Diplomacy Essay Examples and Topics

All Diplomacy is a Continuation of War by Other Means

Diplomacy can be a continuation of war by other means when looked at from different perspectives. This paper will therefore evaluate why diplomacy can be a continuation or discontinuation of war by all means. In this case, it means that the paper will argue for and against this statement based on existing facts. Diplomacy can […]

The Adoption of Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

The two weeks United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992 (dubbed The Earth Summit) was a landmark summit that heralded global consensus on attaining ecological and sustainable development appreciative of the deepening crisis arising from global ecological degradation. The need to adopt eco-efficiency during the […]

Seoul Policy toward North Korea Nuclear Crisis

In the following work peculiarities of Inter-Korean relations are analyzed. Main aspects of existing crisis in relations between North Korea and South Korea are outlined and analyzed. Great attention is given to description of North Koreas Nuclear Program. Its main threats are investigated. Reaction of official Seoul to development of this program is given. This […]

The Impact of Newly Emerged Actors, Groupings and NGOs on the Conduct of the Contemporary Diplomacy

The emergence of new actors, groupings, and non-governmental organizations has had a potent impact on the changing frames of traditional approaches to diplomacy. The changes are revealed through the new patterns of foreign politics interpretation all over the world. The remarkable role of NGOs in contemporary diplomacy is emphasized due to their threatening and destabilizing […]

Kofi Annan Leadership Traits

The Five Virtues of Kofi Annan: Case Study Having sat at the helm of the United Nations for two terms, Kofi Annan exhibited astute and strong leadership skills. Admiration for his ability to bring different warring parties together was unending. He always wished for a world where sufferance of innocent global citizens would end. Among […]

United States Office of War Information

Aim of the public diplomacy project The primary goal of the public diplomacy project is to examine and evaluate the consequences of the implementation of the United States Office of War Information in 1942, the establishment of the Bureau of Motion Pictures, and its contribution to present. Scenario: The Context in which the activity took […]

Environmental Issue in China

Executive Summary Rapid growth in China is negatively affecting the environment. Air pollution in Beijing is now a major source of concern, while the Chinese government seems to be doing little to protect the environment. Thus, this paper presents an in-depth public diplomacy strategy based on building a network of influence to advocate for policy […]

Public Diplomacy and its Impact on Foreign Policies

Introduction Public diplomacy entails the impact of public attitudes on the compilation and implementation of foreign policies. Public diplomacy includes the execution of public opinion by a government to a foreign country. Public diplomacy can also be viewed as the process of communicating foreign affairs and its influence on policy as well as the system […]

Down the Road Uncharted: The Path of a Leader, Ali Aujali

Among the most complicated tasks, diplomatic mission is the most demanding and the most complicated, since it presupposes not only the interaction of different cultures with completely different pictures of the world, but also the solution of the conflicts which arise as a result of the above-mentioned discrepancies. However, with the help of an appropriate […]

The Chronicle of North Korea’s Nuclear Power and Diplomacy

Introduction The war against nuclear weapons developed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK remains a delicate and sensitive issue in diplomatic relations between DPRK and other countries around the world. With several nations opposed to the nuclear development program, DPRK has gone through a series of steps and encountered countless challenges in its […]

Faulty Negotiations and the Strike

No there were no faulty negotiations involved that led to the strike. The main cause of the strike was stormy relations between PATCO AND FAA. It was observed from the beginning that PATCO –Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization which was established in 1968 as a “professional society” of federal air traffic controllers had stormy relations […]

France and Talleyrand

According to Historical sources, Talleyrand was a unique and extraordinary person. To some people, he was regarded as an arrogant person because of his confidence which earned him the most successful diplomat of his time. Through his tactics, he managed to survive the regimes of Dictators Louis XVI through to the leadership of Napoleon and […]

A Research Proposal on Multilateral Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Abstract The current unilateral challenges that face the world necessitate the need for multiple relations among different nations. Some of the challenges and problems of the 21st century include human rights, environmental issues, labor rights, and humanitarian assistance (Muldoon 62). A research on the need for multilateral diplomacy in the 21st century is significant in […]

