Military Essay Examples and Topics

Theory Integration in Intelligence

Methodology The understanding research approach is essential in determining the level of accuracy that can be attained in gathering information on intelligence. Any research methodology should reflect the objectives of a study. Grounded theory is a research methodology which begins with a question that guides a researcher, especially when collecting data. In intelligence studies, this […]

Theory Integration in Intelligence

Rational Choice theory George Homas is a sociologist who developed the rational choice theory by assuming that people make economic decisions by considering the greatest benefits and wants that will cost less for more returns. The theory is common amongst economists in cases where the majority of people want to balance less cost for greater […]

AFRICOM Airpower Challenges: One Flew over the Arab Spring Nest. The US on Air Operations in Libya

Abstract The period of the Arab Spring was, doubtlessly, one of those events that shape the world history. Followed by massive outbursts of violence and aggression, revolts in Libya had clearly gone completely out of control by the time that the world’s most powerful states could possibly do anything about it. Therefore, the situation concerning […]

Differences and Similarities between Hamas and Hezbollah

Hamas and Hezbollah are two dynamic groups that act as political parties, military institutions and social factions. Hamas evolved from the Gaza arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) (Noe 28). Initially, the organization centered on social work so that it could take an Islamic cultural regeneration to Gaza. In 1987, the MB in Gaza transformed […]


A former top adviser to President Bush in Iraq, Robert Blackwill, who was a national security adviser during Bush’s first term, once said that torture should never be totally ruled out. One of the central pillars of the court process in the common law system of justice is built on the bedrock assumption that coercive […]

Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement for Wounded Warrior Project

Historical background Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was started in 2002 by John Melia who had been wounded in Somalia in 1992. Melia’s initiative was supported by the members of his family and other veterans Al Giordano and Steven Nardizzi. Until 2005, WWP operated as a division of another non-profit organization the United Spinal Association of […]

Leadership in Military

Introduction For military to be successful in their endeavors, military service needs leaders who are not only agile in their analysis, but also innovative in the development of new solutions to the complex challenges. As such, military leaders should be academically qualified to lead such significant and racial diverse institution (Richardson 2005, 36). Effective military […]

Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Intelligence

Elements of the US Standard Intelligence Producers Cycle Intelligence cycle denotes all the activities that are within the intelligent cycle niche. Usually, these undertakings include processes that guarantee useful decision-making for a given information. As the name suggests, Intelligence Cycle is a set of processes that includes planning, data analysis and evaluation, and integration and […]

Ministry of Defence in the UK: The Army 2020 Programme

Introduction This paper makes an analysis of the extent to which the Army 2020 provides the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) with opportunities for improving workforce efficiency through the use of information systems. The paper examines the different ways in which the workforce is most effective, how the army currently operates in the UK and […]

Military Leadership in US

The capacity for an organisation to adapt to changing dynamics and effectively discharge duties to the society is dependent on the leadership within it. Such an understanding informs why effective military leadership is paramount for a resilient, dynamic, effective and ethical military. Many scholars are interested in designing parameters that can develop a framework for […]

The USAF and Fiscal Priorities in the 21st Century

Abstract The United States’ military budget is indeed on one of the highest across the globe. While territorial integrity and secure borders are mandatory, it is equally vital for the Department of Defense to re-evaluate its spending regimes in order to cut down on unnecessary costs. It is against this backdrop that USAF is in […]

Development of Space Power

Abstract Over the last few years, space power has received significant attention from the military. According to the military experts, space power can be a great asset to the military if it is fully utilized. Space power theory is regularly evaluated through sea, land, and air theories (Robertshaw & Bergin, 2004). Through this, the theory’s […]

Hezbollah’s Propaganda

Introduction Globally, western forces define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization (Peate 1). However, in some sections of the Muslim world, people consider Hezbollah as a resistance movement that protects Muslims against the “excesses” of the western world. The group’s main base of operation is in Lebanon. Its popularity in Lebanon, and some parts of the […]

“Operation Mongoose and Operation Northwoods” Botched CIA plans to bring down Castro and the Cuban regime

Introduction In an effort to preserve the security of their nations, governments use various means including the use of diplomatic measures that involve signing of treaties coupled with holding talks and conferences. In cases where these measures are not applicable and in the presence of increased tension and aggression, military action is usually inevitable. However, […]

Analysis of QDR and QDR Independent Panel

Effective Guidance to Improving DOD Mission Accomplishment Quadrennial Defense Review The Quadrennial Defense Review is a document providing the parties concerned with a thorough analysis of actions that should be made within the Department of Defense during the period of four years. However, the document focuses more on what has been already done in this […]

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Drones Kill Innocent Civilians

One of the most debated arguments against the US led war against terrorism is the use of unmanned drones for carrying out attacks against terrorists and militants in countries like Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The common belief is that these attacks must be stopped at once as the severity of collateral damages is beyond acceptable […]

