Criminal Law Essay Examples and Topics

Rehabilitation and Correction Philosophy

Introduction of rehabilitation and correction philosophy was the best step when providing fairness and justice to all. In essence, this was meant to modify peoples’ perspectives through rectifying their crimes and civil mistakes committed against other people. In this regard, great changes have occurred within the last few decades in this field of corrections. These […]

Correction Trends Evaluation

Introduction Correctional service departments play an important role in the criminal justice system. There have been different trends which have influenced the operations of correctional service systems in the U.S to make them well equipped to handle convicted offenders. Over the years, they have been forced to adapt to legislative changes introduced by the government […]

Minority Juveniles and False Confessions

Introduction Over the years, cases of increasing unlawful convictions have been blamed on untruthful admissions (Johnson & Hunt, 2000; Leighton & De la Vega, 2007; Lynn, 2008; Gross et al., 2005; Hartney, 2006). False confession can be described as the admission of culpability in which the confessor does not bear any responsibility for the crime […]

The Right to Possess Firearms

The right to own firearms is one of the fundamental human rights entrenched in the American Constitution. Gun laws in America have been constrained by the court interpretation of the American Constitution (Dowlut, 2013). In 1789, the US government passed the Second Amendment. “The historical evidence surrounding the acceptance of the Second Amendment indicates that […]

Prison Overcrowding

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of overcrowding in prisons. It seeks to explore the topic by looking at ways of solving the problem of overcrowding in prisons. It is argued that the problem cannot be solved by building more prisons alone but rather, building more prisons is just one of the many […]

Historical Criminal Justice Theories

Critical analysis of the theories It is possible to distinguish several criminal justice theories that are closely related to organizational management; for example, one can speak about the work of such people as Orlando Wilson, August Vollmer, Max Weber, and Mary Belle Harris. Their ideas can throw light on the way in which criminal justice […]

Criminal Law: Violence Against Disadvantaged Societies

Oppression in the form of systematic violence against underprivileged communities causes individuals to live in perpetual fear of unprovoked and random attacks against them or their property. Some random attacks lack definite motives but cause destruction of property and humiliation of individuals from disadvantaged societies. Violence perpetrated against disadvantaged groups is widespread and takes various […]

Death Penalty – Criminal Law

This essay opposes the use of the death penalty as deterrence against homicides. Abrahams argues that the death penalty is an ineffective deterrence from homicides because it has failed to bring down the number of homicides, but has proved to be very expensive compared with long term imprisonment (1). A report by Radelet and Lacock […]

Sould the Death Penalty be Abolished?

Introduction Criminal justice systems have faced criticisms regarding the implementation of the death penalty. Even though they try to ensure that this process is conducted in a humane way, it has still not gained acceptance by many people and organizations (Bedau 2011). In addition, states are now becoming cautious in administering this punishment. This essay […]

Crime Issues: Objectives of Punishment and Sentencing

State and federal objectives of punishment One of the key objectives of the criminal justice system is to punish someone for the wrong they have committed. People who adhere to this school of thought are not overly concerned about the future of their decision. Their primary concern is to the right a wrong. Some of […]

Realms of Restorative Justice and Wrongful Conviction

Introduction There have been lots of examples of punishment of innocent people, which is regarded as unacceptable in contemporary society. Thus, realms of restorative justice and wrongful conviction come into play. Latimer et al. (2005, p. 127) claim that restorative justice “is emerging as an increasingly important element in mainstream criminological practice” as people try […]

The Crime Fighting Evolution

The USA Patriot Act refers to legislation created in the United States Congress through an act which was enacted into law by the president at that time called George W. Bush. This occurred on October 26, 2001. This law was acting as a rejoinder to the terrorist ambush on September 11, 2001, and greatly lifted […]

Controlling Organized Crime

Organized crime affects law enforcement efforts in many countries. As a result, governments need to come up with effective enforcement strategies that are responsive to evolving crime trends. Organized crime is a form of crime that is committed by sophisticated criminal networks which engage in different forms of illegal conspiracies. Organized crime creates an environment […]

Social Institution and Organized Crime

Throughout the world, research has reliably demonstrated that organized criminal groups operate and act within the context of the social institution, implying that they have specific basic attributes such as objectives, interaction, social structure and management (Yarmysh, 2001). In line with the social institution tradition, the goals and objectives of organized criminal groups are usually […]

