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Military Essay Examples and Topics

Open Homosexuals’ Effects on Military Morale

Britton and Williams start by noting that when President Clinton announced his intention to lift the ban that restricted homosexuals from participating in the military service, a debate emerged in which the performance of lesbians [...]

Surprise, Security and the American Experience

Several years after the initial attack on US lands, such as the fall of Washington to the UK forces and the consequent destruction of the capital, most American leaders adopted mechanisms of pre-empting future challenges [...]

1994 Black Hawk Shootdown Incident Analysis

Impossibility to reach consensus and establish trustful and committed relationship is explained by the inability of the Operation Provide Comfort leader to come up the responsibilities and duties imposed on the team members.

Pakistani Nuclear Program Development and Factors

After the country's independence in 1947, it experienced a close relationship with the US; Pakistan received aid and the US enjoyed the benefits of having such a close ally in strategic proximity to China, India, [...]

Management Functions in the United States Army

With full compliance to the Soldier's Manual and Trainer's Guide, issued by the Department of The Army, I have to manage organizational duties, supervisory roles, and individual skills improvement factions as part of my military [...]

Mindfulness in the Navy

The thesis statement below summarizes the application and relevance of mindfulness in the navy and how the process can be improved to drive performance.

The Organizational Behavior Within the U.S. Army

The understanding of organizational culture helps to understand the origin of a certain type of organizational behavior. Thus, organizational identity means that the individuals share a common vision of who they are in the frames [...]

The United States Preparing to Future Conflicts

The degree of technological development in the United States encourages obvious and hidden adversaries to attack the country in the realm of cyberspace to disrupt the operations of financial institutions, government websites, or law enforcement [...]

Military Cyberspace as a New Technology

The present paper will seek to argue that attacks on military cyberspace are an emerging technology that will change the character of war and that the United States can deter the threat by improving the [...]

Airpower Tenets and Instruments Relationship

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of the relationship between the concept of airpower and its tenets and the instruments of power, and then explain two specific implications of this [...]

The Irish Republican Army History

The formation of nationhood and its evolution is associated with the attempts to protect its culture, mentality, and independence from the expansionistic ambitions of neighboring countries trying to grasp new territories and increase their power.

Sexual Assault in the United States Military

Sexual assaults have been reported in the American military that affect both male and female members of the service. Various programs and policies have been established to manage sexual assaults in the military.

Veteran Service Representatives for US Military

Secondly, I would like to work as a veteran service representative to counsel recruits and ensure they understand that the bloody scenes that are common in the battlefields should not discourage them from doing their [...]

Military Families and Their Sacrifices

While the acts of heroism made by soldiers are not to be underrated, either, the great sacrifice of their families, who provide consistent support, are proud of their family members in the military, and put [...]

Military Social Worker Intervention

Nevertheless, the state and military apparatus are not likely to consider the case filed by a civilian with a request to return a soldier home because of concern for him.

Seychelles People Defense Force

Because of the need to embrace a wide array of factors that may contribute to the aggravation of Seychelles' security levels, a TA must carry out a range of tasks, including the responsibilities associated with [...]

Military Personnel Healthcare

In the second half of the twentieth century, the American military has faced the crisis of a profession due to continuous technological change.

National Guard in the American Homeland Security

However, the various security dangers that the U.S.has experienced since 9/11 have forced the Department of Defense to modify its defense approach to prepare for these threats and to re-evaluate the role of the National [...]

Drone Aircraft in Military Encounters

Sovereignty and international security are the greatest ethical issues behind the use of drones in military conflicts. According to Kant's theory, the need, in this case, is having international peace and sovereignty.

The Red Tops Orchestra’s Leadership in the Army

The position of the orchestra was shaped under the influence of several critical elements, which defined the leadership direction. Primarily, the efficiency of the Red Tops team is assigned to the personality of Walter Osborne.

The United States Military Spending

The budget of the US military is actually the highest in the world. During the Vietnam War, in the late 1960s, the spending on military activities was the highest and equaled to about 10 percent [...]

Maritime Security and Pirate Activity

The issue of the decline of maritime security has resurfaced as a major concern in recent years, primarily due to the increase in pirate activity in some regions, such as the Gulf of Aden.

