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93 Wealth Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Need to write an essay about wealth? Looking for an interesting wealth topic to explore? This article is for you!

Can wealth buy happiness? What does it mean to be wealthy? You can write about these and other topics in your wealth essay. For example, you may focus on the importance of wealth and answer the question whether it can give you freedom. Want more ideas? Check out this list of wealth essay topics!

🏆 Best Wealth Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Narrowing of the Gap between the Rich and the Poor in the Society
    The millennium development goal on poverty reduction entails the reduction of people going hungry, provision of universal primary education, reducing the number of people who cannot access clean drinking water, combating the spread of infectious […]
  2. Justice Favors the Rich
    Michael Vick’s case displayed just how long the legal system had take long to act on high-profile persons as it would to the rest of the population.
  3. Poverty and Wealth in “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara
    This theme contributes to the meaning of “The Lesson” because the narrator illustrates the differences that exist amid the prosperous and poor kids in the fictitious story.
  4. Should Rich Countries Forgive All Poor Countries’ Debts?
    According to studies by Bailey, poor planning by policy makers in many governments of the poor countries, is one of the most significant factors affecting the level of poverty of the governments and the level […]
  5. Should rich countries forgive all debts for poor countries?
    The decision by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in 1996 to cancel the debts of 26 heavily indebted poor countries that were undertaking reforms outlined, under the HIPC initiative, to decrease their […]
  6. Management: Shareholder Wealth Optimization
    If management only considers the profit interest of the shareholders, they are going to sell the corporation to the highest bidder without considering the losses that may arise to the employees and the local community.
  7. Rich and Poor Nations (Planet of Slums)
    Are the IMF and other handouts such as the structural assistance programs, a massive transfer of the wealth from the poor to the rich?
  8. The Negative Effects of Wealth in Society
    This is because once the rich in society set eyes on a given item or property, they will do anything within their means to ensure that they get it irrespective of the adverse effects that […]
  9. Women’s Education: A Comparison of Selected Works by Adrienne Rich and Virginia Woolf
    Both Woolf and Rich agree that education is a means for women to grow, and both agree that it is absolutely the responsibility of women to seek their own education.
  10. Why the Central Saudi is Rich in Oil
    Specifically, central Saudi Arabia consists of the world’s richest oil fields that are concentrated in the Greater Ghawar province whose Paleozoic and Jurassic systems of the Arabian Peninsula are largely the sources of oil and […]
  11. Being famous to being rich
    Fame makes the social status easy to scale on the account of the big number of people know you, while a rich person can by his/her way up the social status.
  12. Rhetorical Analysis of the Essay “The Negative Effects of Wealth in Society”
    To this end, I shall focus on a number of aspects including the purpose for writing the essay, the audience, the genre, the appeals, organization of the text, omitted information, evidence included and the style […]
  13. The Rich and the Rest
    In the January 22nd issue of The Economist for 2011, there is an article entitled the Inequality: The Rich and the Rest and the author said that inequality exists because of the lack of social […]
  14. Division of Labor and Capital Accumulation as Sources of the Wealth of Nations
    Adam Smith believed that the wealth of nations was derived from their division of labor and accumulation of capital goods for the production of necessities.
  15. Problems Facing in Common Wealth Bank of Australia
