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Criminal Law Essay Examples and Topics

Post-Trial Process in Criminal Law

Conversely, if a judge becomes conscious of the fact that a verdict is inaccurate, they may allow conducting a new hearing to escape the defendant's petition and an obligation to reverse the verdict of the [...]

Hate Crimes: Effective Sentencing Option

However, the sophistication of the coherent society and the great attention given to various humanistic issues result in the appearance of several factors that might be considered mitigating circumstances. For this reason, it is possible [...]

Community Policing in the United States

The application of community policing in the Bronx and Florida described in these two cases refers to the differences between the times when the authors of these texts served as police officers and their knowledge [...]

Police Ethics and Misconduct

In the first place, according to the Code of Ethics, the police officer has to be a representative of the law enforcement system and "protect the constitutional safeguards".

Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule

In my opinion, exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule should only be made in the few cases where there is no other way to obtain evidence and only on the grounds of the probable cause, supported [...]

European Union Anti-Money Laundering Directive

Its full name is Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and the Council on the prevention of the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing 2015/849 of the European Parliament and [...]

Sex Tourism, Legal Issues, Benefits, Threats

In covering the benefits and shortcomings of sex tourism, the paper will try to establish whether sex tourism is something that is ethical and desirable in society. The analyses of the legal aspect of sex [...]

UAE Cybercrime Policy and Its Effects

However, the lack of information regarding the concept of cybercrime, the ways of inhibiting it and the tools that the UAE society can use to prevent cybercrimes are not completely obvious.

Use of Force in Law Enforcement

This paper discusses the use of force by law enforcement officers and attempts to explain why it is necessary to allow the use of force in the enforcement of law and administration of justice.

Constitutional Amendments Influencs on Courts

This essay analyses the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth amendments of the American constitution, their application to the adult and the juvenile court proceedings, and their influence on the routine court procedures.

Florida’s Prisoner Aging Problem

The main idea of the article is the current problem regarding the growing number of elderly prisoners in Florida's prisons. In addition, the author notes that the problem needs a flexible solution that will lower [...]

Presumption of Innocence in Palestine

According to Al-Kisswani, the Presumption of Innocence Law is used to ensure that there is fairness in the process of prosecution, and that the accused will only be considered guilty after the prosecution has proven [...]

Globalization and Criminal Justice Policy

In the end, globalization ends up affecting the criminal justice system of the country. To combat the increase in drug trafficking, the criminal justice policy of the country enforces stringent penalties on any drug peddler [...]

Crimes Classification in American Criminal Law

On the other hand, a criminal action involves the state or society bringing a case against the accused party in the determination of whether the latter committed the offence in question, thereby leading to punishment [...]

Witness and Victim Rights

Thus, bystanders should be free to bear witness of the victimizing circumstances to enable the victims receive appropriate assistance and for the public to prevent future occurrence of the same.

Criminal Justice in Canada

This type of sentencing is based on the philosophy that the offender should maintain close family ties, be productive in the workplace, and actively participate in the community programs that are available to him/her. The [...]

La Cosa Nostra Organized Crime

Available criminology scholarship demonstrates that La Cosa Nostra, also referred to as the mafia, the mob, the outfit, the office, and the family, was by any standards the most prominent criminal organization in the United [...]

Communicating with Gang Members

Perhaps, the most likely achievement that can be attained by prison authorities is to minimize coordination and communication between different categories of gangs.

Drug Policy Dilemma

Legalizing the use of drugs would mean that the production, distribution, and sale of drugs would not be prohibited. This is due to the fact that drug trafficking across the borders brings about a lot [...]

Prison Gang

It is obvious that if there are two or more gangs on the territory of a prison they are going to fight for the sphere of influence.

Inmate Riots and Disturbances

The second group of factors is associated with the peculiarities of the prison management which can be effective or ineffective to control the development of riots and disturbances.

Cybercrime as the Top IT Threat

Cybercrime refers to a crime of any kind that involves the combination of a network and a computer. If the threat is not dealt with, every crime that constitutes a cybercrime could lead to a [...]

Pro-Gun Control

Proponents argue that the more uncontrollably the government continues to allow firearms' possession to the public, the higher the chances of acquisition by the 'high risks groups' and hence threatening the public security.

Sexual Harassment in Workplace

Mark is very upset that he did not get the promotion and has decided to go to the EEOC to report that he is being discriminated against and that you are retaliating against him because [...]

Brian Terry’s Death

Relation of Brian's death to the Bureau It is indeed very clear that the death of Brian is not a natural one and the first and almost a sure proof is that of the forensics [...]

Aging Offenders in Prison

The increased number of elderly inmates is partly due to the introduction of longer sentences in the 1970s and 1980s as US took a tough approach to crime.

Intensive Supervision Definition

Intensive supervision is implemented in order to support an offenders need for rehabilitation and help them start living a new safer life, as well as to ensure the security of the communities around and the [...]

Brady’ Act Analysis

The thesis of this paper was to determine whether the enactment of the Brady Act has a significant effect on the rates of homicide and suicide in the USA.

Guns Usage in the United States

The American society also has divided opinions on the issue of gun ownership and use in the continent. Even with the great benefits of gun-use in the US, the situation also drawbacks in the society.

The Right to Possess Firearms

The right to own firearms is one of the fundamental human rights entrenched in the American Constitution. Additionally, the right to own firearms facilitates the implementation of the right to life.

Prison Overcrowding

As mentioned in the introduction, building more prisons is just one of the many solutions to the problem of overcrowding in prisons.

Historical Criminal Justice Theories

Moreover, the study of these theories can demonstrate some of the principles that govern the work of law-enforcement agencies. It should be noted that this person attached much importance to the training of law-enforcement officers.

Death Penalty – Criminal Law

Costs of the death penalty show that instead of the death penalty leading to a decrease in the cost of administering justice, it has led to an increase in the cost incurred when compared with [...]

The Crime Fighting Evolution

The Homeland Security Act led to the creation of the United States Department of Homeland Security as well as the newly formed cabinet level vacancy of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Controlling Organized Crime

In some instances, law enforcement officers have to get court orders first before they are allowed to search the premises of criminal suspects and this makes it difficult for them to stop different criminal incidents [...]

Social Institution and Organized Crime

Lastly, in terms of theoretical underpinnings, it is argued that relative deprivation and social control theoretical perspective are most applicable to the perspective of social inclusion as it relates to organized crime.

Victims and Crime Evaluation

Both the criminal and victim have rights, and the prosecutor coordinates with the defense attorney to ensure the court protects the rights. Victimization is the most common element in the criminal justice system that is [...]

Personal Crimes

On the other hand, the states refer to statutory rape that refers to the illegal sexual contact between an adult and a minor.

Law: Court Purposes and Responsibilities

As a result, courts are empowered to use the law to defend the weak and defenseless in society. All judicial officers and other professionals that work in the justice system are required to adhere to [...]

Criminal Law: Community Reintegration of Prisoners

This paper discusses some of the methods that can be used to counter these barriers and ensure the successful community reintegration of prisoners. The successful reintegration of prisoners into society is crucial to the safety [...]