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54 American Dream Essay Topics & Examples

If you’re in need of American dream topics for an essay, research paper, or discussion, this article is for you. Our experts have prepared some ideas and writing tips that you will find below.

📃 10 Tips for Writing American Dream Essays

The American dream is an interesting topic that one can discuss from various perspectives. If you need to write an essay on the American dream, you should understand this concept clearly.

You can choose to present the American dream as a miracle that one cannot reach or depict a free and wealthy nation. In any case, the American dream essay is a good opportunity to reflect on the concept and learn more about it.

There are many topics you can choose from while writing your essay. Here are some examples of the American dream essay topics we can suggest:

  • The true meaning of the American dream
  • The image of the American dream in the Great Gatsby
  • Is the American dream still relevant in today’s society?
  • The role of the American dream: Discussion
  • Americans’ beliefs and values: The American dream
  • Can we achieve the American dream?
  • The American dream in today’s world and society

Remember that you do not have to select one of the American dream essay titles and can come up with your own one. Once you have selected the topic, start working on your essay. Here are ten useful tips that will help you to write an outstanding paper:

  • Start working on your essay ahead of time. You will need some time to study the issue, write the paper, and correct possible errors.
  • Do preliminary research on the issue you want to discuss. The more information you know about the question, the better. We advise you to rely on credible sources exclusively and avoid using Wikipedia or similar websites.
  • Check out the American dream essay examples online if you are not sure that the selected problem is relevant. Avoid copying the information you will find and only use it as guidance.
  • Write an outline for your essay. Think of how you can organize your paper and choose titles for each of the sections. Remember that you should include an introductory paragraph and a concluding section along with body paragraphs.
  • Remember that you should present the American dream essay thesis clearly. You can put it in the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.
  • Your essay should be engaging for the audience. Help your reader to know something new about the issue and include some interesting facts that may not know about. Avoid overly complex sentences and structures.
  • Make your essay personal, if it is possible. Do not focus on your opinion solely but provide your perspectives on the issue or discuss your concern about it. You can talk about your experiences with the American dream, too.
  • Provide statistical data if you can. For example, you can find the results of surveys about people’s perspectives on the American dream.
  • The concluding paragraph is an important section of the paper. Present the thesis and all of your arguments once again and provide recommendations, if necessary. Remember that this paragraph should not include new information or in-text citations.
  • Do not send your paper to your professor right away. Check it several times to make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes in it. If you have time, you can put the paper away for several days and revise it later with “fresh” eyes.

Feel free to find an essay sample in our collection and get some ideas for your outstanding paper!

