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Military Essay Examples and Topics

The Downfall of the Army

This is because, in the case of external aggression, it is the army that will be directly responsible for the defense of the people.
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Petty Officer of the Navy Responsibilities

Depending on the conditions and the environment a person is in, the character of the given person is expected to show up through the same person may try as much as possible to hide it.
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The Problems of Child Soldiers

These circumstances can be outlined as follows: 1) The fact that the workings of a child's mentality are not being concerned with the observation of socially imposed behavioral restrictions, 2) The fact that the value [...]
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Jobless Youth Joining the Military

It is stated that most of the youths in America join the military due to expansion of the nuclear energy and the need for more employees.
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Eisenhower: Military Career

The military career of Dwight David Eisenhower was closely connected with the development of the American state and international relations during the first half of the 20th century and till the end of the 1960s.
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Wartime Internment in the World Practice

Taking this into account, the internment can be totally justified because any government "has the strictest duty to act in the most rigorous manner required by circumstances to protect the order and security of the [...]
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Should the Draft System Be Re-Introduced?

In the United States, the system begun as early as 1917, with the creation of the Selective Service System, which is an independent branch of the executive arm of the government which was responsible for [...]
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James Carter: Operation Eagle Claw

Title "James Carter: Operation Eagle Claw" Introduction Body Overview: Causes And Consequences Divisions Involved In The Event Outcome And Impact On The Country
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Foreign Policy Challenges Created by the War on Terror

The Bush administration narrowed the interest of the United States to the elimination of the 'axis of evil'. The administration has the unenviable task of rebuilding the damage that the Bush's war caused on the [...]
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Two Main Causes of Wars

For instance, wars have existed since the time of the civilization revolution and even the wars are constantly recorded in the holy books such as the bible and the Koran respectively.
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Reinstating the Military Draft

If a draft seems quite inappropriate for other aspects of the military, then it is only logical for the same consideration to be made in terms of recruitment of soldiers.
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U.S. Military Transformation History

The transformations in recruitment under a diversified program have also worked to improve opportunities for the minorities within the society Another major factor that led to widening the diversity of military personnel was the need [...]
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Interracial Conflicts: Issue Histrory

Through such programs, interracial group conflicts are dealt with as the groups involved are in a better position to look at things from the other group's point of view and hence enable them to understand [...]
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Why Become a Suicide Bomber: Discussion

In reading the articles listed for this assignment it becomes clear that suicide bombers are driven by a potent combination of motives, most of which have been identified; the question now is, which of these [...]
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Illicit Trafficking of Small Arms

The position of the Nigerian government has always been to call for a ban on the trafficking of small arms not only in Nigeria but across the continent.
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Classic Philosophers: Pre and Early 19th Centuries

The paper outlines basic differences between the views of Jomini and Clausewitz in terms of applicability of views at the levels of war, their different target audience, differences in the mechanics of war, and differences [...]
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Military Professionals Study Military History

The question that has been asked over the ages is the reason to study history. This essay is an argument, which states that the study of history is important for military personnel as it demonstrates [...]
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  • Words: 2038

Military Leadership in the 21st Century

The first challenge of any leadership is to feel the inevitability of tomorrow, meaning that one should be aware that one cannot lead forever and therefore, the delegation of authority should be a part of [...]
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  • Words: 1995

What It Takes to Be a Military Commander

To grasp the sheer amount of odds that one has to overcome to rise in the military hierarchy, it's important to start at the beginning- the initial decision to join the military.
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Area 51 Conspiracy and Related Theories

This area is also said to be used in top secret dealings such as designing and production of alien energy military hardware said to be many times dangerous, meeting place with the aliens.
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Digital Army: Technology in Fighting and Training

That is why they participated in the process of the design and development of the training techniques and strategies of the future Digital Army with the view to support the digital and new technology capabilities [...]
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The Leadership Purpose Analysis

These conditions also affect leadership strategy and policies up to a great extent and the aspects of leadership of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary team of personnel as a whole.
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The United States Army Analysis

The United States Army is the best out of all the services. Army is the best among all the services is that it allows people to pick the job field they want.
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Army Security Trends and Future

When exploring how the army security will be in the future, land forces and their configuration structure will help to ensure there is a clear environment in order to depict the future and predict the [...]
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  • Words: 584

Just War Theory and the United States

The second one tells when it is acceptable to resort to the use of the military force. The principle of the proportionality of good and evil while using the force is also a distinctive feature [...]
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  • Words: 610

The Concept of the United States Intelligence

In the article "Thinking straight and talking straight: problems of intelligence analysis" authors Douglas Hart and Steven Simon make a clear point that the concept of the US intelligence should be reformed in the close [...]
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  • Words: 948

Views on Iraq’s Current Position in the World

However, in the recent Iraq situation, realists are beginning to change their opinion about the political system when they realized that there is a connection between the domestic and international politicians.
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Is Killing in Military Engagement Justifiable?

