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E-Government Essay Examples and Topics

E-Government: Policy Recommendations

Slow or stagnating economic growth; Little innovation and technological advancement; Significant "digital divide"; Growing water and environmental concerns; High dependence on natural resource exports; Little economic integration in the region; Weak governance and large [...]

Government Internet Surveillance: Privacy Threat

Perhaps the most troubling applications of the internet in current times are the mass surveillance efforts by the US government. The internet age has dramatically increased the ability of government to engage in surveillance.

Has E-Government Failed?

For the purposes of discussion of this paper, the term e-government refers to the use of electronic processes to enhance communication and the provision of public services.

E-Government and Technological Change

The ability of IT to increase the efficiency of coordination of various activities makes it suitable in governance. It is easy to determine the efficiency of e-government.

E-Government (M-Government) in Dubai

For instance, the Dubai government has successfully implemented an e-government portal t6hat enable its citizens to access almost everything that the government has to offer through the internet.

Challenges of E-Government Adoption

This implies that accessibility and usage of e-government services are eventually hampered leading to the failure of the system. Organizational challenges are also hampering the delivery of efficient services to users of e-government.

E-Government Initiatives: A Critical Discussion

So far, as insinuated by Misuraca, the dominant literature perceives e-government as the next phase in the rationalization of government activities along the continuum of new public management, particularly in terms of better delivery of [...]

Transparency and E-government

The shift towards e-government has altered the structure of governments, the mode of government information transmission and decision making processes. Through benefits associated with e-governments; better, reliable, accurate and timely information and communication is spread [...]

E-Governance in Russia

Current "technological progression in communication as a result of the metamorphosis of the internet, have provided great avenues for transformation of the relationship that exists between governments and citizens in a new way, thus contributing [...]

E-Government System in UK

Basically, E-governance is a means of making government services more easily accessible to government employees and citizens thus resulting in the following aims that it tries to achieve: Greater citizen satisfaction in the way in [...]

E-Government Project

In e-government projects, the requirements postulated in the project planning and design are often different from the reality faced during project implementation which creates gaps between the requirements of the project and the reality of [...]