Informal Justice Systems in England and Wales

Introduction Conflict is one of the many phenomena that characterize a society. It is important to note that it is hard to find a society that exists without conflicts in one form or the other. However, the nature of the conflicts, as well as their intensity, varies from one society to the other. Also, the […]

Victims and Crime Evaluation

Most criminal justice systems, despite being relatively flawed, offer aggrieved individuals the best platform for accessing justice. Suspects and victims can resolve their differences through these systems. All branches of government depend on the criminal justice system to mitigate crime and uphold social control. The criminal justice system consists of the following departments: legislative, corrections, […]

Personal Crimes

Rape and Statutory Rape Rape and statutory rape are some of the major forms of violence against women and minors. The two crimes involve illegal sexual contact. California and New York refer to rape as illegal sexual intercourse that involves force or coercion (Travis, 2003). Rape involves adults. On the other hand, the states refer […]

Criminal Law: Blood Money from the Human Organs Sale

In the video, an investigation conducted revealed that the Chinese military has been engaging in the sale of human organs for several years dating back to 1890s. The prisoners are often executed and their organs, especially the kidneys, taken to the United States to be sold to the needy clients. The issue raises various ethical […]

Criminal Law: Adolescent Sex Offend

Introduction Adolescence is a crucial development stage in human beings. Teenagers usually experience several cognitive and physical challenges. For example, some teenagers often become shy and develop low self-esteem. On the other hand, some of them become aggressive. A sex offense is one of the serious challenges among adolescents. In America, sexual violence perpetrated by […]

Law: Court Purposes and Responsibilities

Courts play a very important role in the justice system. They are part of the judicial system, and they are presided over by judges and magistrates who interpret and determine different types of cases as stipulated by the law. Also, all judicial officers are required to exhibit high levels of integrity, knowledge of the law, […]

Criminal Law: Community Reintegration of Prisoners

Abstract Most prisoners have the opportunity to re-enter society after completing their sentence. However, many prisoners are faced with hardships due to the societal barriers to reintegration enforced by community members. This paper discusses some of the methods that can be used to counter these barriers and ensure the successful community reintegration of prisoners. These […]

Policing Functions’ Various Perspectives

Policing functions are performed within the local, state, and federal organizational levels depending on resources allocated and specific objectives which need to be achieved. Local, state, and federal levels of policing functions are mainly guided by existing laws which define the responsibilities of various policing agencies that operate on these levels. Therefore, every policing agency […]

Policing Development and Operation Trends

Law enforcement organizations have a special role to play in any given society. They are responsible for maintaining law and order in public to ensure all citizens conduct their activities without any unnecessary disturbances. Many law enforcement organizations rely on the discipline of their officers to perform various tasks as mandated by the law. They […]

Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System

In the recent past, the number of mentally ill people taking part in the criminal justice system has been increasing. People with mental illness are convoluted in the criminal justice system for several reasons since they cannot control their situations. Providing services to this community enhance fairness and equity in society. Most of the providers […]

Criminal justice system. Deterrence and incarceration

Introduction The functioning of the criminal justice system is aimed at preventing people from committing offences and protecting victims. This goal shapes the strategies of many governmental organizations. There are several questions that are debated by lawyers and policy-makers. In particular, they attempt to determine whether deterrence or the threat of punishment can impact the […]

The Problem of Child Molestation

Introduction Many people find it hard to discuss issues related to child sex abuse. What’s more, it is even hard to admit the fact that children of all ages (including babies) are sexually molested on daily basis. Sexual abuse has become a hot topic among many communities and a number of professional programs and legislations […]

Patterns at Crime Scenes

Pattern evidence is one of the physical evidence that can be found in a crime scene. Forensic scientists are at times accused of neglecting pattern evidence, because they view it as being “non scientific.” This type of evidence has proven to be extremely valuable during reconstruction of crimes and the various activities that might have […]

Self Defence Issues and Implication in Cyberspace

Introduction Cyber crime is a growing global problem. Despite intense efforts by law enforcement officers to stop the practice, cyber crime continues to spread. Brenner (2010) says that partly, the growth of cyber crime stems from the extra-territorial nature of the practice. On the contrary, Wall (2007) argues that the growth of cyber crime mainly […]

