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Whether the CCTV System Should Be in Used? Essay (Critical Writing)


The use of CCTV cameras has elicited heated debates in many places around the world. In the recent years, their use has been on the rise. They are installed in public places, such as schools, hospitals, public parks, streets, and shops. Proponents argue that they improve security and make people feel more secure. On the other hand, opponents argue that they violate people’s privacy. CCTV cameras are used in many places to monitor activities that take place there, reduce crime, and protect employees at workplaces. However, opponents argue that constant monitoring invades people’s privacy because cameras are installed in public places. I think CCTV cameras should be used in public places to improve security by deterring crimes and helping resolve crime cases in courts.

Pros of CCTV cameras

CCTV systems have several benefits that include improving safety, reducing crime, and increasing people’s sense of security. The cameras improve safety by reducing cases of premeditated crime. Research has revealed that criminals avoid committing crime whenever they learn that they may be watched. The fact that criminals are deterred from committing crimes by presence of cameras improves security. In addition, it gives business owners assurance that their premises and goods are safe. For example, use of cameras in retail stores has greatly reduced cases of shoplifting. Constant monitoring deters individuals from committing crimes because of fear of being identified.

CCTV cameras can also be used in a court to resolve crime cases. They are effective because they record everything that goes on around places where they are installed. Therefore, they could be of help in identifying criminals involved in certain crimes. They have been used to resolve many criminal cases by helping identify individuals involved in those crimes. In addition, they may be used to exonerate individuals who are wrongly victimized for crimes they did not commit.

CCTV cameras are also used in places of work to aid employers to monitor their employees’ activities, improve productivity and security, and reduce theft. Many employees perform their duties thoroughly due to the fact that they know their employers may be watching or monitoring them through cameras. The fear of losing their jobs, getting suspended or demoted motivates them to work hard and as required by management. On the other hand, use of cameras reduces cases of theft by employees. In many companies, employees steal because of poor monitoring. However, with the use of CCTV cameras, employees shy away from stealing because of the knowledge of being caught at theft. This has helped employers reduce stealing at workplace. Finally, it is easier for employers to determine their employees’ productivity due to monitoring for their work. As such, they have fair reasons to promote, demote, or dismiss employees. The cameras have also reduced cases of collusion between employees and supervisors and as such improved responsibility and accountability.

Cons of Using CCTV Cameras

Many individuals commit crime out of passion. Therefore, presence of CCTV cameras does not deter them from committing crime. To such individuals, their motivation to commit crime is so strong that cameras cannot stop them. In such cases, cameras are ineffective in either deterring crime or improving security. Moreover, the purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance of CCTV systems are very expensive. This has negative impact on taxpayers because they have to pay additional taxes to cover costs. In addition, individuals employed to monitor security should also be paid. Opponents argue that this money could be used for other purposes.

Finally, CCTV cameras invade people’s privacy because they may be installed anywhere. The fact that people are under constant observation and monitoring makes them feel uncomfortable. This is mostly the case with hidden cameras. Some cameras are hidden so that they monitor people without their knowledge. They have negative effect on businesses because customers might think that their presence signifies danger and as such, shy away from such business premises. Many people believe that taking precautionary measures of installing CCTV cameras means that there is danger to be avoided.


Taking all the pros and cons into account, CCTV cameras are still very important, and their use should be encouraged. They deter crime, reduce cases of theft, improve efficiency and productivity at the workplace, and make people feel more secure. It is important to realize that security is more important than privacy. Moreover, the cameras can play a preventive role in crime cases. It is better to use them to prevent crime than to investigate it. However, I think that they should only be used in public places and not in private places, such as toilets and bathrooms. In addition, they should only be used for purposes allowed by law and not for other purposes, such as spying on people.

In conclusion, it is important to realize that security and safety of people is more important than their privacy. For that reason, opposing cameras’ installation and use is a step toward exposing people to danger. The pros of CCTV cameras’ implementation in public places outweigh their cons. Therefore, the cameras should be encouraged to be used in many more places.

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