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Gun Control in the United States of America Essay

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Updated: May 12th, 2020

Argumentative On Gun Control

Gun control refers to the efforts put by the government to regulate or stop gun possession or sale by the public of a given country. Guns fall under firearms, which are classified into three broad categories; Handguns, Riffles and Short guns. They can be either automatic or semiautomatic. The automatic guns operate in such a way that, they “continuously fire bullets as long as the trigger is pulled” (Agresti and Smith, 2010).

Statistics from the United States of America show that out of a population of three hundred and seven million people, three hundred millions possess guns, accounting to around 97% of the population. However, in countries where possession of firearms by the public is illegal, it is very easy to acquire guns when one needs and unlike countries like US where firearms possession is legal, criminals possess the most firearms.

Different people in different parts of the world argue differently on the matter concerning gun possession by the public, which can have either a positive or a negative impact. For instance, people may keep guns for self-defense and protection against crime, hunting, target shooting, and clay bursting among others. The following essay will outline, describe, and weigh the reasons for gun possession and control around the world.

Reasons people keep guns

Most people argue that they keep guns for self-defense. They feel that the police may not be present all the time to protect them or their families from situations threatening their lives. In addition, some people feel that, as gun ownership decreases, the incidences of crime also drops since people are able to protect themselves (Chastain, 2010).

For instance, statistics show that in 1993, 0.5% households in the US used guns for defense in a situation where someone would have been killed if he never used a gun. In addition, 3.5% had used a gun in protection of their family and their property, 40% had stopped a planned attack after realizing that the victim had a gun, and 34% had ensnared a criminal using a gun, among others (Agresti and Smith, 2010).

Reports show that in many countries, most guns are owned for criminal purposes regardless of the fact that it is illegal to possess firearms. In addition, anyone who wishes to obtain a gun can easily obtain one in some situations; thus, cases of shootouts, homicide, and robbery are a very common scenario (Crooker, 2003).

This is the case almost everywhere in the world where most criminals use guns to accomplish their mission. In 2008, roughly armed criminal committed 8% of the crimes in the US. Such cases included robberies, rape cases, homicides, and many other kinds of assaults.

In many parts of the world, many people keep guns for hunting because traps or bows and arrows cannot hunt some game. Although this may be justified, challenges come in when the hunters use the firearm for the wrong purposes. The primary reason may be hunting but at times, these hunters use the guns to commit violence or to do illegal poaching. However, it is important for the hunter to be well equipped with enough knowledge on how to operate the firearm lest he bladders with the firearm (Kleck, 2005).

In countries where public can possess firearms, children are born, and as they grow up, they buy guns because their parents also owned one. At times, the parents may buy guns for them as gifts, while others find it cool to own a gun and go shooting with friends. In such cases, the gun owners may not be very careful on how they handle the firearms and the result at times is devastating (Valdez, 2003).

Gun control

Gun control is an important but very challenging task in every country because the victims always embrace it negatively. When gun control measures are enacted, the criminals find means of strengthening their actions thus endangering the life of people.

According to the statistics from US, legalizing gun possession endangers the life of people because it is not possible to differentiate between criminals and law-abiding citizens. In most cases, countries put gun control laws in place to prevent access by criminals and minors. Therefore, Federal measures should be enacted because this is the only way to regulating gun ownership (Valdez, 2003).

In countries where gun possession is legal, it is important to ensure that people acquire licenses for their firearms so that they may be careful to use them for the right purpose. By registering firearms, it is easier to do investigations incase of a crime. In America, gun control policies have been debated repeatedly in vain.

This is because the citizens in possession of guns outnumber the militia meaning the government will never succeed in getting firearms from the hands of its citizens. The incidences of mass shooting like the Columbine High School scandal are a clear indication that having guns in public hands is not safe (Gettings, 2010).

The second amendment act in the bill of rights reads, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” This amendment encouraged people in service of the state to keep arms, which was fine because it was not their personal interest but job requirement.

Reasons for Gun control laws

Gun control laws are the laws that define the situations under which it is right or wrong to own firearms. In Washington DC, murder crimes are low due to strong gun control laws while in Indianapolis, high rates of murder cases are a result of weak gun control measures (Williamson, 1008). Though people may feel secure in possession of firearms, it would be even more secure if no one was in possession since no crime is likely to take place.

In real sense, in a situation where someone uses a firearm for security purposes, he may either injure the victim or be injured. People may also shoot one another unintentionally when they are playing or a person is not having the right skills to use a gun. Moreover, when the public is in possession of guns, it makes it hard for the police to maintain law and order since they can be entangled in a scandal (Liptak, 2009).


Gun control policies and possibly abolishment of public possession of guns is the best step that the world can take today. This is because increased case or homicides, and robbery with violence are a result of so many guns in the public hands. Incase of places where abolishment is not possible, strong policies should be enacted in order to ensure guns are in possession of the right people and are serving the right purpose.


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