🏆 Best American Dream Essay Topics & Essay Examples

  1. Fitzgerald’s American Dream in The Great Gatsby & Winter Dreams
    To my mind, Winter Dream is a perfect example of the American Dream, since the main hero, Dexter, implemented each point of it, he was persistent and very hard-working, he was a very sensible and […]
  2. The Tortilla Curtain: American Dream – Characters, Summary & Analysis
    The cultural difference between the two families is introduced by the author as a theme describing the role of gender in the community.
  3. In pursuit of the American dream: an analysis of Willa Cather’s O Pioneers
    The experiences of the characters in the novel portray the endeavors of the early immigrants’ pursuit of the American dream. The instinct to forgo the comforts, which a home country offers by default and then […]
  4. A Response to the Article “Inequality and the American Dream”
    It has drawn my attention that other world countries embrace the “American model” since the super power has enormous wealth and its economic development is marked by up-to-date juggernauts of globalization and technology.
  5. Inequality and the American Dream
    It is only after the poor workers are assured of their jobs that the American model can be said to be successful.
  6. The American Dream by Edward Albee Play Analysis
    The American Dream play is an apologue of how American life has turned awry under the pretext of the American Dream.
  7. American Dream and Unfulfilling Reality
    Living the American dream is the ultimate dream for most of the American citizens and those aspiring to acquire American citizenship.
  8. The Death of the American Dream
    It is the moral decay that leads to the loss of freedom, the very essence of the founding of the American dream.
  9. American Dream: “Fences” by August Wilson
    The American dream makes it clear through its guarantee of the freedom and equality with the promise of prosperity and success as per the ability or personal achievements of every American citizen.”Fences” reveals the obstacles […]
  10. The American Dream: Walt Disney’s Cinderella and Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man
    This is attributed to the fact that the original ideas and the fundamental principals that founded the dream are quickly fading away given the changing fortunes of the average American.
  11. American Dream: Is It Still There?
    It is a dream for immigrants from the Middle East to be in America; a country where discrimination is history and where no one will prevent them from achieving their dreams in life.
  12. Is the American Dream Still Alive?
    The American Dream can be defined as a summation of national values entrenched in the culture of the United States. In this regard, the minority groups in the United States are often on the receiving […]
  13. Francis Scott Fitzgerald & His American Dream
    In the novel “Tender is the Night,” Fitzgerald describes the society in Riviera where he and his family had moved to live after his misfortune of late inheritance.
  14. Portrayal of the American Dream in the 20th Century Theatre
    However, different analysts criticized the use of the amelting pot’ in the play to show the pursuit of the American dream terming it as unrealistic in the sense that the term amelting’ creates a picture […]
  15. The American Dream: Negative and Positive Aspects
    The American dream is one of the most revered ideals of the nation and it has become a part of the American national identity.
  16. The reality of American dream
    The government encouraged the immigration of the population whose labor and skills were required in the United States. The housing in the urban was overcrowded with very unsanitary conditions, and some of the immigrants did […]
  17. Role of Money in the American Dream’s Concept
    Many people lack the meaning of the American dream because they are always looking forward to find opportunity and fail to realize that the opportunity to succeed is always around them in the work they […]
  18. The American Dream Negative Sides and Benefits
    The United States is thought of as the land of opportunity and there are many people who want to live “The American Dream”.
  19. The definition of the great american dream: Hearing opportunity knock
    Although the concept of the American Dream is very recognizable, its essence is very hard to nail down, since it incorporates a number of social, economical and financial principles; largely, the American Dream is the […]
  20. The American Dream in The Great Gatsby
    After spending some time in this neighborhood, Nick finally attends Gatsby’s exuberant parties only to realize that Gatsby organizes these parties to impress Daisy, Nick’s cousin, and wife to Tom.
  21. The book American dream by Jason DeParle
    From the name of the book, it is clear that the cardinal theme of the book is the American dream. This is contrary to the fact that she was pregnant and in a crack house.
  22. The concept of progress or the pursuit of the American Dream
    The concept of progress or the pursuit of the American Dream since 1930s has been a matter of concern for many immigrants who believe that they can achieve much in the US than in their […]
  23. The Dilemmas of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby
    The Great Gatsby is a story of a young man in the early twentieth century who seems to know what he wants in the way of that dream and what to do to achieve it.
  24. The American Dream’s Concept
    The American economy is also likely to improve as a result of realizing the American dream 2013 since most of the residents are likely to indulge in productive activities as stipulated in the American dream […]
  25. Michelle Obama’s Remarks on American Dream
    She added that the main goal was to secure the blessings of liberty and to bring about the fulfillment of the promise of equality.
  26. Music Talent Shows and the American Dream
    Talent search shows, like American Idol and The Voice, have suffered a lot of criticism for different reasons. Stanley says the main reason for this cynicism is the failure of such shows to focus on […]
  27. Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream – Movie Analysis
    It can be taken as the national ethos of the citizens of the USA. The basis of the American society is broken and it is not united anymore.

