Social & Political Theory Essay Examples and Topics

Reflections on the Concept of Egalitarianism

Introduction One of the foremost aspects of a post-industrial living is the fact that, as time goes by; the discourse on equality begins to affect socio-political dynamics in the world to an ever-higher extent. The validity of this statement can be well illustrated in regards to the rising popularity of left-wing Socialist parties in Latin […]

Public Policy Analyzing

Introduction Sometimes, understanding public policy and its effect on the people becomes challenging. Often, many people seem to complain about the impacts of the policy document without actually understanding its provisions. This makes it difficult for them to have an overview of the implications of the policy. Therefore, this research paper focuses on the importance […]

Outbreak Democratic Institutions

Introduction In this analysis, the rational choice theory and sociological theory have been used to evaluate the democratic institutions. Under, the sociological theory, the focus would be centered on the corporatism1. Democracy refers to a set of principles that are considered to be very fundamental to the continuity of humanity2. Although the actual concept of […]

Dependency Theory vs. Modernization Theory

The modernization theory takes its roots in the eighteenth century, during the Era of Enlightenment. The theoretical framework was created in an attempt to explain transformation and development in society, as well as define how change influenced pre-industrial and industrial development (Smith 44). Like other transformational theories, modernization theory revealed its unique view on the […]

The Effects of the American Correctional Policy

Evidence-Based Correction: Definition and Significance Before going any further, it is necessary to introduce the phenomenon of evidence-based correction. Evidence-based correction is defined as a system in which “data, not mere opinions […] play the central role in guiding allegiance to any given correctional theory” (MacKenzie, 2012, p. 1). In a nutshell, the phenomenon of […]

The development paradigm and gift-giving

Even though that there is much of a moralistically sounding vagueness to the description of what the partners for Global Community Kelowna do, it is still possible to identify the actual scope of these organizations’ activities: Dare to Be This organization consists of ‘soccer moms’, who due to being particularly ‘bright’, do believe that it […]

Why Do Conservatives Disagree On The Topic Of Marriage Equality?

Human beings want the same things in life. Every person wants a prospect for success, healthy kids, and a condition in which no one is suffering. The disagreement is how to realize the objectives. Conservatives and liberals in the United States differ on how to raise a happy family, among other crucial topics. While conservatives […]

Is it possible to imagine nationalism without the nation?

Introduction After the end of the Second World War, populations assembled within their nations with great hope of developing their home countries, which had undergone destruction following the aftermath of the war. Emigration and migration activities were part of the events that marked the World War II with powerful states exercising slave trade that displaced […]

Relationship between Capitalism and a Logically Formal Rational Legal System

The seminal work of Max Weber has largely been used to provide and elaborate the law and its role in the development of capitalism. All rational forms of law are considered with special consideration of Weber’s input towards the understanding of the rationality of law. Weber contended that the dynamics of markets that are largely […]

The Projects of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment

Abstract Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, a corporate personality of a government establishment, aims at providing suitable housing in Dubai to the nationals of Emirates. It does this by offering services that are entirely related to housing of the nationals under a sole umbrella via a wide range of alternatives. Some of the alternatives used […]

The Effectiveness of an Organization’s Internal Management Policies and Programs

Introduction Program evaluation is the application of the practical social science research technique to the method of judging the effectiveness of the organizational policies, programs, or projects as well as their management and implementation for decision making purposes (Langbein & Felbinger, 3). Therefore, the main aim of program evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of […]

Bureaucracy in Public and Private Organizations

Both public and private organizations recognize the need to organize their activities in order to improve efficiency and productivity. There are different ways of organizing a large number of people to work collectively towards the achievement of a common goal. In the primary reading, Max Weber provides a model of organizing activities, employees and the […]

US Social Security vs. Canadian Social Security

Introduction The increasing challenge posed by an increase in the elderly population creates the need to deploy social security services. Demographic patterns on the provision of social services are estimated to increase drastically in the future. In the United States, the notable demographic trends that are likely to impose significant pressures on social security includes […]

Policy Analysis: Homelessness

Problem Identification The term refers to a state of affairs whereby some members of society do not have places they can call home. Such individuals survive through assistance from government and well-wishers. Homelessness is associated with so many societal evils, which calls for immediate solution. The public, as well as government, is endangered with the […]

Liberal ideal in History

Liberal ideal can be termed as a belief in progress and science, the rule of law, expansion of democracy, free markets and production of individual liberties. Different scholars have contributed towards development of liberalism field and as a result there are a number of documents addressing the subject. This paper will critically analyze primary historical […]

