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Public Administration Activity Essay Examples and Topics

Oklahoma City’s Capital Budget and Expenditure

This paper will analyze the payroll of the Oklahoma City public workers, analyze the trend of expenditure, forecast the future of the expenditures, and give a brief overview of capital budgeting.

Kuwaiti Youth Activities and Sociopolitical Role

The youth account for a significant portion of the Kuwaiti population and in their development, activities, and advancement, they play a significant role in the long-term growth of Kuwait.

New York City’s Financial Plan for 2012-2016

Revenue is public finance, and it is the economic effect of public expenditure. A summary of its revenue and expenditure are predicted for the year 2016 and a budget justification proposal is necessary.

Homelessness and School Readiness Evaluation

Rog expected to define and underline the necessities of homeless families and their mechanisms of coping with the situation, review the correlation between homelessness in families, child and domestic abuse, and incidents of rape, and [...]

Quality Management Techniques in the Public Sector

The skeptics of the public sector's quality management techniques cite the political interference and the bureaucracy in the public sector as the main challenges limiting the operation of the quality management techniques in the sector.

Soliciting Funds for Non-Profit Organizations

The goal of instructional design as a learning solution is to communicate knowledge, the skills, and attitudes needed to solicit funds for a non-profit organization to the learner in the most simple and meaningful way.

Government Duties in Cyberspace Securing

Thus, the government is the primary body that is responsible for addressing the strategic disadvantages of cyberspace and making sure that the country along with its citizens can use the full range of resources offered [...]

Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Leadership

Among his achievements is the establishment of a permanent scheme of catastrophic planning, which allows for stabilizing the impact of a disaster within three days, and the implementation of the informal Waffle House Index used [...]

Hillary Clinton’ Education Policy

The policy will also support more teachers to provide quality education. However, the policy will improve the quality of education availed to every American learner.

Dubai Government Human Resources Department

It would be expected of a human resource department management to realize the importance of human resources and the potential of the ideas that they can provide; however, I have noticed that initiative is not [...]

Public Administration Model in the UAE

It can be assumed that the current situation concerning the threat of a culture clash and the assimilation of the UAE people to the European and American cultural standards represents the major hindrance to the [...]

Public Administration Theories in the UAE Context

Public administration theories and claims that are important to be discussed in the context of the development of the public sector in the U.A.E.are associated with privatisation or contracting out and with the improvement of [...]

Public Administration: Bertelli’s and Riggs’ Views

In this kind of oversight, members of the public, the media and other interest groups ensure that elected officials offer desirable services by constantly reporting on elements of their performance that do not meet expectations.

Culture Clash in the UAE’s Public Administration

In other words, an impressive culture clash can be observed within the realm of the UAE public administration and is to be resolved as soon as possible so that the residents of the state could [...]

Emirate of Sharjah Administration and ISO 14001

The city has been in the forefront of managing quality through intrinsic implementation of the quality standards expected of them. Is there a relationship between the ISO 14001 standards implementation and TQM especially on the [...]

The County of San Diego: Public Service Inquiry

The organization works with providing appropriate policies and solving the problems related to improving the health of the aging population."The Alzheimer's Project: A Call to Arms" is the project launched by the County of San [...]

Why Quebec Wants to Be Separated from the Canada?

Some of the major drivers of the fight for independence and self-rule include the perception of marginalization, the uniqueness of people presented in terms of cultural and social settings, as well as the need to [...]

The Ukrainian Revolution of 2014

For example, according to the author, one of the reasons why throughout the month of February, the Ukraine's capital Kiev continued to be affected by the violent confrontations, is that protestors could not find anything [...]

Detroit Poverty and “Focus Hope” Organization

There is a great number of factors and issues that lead to a certain part of the population to live in poverty."Focus Hope" is an organization that tries to alleviate the suffering of those in [...]

