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Diplomacy Essay Examples and Topics

Diplomacy: Two Level Games and Bargaining Outcomes

Nevertheless, the paper selected for the investigation delves into the results of the U.S.- Japan Structural Impediments Initiative and makes a case for the analysis of Putnams theory as a model that could be applied [...]

Celebrity Diplomacy in Paul Vallely’s Article

Considering the growing influence of the celebrity diplomacy concept in the sphere of international and domestic politics, the paper is aimed at summarizing the article "From A-lister to Aid Worker: Does Celebrity Diplomacy Really Work?" [...]

Digital Media Diplomacy for the United Networks

What is even more important, the latter increases unpredictably on a daily basis, and this reveals a number of opportunities for the UN to develop a successful approach to the effective use of social media [...]

“Naked Diplomacy” by Tom Fletcher

What it means is that, when it comes to assessing the book's practical implications, one must be able to do it from the critical perspective while never ceasing to take into account the fact that [...]

The United Arab Emirates’ Economic Diplomacy

The high number of international passengers entering or passing through the UAE means that the diplomats can work in liaison with the government to develop strategies and policy directives to help local companies in the [...]

Vienna Convention: Diplomatic & Consular Relations

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations are the vital acts in the system of international relations. It is akin to the countermeasure for the diplomatic immunity institution that [...]

The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Enhancing Ties

Akagawa asserts that one of the most important roles that diplomats play in ensuring that peace prevails between their countries and the nations that they are serving in is the act of exchanging cultural information [...]

Celebrity Diplomacy in Paul Valley’s Article

One of the first celebrities acting as a goodwill ambassador mentioned by Valley in the article is Angelina Jolie, one of the world's most loved and admired actresses who have devoted herself to the noble [...]

Social Media Impact on Digital Diplomacy

Department of State and "Digital Diplomacy: A New Era of Advancing Policy" by Carnegie Endowment have provided the audience with the chance to see the official point of view of the American government and the [...]

The Application of Soft Power in Qatar

The end goals of the country would be to: Increase the amount of foreign direct investments into the country in order to improve its range of local industries Develop better relations within the region as [...]

Enhancing Global Governance by Cooper et al.

With the waxing of the strength of the Cold War and, ultimately, waning, the pressure on the International Criminal Court to guide the path in protecting the concerns and the rights of global business has [...]

Richard Nixon’s Diplomacy During the Cold War

The term 'Cold War' refers to the persistent state of military and political anxiety that was experienced by countries in the Eastern Bloc, including Russia and Warsaw pact allies; and the Western Bloc countries such [...]

The Gulf War’s Diplomatic Choice

While the Kuwaiti government obviously had another choice, it is worth keeping in mind that, first, the temptation to cooperate with the American government was too big to resist, and, on the other hand, refusing [...]

Kofi Annan Leadership Traits

In pursuit of idealistic leadership, Berlin articulates that leaders and organizations should be able to differentiate actions that could impede the achievement of the goals that are in the best interest of the majority.

United States Office of War Information

The primary goal of the public diplomacy project is to examine and evaluate the consequences of the implementation of the United States Office of War Information in 1942, the establishment of the Bureau of Motion [...]

Environmental Issue in China

Given the influence of the Chinese government on the public, it is proposed that a network of influence should be created as a public diplomacy strategy to influence the government to take action on air [...]

Faulty Negotiations and the Strike

PATCO did not anticipate the strong the Reagan administration reaction to the strike and the government's determination to 'stick to its guns and as the as the chairman he should be able to come to [...]

France and Talleyrand

Previously, he had actively participated in the signing of 'The Treaty of Paris' which ended the 'Napoleonic Wars.' When Talleyrand entered the conference, he had the sole purpose of maintaining the power of France among [...]

Multilateral Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Therefore, the research project will seek to explore and investigate the following: The extent to which multilateral diplomacy contributes to peaceful coexistence among nations of the world To identify economic gains that member states receive [...]

Emergency Management in US

The proposals made by the "9/11 Commission" put a lot of emphasizes on the need to develop the intelligence community of the US in an attempt to tighten security of the nation for the safety [...]

Diplomatic Protocols and Privileges

The diplomatic protocol and diplomatic privileges apply to both the diplomats and the supporting staff working in the embassy. The provision that gives them the right not to be searched extends to the family members [...]

Diplomatic Immunity

The legal agreement about the protection to be accorded to diplomats is arrived at after the government which is sending the diplomat and the one where the diplomat is being hosted agree on the rights [...]

Nuclear Diplomatic Relations

The situation that was presented by the threat and the final occurrence of the Second World War then facilitated research into the nuclear field which led to the development of nuclear weapons.

The Tradition of Non Use of Nuclear Weapon

It is worth noting that since 1945 the concept of non use of nuclear weapons have occupied the minds of scholars, the general public and have remain the most and single important issues in the [...]

Diplomacy between France and Talleyrand

Deliberations of the conference led to restoration of French territories and even larger than it was before 1789 because it was in the interest of the powers represented in the conference.

The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy

Among the situations that called for America's diplomacy during the Cold War include the deliberate efforts to improve relations with the Soviet Union and ease the hostilities between the U.S.and the Soviet Union.

The US energy diplomacy

However, LeVine explains that alternative energy in the US accounts only for a small percentage of its energy use and as such cannot be entirely depend upon as supplement to oil.

The Malayan Emergency Counter Insurgency Success

The second principle was to secure the population, "the main aim for the security line of operation in counterinsurgency was the security of the population, instead of security for the forces themselves or slow destruction [...]

Organizational Research and Theory

Research Methodology Based on the above considerations, the methodology for the research include a combination of the survey and a case study, while the aims of both will be to identify the role of the [...]

“Thinking in Systems” by Dana Meadows

The basic models presented in this chapter illustrate the central of the book, i.e.complex system behavior is influenced by the system elements and to a large extent, the interrelationships, or interactions between these systems elements [...]

Ponzi Scheme by Bernie Madoff

Bines and other two firms were involved in selling unregistered securities to people and this was in violation to section 5 of the securities Act of 1933, this was a similar case to that of [...]