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Social & Political Theory Essay Examples and Topics

Political Correctness as a Necessary Evil

Of key importance is the role of the enforcers of the opinions since they are the determinants of the level at which the acceptable opinions work for the good of the society.

Capitalism Problem: Video Analysis

However, the lack of resources and their disproportionate distribution will inevitably lead to a serious crisis. Admittedly, people's nature will not change, and many people will not want to build a fair society where resources [...]

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

After listening to the professor of sociology talking about human rights, dignity, and humanity, as well as to the employees of rights of migration talking about the concept and meaning of DACA in PaloAlto, I [...]

Positivism Theory as Applied in Political Science

The main goal of this paper is to analyze the positivism theory to determine its strengths and weaknesses. It led to the development of logical positivism that was based on the principle of verification.

Legislative Matrix

In addition to that, he was appointed to "the Energy and Natural Resources Committee; the Commerce Science, and Transportation Committee; and the Special Committee on Aging".

Conservative and New Labour Approaches Comparison

As Dorling pointed out, "Given the lack of social achievement, it is likely that the New Labour's record will largely be characterised in the future as 'Thatcherism continued' or, more cruelly, as some kind of [...]

Revolutionary War in Modern Theorists’ Views

1 According to the opinions of the great political leaders such as the father of the People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong, or the main revolutionary figure in Cuba, Che Guevara, a revolution is a [...]

19th-Century Marxism with Emphasis on Freedom

As the paper reveals through various concepts and theories by Marx, it was the responsibility of the socialists and scientists to transform the society through promoting ideologies of class-consciousness and social action as a way [...]

Women and Political Power: Causes and Opportunities

Caused by a patriarchal system, male dominance, and Muslim values, the underrepresentation of the UAE women in politics may be improved by the promotion of awareness, gender equality, and prevention of violence against them.

Why Allowing Owning a Gun Is Potentially Deleterious?

Therefore, the specified issue is likely to fuel the race-related issues and spark further confrontations among the representatives of different cultures to an even greater degree, thus, leading to misconceptions and conflicts in the process [...]

The Study of the Civilizations Evolution

In the first section of the paper, the author presents the idea that previous research on the evolution of civilizations was inconsequential due to the focus on either an ecological approach or humanitarian approach but [...]

Eduardo Porter’s Views on Capitalism

In the meantime, the latest change in the economic trends shows that the economist's expectations were inflated as well as the potential that he assigned to the free market turned out to be exaggerated.

Corruption and Society: Critical Analysis

Because of the latter, the political and social traditions of these societies are built on the beneficial effects of corruption. However, it is a mistake to believe that the social structure of traditional societies will [...]

Nationalism: Theory, Ideology and History

Instances of nationalism provided in the annals of history are the rise of Nazi Germany or the Arab nationalism. Nationalism and national identity is created through this common sense of the nation.

Theories of the Policy Process

The authors notice that: policymaking always goes through periods of stasis and then makes leaps or vice versa; political institutions play their role in the establishing of this equilibrium; public policy images can take the [...]

Multidimensionality of Politics

On the one hand, I agree with the verdict because one of the important conditions for the stability of American society is the public confidence in the authorities, and if such cases are not sanctioned, [...]

The Destructive Nature of Capitalism

The author emphasizes the tendency in the modern popular culture to humanize the technological aspects of our lives, probably in order to compensate for the exacerbated violence and a lack of compassion that human beings [...]

The Corruption Issue in the Contemporary Society

Further, pinpointing the necessary aspects that foster the development of the skill besides assessing the influence of faith and spirituality in the reinforcement of the quality would be the concentration of the paper.

“Democracy for the Few” by Michael Parenti

In order to consolidate their control over the information that is provided to the representatives of the general public, corporations also started to influence the context of the advertisements.

Division of Labor: Aspects of Capitalism

The paper then focuses on the differences between the social division of labor and the detailed division of labor. It is important to look at the difference between the social division of labor and the [...]

Mechanisms That Influence Politics

Elections provide the representatives of the representatives of the general public with the opportunity to affect the government. In addition to that, interest groups are mainly formed and led by the representatives of rather influential [...]

Bridging Institution in Sociopolitical Environment

Globalization has resulted in increased conflicting demands as organizations strive to address local, regional, and internal institutional demands in the field of academics and industry. The logic of bridging organizations is to respond to conflicting [...]

Civil Disobedience, Protests, and Heroism

Gandhi travelled to London to learn the law in the University of London in the year 1888. He says that he had wished for the white moderates to recognize that the existence of law and [...]

The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage

He shares his experience of belonging to the New Left movement: "the dynamic center of the decade" which pushed the youth forward by proclaiming the arrival of the change and "forming the template for the [...]

The Development of Capitalism in Canada

To begin with, Pentland states that by the middle of the nineteenth century there were a plenty of signs indicating that the changes of the course of the economy "had gone too far to be [...]

