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Good Gun Control Law Controversy Essay

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Updated: Mar 27th, 2022

Gun control law has been a controversial issue in various parts of the world. The topic has remained so contentious thus creating two groups that hold different opinions on the law. That is the proponents and opponents to the law. This law is meant to control the importation, possession and use of firearms by the civilians. A close look at different nations reveals an immense variation of the gun control policy.

For example, the UK has firm restrictions on the use of firearms while the US has a flexible limit on possession and usage of guns by private citizens (Agresti and Reid). Although there have been those for gun ownership as a way of enhancing self protection, I feel that the dangers that come with widespread gun ownership is a veritable undoing. Therefore, gun control policy/law is a good idea.

A good gun control law should be under the control of the federal or central government; therefore, ensuring its inclusion in the constitution. Moreover, the law should ban any firearm possession by the citizens so that only the police and defense departments are allowed access them. A program on gun safety awareness among the public, patients and health care providers should also be launched. A continuous survey and monitoring progress on illegal acquisition of firearms among citizens should be inculcated in the law.

In the US, those advocating for gun control policy agree that it is a sensible idea since “… it would restrict every type of weapon used in America’s two worst gun tragedies over the past eight months…” (Esquivel). The December 2012 shooting of 20 school-going children together with six adults, who were at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School and the killing of 12 movie goers in Aurora Colorado are instances that support the urgent need for legislating the gun control policy worldwide.

A research by the US department of Justice and the National Research Council in 2004 concluded that gun violence was highly prevalent among household that owned firearms. Clearly, this research disclosed the relationship that exists between suicidal activities and guns ownership among the local citizens of any country.

Additionally, a research by economists Charlotta Mellander and Richard Florida revealed that gun deaths were high in states with many school dropouts as opposed to those states with high numbers of college and university graduates (Agresti and Reid). The former states do experience low economic growth, high unemployment rates and high levels of sadness.

The college graduates are the key economic movers as they are creative and innovative in wider fields. A robust economy will lower the prices of basic goods and services, thus lowering the cost of living. Factually, everybody likes to stay in a safe and peaceful environment. Evidently, all these positive occurrences are realized in states with low gun ownership; therefore, an implementation of the gun control policy world over will ensure that the economy of the globe becomes stronger than before.

Some opponents to the gun control argue that if law abiding citizens are allowed to possess firearms, crime rate will tremendously go down since criminals will not be able to differentiate between those carrying guns and those, not in possessions of firearms. Truly, those having firearms are likely to lose their dear lives in case of confrontation with armed robbers.

Their attempt to resist using guns will make the robbers shoot the victims (Merino). The guns, they claim shall only be given to citizens upon issuing a completion certificate on a training course. However, with the current technological changes, criminals can forge these certificates thereby becoming liable to access the firearms.

Such individuals will be issued with guns in the name of self-protection only to use them for terrorizing fellow citizens. On the psychological perspective, human beings have different characters and behaviors, and allowing citizens to carry firearms can lead to collusion with criminals to use the same legalized guns to rob people of their valuables. Moreover, one’s level of education and training cannot only be used to determine his/her ethical standards.

From this perspective, gun possession increases the vulnerability to violent crimes. Statistical data from the US Justice Department showed that between 1974, and 1985, around 83% of Americans were automatically victims of attempted crime in their entire lifetime. Moreover, a survey in 1997 disclosed “…35% of Federal offenders carried a firearm when committing the crime…” (Agresti and Reid). In fact, firearms should not be left in the hands of citizens.

On the other hand, some US citizens see guns possession as a civil right; this notion has made gun manufacturing companies supply all types of arms at affordable prices. “Prices of firearms vary enormously … as little as $100 and others retailing for thousands…” (Esquivel).

The poor who live in shanties could use these firearms for criminal activities. For instance, these criminals could even kill the Chief Executive Officers of these large firearm companies; this will be viewed as a big lose to the firm yet, they are the real cause of the lose. For that reason, good gun control criteria could help in mitigating such adverse effects.

In terms of tax revenue, the US firearm industry registered $9.5 million dollars in 2012 and further revenue from the licenses that varies between $5 and $180. However, the same country uses close to $100billion per year in handling casualties related to gun mortality and injury (Merino). This comparison shows that gun possession among citizens can slow down economic development among different nations.

Most of these crimes occur in poor urban areas, which have even recorded deaths of juveniles thus lowering the general life expectancy’s of US citizens in relation to other wealthy nations that have adopted gun control policy. Further, the cases at the courts that are related to gun possession have made the judicial systems incur extra costs. Therefore, there should be a good gun control law to avert these horrible and disturbing situations.

Although human beings should protect their lives and properties, the issuance of licensed guns will not offer complete protection. This is evidenced in a situation where people with guns are 4.45 more likely to be shot in an assault than those with no guns (Merino).

The increased suicide cases and murder rates among women at home due to intimidation from their spouses’ leaves no option but to institute a strict gun control policy. World governments should employ technology in tracking guns that are in the hands of their citizens and leave the protection of citizens in the hands of the police.

Remarkably, the police force should be well trained on modern firearm technologies in order to arrive at gunshot scenes within a short time. A society with strict gun control policy enhances security, economic growth and lowers the cost on judicial systems and health issues. Consequently, a strict gun control policy should be adopted to eliminate the vices that have been rampant in the society due to the presence of firearms.

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