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Infrastructure Essay Examples and Topics

Abu Dhabi Public Transport Project Life Cycle

It aims to "provide internal roads and infrastructure facilities at a new residential area in Ghayathi, Western Region of Emirate of Abu Dhabi", aligning with the objective 22 in Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, which [...]

Communication Technology and Fire Safety

With the inevitable deterioration of the existing infrastructure and simultaneous growth of the transportation industry, the issue of fire safety in rail and road tunnels becomes more prominent each year.

The Concept of “Ghost Cities” in China

Nevertheless, the fast rate of urbanization in China has been instrumental in the development of ghost cities in the country, where the percentage of vacant buildings exceeds that of occupied ones.

Homeland Security and Private Sector Collaboration

Since the knowledge of the critical infrastructure, which the private sector owns, for the most part, is crucial in preventing acts of terrorism, a collaboration between HS and PS is essential to ensuring the well-being [...]

India’s Road Infrastructure and Economic Development

The government has therefore been focusing on the problem of infrastructure in order to support the growing economy. The past one decade has been characterized by numerous challenges and obstacles due to the inefficiency of [...]

Free Internet and Traffic Jams Elimination

Due to continuous population growth, the local authority has made some changes to make the city more accommodating and smart to serve the interests of the dwellers within the technological and transportation needs of the [...]

Dubai Government: Smart Transportation

In general, the functioning of transport and the possibilities of the infrastructure determine the potential of the city, affect the formation of economic activity, and affect the happiness of people.

Vienna as a Smart City and Its Innovations

A "smart city" is an excellent type of city to support innovation because it is organized around the idea to be self-sustainable with the use of information and communication technologies and multiple other innovative means [...]

Parking Solution in Driving

The purpose of the present research is to consider the issue and come up with effective solutions to address the lack of parking spaces at FIT.

Planning History: Utopian Planners

The garden city provided a channel for an organized relocation of the city dwellers to other towns to relieve the pressure on social facilities and the impacts of overpopulation in the major cities in the [...]

Critical Infrastructure Protection

With the passing of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the DHS was officially formed and as part of its remit, its aim was to co-ordinate and streamline efforts of the nation's assorted security and [...]

Future Financing for Inland Waterway System in the US

The main justification for selecting this infrastructure issue is grounded on the fact that inland waterways continue to form a significant component of the country's transportation mix for many commodities yet this type of infrastructure [...]

Energy Infrastructure and Security U.S.

As the country addicted to oil, the U.S.has to develop the new ways of its production and supply from the different regions; therefore, the U.S.foreign and military policies are driven by the increasing needs for [...]

China Sustainable Cities Program

In this project, the contracted firms have the obligation to meet the expectations of the Chinese government in constructing the new model of the city.

No To No

Before we answer the above question, it is necessary to assess the importance and relevance of this city to the United States' economy.

General Plan Developed for Los Angeles

These initiatives are supposed to increase the accessibility of housing and raise the standards of living. This issue is eloquently illustrated in the general plan of Los Angeles.

The Public-Private Partnership

In its quest to deliver to the public and reduce cost, Ontario province has had a series of Public-private partnerships programs over the years.

History of Urban Politics

How the political machine worked and factors that suppressed this form of urban politics Political machines came about as a result of the poor living conditions amongst the newly immigrated citizens of the cities; this [...]

Research Studies in Technology

The data collection methods which were used for the research include the literature review of the discussion of the government's specific roles in road infrastructure and a multiple case study of the combined effects of [...]

Urban Consolidation

Urban Consolidation refers to a various sets of planning policies which are meant to maximize the use of the present urban infrastructure through encouraging development of buildings and infrastructures in the urbanized areas so as [...]

A PPP Framework for Public Housing in China

Besides, a PPP framework avails the skills, talents, and the capacity of private companies to the needs of the public. Although there is a slight participation of the private sector in government projects for public [...]