Effective Leadership Traits

An effective leader is one who is familiar with issues faced by the people he leads. A leader who intends to implement effective public policies should have the support of all people in the society. He or she must encourage all members of the society to collaborate to ensure that policies which are implemented achieve […]

Mandatory Military Service in the United States

Introduction Currently, the military service in the United States does not presuppose compulsory conscription. Nevertheless, there is still the current practice of recruiting men under the age category from 18 to 25 for the Armed Forces, which raises concerns from a human rights viewpoint. On the one hand, the recruitment procedure requires especial attention because […]

“Don’t ask, Don’t tell” (DADT)

Introduction The policy also known as the disambiguation policy had been the official policy in the United States military since 21st December 1993 until the 20th of September 2011. The policy banned open gays and lesbians personnel from working in the military, and proscribed against discrimination of the closeted gays and lesbians. The policy was […]

United States Marine Corps: Strategic Alignment

Introduction The evaluation of internal factors that may influence enterprise performance and strategic goal accomplishment is one of the possible tasks an internal consultant can get. The essence of this work is to understand the peculiarities of the organizational strategy and identify such internal factors as resources, capabilities, systems, and processes, etc. In this paper, […]

Job evaluation and pay structure

Job evaluation is the process of establishing a structure for jobs in an organisation. The concern for job evaluation is not for people, but the job itself. A pay structure is the procedure of administering its pay philosophy. There are different types of pay structures, for example, internal equity method and market pricing. The purpose […]

The United States Armed Forces: One Military Force Combining Land, Sea, and Air Activities

Introduction Research Question/Thesis The adoption of the Goldwater-Nichols Act resulted in the idea that the US Armed Forces has a legal base to join their warfare planning and training activities. In this context, it makes sense for the US to have one armed service providing unity of effort. It could benefit economically, administratively in a […]

Timeless Lessons learnt from previous U.S Conflicts

The core responsibility of the Department of Defense is to ensure that there is well sustained security and homeland defense in the United States of America. Besides, the department is also charged with the task of overseeing international security issues that may equally pose potential threat to the United States and its citizens (NDS, 2008). […]

Does expeditionary warfare best explain the nature of warfare today?

Introduction Expeditionary warfare refers to the use of the military force outside the United States to influence events taking place abroad (Federoff & Melhuish 1994; Federoff & Melhuish 1994). The expeditionary warfare approach is flexible, adapted, limited in objectives and designed for specific regional operations. It may also entail deploying forces on another country’s terrain […]

Competitive Space Technologies in US

In the twentieth century people learnt to use the outer space and enjoyed the benefits of this use. However, in the twenty-first century many states are more concerned about the fact that “the same technologies that benefit humanity are pressed into service as weapons” (Johnson-Freese and Nichols 2007, 159). The development of space technology in […]

Modern Armed Forces and the “War among People”

Introduction “The number of British soldiers killed on duty in Iraq is now 139” (BBC News 2009 para. 1), the headline of BBC Online News screamed on Thursday, 30th April 2009. This is after four British soldiers were killed by insurgent forces in Basra. Such headlines have become the norm in the United Kingdom today. […]

Impact of legislation on the Air Force Reserve Command

The widespread rise in the use of modern technology world over has initiated introduction of legislations to curb any threat. For instance, in United States uses cyberspace to travel, power their homes, communicate, provide essential government services, and run their economy. The overreliance on the network has posed serious attacks thus causing more information vulnerability. […]

Military Modernization in China and Israel – Research

Introduction A little known Third World country in Asia can aspire for the modernization of its military.1 It will be interpreted as the expression of a moral right to defense.2 It is the right of every nation to enhance its national defense. But in the 21st century, there are two countries in the globe that […]

China’s Military Modernization – Aggressiveness or Defensiveness?

Abstract China is one of the most controversial states of the twentieth century. Currently, the state is not a purely communist state. It is still arguable whether China has ever taken a stand over its relationship with its neighbors. For the better part of the twentieth century, China spent its time in militarization programs. This […]

Brazil Offset Program

The term offset is an English word that is used to mean compensate or the act of counterbalancing. Offsetting is used in various fields depending on the different scenarios. For instance, it can be used in the business world when a person settles a debt. In this report however, offsetting will be discussed in the […]

The Importance of respect in the military

Introduction The feeling of remorse that is bestowed upon a soldier during the playing of the Taps is derived from nothing other than respect for each other. Although in the army most occasions end with sad events, most feel a sense of respect for the fallen soldier who pays the ultimate sacrifice for the country. […]

Military Disrespect

Introduction Disrespect is an action of being rude or discourteous to the authority or person in charge. It is an act that demeans people and causes them to appear as if they do not know what they are doing. Disrespect does not only work for vertical chain of authority but can also be among people […]

Significance of the lifting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy

