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Citizens Redistricting Commission: California Essay

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Updated: Dec 9th, 2021

The state of California came up with the idea of forming the Citizens Redistricting Commission so to enable every citizen to exercise his or her voting rights. With these rights, they enjoy redistricting without any of their rights being violated or they cannot be taken advantage of. Every citizen is usually encouraged to apply for the role of providing service as a commissioner as long as they meet some of the requirements and if it happens that one does not have the necessary requirements, they are requested to take part by encouraging those who can meet any of the regulations. People who have the best possible skills are usually chosen to be members of the commission (We Draw the Lines, 2009)

My interests in providing my services to the citizens redistricting commission are based mainly on the fact that I and everyone else will be able to be represented fairly. I find these very important because most citizens do not understand the importance of being represented as an individual state and by doing this I will be creating awareness among the people since it is quite new to them.

History is about to be created through this and I want to be a part of it and help in every possible way. Since our state government is perceived to be weak and have fallen, it is the best time to be more involved in helping it to get back to where it was and act as a pillar for the people of California. The other states will also be able to view this as a model, since it will be a very big change that will also create a big difference.

With my wife having taught for 30 years and more students of different ages, I have been able to interact with some of these students and attend some of the student functions. This has helped me understand the kind of effort needed while dealing with people of different cultures all at the same time.

In joining the citizens redistricting commission I will be able to make extra money while still working at my current work place. “Members of the commission shall be compensated at a rate of $ 300 a day, plus reimbursement” (Citizens Redistricting Commission, 2010, par.3). The job I am currently undertaking does not consume most of my time and I believe I will have plenty of time to work in the commission and also the members will be provided with assistants to help in various activities, which will be very convenient.

I am a person who believes in fairness no matter the situation or what my beliefs are. Many things can be accomplished while one is making a decision based on pure fairness and this can only be accomplished when the mind is free of other influences other than the belief of rights and equality among the people. The people whom I serve should always come first and I will put their needs first and carry their best interests at heart. Although I happen to also believe that family should always come first, my loyalties also lie where the people of this state are concerned and I can be able to handle family influence appropriately and do the right thing that is required of me.

My work as a part time journalist for a local magazine demanded that I take a lot of time from my family but I was able to continue working well despite the pressure. This is because I had to travel a lot to cover stories outside the state or even the country. I would have preferred staying home with my family but at the same time had to cover stories that I knew would make a great difference in the lives of others and so had to figure out a way to manage time and I was able to achieve what I wanted.

When I was employed by one of the political parties and I faced all sorts of challenges. Most of my friends and family members felt that I should not work there but in spite of the complaints, I stood my ground and offered my services there until the elections were over. I had to put skill before friendship because I have my principals and they all respected that.

The United States of America is a very large country and with these comes people of different ethnicities and cultural values and California being one of the states also has people who differ in their own unique ways. In cases like these, usually people do not seem to see eye to eye on things but no matter what there is always a point of understanding between them no matter how small. I being a citizen of this country believe that everybody is equal despite their beliefs and above all, we are all-human and should be recognized and treated fairly.

Most of the attention focuses mostly on the urban areas because they seem to be more populated and very industrious but there are also other people residing in the rural and they should not be neglected. The population of the people living in the rural areas and other deserted areas that are not frequented a lot, may be sparse but that does not mean that their rights to be represented politically should be neglected. Every single person despite their location should be recognized and be kept in the loop when it comes to voting.

I was also an agent where I had volunteered in a Non-Government Organization evolving around education. During one mission, we met some communities that did not believe in educating their female children but instead gave them away in marriage as it is done in their cultures. At first the idea of changing their ways was met with a lot of resistance but after some convincing talks, some of them eventually changed their views for the better, without any forced used but of their own wishing. We only had to use a little persuasion. The main reason why I volunteered into this organization was because I am a very good listener and can be very persuasive without necessarily having to argue.

I am a person who likes involving himself in a lot of meaningful activities that are able to help people and by involving myself with these activities; I was able to acquire some of the skills that are required in order for one to serve as a member in the commission. As a journalist we did a lot of travelling and it involves one being able to understand maps and I am also up to date with the new technology can work with it without any problem. Working with the NGO has taught me how to work as a team hence can work well with other commissioners and I can accept advice from the experts as well. I make decisions based on evidence and from valid sources only. Writing is a major skill required in journalism but being a good communicator is very important and I also follow regulations to the latter.

Therefore, I believe I have the necessary skills required to serve as a member of the commission and it would be a great honor to serve the people of the state of California. Having the interest of others first before mine is one of my principles and working effortlessly with the rest of the people to make sure that this Commission is a success will be main aim.


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