    These theories help in explaining the nature organizations through different perspectives that include the environment, the technology that they are using, the social environment they operate in and the type of business that they do.
  16. Wealth, Class and Power in the 19th century
    Moreover, one should speak about the growing class division which can be explained by the fact that a growing number of people became dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities for climbing social ladder. He wanted […]
  17. Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet
    In addition, one of the most important problems outlined by Sachs is proper organization of the world economy and international policy, as far s that the gap between the developed countries and the countries of […]
  18. Human Resources in the Book “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith
    Though workers remain a formidable asset to the productivity of any organization, in the past there had been instances of workers rights abused by their employers and this forced the workers to form unions which […]
  19. Rich Kids and American Higher Education
    It is possible for a rich kid not to be seen as spoilt, it is also possible for them to be seen as hardworking and important in the society.
  20. The Global Financial Crisis and Capitalism for the Elite Rich
    This Ideology adopted by many if not all of the western nations upholds the private ownership of business and institutions and the owners of these entities are allowed to spread out as much as they […]
  21. Being Rich Means Better Education and More Success
    This is because they managed to shake off the notion that the rich are the only ones who will have the chances of acquiring better education and being successful in life.
  22. Rich Dad Poor Dad
    The author tries to bring to the attention of the users how basic knowledge of finances is very vital in any business undertaking and how corporations can contribute to the rich becoming even richer.
  23. The Road to Financial Success: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki
    They learnt the important lesson that, the rich do not work for money; no, money works for them by employing other people to work for them In Chapter 2, the author explains the importance of […]
  24. There will Never be Equality in the World; There will Always be Very Rich and Very Poor People
    The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development documents that the gap between the very rich and the very poor has in fact widened over the last few decades.
  25. The Concept of Sustainable Development Robs the Poor World of Any Possibility of Convergence With the Rich World
    The gap between the poor and the rich is the major criterion that is used to measure the position of an economy in terms of development.
  26. The Role of Management in Share Holder Wealth Creation
    Therefore, the management should bear in mind that the growth and profitability of a company are a responsibility to the owners, shareholders and the community.
  27. Sovereign Wealth Funds and the (In) Security of Global Finance
    The size of the funds has increased tremendously as countries seek to increase the returns from such funds. As such, the article tends to explore the validity of the concerns raised in the context of […]
  28. Financial Management: Prioritizing the Stakeholders’ Wealth Increase
    The most common objective of the firm is to increase the value of the firm’s stock and contribute to the wealth of the owners.
  29. Augmenting the Wealth of Shareholders and Owners through the Management
    The management of businesses has to defer the wishes of the shareholders and they must also obey the ethical practices of the company.
  30. Share Holder Wealth Maximization Vis a Vis Social Responsibility
    If for instance wealth is the main argument in the utility of the shareholder, maximizing the anticipated utility of the wealth of the shareholder reduces the core objective of the entity as maximization of shareholder […]
  31. The True Cost of Diamonds: Exploring the Paradoxes of Wealth and Natural Resources
    However, when it comes to the most striking element of the movie, it goes without saying that the contrast between the poverty of the African countries and the riches which are located there is the […]