Introduction On September 20, 2011, the official policy that outlawed open declaration of one’s sexuality by US homosexual military personnel was lifted by the United States authorities. The don’t ask, don’t tell (DADT) policy adopted on December 21, 1993, prohibited the country’s military force from acting unfairly against closeted service members or recruits that are […]

Military Forces and Politics of Iran

Introduction Military forces in third world countries have taken a central role in political systems of these countries. The military forces are active in both the political process and political discourse in their countries. In Middle East in general and Iran in particular military forces are playing a pivotal role in the control of both […]

Leading Change US Army’s Need for Change

Introduction When organizations undertake to change their overall strategy, they use change agents as transformative tools for achieving their overall vision. Change must be implemented systematically through a predefined framework in order to achieve the desired goals. An external or internal change agent leads the transformative process. This proposal takes a look at the urgent […]

Does ‘China’s Growing Military Power’ Pose A Threat To The Region?

Introduction In the beginning of the year 2007, the Chinese government increased its expenditure on military and over 45 million dollars was invested. According to experts, Beijing has always understated its defence budget by even over 50%. The budget is estimated to have increased considerably as over the past two years, Beijing has conducted some […]

The Shi’a Islamist Group Hezbollah

Hezbollah is a Shi’a Islamist group particularly active in Lebanon politics through the control of major social, political and economic aspects of the country (Norton 1). Hezbollah has been commonly known to provide basic social services like building schools, hospitals, and other similar amenities. Apart from this social outfit, Hezbollah is widely known as a […]

The Lack of Child Care Facilities in the Military Communities

Modern military bases can be discussed as the developed communities where soldiers live with their spouses and children. From this point, many military families living in these communities face the problem of organizing the effective care for their children because of the lack of affordable child care facilities. However, it is important to note that […]

US Military Spending

Introduction Is the huge spending in the U.S military ethical and warranted? The justification of an act is based on whether or not the act in question adheres to the moral laws and the common good of all the concerned parties. The doctrine of military justice and the just war theory dictates that military spending […]

How Defense Budget Cuts Are Affecting National Security

Introduction The American constitution gives the Congress the mandate to provide for the common defense of the nation as well as its general welfare. However, it does not provide information that defines the term ‘common defense’. Additionally, it does not give any specific guidelines for the budgetary allocation of the defense budget. For the last […]

The Government Policy on Military Expansion

The institution that the research hopes to highlight is the military. Special focus will be laid on the expansion that has taken place in the military since the end of World War 2. The expansion that has been taking place in the military is not justified. There are economic and social implications to this expansion. […]

Gays in the Military

Introduction The issue of gays being allowed to work in the military has in the recent years been subjected to debate by the United States Congress. The issue became more pronounced when the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DOD) policy was first introduced. Many people are on the opinion that gay people should be allowed to […]

The Committee on the Armed Services in the US

The committee in question throughout the course of this paper is the committee on the armed services. This paper is going to talk about the number of subcommittees under this committee. The committee is made up of 62 members. The members are divided into Republicans and Democrats. The ratio of Republicans to Democrats is 35 […]

Military Funeral Honors in the US Navy

I am currently working for the US Navy, and I am in charge of conducting military funeral honors. My main task is referred to as passing of the flag. This is a very demanding job, but fortunately, two persons can accomplish it. There are many military funerals and thus I cannot manage to attend all […]

Military Draft: Arguments for and Against

Introduction While the all-volunteer military force established in 1973 by the US has been adequate up to the end of the last century, recent events have resulted in the over stretching of the military forces of the country. These events have been in the form of the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; both of […]

United States Military as an Institution

Development of US Military since World War II The American military has undergone a lot of changes since the Second World War. These changes have essentially brought about significant structural changes in the running of the institution, but a significant portion of it has been evidenced in policy operations because issues are no longer based […]

How failure to report affects the army

The army of a country can be defined as the military unit charged with the responsibility of safeguarding the country’s land and air borders. The army is the unit used by a state to safeguard its sovereignty. It includes land based operatives who carry out field and combat operations and air based operatives through its […]

Summary of the article “National Defense Spending”

The author of the thesis is a concerned writer who wonders why the United States government continues to spend money on war carriages that they do not need. His thesis is an elaborate attempt to get the government to revise its military budget allocations. The thesis is about cost cutting measures for the military spending by the […]

Don’t ask don’t tell

Introduction Don’t ask don’t tell is an official policy concerning homosexuals serving on the military and it is undergoing reform. This policy prohibits any form of discrimination on the grounds sexual orientation and more so prohibits any gay and lesbian serving on the military. The policy of don’t ask don’t tell came into effect in […]

Profession of Arms

Introduction The US army has been performing magnificently on and off the field. At the same time, the army has developed up to date skills and technology that have enabled it to stand at an advantage over its enemies and other forces of danger. Due to this fact, the US army has been regarded as […]