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Political Culture Essay Examples and Topics

American Democratic and Republican Parties

While the democrats embarked on changing its institutional structure by strengthening the national committee, Republicans are engaging in activities that increase their ability to acquire resources and services for their candidates to enable the party's [...]

American Bankers Association as an Interest Group

ABA consists of elites and all groups of people representing the banking sector in the United States. The mission of ABA is to enable its members to make the population informed by providing financial enlightenment.

Censorship, Its Forms and Purpose

The argument here is that censorship is a means being used by conservative persons and groups with distinct interests to make life standards so difficult and unbearable for the minors in the society, in the [...]

Censorship in China: History and Controlling

This is especially so when the government or a dominant religious denomination in a country is of the view that the proliferation of a certain religious dogma threatens the stability of the country or the [...]

Post-Apartheid Restorative Justice Reconciliation

Asmal suggests that restorative justice and reconciliation were chosen out of a strong desire to end the illegitimate and violent governance of the old regime while ensuring that the nature of governance changes under the [...]

Central Asian Countries in Global Politics

In the article, Collins presents a clan-centric view that is in sharp contrast to Jones Luong's regional view. In general, Collins observes that the power of clans and pacts is stronger in the region than [...]

American Democracy and Equality Criticism

However, the absence of even the smallest traces of 'equality' in America can be confirmed not only within the context of what accounts for the living standards, on the part of the country's rich and [...]

Iranian Political System, Culture, History

The struggles are usually between the conservative institutions of the Supreme Leader against the president and parliament. The Supreme Leader is at the top of the nation's leadership and his responsibility is to supervise the [...]

Political Corruption in the Airline Industry

The cartoon relates to this in that the two nationals may have used corrupt means to avoid security checks, and the pilot also had a personal political affiliation which may have caused him to divert [...]

Egypt Risks the Fire of Radicalization

The article reminds the reader of the preceding events that brought the current president into office. The article questions the objective of the protest since the consequences are that Islam extremist will succeed the Brotherhood [...]

Race and Politics in the United States

The disproportionate incarceration of the African American men justifies the existence of a racial caste system in the United States, something that threatens the achievements made by the Civil Rights Movement.

Corruption Causes and Effects

However, people have used political activities and offices to advance their gains and neglect the need to be accountable and responsible to the public.

American Exceptionalism’s Two Faces

It is possible to consider ideas of researchers on the matter to identify major features of the concept and try to answer the question concerning positive and negative sides of American exceptionalism.

The Kenyan National Flag Significance

The flag is based on a number of other symbols, including the Pan-African flag of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, the flag of the Organization of African Union and that of the country's first political [...]

Legislature in Canada

In the United States, the legislature consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate while the United Kingdom has the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Judges in the United States

Election of judges is however not the norm and the question of whether judges should be elected has remained a contentious issue due to the nature of their positions.

Isolationism in China

China seemed not to have learned from the ineffectiveness of Qing dynasty's resistance to foreigners that led to the failure of the dynasty.

Venezuela and Struggle for Socialism

Power struggles and inequality perpetuate into modern society because of the affluent, and powerful people enjoy more privileges than the poor and the powerless individuals.

Political Issues: Voter Turnout in Texas

The effectiveness of the voting process can be measured by the proportion of people who cast their ballots, as some people may be discouraged from voting due to irregularities in the voting systems, which raises [...]

China’s Democracy Movement

The bureaucracy was the largest hurdle to the attainment of his model of democracy. The limiting lines were socialism, the totalitarianism of the public, the blending of Marxism-Leninism, and the party control.

Socialism in China

One of the most common definitions of democracy is that it is 'a government of the people, by the people, and for the people'.

Turkey: Synthesis between Islam and Secularism

The transformation that is taking place in Turkey entails the emergence of a mix of secularism and Islam. The party has been depicted as proactive to Islam initiatives and the current leader has significant connections [...]

Cambodia: Religion and Peacebuilding

Thus, the timeline of the political conflicts in Cambodia includes several important dates which are the period of the elections in 1993, the military conflicts in 1997, the elections of 1998, and the post-elections conflicts.

The Somalia Crisis

Although a substantial territory in Somalia had by then been placed under the control of France and Britain, most of the territory in Somalia was being disputed between Italy and Ethiopia. The challenge would be [...]

Democracy and Global Peace

Opponents of democracy argue that it forces governments to intervene in other states' affairs in the name of restoring peace. In other words, the spread of democracy discourages the growth of common interests that lead [...]


In this context, Sharia is not based on the Quran, which is the ultimate authority in the formation of Islamic law.