👍 Essay about Wealth: Good Topic Ideas

  1. Is Poverty Of Poor Countries In Anyway Due To Wealth Of The Rich?
    There is the class of the rich elites and the class of the illiterate poor. This paper seeks to ascertain the argument that poverty of poor countries is due to the wealth of the rich.
  2. Rich couples have lower divorce rates
    The model would also hypothesize that faithfulness is not a contributing factor to divorce in marriages. On the other hand, it could be that financial stability in rich couple marriages contributes to lower divorce rates.
  3. BT Financial Group: Major Threats and Opportunities for Increasing Wealth in Australia
    Being the part of the Westpac Group, the company seeks to introduce the production and allocation of investment, retirement products, and superannuation.
  4. Analysis of Trends in UK Employment and GDP as A Measure of a Country’s Wealth
    It has been stated that, advancement in technology along with international trade that was stable and “the success of Keynesian economics and the stability of the Phillips Curve created a situation which did approach full […]
  5. Designing Educational Spaces: A Birth-to-Eighteen-Year-Old Training for a Rich Parent
    As for the scope of the research, it will be necessary to embrace the specifics of the development of the students of specified age.
  6. Animals with Rich Histories
    In the book, the author suggests that in India the cats used to roam freely before the arrival of human beings. In the future, human population is expected to increase.
  7. The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality by Angus Deaton
    In The Great Escape the author tries to tell the account of progress in profits and health during the past centuries.
  8. Selling of Sex in “Plum in the Golden Vase Volume I and II”: Ximen Qing’s Power, Wealth and Sexual Exploits
    The author uses the fate of one man, Ximen Qing and his household to describe the society in the 16th century.
  9. “Facing Poverty With a Rich Girl’s Habits” by Suki Kim
    Finally, revealing the problems of adapting to a new social status, the story turns remarkably complex, which also lends it a certain charm.
  10. “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith
    In his book The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith makes several important claims about the functioning of economic and tries to explain the welfare of the society can be improved.
  11. Wealth Accumulation and Its Effects
    He believes that the difference in the innovativeness of individuals is not as large as the gap that exists between the poor and the rich.
  12. Economics: “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith
    The philosopher also emphasizes that export hurts the development of the country as people within the country do not get the goods they produce.
  13. Management in the Book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    One of the most positive aspects of the book is the vivid description used to motivate the reader. As such, the organization is one of the attributes of the book that I liked.
  14. Financial Education in Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
    In the book, Kiyosaki faults the education system by comparing the levels of the financial success of his two dads who gave different advice on attaining financial independence.
  15. Keynes’ Theory of Wealth Creation
    The author also notes that modern economic scholars have made contributions that seek to unravel the uncertain factors in the course of economic progress.
  16. Christianity and Islam: the Attitude Toward Wealth
    The Bible is the main source of understanding Christianity and its concepts. In this part of the Bible, God is not viewed as someone who takes the side of the poor and regards attempts to […]
  17. Unequal Wealth Distribution
    In this book, there is an illustration of the benefits the poor get from the rich. The farmer was a doctor who dedicated his time, service and income to the community he lived in.
  18. Water Paradox: “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith
    Since the amount of water is much more significant than that of diamonds, marginal utility of the latter is high. It is possible to assume that the water price will be significantly higher if the […]
  19. Adam Smith’ Economics: Nation’s and Citizens Wealth
    There is a tendency to assume that wealth of citizens of a country will not necessarily lead to prosperity of the state.
  20. “The Wealth of Nations” Book by Adam Smith
    The name of the work is “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”. The passage can be found in the middle of Chapter VII of the Book I entitled “Of […]
  21. Why Cultural Riches Should Be Returned to Their Nations?
    If it would be agreed that cultural treasures are important in preserving a nation’s identity, then it would be right to say that they should be returned to their countries of origin.
  22. Income and Wealth Distribution in America
    The breakdown of the income of American families in 1972 and 1976 is shown in Table 1. Table 2 shows the distribution of wealth among American households in 1962.
  23. Rich Manufacturing Company’s Managerial Decisions
    According to various sources studied in this context, it is has been the mandate of the management to ensure that the business operates prospectively and contextually in most of its endeavors.
  24. Wealth, Power and the Significance of Business Ethics
    The greed of power and capitalism caused the Western world to ruin the fortunes of the Middle East, Pacific Asia, and Asian rising powers.
  25. Zurich Cantonal Bank’s Wealth Management
    The strategic plan for the Zurich Cantonal bank will evaluate the various opportunities that the institution will create and the number of investments that will be made in a given period.
  26. Ruling America: Wealth and Power in a Democracy
    The American Revolution changed into a fighting area amongst two dominant and strengthening armies: the escalating superiority and the control and privilege of extraneous frontrunners, and the emerging equivalence, especially of the “middling sort”, which […]
  27. Kelemo’s Woman, Porcelain, The Rich Man’s School
    In her book, The Rich People’s School, the writer uses the main character, Sylvia, to highlight the issues of class struggles and parenthood in society.
  28. ”Arcadian Adventures With the Idle Rich” by Leacock
    The short story that is found in the second chapter of the book describes a significant flowering of the seeds of individualism and corrupt materialism that occur in Plutoria Avenue in a large city in […]
  29. Gifts of Mars: Warfare and Europe’s Early Rise to Riches
    The article “Gifts of Mars: Warfare and Europe’s early rise to riches” by Nico Voigtlander and Hans-Joachim Voth illustrate how the political situation in Europe had shaped the economic development of the continent in the […]
  30. Africa’s Hidden Wealth of Business Opportunities
    In addition to this information, the article continues to provide data on the GDP of several nations within the region that are considered above the expectations within the region.
  31. Information Technology Management: Media Richness Theory
    The field of information technology has emerged as one of the most important ones due to the increasing relevance of information flow and management.
  32. “How the Rich Steal from Schools” by Don Bauder
    In “San Diego reader: how the rich steal from schools”, availed on Wednesday, August 11 2010, Don Bauder gives readers a foretaste of the plutocracy in the San Diego administration.