Emergency plan for a city in Connecticut

Background Emergency management plan has become one of the most crucial components in any given nation or society that is involved in the process of strategic organizational management with the aim of protecting critical assets from catastrophes or disasters caused by hazardous risks. As a matter of fact, emergency processes are conducted with the sole […]

Emergency Management in US

Executive Summary After the 9-11 terrorist attack, the National Commission on Terrorism attack did an extensive investigation to look for security loopholes and address inadequacies in the intelligence community, federal and local governments (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks). Although most parts of the report put a lot of emphasis on intelligence failures, some parts of […]

Nuclear Program in North Korea

The nuclear program in North Korea has left its neighbors and the whole world in general concerned about the North Korea’s intentions. The program has led to a lot of controversy with many people wondering whether the nuclear weapons are for defensive purposes or are majorly instruments of coercion (Pollack, 2010). A lot of questions […]

Diplomatic Protocols and Privileges

Introduction Barston (2006) defines diplomacy as the administration of interstate interactions. Other variables that may affect any of the states are also included in the interaction. A diplomat therefore promotes their country’s national interests by representing the country in negotiations and doing tasks that promote national interest. The ministry of Foreign affairs in most cases […]

Diplomatic Immunity

Introduction Diplomacy can be defined as interaction between states carried out through diplomats. The diplomat is expected to promote the core values and interests of their country by engaging in negotiations and activities geared towards promotion of their country’s interests. The welfare of the diplomats as they conduct missions abroad is catered for by the […]

Issue on Public Administration; Social Equity

Introduction Social equity is one of the critical issues in the contemporary public administration practices. The level of development in every country is determined by the level of equity in all aspects in the society. The higher the economic gap among the people the lower is the country in terms of development. On the other […]

Nuclear Diplomatic Relations

Introduction Diplomacy refers to the act of conducting negotiations between parties or nations through professional interactions. Diplomatic relations covers subjects in relation to matters that include business, war, environment and human rights among others. With emergence of globalization and subsequent identification of particular issues as of global concern, international effort has been necessitated in even […]

The Tradition of Non Use of Nuclear Weapon

Introduction The essay is a critical examination of the major factors that contributed to the non-use of nuclear weapons after they were first used back in 1945 in Japan’s two major cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The attacks were made by the United States of America in trying to make the Japanese surrender. It is worth […]

Diplomacy between France and Talleyrand

French government had a lot of fears during the Vienna conference in 1814 which came up as a result of losing the Napoleonic Wars. During the war, French Armies traversed almost the whole of Europe creating destructions, overthrowing Kingdoms that did not cooperate with them and forcibly enrolling armies in their way. The trail of […]

New public management can be considered to be both a panacea and a plague to public administration.

Introduction The desire to continuously improve service delivery to citizens is a challenge faced by most governments across the globe. Governments are put to power by citizens through a democratic process with the hope that it will implement better governing policies that will benefit all and sundry. Effective and efficient modes of implementing such policies […]

Public administration in America: Grants to help homeless

Introduction When people live in conditions such that they lack a regular dwelling they are said to be homeless. If people are not in a position or are not willing to have permanent or at least safe and decent housing they pass for homeless lot. However, this statement is just a general definition of homeless […]

Critique of the U.S & the U.N Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Introduction It has been argued that the United States is one of the leading violators of Human Rights in the world; to what extent this is true is a question of discussion. Many a times it has also been argued that the United States has failed to observe the spirit of the United Nation Convention […]

The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy

Introduction The Cold War was a political conflict characterized by military tension between the Soviet Union and the United States and its political allies that occurred between 1946 and 1991. The conflict did not involve direct military confrontations; nevertheless, propaganda, espionage, and nuclear threats were common. During the Cold War, the U.S. was engaged in […]

How Has The Wikileaks Cable-Gate Scandal Affected The Institution Of Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is an important institution to all the governments in the world. International relations among nations are maintained by various diplomats stationed in respective embassies of various countries (Siracusa 5). These diplomats are responsible for brokering international trade deals between states, discussing economic matters, war and peace making. Diplomats also negotiate international treaties before they […]

