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Gun Control Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🔫 How to Write a Gun Control Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

Writing a gun control essay can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

However, there are some things that will make the process much easier and help you get a good grade. Here is a list of what to do and what not to do while writing an essay on gun control:

  • Don’t rely on news articles to provide you with reliable information. Some news sources may twist data in order to convey certain ideas that may not be entirely true. Similarly, you should avoid relying on politicians’ statements because they may be biased.
  • Do search scholarly articles and official reports on the topic. These types of resources often contain raw data that is more reliable than other people’s interpretations.
  • Don’t assume a position before you’ve done enough research. Although you may have a certain opinion based on your political beliefs or other people’s influences, it may prevent you from offering an unbiased view in your essay. Hence, make sure that you’ve read as much as possible on the subject before writing your gun control essay thesis.
  • Do consider gun control in a global context. Different countries and states have various laws in place to promote gun safety. Comparing various outcomes between two or more areas with different gun control laws will give you more things to write about in the paper.
  • Don’t ignore the issues related to gun control. Gun violence is among the most obvious topics that you can include in the paper. However, try to think about other issues, such as terrorism, police brutality, illegal gun dealing, and more. Reviewing the influence of gun control on other problems will give your essay more depth and might offer a new perspective on the issue.
  • Do research gun sample essays on gun control before you begin writing. These can help you to understand the full scope of the issue and the various opinions on it. A good gun control essay example may give you new thoughts on the content, structure, titles, and arguments.
  • Don’t forget about the structure. Organization and logical flow of the paper are just as important as the content. To help with this part, create a gun control essay outline containing your key points. These points should be the topic sentences, followed by related explanations or examples.
  • Do capture the reader’s attention from the beginning. Essays on controversial subjects, such as gun law problems, tend to be similar to one another. How do you think your tutor would feel if they had to go through ten or more papers with the same thoughts and arguments? To draw attention and make the reader interested in reading further, you need to ensure that your first sentence contains a hook. A good gun control essay hook may be a rhetorical question or a contented statement made by a politician.
  • Don’t forget to give your reader a proper closure. The final paragraph of the paper should offer a summary of all the themes covered, as well as your conclusions based on research. Remember that this part of the essay should not contain any new information. Instead, restate your thesis and main points and show how your interpretation of the gun control problem was influenced by this information.

Lastly, do check our site for more information on how to write an argumentative or persuasive paper!

🏆 Best Gun Control Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Gun Control in the USA
    This clause states, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.
  2. Obama’s Speech on The Issue of Gun Control
    In the case of the speech “Obama on Gun Control” this takes the form of the President attempting to convince the American public of the righteousness of his cause on the basis of the image […]
  3. Guns Should Be Controlled or Restricted in the USA
    The problem is in fact that the causes of the phenomenon are not only in increasing the atmosphere of violence in the society but also in the availability of the methods to realize the violent […]
  4. Gun Control: A Case Against Gun Ownership
    Arguments that current gun control measures are paving the way for a ban on all private ownership of guns are therefore alarmist in nature and should be ignored.
  5. Gun Control in Society
    Being in possession of a gun would allow the individual to employ own capacities for self-protection. On the contrary, more awareness of weapons should be introduced to ensure a higher self-confidence and security among the […]
  6. Justice on guns control
    The argument that possession of the guns by the civilians protects them against the tyranny of the state is frequently advanced.
  7. Should Guns be Limited?
    We will also aim to show that, contrary to what the majority of na ve people believe, the introduction of more and more gun control laws results in the drastic increase of violent crime rates, […]
  8. Gun Control in United States
    This paper will look at various ways of gun control, the available statistics, background checks of control of guns, ownership of guns and the measures that the United States government has taken to control spread […]
  9. The best idea of regulating guns in the United States is restricting the purchase of bullets
    Reason # 1: Tracking the buyers of bullets makes it easier to regulate guns in the United States Guns are nothing but empty vessels without ammunition and so it would help a great deal if […]
  10. Good Gun Control Law Controversy
    A good gun control law should be under the control of the federal or central government; therefore, ensuring its inclusion in the constitution.
  11. The Role of the Government in Providing Policies and Overcoming Crises: Gun Control Laws and Policies
    The US Government is the main authority in providing the necessary laws and policies in order to regulate all the spheres of the public’s life in the country.
  12. The Gun Control Problems
    Either way the issue of guns is analyzed, it is clear that the higher the availability and permission to possess firearms, the more chances there are that someone will use weapons.
  13. Gun Control Policy: Will it solve suicidal shootings in America?
    Using ethos, the author has drawn the readers to understand the situation brought by the access of guns to the young people in the United States using the case of Kameron.
  14. Gun Limitation: Proponents and Opponents of Gun Control
    The proponents have also promised that gun control initiatives are not focused on taking away the rights of Americans to own and use firearms.
  15. Gun Laws regulating and controlling Guns
    Much as the opponents of firearm regulations have raised strong arguments for the need to continue owning guns, this paper states that the dangerous individuals should be stopped from handling guns in order to stop […]
  16. An Argument against Gun Control
    This paper will argue that the US government does not have any right to control guns and as such, it should respect the second amendment and stop taking up measures to impose gun control on […]
  17. Gun Control Is Important: Here’s Why
    With regard to whether an individual should have the right to own a gun, it is imperative that one knows that the right to bear arms is an individual and not a collective right.
  18. Gun Registry in Canada
    The enacting of the law resulted to the formation of Canada Firearm Centre that was meant to foresee the implementation of the program.
  19. Gun Control in Deterring Repeat Offenders
    It would cost less to enforce gun control regulations than to constantly convict repeat offenders and withstanding the worst of their crimes.
  20. Gun Control in the USA: Inconsistency, Irrationality and Improbability
    Indeed, taking a closer look at the problem of the use of guns, one will notice that, for the most part, people refer to high crime rates within the state to prove their point.
  21. Proper Gun Control in the U.S.
    Majority of the Americans also feel that they have the right to possess firearms hence the issue of gun control will only be against their constitutional rights.
  22. Gun Control: Impact on Crime and Gun Availability
    This paper will set out to ascertain the impact that gun control laws have on violent crime prevalence and the number of guns available to civilians in the US.
  23. Gun Control in the United States of America
    Moreover, when the public is in possession of guns, it makes it hard for the police to maintain law and order since they can be entangled in a scandal.
  24. The Evolution of Gun Control Policy in College Campus: The Path to Better Policy Making
    It is also important to know if the parents or one of the parents have membership in a gun club. There is a need to find out what kind of obstacles will be encountered if […]

