Political Communication Essay Examples and Topics

Influence of Propaganda Politics

Trust The propaganda memo in the sticker was projected to influence the response to essential wishes and desires in marching with stylish tendencies in outlook and feelings. A number of researches conducted to set up what would motivate the targeted addressees. The message was intended to raise people’s self-esteem to participate vigorously in celebrating but […]

How Do NGOs Deal with Other Public Actors such as Government and CBOs?

The relations of NGOs with other public actors like Government or CBOs are usually based on the following factors: the size, scope, and nationality of the members (Turner 1988, p. 173). Still, in order to introduce a clear and thorough evaluation of the relations between these three different organizations, it is crucially important to remember […]

The British and US State-Funded National Projection

During the interwar period, the traditional concept of propaganda was changed with the idea of the national projection as an approach representing the state in the international arena in the context of public diplomacy. The lessons of World War I made nations revise their way of looking at cultural propaganda and the role of the […]

The Impact of Social Media on Political Leaders

Introduction Since the start of the internet boom, in the early nineties, there has been a significant growth in the number of networked people. In fact, the number of networked people has increased from a few million people, in the early nineties, to a few billion people in the 2000s. A formidable force that has […]

The News Media Response to Syria Chemical Weapons Attacks

The two-year civil war in Syria is one of the most discussed military problems in the world because of its potential effect on the international politics and economy along with the impact on the global peace. That is why, the information about chemical weapons attacks in Syria on August 21 influenced the global media discussion […]

Crisis and Risk Management Communication: Qatar World Cup 2020

Background When the process of bidding for the 2022 FIFA World Cup started in 2009, the nomination of Qatar for the place to hold the event seemed quite legitimate due to the changes that the state has been witnessing over the past few years (Tabash & Dhankar, 2014). Seeing that the current leader of Qatar, […]

Cultural and Rhetorical Analysis of Presidential Debates

Obama presidential debates are highly discussed in the United States because it is an important event for each U.S. citizen who has the right to vote and attend the elections. The debate between candidatures – Obama and Romney – underlines specific rhetorical and cultural approaches to engaging into discussion and introducing their viewpoints on specific […]

Analysis of Political Discourse

Introduction Political Rhetoric: Brief History Many ancient kingdoms such as the Egyptian Empire and the Mesopotamia Empire highly valued eloquence. A leader would address the public and he would be expected to convince it over various issues. In order to achieve this, such a leader would be expected to be appealing in his speech (Bolman […]

How will social media change the future of international politics?

Social media is one of the technological advancements that have made a great contribution to the process of globalization. Social media in this case refers to the likes of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo and many others, with many more being developed on a daily basis. Through this, people are now able to communicate across continents […]

Comparison of the Terms in Debates

There are many concepts that are frequently used and misused by people in debates or conversations. Among them one can single out such terms as facts, information, data, knowledge, and understanding. Some of them such as facts and information are often viewed as interchangeable notions, even though they can have significant differences. This essay will […]

Muammar Gaddafi Deserved a Private Death

Introduction Following his capture and death on 20th October 2011, the media posted recordings and images of the bloody body of the late Muammar Gaddafi (Guardia, 2011). The pictures of the moment before and after his death were recorded as “the most graphic and distressing representations we have ever seen of a recognizable individual during […]

Gaddafi deserved a private death

Events in the recent past have brought into sharp focus media ethics and emerging problems facing the media industry. Specifically, the difference between liberal journalism and violation of acceptable media norms has come under spotlight in the recent past. It is imperative to note that the access to information has been opened up by new […]

The Gaza War 2008-2009 in Media

The Gaza War which was started by the Israeli forces on 27 December 2008 was actively discussed in the media during three weeks of the conflict because of the controversial character of the Israeli attacks against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. There are two opinions in relation to the appropriateness of the actions of the […]

Phrase Juggling in the Modern Political Arena in US

Overview The short story, ‘The History of the Private Campaign that Failed’ is a classical fictional story written by Mark Twain portraying the wars that broke out during the second half of the 19th century in the United States as a result of foreign invasion by alliance forces (Messent 133). During this time, several states […]