🎓 Simple & Easy Wealth Essay Titles

  1. Equal Wealth: the Income Gap
    Education is one of the strategies that have been confirmed to be effective in minimizing the gap between the poor and the rich.
  2. Wealth Inequality: Ethical or Unethical?
    The first argument is that economic inequality gives rich or wealthier individuals in the society dominion over the lives of the others in the society.
  3. Poverty and Inequality in “Rich and Poor” by Peter Singer
    Every person in society should help and support the poor in order to make the world a better place. The author uses the best theories and moral principles to explain why the rich should deal […]
  4. Investment Strategies of Sovereign Wealth Funds
    The issue that the authors mention in relation to SF deals with the fact that SF is often used to support various domestic businesses, which introduces the challenge of making a politically and economically correct […]
  5. The Richness of Nature: Articles and Movie Review
    The writer demonstrates that when one’s heart and eyes are open to the world around them, there is always a variety of things to be stunned by and cherish.
  6. In Sickness and in Wealth: “Unnatural Causes” TV Series
    Living in America is considered a ticket to good health as the United States spends millions of dollars in a health care area and has the highest GNP in the world.
  7. Stakeholders’ Wealth as a Business Ethical Issue
    However, the legitimacy of the existence is governed by the overall effects of the business on society and the ability to meet the set standards of operations.
  8. Wealth Inequality and Poor Mental State
    The analysis of the topic shows that wealth inequality can lead to a poor mental state in all groups of individuals.
  9. Chapter VIII of Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”
    As for the wages and labor section of The Wealth of Nations, it appears that Smith regards workers as a homogenous human capital with transferable and, hence, subject to substitution.
  10. Inequality Reduction and Wealth Redistribution: Policy Brief
    Otherwise known as the wealth gap, it inherently demonstrates the difference in economic inequality between the poorest and richest layers of the population.
  11. Wealth Distribution Inequality in the World
    Economists tend to solve the dilemma of the big question of how the society can be organized in a way that the liberty and autonomy of an individual can be protected yet at the same […]
  12. The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
    He can be compared to a social marginal who longs to have a life like that of the rich Man because further down in verse 21, he is said to have desired what ‘fell from […]
  13. Oil Wealth: A Blessing or a Curse for the Gulf States?
    But the deteriorating levels of poverty in these regions leaves many wondering the value of oil compared to the life of the people in the gulf region.
  14. Maximizing Shareholders’ Wealth Financing Alternative
    Offer for sale is an invitation to apply for the shares in a company based on information contained in the prospectus. Offer for sale by prospectus-This is where shares are offered to the general public […]
  15. Maximizing Shareholders Wealth
    With the grass looking greener on the other side of the fence, utility managers are considering expansion. To do that, utility management must do two things: earn a return above the cost of common equity, […]
  16. Narrowing Income Gap Between Rich and Poor
    The main achievements of labor-unions is the reduction of working day, normalization of working environment and conditions, the ability to have certain guarantees in regard to accidents, vacations etc.
  17. Wealth: Meanings and Interpretations
    According to the definition proposed in this paper, wealth is a combination of both spiritual and material values that a person has or thinks to have.
  18. Conflict of Poor and Wealth From Two Perspectives
    The protagonist of the story is Delaney Mossbacher, who was lucky to be born in a good family, to receive a good education and to life a successful life with his wife.
  19. The Relationship Between Subjective Well-Being and Wealth
    It is the argument of a number of authors that by concentrating more on such materialistic values as fame, financial success as well as physical appearance at the expense of intrinsic values, this seeks to […]
  20. Richness of Musical Art
    The same happened with musical theatre: it advanced in its technologies and expression greatly to bring colorfulness of the plot to the viewers.
  21. The Wealth of Nations Theory by Adam Smith
    The exchange value of a commodity, according to Smith is measured by the input in terms of labor that has been put into it.
  22. Poverty, Government and Unequal Distribution of Wealth in Philippines
    The author of the book Poverty And The Critical Security Agenda, Eadie, added: Quantitative analyses of poverty have become more sophisticated over the years to be sure, yet remain problematic and in certain ways rooted […]
  23. Negative Impact of Oil on Wealth Equality and Economy of United Arab Emirates
    Oil has created wealth inequality in UAE and a shift in world energy focus to green energy will negatively impact the economy of UAE.
  24. Values Gap Between the USA and Other Rich Democracies
    There are certain political differences in the relationships between the leader and the subordinate in America and other countries. The Americans accept the wealth distribution and the division into the poor and the rich ones […]
  25. Taxation for the Rich: The Question of Integrity
    The idea of gaining wealth, as well as power and social status that go with it, has been seen as the embodiment of the American Dream for several centuries, yet the recent developments in the […]
  26. Does Rich or Famous People Have More Moral Values or Less?
    The issue of the incompatibility of moral values and wealth goes constant leitmotif throughout the history of humankind. Nevertheless, the results of both Sherman’s interviews, published in the New York Times and the Guardian, show […]
  27. Racial Wealth Gap and the American Dream
    The speaker evaluates the accumulative wealth of Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites in America and arrives to the conclusion that race plays a role in financial burdens that many people of color experience.
  28. The Impact of COVID-19 on Wealth Inequality and Income
    These three broad categories are crucial to follow because they build the basis for successful communal existence and complement each other in terms of the work that they do, especially when the number of the […]
  29. Brothers and Their Riches: “The Rich Brother” by Tobias Wolff
    Pete followed in the footsteps of their parents – he is serious, distrustful, and responsible because he needs to take care of his disorganized brother.
  30. Economic Development as the Key Driver of Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Industry
    The reverse reality of salient features of wealthy people in different parts of the world is the observation that the vast majority of the populace live in poor and deplorable conditions.

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