To consider the same topic in the modern national and international environment, we need to conclude that killing during military engagements is justifiable to the extent when it is very much related to the scope [...]
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  • Words: 628

Military Leadership Styles in Examples

He could argue and have a debate with them this was one of the strategies that he strengthens his leadership qualities by making it one of the key factors in his family and in his [...]
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  • Words: 922

Military Leadership and Techniques

The general principles of a leader are completion of the military task and the wellbeing of the warriors. The most primary and significant arrangement technology used by the military is the sequence of command.
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  • Words: 787

Attention to Detail in the Armed Forces

Attention to detail in the armed forces is much different than it is in the civilian sector. Soldiers who see duty as part of a multinational force are taught how other countries wear their uniforms [...]
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Accountability of Equipment in Military

And, the last task a commander has to do before the change of command ceremony is to account for all the property they had signed for and meet with the property book officer and the [...]
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Military Leadership: Qualities to Acquire

To provide a broader perspective to military leadership and the lead role, and to provide a link between the key leadership functions of transforming, integrating, and mobilizing and the nature of work itself, a hierarchy [...]
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  • Words: 852

An Army Leader’s Must-Have Attributes

In the context of the army, the perspectives and approaches to leadership have several distinct characteristics. Presence is the concept that refers to the availability of a leader.
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  • Words: 890

The Concept of Army Combat Fitness Test

There is complex and dynamic nature of the modern military and combat activity of the army and navy, the use of the latest information technologies, weapons and military equipment, and the country's security interests.
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  • Words: 1511

Veterans Health Administration Integrative Care Model

The purpose of the following study is to provide a thorough research on the influence of the practices conducted on mental health and to examine the overall effectiveness of the integrative care system in delivering [...]
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  • Words: 1696

Qatar Civil Defence Department: Risk Assessment

Governance is the 'software which enables the operation of urban 'hardware and must be designed to avoid devastating consequences to population and infrastructure from disaster risk.
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  • Words: 1692

Oleg Penkovsky, a Double Agent of the Cold War

The political race of the Soviet Union and the United States began after the end of the Second World War. In 1953, Penkovsky began working in GRU and was sent to work in Turkey as [...]
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  • Words: 1486

The Profession of Arms

Thus, referring to the definition of the Profession of Arms, the main characteristics of the professional soldier are as follows, this person should be able to understand the culture of this particular profession, and he/she [...]
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  • Words: 832

Arab Spring, Its Success and Failure Factors

The uprisings that undertook place in the Middle East and the Northern Africa region in 2011 were popularly known as the Arab spring. The aim of the research is to explore the success and failure [...]
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  • Words: 5208

Challenges of Employing U.S. Military Power

The analysis of the challenges will be based on the use of clear examples and historical facts from both conflicts to demonstrate the manifestations of all the explored weaknesses of the U.S.military force.
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  • Words: 2227

Open Homosexuals’ Effects on Military Morale

Britton and Williams start by noting that when President Clinton announced his intention to lift the ban that restricted homosexuals from participating in the military service, a debate emerged in which the performance of lesbians [...]
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  • Words: 1396

Surprise, Security and the American Experience

Several years after the initial attack on US lands, such as the fall of Washington to the UK forces and the consequent destruction of the capital, most American leaders adopted mechanisms of pre-empting future challenges [...]
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  • Words: 949

1994 Black Hawk Shootdown Incident Analysis

Impossibility to reach consensus and establish trustful and committed relationship is explained by the inability of the Operation Provide Comfort leader to come up the responsibilities and duties imposed on the team members.
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  • Words: 442

War Purpose and Military Values

The topic of the project is related to the purpose of war and values of people that take active part in military conflicts.
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  • Words: 1087

Nuclear Weapon Associated Dangers and Solutions

The launch of a nuclear weapon will not only destroy the infrastructure but also lead to severe casualties that will be greater than those during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks.
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  • Words: 1126

Pakistani Nuclear Program Development and Factors

After the country's independence in 1947, it experienced a close relationship with the US; Pakistan received aid and the US enjoyed the benefits of having such a close ally in strategic proximity to China, India, [...]
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  • Words: 7327

Management Functions in the United States Army

With full compliance to the Soldier's Manual and Trainer's Guide, issued by the Department of The Army, I have to manage organizational duties, supervisory roles, and individual skills improvement factions as part of my military [...]
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  • Words: 814

Mindfulness in the Navy

The thesis statement below summarizes the application and relevance of mindfulness in the navy and how the process can be improved to drive performance.
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  • Words: 1140