H. L. A. Hart and Ronald Dworkin Debate

Abstract The focus of this paper will be centered on the argument supporting Hart’s law. Ronald Dowarkin had discredited Hart’s law argument on the ground that it is incomplete as well as having many reasoning errors and mistakes, which might render it philosophical irrelevant for appropriate legal study. It is the basis of such argument […]

Debate between Noam Chomsky and William Buckley

Introduction Chomsky won this debate. He was well-versed with the subject matter, and provided evidence for his remarks. This individual also incorporated counterarguments in his assertions. Chomsky understood that this was a complex subject matter that needed to be analyzed bit by bit. Why Chomsky was the better debater The best thing about Chomsky’s arguments […]

Obama’s Speech in India

President Obama of the United States of America gave a long speech in India, November 2010. His visit in India was on his way to Asia, whereby he intended to visit Japan, china, south Korea and Singapore. The four countries he visited own more than 46% of the United States foreign-held debt. The speech that […]

Misinformation in foreign policy

Propaganda has always been used by administrations from the earlier regimes to the most recent governments as a tool to assist them in attaining footholds as pertaining to their interests in foreign countries. This paper aims to support the fact that regimes use misinformation to progress their interests in foreign policy by aggravating protests from […]

Corruptive and corrupted language

Introduction People consider political writing and speech making as portrayed by George Orwell persuasive and manipulative. Convincing the reader at the expense of the effective use of language is the only thing that such a writer has at the back of his/ her mind. In his essay “Politics and the English Language”, George Orwell argues […]

Ways in which people are guilty of George Orwell’s complaints

Introduction Political jargon is still one of the most confusing languages spoken. George Orwell’s observaions are just as true today as they were when he wrote the book “Politics and the English language’. However, because these mistakes are based on context, then political language today has also varied. All the basic deviations exist; it is […]

E-politics and Political Communication in Australia

Introduction The rise of e- politics materialised in the late 1990’s up to the early twenty first century as brought about by the races by presidential candidates. Consequently, an increase in the population utilizing internet to gather news, as well as; carry out research on the substitutes for policies rose gradually due to the diffusion […]

Martin Luther King’s Last Speech

Introduction “I have been to the mountain” was Martin Luther King’s last speech before he was assassinated. In this speech, King aims at maintaining action by encouraging the civil rights activists to continue fighting for racial equality. He uses biblical references to pass his message across to the people. He says that just like the […]

Why is the management of visibility a central feature of contemporary politics?

Political parties and their representatives are increasingly applying the management of visibility by visualization and through various means of technology. This is rapidly becoming a prominent way of communicating with the public. The media is, of course, the primary medium of channelling this. A central feature of contemporary politics orbits around the management of visibility […]

Importance of News in Democracy

A free media is considered as the backbone of any true democracy. It is the most important source of information for the masses that on the other hand are charged with the responsibility of voting. Since the voters base decisions on how to vote based on the information received, the media then becomes a very […]

John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, 1961

This presentation was effective because President Kennedy was able to communicate his feelings and ideas to the public openly. His opening tone was warm and this endeared him to the audience. His voice, body expressions and reassuring smile made Americans have confidence in his ability as their new leader. This made it easy for him […]

Presidential Debates: The Influence on Voters

Introduction September 26, 1960 marked the beginning of televised presidential debates in the history of general elections in the United States of America. The constants in the 1960 debate, which occurred in Chicago, were Richard Nixon and John Kennedy. Analysts believe that it was an evenly matched debate. Additionally, most analysts believe that Nixon could […]

The US Presidential Debate

The Third and last US presidential debate for the 2012 elections was held on Monday 22 October 2012. The debate was held at Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida. Bob Schieffer of CBS moderated it. The debate was held two weeks prior to the elections. The media houses had given each candidate a single win in […]

On Guard, Mr. Opponent! Searching for the Logical Fallacies in October Debates. Obama vs. Romney

Introduction: In Search for the Graphic Illustrations of Fallacies In the ideal world where the laws of human nature are inapplicable to political leaders, debates can probably run without any observable instances of fallacies; however, in the world of the present-day reality, winning over a political opponent in a debate presupposes using a number of […]