Detroit’s Poor Living Conditions

One of the most graphic examples of the given assimilation with the environment and unwillingness to change anything about the given deplorable state, Detroit and one of its most infamous districts, Grosse Pointe are worth [...]

Public Administration: Community Projects

When the government came to renovate the community project, none of the community members was involved in the renovation process. Government's failure to involve community members in the renovation process led to building a facility [...]

Cigarette Smoking in Public Places

Those who argue against the idea of banning the smoking are of the opinion that some of them opt to smoke due to the stress that they acquire at their work places.

Urban Planning Problems in New Delhi

The growth of urban centers is usually a sign of economic stability and the political maturity of a country. The size of the population in Delhi is the driver behind its environmental problems.

Guardians Gardens Orphanage

For instance, the recommendations from the religious group to orphanages facilitate an increased number of children and efficient routes of accessing the adopters and children.

Newark Family Success Center

Purpose of Research Project The purpose of this project is to enlighten employees of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency about the services offered to clients in all Family Success Centres across Newark.

Family Success Centre’s in Newark

The administrator helped the PI to invite the participants to the presentation. The PI had already set the room to be used and the survey with the help of the CPS.

Public Administration: Union Gospel Mission

Apart from collecting donations from well-wishers and churches to feed, cloth and provide shelter for thousands of the poor people, the Union Gospel Mission of Vancouver's program can be redesigned in such a way that [...]

Public Administration: Fire Department in America

Through the modernization of fire-fighting equipment and the emerging need to have state-funded firefighting departments, Boston emerged as the first city in America to have a state-funded firefighting department.

Police Work in Community

Another benefit to the community is the publication of articles such as this, as people become aware of the help and safety that the policy provides. The article fails to mention the specifics of police [...]

Administration of Building Development in Tempe, AZ

In the course of the discussion, the following issues have been considered: Re-painting of the community art property; Designing the landscape plan; Getting the public approval for the re-painting of the property; Considering the possibility [...]

Public Administration: National Park Service

The rangers of all times had the same basic functions and purposes to protect and patrol the lands belonging to their country. The task of the National Park Service is to preserve the beauty of [...]

Public Administration: Homeless in Phoenix

Various models have been adopted to eradicate the problem, but the general formula to control the issue has been through the exclusion of the homeless from the main city as lepers into the territorial confinement [...]

Contemporary Community Standards

The issue has been to identify an ultimate description of obscene material that protects the authority of state organs in regulating the worst types of obscenity for community wellbeing, and yet does not prevent speech [...]

Public Administration Theories

The most important theories in the field of Public Administration have their foundation in the areas of bureaucracy as well as epistemological issues related to the academic and profession in the public service.

Public administration in theory

Public administration theorists noted that it was crucial to analyze a variety of aspects to be able to come up with effective strategies to make the government effective.

American Government and Bureaucracy

In this case, the federal bureaucracy plays a significant role in the implementation of the budget and other financial functions. The export policy is one of the most critical policies in the US.

Public Administration Operations

The state legislature merit program is an effective approach to allocating awards; this means that the terms of allocating the awards should be specific when outlining the criteria for those who qualify for the merit [...]

Nations Universal Inclusion

Political movements, on the other hand, encourage the maintenance of nation's boundaries and limits inter-state inclusion and therefore, nations are still far from universal inclusiveness Cosmopolitanism signifies a sense of belonging to the citizens of [...]

The Three to One Crowd-funding

Many processes have been introduced by the governments of Australia to support the managing out processes in the public sector.'3 to 1' crowd-funding is one of the processes used in managing out the public sector [...]

Dr. Oz Presents Various Concepts

Oz's article and explore the importance of the concepts of a paradigm to the items. Both the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security seem to be using the strategies designed in the 19thCentury, [...]

Development of the theory of public administration

He noted that it was essential to analyze the process of decision-making to enable public administrators to function effectively. It was acknowledged that public administrators needed motivation and leadership to ensure effective work of the [...]