Pragmatics in Political News

The choice of words in this heading leaves no doubt as to the position of the reporter and the editor on the Egyptian revolution.

Religion, peace and politics

It is possible to consider conflicts in such countries as South Africa, Egypt and Burma to understand the correlation between religion, politics and peace in the contemporary world.

Separation of the State and Religion

The church and the state have always enjoyed a close relationship, but the treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648 to separate the two following claims that the separation would spur social development, particularly in [...]

Political Development

The essay focuses on each of the criteria and their associated significance to the development experience and the lives of people in developing countries.

The Main Criteria for Political Development

This research seeks to investigate the argument that the main criteria for political development do not enhance the development experience, particularly the lives of ordinary people in developing countries.

Should Democracy Be Adopted by All Nations?

Freedom is one of the main objectives of adopting democracy in a nation. During the process of making laws, the needs and preferences of citizens are considered and incorporated in to the laws.


The source provides a profound analysis of the negative effects of the instable political situation in the country. The present source provides a detailed analysis of the present situation in the country.

Total Domination

Total dominance is described as totalitarianism in the book 'The Origins of Totalitarianism" by Hannah Arendt. The totalitarian movement was as a result of disoriented people because the world that they lived was destroyed by [...]


The main aim of the organizations "is the overthrow of what it sees as the corrupt and heretical government of Somalia, and their replacement with the rule of Sharia".

The Public Opinion of the Citizens of the USA

The main purpose of this article is to consider the public opinion of the citizens of the USA which has been changing from one year to another which are gathered in polls and review and [...]

Chinese political development

The traditional China in terms of power, ideology and organization may be better described as the territory of China as an empire.

American Strategic Culture

In the US the values of the nation in regard to the use of force represents the first level at which strategic culture is determined and kept.

Mediated Civil Nationhood

In such a situation, the media takes the position of the government in mediating nationhood. The role of the media in mediating nation is evident in Israel, and occurs against the backdrop of the conflict [...]

Elazar’s political subcultures

If the same view is applied in public health policy, the subculture gives a platform for the policy makers the privilege to make policies that will improve living conditions in the society.

Definition of Political Liberalism

The word freedom refers to a person being free to do whatever he fells or wants to do without any restrictions from the agent, self and other obstructions.

Latin American Government and Politics

The paper begins by a brief summary of the article and then goes on to quote from the article, followed by a discussion of the quote as well as a discussion of the democratization process [...]

Means of dealing with the network groups

Most of the network groups have been portrayed by the government and the media as people who are destructive and governed by self-interest, while they generally fight to liberate their societies from poor national structures.

Political development

However, the broad use of the term "nation" renders the thought of political identity to be ambiguous, especially in relation to the state.

Nationalist state in southern Africa

The country is ranked as the biggest economy in Africa and is the 28th largest economy in the world. In 1820s, the Dutch and the British acquired land in the north and east of South [...]

The Contemporary Politics of Development in Nigeria

Neoliberalism promotes the ideology that the most efficient way to allocate resources is through the market, this is not the case in Nigeria, resource allocation only benefits a small cluster of wealthy individuals as the [...]

Christian-Muslim Conflict in Nigeria

Furthermore, the existing religious competition appears to be fueled not only by Christian-Muslim relations at the central level but also by the nature of links that these groups have with the government of the day.

Maoist legacy in contemporary China

Over the subsequent years, after the demise of Mao as a social legend, questions have prevailed whether the idea of social equality is practicable in the contemporary China, with evidence pointing out the reemergence of [...]

International Politics Theories

One of the most important aspects of any society is the connection between politics and economics, and the intricate social network which is established by the environment.

Political Liberalism

According to Rawls, some of the good things are exceptions as the society remains neutral and retains the values of justice.

Influence of Religion on Politics

In other words, some people in the government are followers of established religions and in the same way, members of the religions are members of the government in various levels.

Need for Authoritarian Rule

Following the collapse of the state during the Second World War, the Croats collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate the Serbs.

Role of Religion in Politics

The religious leaders are charged with policy formulation regarding the relationship of the state with other actors in the international system in Iran.

Canadian Political Culture

Some of the political ideologies originated from the French civil law, British common law, and the North American aboriginal regime. The systems of law used in Canada are both the common and the civil law.

Pakistan and its Politics

While Pakistan was established as a secular state with a Muslim majority, the country has exhibited over the decades showed signs of evolving into an Islamic State.

Communication Techniques in Public Speaking

Initially, a public speaker has to watch the words in the content of a speech, to deliver the right message. This implies that a public speaker has to limit the frequency of using the word [...]