Encouraging the Accommodation of the Military in Texas

Furthermore, the significance of encouraging the rest of the community members to provide the support for the members of military families should be interpreted as one of the primary areas of concern for social workers.
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  • Words: 588

Contemporary Issues of the Army

The emergence of modern leadership styles and theories is something that will continue to transform the way different soldiers are led.
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  • Words: 1097

The Organizational Behavior Within the U.S. Army

The understanding of organizational culture helps to understand the origin of a certain type of organizational behavior. Thus, organizational identity means that the individuals share a common vision of who they are in the frames [...]
  • Pages: 10
  • Words: 2865

The United States Preparing to Future Conflicts

The degree of technological development in the United States encourages obvious and hidden adversaries to attack the country in the realm of cyberspace to disrupt the operations of financial institutions, government websites, or law enforcement [...]
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  • Words: 1139

Military Cyberspace as a New Technology

The present paper will seek to argue that attacks on military cyberspace are an emerging technology that will change the character of war and that the United States can deter the threat by improving the [...]
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  • Words: 599

Airpower Tenets and Instruments Relationship

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of the relationship between the concept of airpower and its tenets and the instruments of power, and then explain two specific implications of this [...]
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  • Words: 1381

Foundation of Army Leadership

This paper examines the foundation of Army leadership, focusing on its levels and leaders’ characteristic features.
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  • Words: 801

The Irish Republican Army History

The formation of nationhood and its evolution is associated with the attempts to protect its culture, mentality, and independence from the expansionistic ambitions of neighboring countries trying to grasp new territories and increase their power.
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  • Words: 3364

Leadership in the Arms Profession

4 This means that members of the public are now aware of the problems that are affecting the performance and effectiveness of the division.
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  • Words: 1682

Sexual Assault in the United States Military

Sexual assaults have been reported in the American military that affect both male and female members of the service. Various programs and policies have been established to manage sexual assaults in the military.
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  • Words: 837

Veteran Service Representatives for US Military

Secondly, I would like to work as a veteran service representative to counsel recruits and ensure they understand that the bloody scenes that are common in the battlefields should not discourage them from doing their [...]
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  • Words: 598

Military Families and Their Sacrifices

While the acts of heroism made by soldiers are not to be underrated, either, the great sacrifice of their families, who provide consistent support, are proud of their family members in the military, and put [...]
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  • Words: 552

Military Social Worker Intervention

Nevertheless, the state and military apparatus are not likely to consider the case filed by a civilian with a request to return a soldier home because of concern for him.
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  • Words: 600

Seychelles People Defense Force

Because of the need to embrace a wide array of factors that may contribute to the aggravation of Seychelles' security levels, a TA must carry out a range of tasks, including the responsibilities associated with [...]
  • Pages: 22
  • Words: 5690

Reduction in Force on Defense Agencies in the US

The problem is that there are still a lot of examples when RIF occurs without considering the enumerated factors and does not lead to any significant improvements in the outcome of this or that mission.
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  • Words: 929

Military Personnel Healthcare

In the second half of the twentieth century, the American military has faced the crisis of a profession due to continuous technological change.
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  • Words: 1105

National Guard in the American Homeland Security

However, the various security dangers that the U.S.has experienced since 9/11 have forced the Department of Defense to modify its defense approach to prepare for these threats and to re-evaluate the role of the National [...]
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  • Words: 1447

Drone Aircraft in Military Encounters

Sovereignty and international security are the greatest ethical issues behind the use of drones in military conflicts. According to Kant's theory, the need, in this case, is having international peace and sovereignty.
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  • Words: 569

The Art of War: Impact, Principles and Goals

The Principles of war is a book that contains the principles of war that Carl von Clausewitz acknowledged were crucial for the success of an army in any battle that they got involved in.
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  • Words: 659

The Red Tops Orchestra’s Leadership in the Army

The position of the orchestra was shaped under the influence of several critical elements, which defined the leadership direction. Primarily, the efficiency of the Red Tops team is assigned to the personality of Walter Osborne.
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  • Words: 368

The United States Military Spending

The budget of the US military is actually the highest in the world. During the Vietnam War, in the late 1960s, the spending on military activities was the highest and equaled to about 10 percent [...]
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  • Words: 825

US Army’s Competencies, Resources, Capabilities

In the 21st century, the United States Army is considered the finest in the world in terms of capabilities and second largest after that of China in terms of active military officers serving in it.
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  • Words: 2231

Maritime Security and Pirate Activity

The issue of the decline of maritime security has resurfaced as a major concern in recent years, primarily due to the increase in pirate activity in some regions, such as the Gulf of Aden.
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  • Words: 2816