Political Deviance: Meaning and Forms

These negative impacts of political deviance can be in the form of work performance, self- esteem of the other colleague, demotions, transfers, or even loss of work.

Economic and Power Inequality in Stiglitz’s View

The main causes of the economic and political inequality, as well as of the unified notion of success seen in students of the most prominent colleges, are the government policies and the monopoly of Wall [...]

Youth Leadership Development

However, the exclusion of certain groups of people from the democratic process does not contribute to the flourishment of a system that hinges on the belief that "the operation and ownership of power" are essential [...]

Youth Activities in Kuwait

It is assumed that the research paper will contribute to the further development of the Kuwaiti youth and society in general.

Karl Marx: Critique of Capitalism

His point of view was that the globalization would inevitably lead to the concentration of wealth in the hands of relatively small groups of economic actors, and that will entail the emergence of the economic [...]

Democratic Consolidation Definition

Starting the analysis of the given issue, it is vital to outline the background of the growth of democracy in various states and conditions that had a great impact on these processes.

Leader Selection in Liberal Democratic Minimalism

On the other hand, the deliberative model of democracy is one that promotes the importance of consensus and authentic agreements among individuals living in a particular state. Also, the model outlines the essence of power [...]

Karl Marx: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World?

One of the most important aspects that should not be disregarded is that many scholars believe that some of the theories that were suggested by the philosopher are reasonable and can be applied to modern [...]

Liberalism and Its Critics

Karl Marx was one of the philosophers who opposed liberalism arguing that the system is based on a defective policy that allows the rich and the powerful in society to own the means of production [...]

Global Citizenship and Qatarization

The study uses multiple methods to collect data, permitting the researcher to crosscheck the validity and accuracy of the respondents' statements. In the article, the research purpose and question, which narrows the focus of the [...]

Freedom: Definition, Meaning and Threats

The existence of freedom in the world has been one of the most controversial topics in the world. As a result, he suggests indirectly that freedom is found in the ability to think rationally.

The Limited War Theory

The basic principle of the limited war theory is the avoidance of armed war and the mutual destruction that is brought by it.

Liberalism: History, Ideologies, Justification

As of today, liberalism-related discourses incorporate a vast variety of liberalism's definitions, which in its turn; can be explained by the fact that the very concept of liberalism never ceased being the subject of an [...]

“The Manifesto of the Communist Party”

The authors of this manuscript provided their own explanation of the nature of the society, the gap between classes as its ever-present historical characteristic, and the predicted development and failure of the capitalist way of [...]

What Is the Point of Equality Theory?

The antagonism that seems to crop up from the two interpretations gives rise to the concept of egalitarianism that seeks to diminish the differences that arise from the understanding of liberty and equality.

Legitimation as a Part of State Development

Despite the fact that the process of state legitimation based on the original definition of Weber presupposes the immediate involvement of every citizen into the political and legal structuring of the state and the creation [...]

Modernization Theory and Its Main Aspects

One can say that this theory can be helpful for distinguishing those factors that can contribute to the development of a country and the growth of its economy; however, the recommendations offered by the advocates [...]

Skilled Labor and Alexis de Tocqueville’s Views

The analysis of the politics of skilled labor in the 1830s in America provided by the author helps to explore the features of craft in that time and understand the specifics of the Industrial Revolution.

Nozick’s Transfer Injustice Principle

The principle of transfer is a principle that guides the entitlement theory. The principle of transfer can be compared to a situation where distribution is favoured such as in the patterned theory of justice.

The Anarchic Structure of World Politics

The works The Anarchic Structure of World Politics by Kenneth Waltz and Anarchy is what states make of it: the social construction of power politics by Alexander Wendt are taken as the basis for this [...]

Policy, Its Types and Functions

Economic policies are normally implemented by the stakeholders in the business sectors for example, the government, entrepreneurs and investors. For better policy implementation, the organization or the government need to clearly communicate the policies to [...]

Marxist Theory of Development

In addition, global South countries also usually lack proper knowledge to apply in the development and utilization of natural resources they own.

Democracy and Religion: Modern Theories

The law reigns supreme, and it is considered to be the final judge if one of the citizens contravenes the rule of law. It is seen to lie in the teachings of a given religion.

Liberal Democracy: Marxist and Conservatism’ Approaches

In many liberal democratic societies, Marx noted that the ruling class uses the poor to enrich themselves and the government facilitates the process of oppression through offering tight security to goods of bourgeoisies and suing [...]

Social Contract Theory: Limitations

There are various theories that strive to explain the formation of the sovereign body and its major activities; probably the most important one is the theory of social contract.

The Neoliberal Society and Economy

The state is also responsible for the creation of new markets, the establishment of the ones that did not exist before and the development of the active markets.