Transnational Organized Crime

Introduction Transnational organized crime is a big business in the current international system. It takes place when individuals engage in the sale of goods without acquiring necessary documentation. This affects the operations of the state because individuals conduct business without paying taxes to the state. For instance, they import goods that are of low quality, […]

Criminal Law: Human Trafficking

Despite frantic efforts by human rights activists, human trafficking remains as one most recurrent criminal activity in the global society. It has its roots is Mesopotamian environs and has continued to spread to other countries through different mechanisms. A formal definition of this vice is the recruitment and transportation of persons under either duress or […]

The National Crime Victims Right Movement Media Strategy

Introduction The National Crime Victims Right Movement is one of the non-profit making organisations that address human rights worldwide. The programme focuses on formulating solutions to challenges facing various victims of crime in Australia. Besides, it seeks to create and intensify the awareness of various issues that affect the victims of criminal activities. The movement […]

Federal Drug Laws VS. State Medical Marijuana Acts

Marijuana is one of the most used illegal drugs in the United States of America. It is now a major concern since there is a leeway to use the drug inform of medicinal claims. Through the state law right of patients have been addressed unlike in the federal laws (Eric et al par.10). Sixteen states […]

Ybarra v. Spangard Case

Introduction People make mistakes and it is obvious that people forgive, however, when it deals with medical malpractice, the mistakes are forbidden, however, they still occur. Ybarra v. Spangard is a case study which deals with a specific situation when doctor’s mistake has lead to patient’s injury. Clinical negligence is a very serious and one […]

Sentencing For Murder

Introduction Research entails systematic investigation with an aim of establishing facts or collecting specific information. Researchers use varied research methods based on the nature of the research, availability of resources, and time. Research objectives act as the guideline throughout the research. The method of data or information collection used determines the credibility of the study. […]

Sex Slavery in India

Introduction India is an Asian country with an emerging economy and a population slightly hovering over one billion people. Despite posting impressive economic growth figures, a large section of the population still lives under the poverty line. Additionally, the country has high incidences of social ills mainly brought by its unique demographic trends and sometimes […]

Human Trafficking

Introduction Human trafficking involves recruiting and forcefully transporting individuals to foreign countries with the aim of exposing them to do forced labor. Human trafficking is different from traditional smuggling of people in that the relationship between the victims and he traffickers continues after their transportation. In most cases, they are passed from one trafficker to […]

Addressing a Gender Hostile Workplace

Introduction Every person has the right to be protected from any offenses; the latter include various types of discrimination, such as discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, origin, religion, age, or disability (“Federal Laws Prohibiting Job Discrimination” n. pag.). However, such discrimination is not a rare thing, and it is important to fight […]

Why Don’t People Help in a Crisis?

The death of Kitty Genovese was one of the horrendous acts have that ever happened in the history of crime. The heinous crime witnessed one of the human incapability in offering help to others in an emergency situation. Of all the Genovese neighbors, no one came to help her when she was attacked. Surprisingly, it […]

Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Introduction: Financial Fraud in the UAE The phenomenon of financial fraud is, unfortunately, one of the most common crimes committed in the environment of the global economy nowadays. Despite the promotion of consistent and regular audits, the requirement to file detailed reports, and other tools of supervision introduced into the designated area to execute complete […]

Identity theft

Identity theft is an act of stealing someone else’s identity with the intention of accessing resources or any other benefits that may come from using the victim’s name. People or even organizations can be faced with adverse consequences should they fall victims of these identity fraudsters. Identifying the connection between the identity fraud and the […]

Graffiti is a crime

Introduction Graffiti is a term, which was derived from ‘graphein’. Graphein is actually a Greek word, which can be literally translated to English as ‘to write’. The term graffiti is used while referring to writing along with drawings sprayed, scribbled, or even scratched illegally within the public places’ walls or any other surface (MacKenzie and […]

Politicization of Criminal Justice & its Influence on Penal Policy: A Critical Discussion

Drawing on theories of moral panic and punitiveness, and relying on relevant contemporary examples, this paper purposes to critically discuss how politicization of criminal justice influences penal policy. Perhaps the best theoretical approach that could best expound on politicization of criminal justice, a process through which the political class snatch the opportunities to make use […]