A speech touching on immigration reforms

Introduction This is a critical analysis essay on a speech touching on immigration reforms which was delivered by President Barack Obama in Las Vegas, Nevada. In his speech, he called for bold changes to the nation’s immigration’s policies. This article examines the lengthy speech and critically analyses it. Brief Summary of the Speech This speech […]

Michelle Obama’ Speech at the Democratic National Convention

Introduction The incumbent President Barrack Obama was seeking re-election as the president of the United States of America for the next four years. He was facing Mitt Romney, a republican candidate, in the November 2012 polls. America’s first lady, Michelle Obama, in her speech at the Democrats National Convention (DNC), told of how her husband […]

Washington’s Farewell Address

Time was running fast and the period that George Washington was to be in office had come to an end. Being the first president and having seen what the country needed, Washington felt obliged to leave the country in a peaceful state. Citizens were in a state of confusion, unable to imagine a government without […]

The Views on the Debate of President Obama and Romney on 10/3/12

Introduction The healthcare policies were critical in the recent debate between president Obama and Mitt Romney. Presidential contender, Romney, challenged Obama’s policy on healthcare especially the fundamentals of Obamacare. Romney argued during the debate that the president had failed to implement healthcare reforms during his tenure. He further alleged that he is the suitable candidate […]

Public Speaking by American Politicians

Kennedy’s Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association Kennedy’s speech primarily addresses the American cove values that should not be related to person’s religious beliefs. At the very beginning of the speech, the future Presidents states that the state and religion should be absolutely separated from each other because being Catholic, Protestant, or Baptist is […]

Influence of the American Media in Promotion of Democratic values in the United States of America

Television is one of the main tools of communication in mass media. Technological revolution has seen increased global television coverage (Marling, 2006). Companies such as Cable News Network (CNN) have extended their global coverage, resulting in increased global audience. The 2008 US presidential elections generated a lot of global interest. Democrats had two candidates contesting […]

Political Reporting: the Readings of Garry Wills and Katherine Boo

The introduction While discussing the readings of Garry Wills and Katherine Boo, I would like to begin with some similarities between the writers’ works. First of all, I want to point out that both writers describe the issues, which are related to political journalism, but not political science as some persons suppose. General context of […]

The Main Threat to the Modern Democracy

The whole world knows how seriously the United States takes the observance of the law. However, it does not mean that nothing threatens our democracy and politics. If we are eager to hold our field of being a democratic state, all the civilians should do their best to support the enactment of laws. Thus, democracy […]

David Frost’s New project – Interviews with Richard Nixon

David Frost, a TV presenter and a renowned comedian made attempts to get into the books of history in 1977. To accomplish his mission, he dissuaded his producer john Burt to support him financially to start a new project. The project involved conducting numerous interviews with Richard Nixon. The interviews commenced after the preliminary diplomacies […]

Political Communication

Being under the influence of globalization, political culture has acquired significance within the national context. In this regard, the study of political communication is necessary for explaining and understanding its essence. In book called Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century, Sanders (2009) outlines theoretical concepts and themes related to political communication. The author also provides […]

Analysis of Obama’s Victory Speech

On November 4, 2008, President Barrack Obama delivered The Election Night Victory Speech at Grant Park, Illinois. During this keynote acceptance speech, he emphasized that the American dream was not on its deathbed because “change has come to America.” His passionate speech, employing rhetoric that soars and excites, instigated the people of America to restore […]

Obama on Gun Control

Introduction “Obama on Gun Control” was a speech made by President Barack Obama to address the issue of gun control after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and 6 adults dead as a direct result of automatic weapons fire (Paulson, 1). The wording of the speech goes directly towards the […]

Anthony Weiner’ Hacked Twitter Account

The situation for the Congressman could be resolved in several ways. First, the congressman should seek the help of the authorities if he suspects his twitter account was hacked. The congressman should report the case to the police or the federal bureau of investigations (FBI) for further checks on the issue. To curb further suspected […]