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Criminal Law Essay Examples and Topics

Anti-Cosa Nostra Law Enforcement Strategies

To investigate the organized crime activities of Cosa Nostra, I will use the following tools and law enforcement strategies. During investigations, informants can provide information on; the nature and organization of the organized crime group, [...]

Criminal Lawyers, Informants and Evidence

Faulty eyewitness identification, especially when the eyewitness to the crime is not able to properly recollect the perpetrator's identity during the pre-trial identifications and the justice processes may affect the verdict of a case.

Sentencing and Punishment in the US

The purpose of this paper is to prove that in the case with non-violent crimes, determinate sentencing does not reduce crime, encourages social isolation upon release, increases chances of the transformation of a relatively benign [...]

UAE Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Their Benefits

The legal maintenance of counteraction to the legalization of criminal incomes is carried out by means of a system of laws and regulations, controlling financial, bank, and customs relations and establishing the order of licensing [...]

Gang Violence: Criminal Justice Research

The primary purpose of the article in question was to explore "processes and mechanisms" that contributed to the escalation of gang violence as well as its spread. The researcher tried to answer the question concerning [...]

Ponzi Scheme by Callahan and Manson

Despite the unprofitable nature of the Panoramic View, which is a development consisting of several beachfront apartments, Callahan and Manson went ahead and sunk millions of dollars in this unprofitable investment, an act that resulted [...]

Criminal Law, Immunity and Conviction

It is up to the court to make a judgment after determining the mens rea of the perpetrator. Their reasoning, therefore, cannot be compared to the argument of a defendant that is mentally competent.

Criminal Defenses and Criminal Punishments

In the context of criminal defenses, there are at least three major topics that require a more in-depth discussion, and these include: double jeopardy; the nature of the court's application of the adversarial system of [...]

Sex Offender Registry Reforms

However, the current social realities and experience gained from the use of the registry have presented certain practical challenges and an incentive for the potential amelioration of its purpose. The cost of operation for facilities [...]

Life-Course Theory Analysis

It is interested in the fluidity of one's behavior and the process of change. The authors point out that while other factors are also crucial to the process of developing offending behavior, one's ethnicity and [...]

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Even though it is not a direct representation of sexual harassment, this aspect of the issue cannot be ignored because employees have access to social media not only at home but also in the workplace.

Reforms to Sex Offender Registry

The purpose of the new system would be to essentially filter registrants on their risk of reoffending, violent crime, or other factors which may endanger the safety or well-being of the public.

Crimes Against Persons: Theory and Doctrine

Depending on a jurisdiction in which the crime has occurred, the man's actions could be prosecuted as an assault, as there were a criminal act and a specific intent; moreover, the victim apprehended the possibility [...]

Precious Masterpieces Forgery and Selling

One of the recent occurrences that undermined the reputation of art connoisseurs was the case of the Russian billionaire who has been using the services of the antiquarian Yves Bouvier during the past ten years.

Public and Private Prisons

The purpose of jails is to confine the offenders so as to ensure their safety, that of the prison personnel, visitors, and society in general.

White-Collar Crimes Causes

In conclusion of the argument about the individual perspective with regards to white-collar crime, it is worth mentioning that the levels self-control to refrain from offending in combination with the characteristics mentioned above predicted whether [...]

Pretrial Justice Institute

It was demonstrated that pretrial motions have a significant impact on the outcome of the trial, including the sentence length, as well as on the rate of criminal activity before and after the conclusion of [...]

Action to Reduce Mass Incarceration in Florida

The State of Florida falls in the 10th position in terms of incarceration. It advocates for the necessity to bring the rates down beginning with states with the highest rates of incarceration, namely, Louisiana and [...]

Civil Lawsuits: Restitution

In the end, the reflection is offered to portray the effect of transferring the lawsuits to the court on the mental stability of the victim and highlight the existence of civil litigation in the future.

United States vs Shark Fins Case

It describes the civil forfeiture in admiralty law that is connected with the stop and search of the King Diamond II by the Navy ship while it was in the international waters, during which a [...]

Criminal Justice Policy in Action

The basis of research on the issue of wrongful convictions is supported by a number of articles that address this criminal justice misconception from a number of perspectives and define police misconduct as one of [...]

Criminal vs. Civil Cases and Punishment

One of the main differences between the two types of cases is the terms of their punishment. The standard is very high because the crimes are highly severe and the legal liability of criminal cases [...]

Community Corrections and Criminal Justice

Community corrections are the topic that has been the easiest to understand because, unlike other aspects of criminal justice, this is the area of the administration of punishment that is the most familiar to me.

Prison Overcrowding: A Persistent Problem

It was found that overcrowding contributed to the reduction of the mental well-being of prisoners and the correctional staff; nevertheless, there was no relationship between the decrease in crime rates and the increase in the [...]

Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights

Though being only parts of the grand system, the Procedural Law and the Bill of Rights create the environment in which handling the issues occurring in the legal field of the U.S.becomes a possibility.

Ignition and Burning Processes

For this reason, the given article presents a theoretical framework needed to understand the nature of fire, its main physical properties, three basic elements that make up a fire triangle, the oxidation process, and factors [...]

Arsonists and Types of Motives

The elements of proof for arson include motive, evidence of ownership, malicious intent, and presence of fire. The elements necessary to prove arson include malicious conduct, presence of fire, and ownership of property.

The Novandon Fur Warehouse’s Fire

The analysis of the case of fire indicates that arson was the cause because the fire started in every part of the warehouse and the fire alarm was disconnected to prevent early warning.

Exclusionary Rule: Benefits and Liabilities

The Exclusionary rule is based on the rights granted to the United States citizens by the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution that was designed to protect the right of the American citizens "to be secure [...]

Examining the Exclusionary Rule

The aspects that may shock the conscience of the court include the setting up of the cocaine dealer to obtain evidence, searching the prostitute without her consent, and requesting the prostitute to plant the vial [...]

Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice

If one is to discuss the issue with the senior management of the organization in which the crime occurred, there is a high chance that the issue will not be taken as seriously due to [...]

Identity Theft Crimes in the United States

Regarding to the elementary and intensified types of identity theft, the law states that the defending individual's knowledge will be evaluated in a form of an assessment of all conditions of his or her use [...]

Louisiana’s Sentencing Model and Alternatives

The notion of the indeterminate sentence is based on the expectations that the act of imprisonment will re-educate some criminals. The key benefit of indeterminate sentencing is that the criminals who demonstrate the ability to [...]

Community-Oriented Policing in the United States

Nonetheless, there are several serious implications inherent in the processes of the development and application of criminal justice policies that critically impact the everyday life of US citizens. The long-term goal of the current government [...]

Post-Trial Process in Criminal Law

Conversely, if a judge becomes conscious of the fact that a verdict is inaccurate, they may allow conducting a new hearing to escape the defendant's petition and an obligation to reverse the verdict of the [...]