Infrastructure Essay Examples and Topics

Slum Regeneration in Sheffield

Introduction Like many cities across the world, the presence of slums in Sheffield has presented challenges to the authorities and different efforts have been made to address the situation in different ways. The slum menace began in Sheffield in the middle of the 18th Century as the city’s population expanded and reached 10,000 people (Greenwood, […]

Parking Solution in Driving

Driving to the necessary destination is pleasant and convenient. People manage their time and get to their destinations on time. However, this pleasant experience is often overshadowed by the chase after a parking lot. Parking has become a burning issue nationwide. Notably, representatives of parking businesses gathered earlier this year to discuss the most topical […]

Planning History: Utopian Planners

Introduction Urban planning has evolved into different forms throughout the history of cities and city planning. Urban planning aims at improving a city to cater for the future social and economic needs of its inhabitants. It seeks to link the existing knowledge with the appropriate forms of action (Sager 1992, P. 67). Planning, therefore, has […]

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Introduction Critical infrastructure is defined as an asset, network, or system, either real or virtual, which is of crucial importance to the United States. The destruction of critical infrastructure may cause a devastating effect on the economic security, public safety, and health well-being of the citizens (Lewis, 2006). The power that is used across the […]

Future Financing for Inland Waterway System in the US

Description of Issue Today, in the United States of America (USA), the fundamental importance of the various types of infrastructure is being recognized by populations and politicians alike, especially within the context of unparalleled economic and environmental problems, including low growth and government deficits (Miller, 2013). Economic pundits, policymakers and other interested parties are well […]

Energy Infrastructure and Security U.S.

Today, the U.S. is the largest energy consumer and importer in the world. According to Klare, three factors play significant role in U.S. foreign policy: energy, environment and the world economy (2009, p. 48). As the country addicted to oil, the U.S. has to develop the new ways of its production and supply from the […]

China Sustainable Cities Program

Executive Summary China Sustainable Cities Program is a massive project that is meant to turn around the current structure of the cities of this country. After years of being considered the world’s leading country in environmental pollution, China has decided to make a move that would see have a transformed society. This project is meant […]

Implementing China Sustainable Cities Programme: Potential Risks and Appropriate Risk Management Schemes

Abstract This is according to UN HABITAT’s latest release on the state of the world Cities 2010/201, about 50% of the people from all countries live in cities and urban areas. It is also estimated that the trend will continue in the foreseeable future. This directly translates to overstraining of the available infrastructures in the […]

The benefits and risks of private sector involvement in infrastructure

Since early 1990s, the private sector has become increasingly involved in the provision of urban infrastructure in Australia, under National Competition Policy, to meet the increasing demand of population growth (Ennis 125). Additionally, there is interest in private financing of infrastructure, which was caused by the fiscal crisis of the government, pressure for services and […]

No To No

Judging from the various readings that we have covered in class for this module, it would suffice to conclude that New Orleans is going through the proverbial last kicks of a dying horse, and apparently this is a belief that Edward L. Glaeser seems to agree with according to his excellent article entitled, “Should the […]

“A New Bronx Tale: Gateway Center and Modern Urban Redevelopment” by Lorraine Rolston

Relevance of the article Social geography is a body of knowledge and a set of practices by which scholars look at, and seek to understand, the social world. As such, it is a strikingly diverse sub discipline of human geography that has many overlapping interests with other forms of geography rather than any fixed or […]

A Critical analysis of a qualitative research study

Host nations of large and prestigious events make sure that they portray an impressive image to the world. Dolles and Söderman (2010) note that cities hosting famous global events like FIFA world cup football tournament and the Olympics are normally set to stage a show for the whole world. Indeed, these cities normally use this […]

General Plan Developed for Los Angeles

Currently, many American cities face a significant housing crisis. In part, it can be explained by several important trends, namely the growing population and inability of many low or middle-income families to buy a house or rent an apartment. One can look at the way in which this problem is addressed such a city as […]

The Public-Private Partnership

Introduction In its quest to deliver to the public and reduce cost, Ontario province has had a series of Public-private partnerships programs over the years. These projects have shown tremendous success in areas mandated to attend. In these arrangements, privately owned companies are contracted to carry out projects for the provincial government. In the whole […]

History of Urban Politics

How the political machine worked and factors that suppressed this form of urban politics Political machines came about as a result of the poor living conditions amongst the newly immigrated citizens of the cities; this occurred at the beginning of the 1900s. Those immigrants were mostly Irish and had come to the US in search […]

Research Studies in Technology

Government policies play an important role in technology commercialization and can have both positive and negative effects on this process. The research under consideration Technology commercialization in road infrastructure: How government affects the variation and appropriability of technology by Caerteling, Halman and Doree was published in The Journal of Product Innovation Management in 2008. The […]

Urban Consolidation

Definition of Urban Consolidation Accesses to transport services, land prices as well as distribution of employment are among the factors that determine the people’s choice of residential areas. Urban consolidation has always been seen as a means of reducing the quantity of land needed to constructed houses for the urban population. The main aim of […]

Is Aging Infrastructure Slowing the U.S.?

The significance of infrastructure in a nation’s economic growth should not be underestimated. Research indicates that reliable infrastructure is significant in a country’s investment decisions as it has a direct impact on a nation’s economic growth. As a matter of fact, improved infrastructure is a necessity for sustainable development. For any nation to thrive economically, […]

The enactment of laws restricting panhandling will benefit the safety of all concerned

One of the major problems of Hillsborough County is safety on the major roads. Many cities have already banned panhandling and others are only about to do this. It goes without saying that panhandlers distract drivers’ attention which often leads to various accidents on the roads. Many panhandlers and drivers get injuries or even die […]

Helping the Private Sector to Achieve and Maintain Infrastructure Security

The infrastructure security has always been on the highest level for the US government. Still, the September 11, 2001 was the breaking point which is considered to be the start for heightened interest in critical infrastructure protection, both in public and in private sectors. To understand the main purpose of the research, it is crucial […]

A PPP Framework for Public Housing in China

Introduction Many governments are integrating Public Private Partnerships into their development agendas. Among the areas where Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are leading to the growth and development of several economies includes the housing sector (Kabir 565). A partnership between the government and the private sector in the direction of implementing public development presents numerous advantages. […]

Framework of PPP Application in Public Housing Project in China

Introduction Public-private partnership is considered as one of the best ways of helping a country to achieve its developmental goals. One of the areas where this approach is highly used is in improving the housing sector. Numerous countries like the United States and Britain have successfully used public-private partnership to provide proper housing facilities to […]

Condition of the America’s Infrastructure in Modern Days

Literally, America’s infrastructure is falling apart. Ranging from increased natural calamities through extensive power blackouts and collapsing bridges to mediocre roads, all these have proved that the infrastructure in the US is not up to standard. The spending on the infrastructure does not reflect value or objectives of these constructions. As such, American has not […]