The US energy diplomacy

There is only one market for oil, and that is the global market. The market is subject to effects of world politics especially concerning matters of diplomacy, and pricing wars between major suppliers. These will in effect have adverse political implications as well as economic effect to the major players especially the United States of […]

The Malayan Emergency Counter Insurgency Success

Introduction The Malayan was a guerrilla war fought between Commonwealth armed forces and the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA).The war lasted from June 1948 to 31st July 1960 and during this period the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) decided to prepare for armed conflict which it had expected to break out later that year, thus there […]

Diplomacy in Washington, DC

Introduction Diplomacy as a tool of community diversification is a major ingredient that can be used to build amazing human relationships in a multi-cultural environment. The use of diplomacy dates back to the very olden days and it is presumed to be as old as the development of the human race (Freeman ix). The term […]

Comparing and Contrasting US Diplomatic Approach to Russia and China

The aim of this research paper is to compare and contrast the gradual shift in America’s diplomatic position over the past 20 years with respect to two countries that matter a lot to its foreign policy, Russia and China. Both countries are huge in size and population, had experienced strained relations with the US during […]

Why did president Obama fail in his attempts to stop israel building settlement and prevent the Palestinians from applying for UN membership?

Thesis Statement Diplomacy is one of the fields of study that has taken root in the modern international system. It pertains to the efforts that states make in order to achieve national interests both locally and abroad. The US has not used its veto power to block Palestine from becoming a state. This is due […]

Community service should be required by most citizens of a country

It is pretty amazing how community service has continued to develop and become an issue of debate in our schools and the community. It is quite agreeable that all students have come from different backgrounds. Socioeconomic backgrounds, family backgrounds and cultural backgrounds differ from student to student. Ideological intertwinement between networks of students will lend […]

The Concept of Generation Gap Bridging in the Workplace

Introduction A workplace makes it possible for people from various backgrounds to interact and work together towards achieving a common goal. In the course of such interaction there is bound to be some confusion arising from the workers. Organized workplaces, whether small or large, have an administrative structure to ensure smooth running of their activities. […]

Organizational Research and Theory

Introduction An organization’s external environment is very relevant on how the organization is structured and conducts its operations, thus, it shapes the organization as a whole. An organization needs to understand that the environment is highly dynamic and ever changing; what happened yesterday in the corporate world or public sector may be completely different from […]

Doha Round Development Failure and its impact on globalization

Introduction Globalisation has lead to an increase in trade among countries; however there has been some measures put forward by different countries to curb flow of goods and services. Such barriers to trade are tariffs, quotas and subsidies. World trade organisation is an internationally recognised body, which oversees and makes policies aimed at facilitating international […]

“Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows

The central message of the book Systems analysis may not be a distinct discipline, but it provides a different perspective on global issues and ways of addressing the complex challenges that people face globally. Nevertheless, the complex nature of the concept presents a challenge when presenting it, particularly to new audiences. “Thinking in Systems” by […]

Ponzi Scheme by Bernie Madoff Case Study

Introduction Bernard Madoff (2009) is accused of engaging in a multi-billion securities scandal that involved managing a scheme called Ponzi, which caused global investors billions of dollars. The penalty for such criminal offence is a maximum prison sentence of 20 years. According to a criminal complainant, Madoff’s Ponzi scheme brought a great loss in investment […]

Public Involvement and Community Development in Australia

Introduction Democracy is the system of government which is favored and held in high esteem by most countries in the 21st century. This system is characterized by fair and equal treatment for all members of the society and the right of every person to take part in decision making. Despite these lofty standards which are […]

Democracy: Definition, Types, Systems and Benefits

Introduction Democracy is a type of governance where people participate in making laws and rules; “it is the political regime where people will become the law of the country” (Lane and Erson 2). This article will give a description of what is democracy, types of democracy, systems of democracy and its benefits in public administration. […]