsibilities involved.

Thus, in order to become white collar workers, we need to acquire knowledge on the different professional fields (Clara 1). However, professional knowledge and experience are not the only ways through which we can get white collar jobs. As a matter of fact, creative and innovative thinking can get one a prestigious white collar job even without the ordinary professionalism which is acquired in the classroom.

This is because entrepreneurs and other cooperate bodies are beginning to realize that the personal attributes of young motivated individuals are greater assets to their businesses than simple classroom knowledge which may lack room for improvement and creativity.

As many people are venturing into private white collar jobs, the myth of the selected few for the jobs is changing because any innovative and creative individual with the zeal to achieve goals can now successfully engage in white collar jobs even without the professional/educational knowledge.

Important things for white collar jobs

The important things in white collar jobs do differ with the specific type of job and are even changing with the advent of technological developments. For instance, due to the use of computers in almost all white collar jobs today, the technological skill on computer use is a very essential tool for a white collar job seeker.

However, the depth of such skills may differ depending on the job. For instance, an administrative secretary does not require as much computer skills as a data analyst or a software programmer. Basic use of internet is also important in today’s white collar jobs as businesses are using may social media sites to communicate with their clients and other beneficiaries. Government offices are also using them as an easy way of keeping in touch with the public.

Another very important aspect of attaining white collar jobs is the possession of universal yet very transferrable skills (Dempsey 1). These skills are geared towards achievement of set goals and hence they are as important as the goals themselves.

Ability to work under pressure or limited supervision, being resourceful, multitasking skills, ability to think critically and above all, a positive attitude towards one’s responsibilities are some of the most important things which make a good white collar worker. Becoming a white collar worker requires commitment through networking and making constant connections with potential and most importantly, valuable contacts.

How to keep white collar jobs

With the rates of unemployment increasing by day, keeping jobs is as important as finding them. However, this is not an easy task as it may prove to be more difficult than getting the job itself. The most important aspect of keeping a white collar job is through performance.

This involves execution of one’s duties and responsibilities in a manner that results to more production. With many private businesses being developed, white collar workers in such jobs are actually faced with the challenge of meeting the production levels set by their employers since most of them are profitable organization. As a result, these white collar jobs are maintained depending on performance which is measured by the amount of profits that workers pull into the businesses.

In order for white collar workers to keep their jobs, they need to be creative thinkers and strive to incorporate various skills and information into the business. White collar employers are more pleased with workers who demonstrate self-motivation and those who undertake prospect initiatives. This is because most of the white collar jobs are more or less related to managerial responsibilities.

Workers who lack self-motivation and are always waiting on instructions from others are more likely to lose their white collar jobs especially in the private sector since it lacks job security on the part of the worker opposed to government jobs which have laws protecting the interests of the workers (Davidson 1).

In simpler terms, white collar workers should show endless efforts geared towards achieving the goals of their respective businesses. Additionally, personal attributes should also prevail including self-respect, hard work, responsible personality, politeness, professional physical presentation among others.

Importance of education level in white collar jobs

All white collar jobs require certain levels of education from prospective workers. This is because they are professional jobs and require one to have specific amount of knowledge and skills in a particular field. For instance, a data analysts needs to have an education background in computer science or related education qualification.

Even if one has all the other positive personal attributes about the job but no education qualification, it is impossible for that person to perform the duties of a data analyst without the knowledge of the computer and the various software programs used in analyzing data. Education level is the most considered factor by employers today with preference being given to those with higher education levels.

In fact, university degrees have become so common and usual that graduates are hardly considered in many jobs because more and more people have pursued other education qualifications such as master’s degrees and other post graduate courses. Education level is important in white collar jobs as it determines the skill levels of prospective workers (Peteers 1).

This is because different job descriptions for white collar jobs require particular skills and knowledge. It is precisely for this reason that various courses have been availed in colleges and universities to prepare different people for the different white collar jobs out there.

As much as education level is important in white collar jobs, experience is equally important. Besides the basic knowledge acquired in class, white collar jobs require persons with practical experience on the specific fields of work. This is because the actual work in the field may seem difficult and quite challenging than how it appeared in the classroom.

Additionally, not everything is taught in classroom and most of these things we have to learn by ourselves during the actual field work. This is why prior experience on a specific job gives one the go ahead to perform duties without any setbacks. On the other hand, fresh job seekers from school may need to undergo some training which the employing company may not have time or resources for. As a matter of fact, many employers are stating clearly that they need experienced professionals when advertising for jobs.

Some may even require experience of a specific time frame (Scott 1). Due to this factor, many university graduates end up unemployed because of lack of experience despite having education qualifications in many jobs. However, what the governments and other cooperate organizations are trying to do to solve this problem is creating graduate training programs where fresh graduates are deployed to undergo professional training for specific periods of time after which they get full and permanent employment in the same organizations.


In addition to education level and experience, I think passion towards a particular field of work is also important in white collar jobs. This is because many people have the wrong education qualifications. Many young people are going to colleges and universities without the slightest idea of what they want to do, and they end up making the wrong career choices.

Therefore, many young people have required education levels or particular white collar jobs, but they lack the interest and passion in particular fields. Such workers will not perform excellently as they would if they were in another field of job which interests them most. In conclusion, all factors and aspects associated with white collar jobs should be considered not only by employers but also by job seekers based on performance capabilities.

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