💡 Most Gun Control Topics to Write about

  1. Gun Control Pro and Contra
    For instance in the United States, guns use is the main cause of most of the suicidal and homicide cases. Many Americans think that limitation of use and ownership of guns in the United States […]
  2. Gun legislation in the United States
    The second factor that contributes to gun violence in the United States is the fact that guns are made available to the youth.
  3. Gun politics in the United States
    The movie theatre shootings in Aurora and the more recent school shootings are examples of events that have contributed to the increased gun-control debate. In the article, the authors contribute to the debate on gun […]
  4. Debate of Gun Control in America
    Those suggesting that ownership of the gun is illegal and unethical observe that the local authorities and the federal agencies in charge of the gun control policy are not doing enough in terms of policy […]
  5. Gun Control in US
    In order for the gun control to ensure a reduction in the rate of crimes, there should be an evaluation of the impact of the gun control policy on availability and accessibility to firearms, especially […]
  6. The Debate on Gun Control
    The gun violence has led to the debate on gun control and the recent incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that saw the death of 26 children has reignited the debate and President […]
  7. “The Truth About Mass Shooting and the Gun Control” by Benjamin Domenech
    Written by Benjamin Domenech, the article, “The truth about a mass shooting and the gun control”, unravels the mysteries behind mass shootings and the ever-controversial topic of gun control.
  8. Banning the Possession of Guns
    Proponents argue that the more uncontrollably the government continues to allow firearms’ possession to the public, the higher the chances of acquisition by the ‘high risks groups’ and hence threatening the public security.
  9. American Gun Control, Limits and Background Checks
    This shows that extensive limitations on gun ownership and sale can have a considerable impact on gun-related deaths within a country and supports the argument that amendments should be made on the Second Amendment.
  10. Gun Control Legislation in Colorado
    The success of this issue is explained by the fact that this problem has occurred in the United States long ago and many people grew to support the gun control measures.
  11. Gun Control in the US: Empirical Analysis
    The data collected include the total number of fire arms in the US, the number of people living in poverty, number of people consuming alcohol, population between 18-24 years, and unemployment rate. The number of […]
  12. Stricter Gun Control Saves Lives!
    In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that gun control efforts in the USA are failing as the prevalence of violence in the streets and domestic settings is alarming.
  13. Gun Control Is Not the Answer – Education Is
    The issue of gun control in the US is a complicated matter due to the extensive history of violence and debates regarding the efficiency of regulations that aim to minimize access to weapons.
  14. Federalism and Gun Control in the United States
    2 Each type of government possesses a set of duties and powers that it can exercise in the region, and the relationship between the levels is established in the Constitution.
  15. Gun Control in America: Public Opinion & Policies
    However, although the abolition of the Second Amendment will not be able to solve the problem of shooting entirely, tighter control over the possession of weapons is necessary to ensure greater security for citizens.
  16. Political Sciences: Gun Control Laws
    The most prominent constitutional issue related to the topic is reflected in the Second Amendment that defends the individual right to keep and bear arms.
  17. Gun Control versus the Right of Autonomy
    This discussion presents the ‘harm principle,’ arguments for and against the liberal interpretation of this principle, and presents Lafollette’s reasoning that the banning of guns, particularly handguns does not violate the tenets of this principle.
  18. Gun Control: Term Definition
    The main objective of the research would to develop a form of argumentative system that would be instrumental in helping out the policymakers and enable them to lead a normal logical conclusion on the subject […]
  19. Gun Control: In Favor of a Stronger Law
    However, it can be said that the gun control law is easy to formulate keeping in view the problems and highly workable within a comparatively small frame of time, say a couple of months.
  20. Gun Control Policies: Pros and Cons
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the benefits and limitations of gun control. Mass media remains the main source of information about weapons and contributes to the popularity of firearms in society.
  21. Gun Control: A Matter for Everybody’s Concern
    In fact, the policies existing in the United States regulating the rules of gun control can be evaluated as sort of frivolous and, thus, causing a row of problems for people’s safety.
  22. Gun Control Debate: Problem Analysis and Studies
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze how empirical research in the USA evaluates the effectiveness of county legislation on the licensing of arms through its influence on the level of violent crime.
  23. Exercises for Expression: Drafting Expression About Gun Control in Pennsylvania
    To evoke the needed emotions from the audience, I would emphasize the effect of lax gun control measures on children and families.

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