Post-war public administration theorists

Post-war period can be regarded as the time when theorists of public administration rejected scientific methods and strategies to enhance effectiveness of the US government. The theorist noted that business management can be used in [...]

Public administration: theories

In the middle of the twentieth century, sociologists and theorists of public administration focused on imperfections of the government. Maslow contributed greatly to the development of public administration.

Social & Political Theory

Willoughby is one of the most prominent theorists who contributed greatly to the development of public administration. Weber focused on a variety of aspects of the human society and considered the structure of public administration.

Weekly Journal: Public Administration

Thus, Wilson, Goodnow, Addams and Taylor are some of the most influential theorists who made a profound contribution to the development of the public administration.

Decision Making & Motivation

The public sector captures the gist of this paper because unlike the private sector, the public sector is subject to unique dynamics that stress the importance of valuing decision-making and motivation.

Credit Letters in International Trade

The precondition pegged on payment is based on the fact that the documents presented appear to be in compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit.

Accountability in Public Administration

A consideration is also given to discuss the people whom public officials are accountable to, and the most effective means of ensuring a balance between the demands for accountability and the need to have high-performing [...]

Navigating Professional Contexts

The strategies will be used to develop a children's plan that will reflect on issues such as embedding the concept of children as citizens in the constitution, developing policies and frameworks that will be used [...]

Public Administration Policies

The response of public administration to the various social needs of the government has been effective, but what emerges from analysis of the concept of public administration is that choice of particular public policy is [...]

The Electronic Hallway: Snow Removal

First as indicated above, the Authority failed to provide services equally to all residents according to Le May, a public Authority ought to carry out its mandate without bias to the public, however the administration [...]

Public Administration:

The three arms of the government have the responsibility of managing the affairs of the country. The main aim of the three arms of the government is to offer checks and balances to avoid cases [...]

Public Adiministration and Development

Using empirical data, the authors have theoretically and practically approached the problem to take measures on the improvement of the situation in the sphere of public administration.

Administration of Government Regulations

The argument presented by Howard in his critical work "The death of common sense" represents how the bureaucratic system and laws have developed in the recent years in America; the book is a serious review [...]

Public Policy Tools and Practices

Several tools and practices are essential in the implementation of public policies ant their success depends entirely on the efficiency of the government in implementation process.

Critiques of Democracy

Rohr moves to correct the trouble of governmental authority According to Rohr, the civil service must accomplish the tasks the Founders intended initially for the Senate.

Why Study Public Administration?

Kettl and Fessler, note that public administration is a secondary field branching from the discipline of political science One of the major reasons for creating a separate discipline of public administration and graduate schools of [...]

Planning for public administration

It is accorded dominance with the reason that it is the first role that is performed and its outcomes are the plans that dole out as the direct for the actions of staff members.

Why Study Public Administration?

However, in order to qualify to be a public administrator in most senior posts in the government, one must possess a minimum of a master's degree in public administration or business administration. In some cases, [...]

Public Administration

The Philadelphia Municipal Wireless Network is a perfect example of the initiative that involves 'collaborative public management' with the interest of the public, private sector and the economy as a whole to benefit.

Reading Analyses in Ethics Class

This statement truly captures the real meaning of the spirit of public service as it appears in the American constitutional democracy as well as in the American character.

New Public Management

Schedler and Proeller observe that new public administration entails the application of new principles of management in the public sector in order to improve the outcomes of public policy in the public sector.

Decentralization and Devolution of Political Power

This paper discusses the history and neo-liberalism of fiscal decentralization, the geographical administration of the regional units, the policies and practices that have led to increase in economic growth, the introduction of capitalist reforms as [...]

New Public Management

According to Ewan, new public management is a fusion of contractual elements in the field of institutional economics such as the principles of measuring performance and introducing competition and of the management by objective in [...]

Morishita’s and Booth’s Articles

Morishita's article examines the relationship between the shape of local politics in the decentralization era and the resources found in a particular area.