Pornography and Women Issues

Difference between pornography, erotica and moral realism Pornography is the verbal or pictorial representation of sexual behavior that degrades and demeans the role as well as status of female. It depicts them as sexual objects to be exploited and manipulated (Longino 2006). Pornography degrades, dehumanizes and causes injury and violation to the rights of women. […]

The case of Charles Laverne Singleton

The case of Charles Laverne Singleton is often debated by journalists as well as medical workers. It should be mentioned that this person was sentenced to death penalty, but the execution was delayed because he was diagnosed with a mental disorder. In turn, it is important to speak about the court decision according to which […]

Scientific Approaches to Pornography

Introduction In the contemporary society, pornography is viewed by antagonistic feminists as the pinnacle of moral decay shown on screens. However, irrespective of the stand, both the protagonists and antagonists share the same view that human beings have had a deep interest in pornographic material in the image of sex. Authors share common definition of […]

Supporting of Marijuana Legalization Among the Adult Population

Introduction Recently, there has been a debate on legalization of marijuana among the adult population in many states. In particular, the states of Oregon and Colorado have grappled with the issue for the last few months. Before last year’s vote on the issue, the states had made illegal the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes. […]

Megan’s law and Adam Walsh Act

Introduction The phenomenon of sexual violence is considered to be one of the main health problems in the United States. With the present day shift in social consciousness and criminological analyses, the new approaches have been implemented in an effort of crime-reducing and preventing. Requiring registration, public notification and following GPS monitoring of the ex-criminals, […]

New Technological Advances within the Police Department

Mytown Police Department is one of the beneficiaries of a federal grant. The grant aims at upgrading the equipment and technology used in the organization. According to the parameters used in the grant process, it is obligatory that the organization should use novel equipment in promoting decision making and operations in the organization. As the […]

The Suitability of the Death Penalty

Introduction People’s behaviours are controlled by laws that ensure that they respect the rights of other people while enjoying the freedom granted to them by their constitutions. Those that cannot obey laws are punished according to the degree of their crimes. Criminal justice systems have established various ways of categorising crimes according to their severity […]

The Importance of Miranda Rights

All the persons’ rights and freedoms are fixed in the Constitution, and they are regulated according to the definite laws. In the USA, the rights should be considered as a form of protection for each person. However, when the issue of Miranda Rights is discussed many people do not know the real meaning of the […]

Rape as a Tool of War in the Democratic Republic Of Congo

Introduction Rape has increasingly been used as a tool of war, both in past and recent history. It was used by the Japanese, Nazi’s, and Soviets during the Second World War (Kirchner, 30). Today, rape is still used as a tool in conflicts in many countries. However, rape cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo […]

Death Penalty Ethics

Death penalty as the punishment still exists in many states and countries. There at least two strongly opposed positions in the direction to this problem, whether death penalty is ethical or unethical issue. To be concrete, the death penalty is considered as deserving treatment for those who have conducted a crime equal to it and […]

Ethics of death penalty

Introduction Every society must be guided by laws and regulations, and distinguished philosophers such as Kant have been quoted (Avaliani, n.d) to have said that no state or society can exist in the absence of laws. Violation of these laws attracts punishment. Most states and justice systems employ the death penalty as punishment for crimes […]

Sociology and Psychology

Abstract Certified statistics are considered to be the critical source of information and knowledge about crimes and the criminal justice system but little information is served regarding the institutions that provide the statistics. Kevin Haggerty threw some light on the process that is involved in the collecting and collating data on crime activities. This was […]

The Consequences of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is a controversial topic in the world especially in the Western countries. Countries such as United States of America, India and China give the penalty in the severe murder cases. The human rights activists however continue to complain on the disadvantages of capital punishment in the judicial system. My hypothesis is that Capital […]

Parole system in the United States

Introduction Parole can be seen as an arrangement or a situation where the prisoners are released before they complete their jail term for rehabilitation purposes. Prisoners under parole are usually supervised in order to see whether they are more likely to commit crime during this period. In case they happen to break the law once […]

The Death Penalty in the US Criminal Justice System

Introduction The death penalty has been a largely debated form of punishment in the U.S. since its inception. The law supporting this unkind and unfair sentence was thus, put under scrutiny and consequently several death sentences were either overturned or could only be carried out on proportionate grounds by the supreme courts heralding a new […]