The United States Army’s Change Management

Beginning with the introduction of the theme, the paper proceeds with the specification of the challenges that need to be addressed by defense leaders, including such issues as external and internal contexts.

Military Career: Human Resource Certification

Earning a professional human resource certification is one of the marvelous opportunities for improving professional development because the enhancement of civilian skills may be valuable for improving military career.

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia

The foremost aspect of these definitions is the fact that they stress out the insurgency's actual goal as such that is being primarily concerned with the insurgents' intention to take over the political power, "Insurgency [...]

Native Americans, Colonial Militia and US Military

The Native American Timeline shows how the Native Americans suffered in the hands of both the American colonialists in the 1600s before the country gained independence and in the hands of the United States military [...]

US Militia System Evolution to US Military

The United States military evolved from the early militia system that helped in bringing independence to the country to the modern advanced military system that is currently considered the best military system in the world.

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia was formed in 1964 with the aim of being the military supporter for the Colombian party and it is the first and biggest military of Latin America, they are most [...]

Diversity in the American Armed Forces

In this paper, we will review the reasons why diversity is important for the U.S.military, discuss the steps that the military leadership has taken to promote diversity and talk about what recommendations were provided for [...]

Classical and Modern Military Strategists

Given that this is a battle zone setting, contemporary strategic planners must understand that the concerns of the civilians in the war are analogous to the stakeholders and the employees in ay organization.

Organizational Communication in the U.S. Army

Communication can be defined as the process through which information is effectively transmitted from the sender to the receiver using a medium of exchange; for an effective communication, the parties to the communication should be [...]

Canada’s Participation in Peacekeeping

Harting and Kamboureli in their article "Introduction: Discourses of Security, Peacekeeping Narratives, and the Cultural Imagination in Canada" present the argument that the idea of Canada as a peacekeeper is highly ambiguous, rooted in apparent [...]

The Military Actions in the Cyber Reality

In the age of cyber society, when the entire world is going digital and people prefer talking to each other via social network rather than having a traditional conversation, the issue of cyber security seems [...]

The War Powers Act: National Security

The War Powers Act of 1973 sought to minimize the constitutional mandate bestowed on the president regarding the deployment of troops by defining regulations requiring the president to seek the consent of the Congress before [...]

The Armed Suasion Concept

Though the term is relatively new, the art is quite old and has been used successfully by a number of nations in the past.

Military Affairs: Revolution and Development

Researchers are inclined to discuss the concept of the revolution in military affairs as the completed phenomenon which results are referred to the second part of the 20th century or as the developed tendency with [...]

Theory Integration in Intelligence

1 Grounded theory and Measuring and Signature Intelligence MASINT is one of the intelligence-based requirements in the analysis of information gathered from trails since it measures the distinct features.


It is not disputing the enormity of the moral implications of torture; rather it is that framing opposition to torture in terms of moral or religious imperatives is vital.

Leadership in Military

Based on the current military standards, most of the great military leaders in the history of the US military would be considered as racists.

Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Intelligence

The difference between 'Covert Action' and 'Clandestine Operations' Each of these actions entails a planned, coordinated, and well-executed operation that seeks to conceal the identity of the sponsors or nature of the operation. Intelligence's seeks [...]

Military Leadership in US

Military leadership involves the use of suitable behaviours, personality, and actions that can align the overall behaviour of the military with mission goals without compromising the growth, wellbeing, and development of the military force.

Development of Space Power

Currently, it is acknowledged that the future of the military success lies in the ability of the forces to exploit the space power.

Hezbollah’s Propaganda

These strategies include the construction of a propaganda theme park, the establishment of a Hezbollah television station, the development of anti-Israeli video games, and the production of varied merchandise that promote Hezbollah's ideas and values.

Analysis of QDR and QDR Independent Panel

Quadrennial Defense Review The Quadrennial Defense Review is a document providing the parties concerned with a thorough analysis of actions that should be made within the Department of Defense during the period of four years. [...]

Effective Leadership Traits

A leader should encourage everyone in the community to cooperate to ensure that set objectives and goals are achieved. An effective leader needs to participate in making decisions which are important for the development of [...]

Mandatory Military Service in the United States

The history of the Armed Forces in the United States focuses on the government's reliance on the civilians who should consider military service as their moral duty and obligation to contribute to the protection and [...]