👍 Catchy American Dream Topics

  1. American Dream in “The Pursuit of Happiness” Film
    In America today, there is a general belief that every individual is unique, and should have equal access to the American dream of life “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.
  2. American Dream in Hansberry’s and Miller’s Tragedies
    Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” and Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” tell the stories about how people can perceive and be affected by the idea of the American Dream, how they choose wrong dreams […]
  3. Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream
    This is one of the drawbacks that should be taken into account by the viewers who want to get a better idea about the causes of the problems described in the movie.
  4. American Dream and Equity of Outcome and Opportunity
    The American dream is one of the most famous declarations of the world and the American subsequent governments have kept the dream alive for the last hundred years.
  5. The American Dream and Working Conditions
    In fact, it might be said that it is due to their efforts that the American Dream still exists as a piece of reality.
  6. “American Dream” of English and Chinese Immigrants
    My family decided to move to the US from England because of the low wages in our town. My intentions were to explore the new opportunities of the West and to earn more money than […]
  7. American Dream in Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”
    The play Death of a salesman is indeed an anatomy of the American dream especially because the plot of the story revolves around some of the basic material gains that individuals in the American society […]
  8. American Dream Is Still Alive: Honor Essay
    The topic of discussion in this setting would be the American dream and the factors associated with the quest. They would talk about the cost of living, the cost of education, and the fact that […]
  9. Theater Exam: American Dream and Family Legacy
    To start the discussion on the concept of American Dream, I would like to focus on Willy, the main character of the Death of a Salesman.
  10. Tycoons and Their American Dream
    The American Dream as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, and others saw it and forged it to be seen by others contributed meaningfully to the values of the American people and the priorities of a nation.
  11. The Immigrant Experience and the Failure of the American Dream
    The fates of the heroes of the book amaze with their tragedy, and this is the story of slaves of wage labor.
  12. American Dream Is Not a Myth
    The paper is based on the argument, a simplified definition of the American dream: the American dream can be defined as “the achievement of economic and social advancement through hard work and determination”.
  13. American Dream and Socialism in the Book “The Jungle” by Sinclair
    The main idea of the book lies in upholding the Marxist belief of the inevitable collapse of capitalism and the accession of the proletariat, or industrial working class.
  14. Richard Rodriguez’s Opinion on Migration and the American Dream
    American seems to refer only to the citizen of the United States and does not include the rest of the people in the continent!
  15. American Dream and Reality for Minorities
    The topic of our concern is the reality that is faced by women, blacks, and war veterans who are associated with the American army.
  16. The American Dream in Arthur Miller’s Plays
    Willy has a distorted vision of the American Dream, and he has such blind faith in this inaccurate vision that it leads to his mental disturbance when he is not able to accept how the […]
  17. American Literature and the American Dream
    The difference in how the dream is defined lies in how one sees the shape and color of the concoction, whether the texture is just right for the shape of the taste buds assessing the […]
  18. Meritocracy and the American Dream
    In the perception of such people, the American Dream is directly connected to meritocracy, i.e.a judgment on people on their individual abilities rather than the connections of the families, and in that regard such perception […]
  19. American Dream After World War I
    People lost vision of what this dream was supposed to mean and it became a dream, not of the vestal and industrious, but of the corrupt coterie, hence corrupting the dream itself.
  20. The American Dream: Defining the Great Society
    For instance, the Medicare bill was for the elderly and the poor, human rights for the oppressed, and antipoverty laws that set a stage for growth in the society.
  21. Willy Loman and the American Dream
    As a result of his boasting, a great deal of what his family knows about Willy is based upon the image he feels he must portray of himself in order to bring himself in line […]
  22. American Dream of Early Settlers
    He did not tell the settlers of the difficulties they were going to face in moving from Europe to the land of honey that is America.
  23. The American Dream in the 21st Century
    It is the labor of these people that allowed the country to afford to build its industry and set up a base for fulfilling the American Dream.
  24. History of Achieving the American Dream
    James Truslow Adams who wrote the book “The Epic of America” defined the American dream as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity […]
  25. American Dreams: The United States Since 1945
    Although the major idea of the book is a critical one, the author’s intention does not concern analyzing approaches to the American social evolution in order to define the most adequate one.
  26. Racial Wealth Gap and the American Dream
    The speaker evaluates the accumulative wealth of Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites in America and arrives to the conclusion that race plays a role in financial burdens that many people of color experience.
  27. The Concept of American Dream: Examples of Columbus and Bradstreet
    Bradstreet’s other dream was to be able to secure a position in the ‘New world’ and still be seen as a woman who cares for her family.

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