Sexual Misconduct: Problem and Solutions

Outline Introduction The meaning of sexual misconduct Sexual misconduct as a problem facing many societies The scope of the problem History of sexual misconduct The magnitude of this vice in the world Problem conceptualization and research trends How different groups of people deal with various forms of sexual misconduct The impact of sexual misconduct to […]

Theories Required to be Successful in Supervisory Practices in the Criminal Justice Field

Introduction Criminal justice refers to the study and application of laws pertaining criminal behavior. It is usually studied by people and professionals who either defend or prosecute those accused of crime or people advocating for change in the prevailing criminal justice system. The major group in this case that is directly and more often involved […]

Police-Youth Relations and Community policing

Executive Summary Canada’s judicial system has been undergoing significant changes since its inception. There are still several issues that are yet to be addressed since the modification of laws, especially within the criminal justice system concerning the youth. This paper looks at the interaction between Canadian youths and the law enforcement, and the best ways […]

Criminal Law of Battered Woman Syndrome

Introduction Criminal law refers to that branch of law charged with the responsibility of punishing crimes committed against the public where it deals with felonies, misdemeanors and treason. Misdemeanors refer to minor crimes under law while felonies are serious crimes serving harsh mandatory sentences[1]. Treason on the other hand is also a serious form of […]

Moral Issue of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment refers to inflicting death to offenders who are convicted of capital crimes. During the medieval times, criminals sentenced to capital punishment were put to death using gruesome methods such as decapitation, burning, stoning and quartering by horses (Marzili, 2008). However, such methods stopped being used, as they were considered too heinous. Instead, methods […]

The Illegal Use of Marijuana

The use of illegal Marijuana in Canada has been the subject of discussion in the twenty first century. Canada is among the leading nations in the percentage use of illegal marijuana as stated in the World Drug Report of the year 2007. The same studies indicate that the report of the united nations illustrates that […]

The U.S. Federal Parole System

Criminal offenders have existed in the society for as long as the history of mankind is concerned. Different measures have been put in place to ensure that criminals are brought to book and prosecuted accordingly. In the United States, numerous criminal justice systems have made attempts to ensure that there is social order at all […]

Criminal justice system

Introduction The criminal justice system of our country is one of the most important institutions for preserving the rule of law in our nation. This institution ensures that members of the society obey the law. Those who violate the law are punished by being taken to court where they might be fined or imprisoned. The […]

Contemporary Cultural Diversity Issues Presentation

Introduction The criminal justice system has transformed over the last few decades and today very few cases of discrimination are reported. However, it is also incorrect to say that in the current system we do not grapple with unfair treatment while administering justice. In the 20th century, the racial divide especially in the United States […]

The Application of the Principle of Utilitarianism in Explaining the Death Penalty

Introduction Death penalty is a way of punishing people found guilty of committing capital offences. There are few countries that apply this form of punishment. The methods used to punish offenders are controversial in several jurisdictions depending on the nation’s cultural and political ideologies. There are people who support this form of punishment. On the […]

Crimes against Person

In the department of criminal law, any crime that has been inflicted on a person by another individual either by way of physical harm or by use of forceful means to a point of causing physical, emotional or psychological damage is generally referred as crime against humanity (May, 2005). Crime against humanity is a wide […]

The Criminal Justice System

The ability of a country to uphold social control, prevent, and extenuate crime depends on the organization of its criminal justice system. For a criminal justice system to achieve its mandate, it must have specific components, which must coordinate to achieve the overall role of reducing crime. Further, for a criminal justice system to be […]

Pornography and Violence against Women

Pornography is the description of explicit content with the aim of arousing someone sexually. The media used in storing contents of this nature include books, video, film, animation, painting, photos, and magazines just to name but a few. People who pose for pornographic pictures are referred to as models whereas those who assume a character […]

Aspects of Criminal Law

Introduction Understanding the notion of crime gives a better expression of what constitute an acceptable behavior and what does not. Some behaviors have been regarded as crimes in some societies while in others they are not, for instance, prostitution has been legalized in some nations while it is seen as a criminal behavior in others. […]