Modernization Theory and the Developing Countries

Introduction Modernization theory is one of the theories of development that seeks to justify why developing countries are not developed. This theory considers the emulation of the developed countries as the best way the third world countries can achieve development. Definition Alexander Dolgin in an article titled manifesto of the new economy defines modernization theory […]

Death Penalty Role in the Criminal Justice System

Capital punishment is one of the most controversial issues in the United States of America. Most Americans believe that death penalty is the best punishment for murderers. However, capital punishment should be abolished in the United States. Even though some people are heartless, there are a few reasons as to why the death sentence should […]

Incidence and Continuity of Statehood

Introduction The state has been considered as the primary subject of international law, a fact that ignores other emerging legal entities, this notwithstanding, this possession of international legal personality cannot be used as a justification of statehood. This is due to the emergence of the so called puppet states which may have international legal personality […]

Introduction of The City Strategy Pathfinder Programme

The City Strategy Pathfinder (CSP) is a strategy that was introduced to reduce unemployment and child poverty. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) introduced the CSP in London to enhance people to reduce child poverty and improve the rate of unemployment. The vision of the CSP is reduction and prevention of joblessness and child […]

Web of Institutionalization

Introduction This paper aims to discuss the use of web of institutionalization developed by Caren Levy (1998) in assessing the opportunities for community-led development. We will discuss a particular conflict situation, the construction of the Ilisu Dam on the lower Tigris River, and make general conclusions based on our discussion. The case of the Ilisu […]

Congress is a Broken Institution

Introduction The unending public and political debates concerning the credibility of the present Congress House of the United States have provoked constitutional changes (Sinclair, 2009). Political analysts and some of the open-minded American citizens have considered the Congress to be an ineffective institution, because the American government seems to manipulate the organization. Complaints against the […]

Freedom of Speech and Expression

It is indeed true that the freedom of individual expression largely emanates from the level of autonomy granted. When our individual autonomies are restricted, the freedom of expression is also affected. This implies that autonomy is the epitome of the freedom of expression in many ways. Nonetheless, a certain level of restriction is usually applied […]

Biggart and Swedberg Views on Capitalist Development

Capitalist development The existence of systematic barriers to economic and capitalist developments poses several challenges to social economic theorists. According to Biggart (2002), capitalist development can be defined as an economic system leading to capital accumulation through privatization of property. In his work, Swedberg advocates a gradual privatization that involves feudal relations turning to capitalists […]

Neoliberal Approach to Assessing Sustainability

All policy decisions depend on approaches of various policy actors based on their fundamental principles. Fundamental principles that influence policy decisions differ across policy domains. Also, their influences could be strong or weak while their considerations may be explicit or implicit. At the same time, some considerations could be unclear, unstated, obvious and/or stated. In […]


Introduction The rise and spread of colonialism is one of the significant themes in world civilization. Colonialism is an old phenomenon that emerged during the ancient period in Europe. It can be divided into two phases. The first phase is called old imperialism. It occurred between the fifteenth and the nineteenth centuries. During this timeframe, […]

Utilitarianism in Government

Introduction In the modern world, technology defines the successfulness of any organization, irrespective of the size and the scope of work. Currently, human beings live in the highly connected society whereby information circulation is costless due to the internet, which has made communication easy. In other words, technology has led to developments in politics, economics, […]

Rational Choice, Pluralist and Marxist Theories’ Contributions to the Study of Public Policy

Introduction Making of Public policies can be theorised in a number of way among them rational theory, Marxists theory and pluralist theory. With regard to Cope and Goodship, the drafting of a public policy is not just a task of the government. Instead, it should be viewed as a complicated process that requires the input […]

Is Political Analysis a ‘Scientific’ Enterprise? Should It Be?

According to Fay (1996)1, the study of political science involves a close analysis of dates, governments and politics. This discipline concerns with the study of human behavior and all issues related to politics as observed in controlled environments. This means that it would be very difficult to reproduce results through experimental methods. Many scholars have […]

Form of Political Ideology: Social Democracy

Social democracy is a form of political ideology that originated from Marxist reformists. The main principle of the ideology includes provision of social services to all members of the public, such as education, healthcare, and pension schemes. The ideology seeks to support the disadvantaged in society, including the elderly and children from poor families. In […]

Should Marijuana be Legal?

In the United State, various topics are being debated. However, among the most contentious and debated topics is whether marijuana ought to be legalized or not. Strong advocates for the legalization of cannabis claim that marijuana should be legalized because it numerous medical benefits. However, the opponents strongly assert that cannabis should be considered illegal […]