The Safe Streets and Communities Act

Issue The Safe Streets and Communities Act was adopted in 2012; this legislative act includes several important elements such as the adoption of minimum sentences for drug and sexual offences, the abolition of house arrests for a wide range of crimes, and stricter immigration laws[1]. This bill is supposed to make the Canadian society more […]

Technology and Communication Paper

It has always been a challenge for the criminal justice personnel to get adequate information about criminals without the use new technologies. The use of specialized databases in law enforcement has increased in recent years because of the need for quick and accurate information about criminals (Dempsey, 2011). Specialized databases are very critical in law […]

Fraud as a Threat to Financial Systems

Introduction Every person deserves to earn in an attempt to meet their various needs and wants in life. To this effect, people seek employment and secure appointments to various positions in organisations. Some are not lucky or opt to engage in self-employment and thus engage in their own funded businesses. Such efforts grant them the […]

Stop Thief: The Greatest Frauds of All Times. Forewarned, Forearmed

There is definitely something wrong with the phrase “the greatest fraud.” It is not only about the bitter oxymoron, but also about the very idea that a criminal mastermind wastes his/her incredible abilities on scams instead of something decent that makes one feel rather bitter. However, there is still the list of the world’s most […]

White-collar crimes: Tyco Scandal and Iran-Contra Affair

Introduction This report focuses on two white-collar crimes (Tyco Scandal and Iran-Contra Affair). It describes these two crimes and provides analysis of consequences of crimes as well as theories and policies used to combat them. A description of the history of the case, parties involved and socioeconomic status of the offenders Iran-Contra Affair This was […]

Purpose and History of Penitentiaries

Societies in ancient times had laws that governed them in order to avoid emergence of anarchy rule. These societies used different forms of punishment to discourage individuals from committing crime. The Babylonian Code of Hammurabi is one of the first cited cases of laws that were used in the Middle East in ancient times. They […]

Prisoners with Special Needs

Introduction Prison life is difficult especially for prisoners with special needs. Groups of prisoners with special needs include drugs and substance abusers, the mentally ill, and the handicapped (Easton 2011). Prisons have become default hospitals for prisoners with special needs. Therefore, federal and state prisons are forced to adjust their programs and develop special facilities […]

Life of Prisoners

Introduction Most people may not differentiate between a jail and a prison. In fact, some people use the two terms interchangeably. When a person is said to be in jail or prison, they are denied the freedom to move freely. Life in prisons is characterized by restrictions that avert the occurrence of crimes. Further, there […]

Prostitution and the Role of Women in It

Prostitution is not Oppressive of Women Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. It can be traced back several centuries, before the Israelites went to Egypt. It remains one of the most controversial professions in the current society. Prostitution can be considered as being oppressive of women, or not, given the perspective […]

Money Laundering: Most Effective Combat Strategies

Money laundering refers to acts, whereby, criminals mask the nature of their illegal activities, sources of their finances, and proceeds of their activities. Money laundering corrupts the integrity of the whole financial system of a country (MacQueen, 1993). Participants of money laundering activities strive to establish legitimate reasons to conduct their illegal businesses. Criminals, who […]

How military and/or civil courts address sexual assault/rape in military

Rape and sexual assault is a pervasive problem in most military camps around the world. This is a serious problem that requires urgent measures to eradicate. According to Somerville, in the sexual assault reports released by the Department of Defense in the March 2007, 2947 cases of sexual assault were reported in the military camps […]

Police Minority Killings

A prejudice is a personal bias against an individual. While everybody has a freedom of expression, when a prejudice leads to a criminal activity, it becomes a legally defined as a hate crime. It is of significance to differentiate a hate crime from other criminal activities due to the fact a hate crime has a […]

The US Should Abolish Death Penalty

Throughout history, humans have applied various cruel techniques for punishing wrongdoers in their societies. In the ancient times, societies used various methods to kill persons accused of heresy, adultery, theft, robbery, murder and other forms of deviance. However, with an increasing trend towards recognition of human rights and reduction of cruel, unfair and unreasonable pain, […]

Is Public Shaming a Viable and Appropriate Punishment for Criminal Behavior?

Public shaming has been practiced for years as punishment for petty offenders. In Japan for example, adulterers were publicly exposed for the people to see and mock them. It might seem cruel and demeaning but it is effective and is a fitting punishment for criminal behavior. Obviously, not all crimes are punishable by public shaming, […]

Critical Response

There has been a constant rise in the number of crimes committed in everyday life. With little or no attention paid to the possible causes of such crimes, the majority of people including those within the law enforcement authorities have become more careful in devising serious penalties. Provoked by the penalties set against different crimes, […]

Making Crime Pay

This is a book by Katherine Beckett, exploring the theories behind crime control, measures and policies. She supports the theory that, crime policies and laws are based on a political creation of rhetoric and use of power and media; to create preconceived causes of crime and calls for crime control. This is a review of […]

Forensic Science

Investigation of a homicide will usually begin at the place where the body is found also known as the primary crime scene. It is important that any item found on the primary crime scene should be handled with utmost care because it may constitute evidence (Saferstein, 2011). This makes it important to have the crime […]

Analysis: Speech In Favor of Capital Punishment by John Stuart Mills

The issue of capital punishment has over the years drawn mixed reactions. On the one hand, it is argued that capital punishment is demeaning to humanity and should be eliminated from the justice system. On the other hand, it is believed that capital punishment is necessary as it aids in dealing with the commission of […]

The Review of Madeline Neumann Case

Introduction Madeline Neumann was an 11-year-old daughter of Dale and Leilani Neumann. She was suffering from diabetic Ketoacidosis and later died because of being neglected by her parents (Jessica 6). It was an illness that could have been treated if the child had received medical care. The Neumanns did not take her to hospital despite […]

Drug trafficking in the US

Studies indicate that drug trafficking in the US has exerted immense challenge on drug law enforcement agencies to maintain an all round security on the borders to prevent drug dealers in the US. Currently, the US is one of the leading and most profitable drugs dealing market. Persky (2012) posits that in the US, scores […]

Argument for Death penalty as a fair punishment

Introduction The debate about whether to withhold the death penalty or not continues to occupy a relatively larger space in the contemporary society today (Regoli & Hewitt, 2008). The application of the death penalty has been in existence for many years. This practice gains insight from both biblical phases of the Old Testament and the […]

Immorality Of Human Execution By The State

Human life is unquestionably the greatest treasure that any human being can have. It is something that cannot be measured in monetary terms. Indeed, human life is among the few things on planet earth whose value cannot be determined or even estimated. The value that the human society attaches to life has significantly subsided in […]

Capital punishment and deterrence of crime

Introduction Capital punishment can deter crime. Many individuals oppose the death penalty because of moral and aesthetic reasons. The problem with these justifications is that they are susceptible to subjective interpretations. An economic analysis of the deterrence effect of capital punishment provides a rational and objective way of analyzing the effectiveness of such a mechanism. […]

Sexual assaults against children; with adult and juvenile offenders

Introduction Child sexual assault/abuse (CSA) falls under the larger context of child abuse. An act qualifies to be child sexual abuse when for purposes of stimulation an adult or older juvenile engages in an activity that can be deemed sexual. Within the above-defined context, child sexual abuse is takes numerous forms. It includes exposure of […]

Child Abuse: A case for Imposing Harsher Punishments to Child Abusers

Introduction Children are very important since they represent the community’s hopes, ambitions and its future. As such, they are cherished and most parents try to provide a quality life for them. Even so, some live lives full of hurt as a result of child abuse which is one of the most heinous crimes. This crime […]

Avoiding of Capital Punishment

Introduction Capital punishment is used to execute criminals and suppress political dissent terms of murder, espionage, and treason. In the most historical records and practices, punishment was used as a way of enforcing justice. They used different ways to punish different extends of crime. They could stone person to death, boil to death, crucifixion, using […]

The Social Downfall of Salinas Gangs

Introduction Salinas is the largest municipality in the Monterey County in California. It has several local gangs such as Surreno and Norteno that commit various crimes. The crimes the gangs commit include robbery, homicide and felony assault among others. It is estimated that they are over sixty active gangs in the Monterey County. The gangs […]

Women Studies: Rape

Introduction Rape is a misdemeanor offense in which an individual mandates to have sexual contact without his or her approval. Though majority rapes are never accounted for, the figure of occurrences documented in the United States tremendously increased between 1970 and 1986. It is not in fact acknowledged if the number of rapes is augmented […]