Politicians Essay Examples and Topics

Ronald Reagan revolution through Obama

Introduction The United States of America is under the leadership of a president who is the holder of the highest and most powerful political office across the world. The first president of the US was sworn into office in the year 1789. Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the US and he served two […]

Madison’s Political Theory

James Madison (1751-1836) was an outstanding political scientist who contributed a great deal to political practice. He always wrote politically purposeful material. Madison’s contribution to political theory led to his being recognized as the “father of the constitution”. The major purpose in his work was one: to help in the ratification or shaping the American […]

Condoleezza Rice Biography

Background Born in 1954, a political scientist, and the 66th US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice was one of the most trusted President Bush’s close allies. She was the “second woman to be appointed in the position of the US secretary of state, the second African American to hold the position, and she served as […]

The Role of Alexander Hamilton in Federal Governments in the United States of America

What is the most significant part of Hamilton’s argument in Federalist 70? Why does Hamilton argue in favour of a single executive? Are the comparisons Hamilton makes to the Roman warranted? Alexander Hamilton is considered as the founder of principles that govern Federal Governments in the United States of America and thus the true architect […]

Leadership Styles of Government Leaders Based on “Lawmakers Prepare To Take Budget Debate Late Into Night”

Introduction Bickering politicians and other government officials are a common occurrence during budget hearing. Admittedly agreeing on how much the government needs, in totality and individually for each of its numerous agencies, is a tedious and complex process given the sheer number of politicians needed to ratify the budget. In a human resource development point […]

Power, Memory and Spectacle on Saddam Hussein’s death

Hussein’s background Saddam Hussein was born in Tirkrit in the year 1937. He later got married and had three children three of which were girls and two boys. His academic profile is quite impressive despite the hardship of his academic story. He finished his secondary education in Egypt in 1962 and later he joined a […]

Bill Clinton leadership

Bill Clinton was one among the many presidents of the United States of America. As a leader, Bill Clinton achieved many things which made him become a popular leader during his reign (Biography.com, 2011). This research paper will focus its discussion on the leadership of Mr. Bill Clinton, his major style of leadership, the numerous […]

American history analysis. Reflecting on the life of President Reagan

Reflecting on the life of President Reagan, this book, written in prose form defines the thoughts of President Reagan on various aspects of America from the social, political, security, and the need for appreciation of diversity. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review various thoughts expressed in this book. Besides, the paper is specific […]

Mohandus Gandhi’s leadership

Introduction Mohandus Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma, was a leader of the people of India; he was not only a political and ethical leader, but also a religious leader. This leader is the founding father of Indian nation, as he aided his nation to attain independence from the British. The guiding principles of Gandhi were […]

David Cameron’s first 18 months as Prime Minister

After bagging around hundred additional seats in the General elections in May 2010, the Conservative Party came into power together with the Liberal Democrats in Britain and David Cameron became the Prime Minister leading the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government (David Cameron, n.d.). The aim of this coalition government was to form a sturdy and progressive […]

“Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President” by Robert Dallek – A Book

Introduction The book “Lyndon B. Johnson: Portrait of a President” is a condensed version of a two volume work on the life of Lyndon B. Johnson – “Lone Star Rising” (1991) and “Flawed Giant” (1998). Written by Robert Dallek, winner of the prestigious Bancroft Prize, the book gives a wonderful portrait of President Lyndon Johnson, […]

Political Leadership: Bill Clinton and John Kennedy

Introduction Effective leadership sets the pace of development and growth in an organization. In this regard political leadership is not an exemption. Good political leadership influences the development of a nation or region. The political leaders in a country play an important role in the society since they control the resources in a region and […]

Author’s Choice: Leader Member Exchange Model

Abstract The essay examines how Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style can be analyzed using Leader Member Exchange model. The essay shows various facets of Lincoln’s character, which score high on LMX. Further, it also shows that his leadership style was transformational in nature. History holds account of many great leaders and one of them, undoubtedly, is […]

Jim “Big Jim” Walker Gubernatorial Race

Introduction James “Big Jim” Walker is a Texan native. He was born in the Western region of Texas in a small city known as Abilene. Indeed, Hylton (2010) says that he belongs to the seventh generation of Texans. As such, many people perceive him as a conservative republican who has experienced most aspects of Texas. […]

Hamilton and Jefferson Discussion

To begin this study, it will be worth noting that both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had their individual differences in ideologies especially in the way of thinking and politically. As a result, the study was quick to reveal that there were huge differences in the programs they started when they were in government. Their […]

US Representative: Congressman Ander Carson

Ander Carson has been in the U.S. congress for a few years, but after beginning as a Democratic Committee Person in the year 2000, he has been featured in several committee assignments (William par 1). Some of these assignments are generally the government funded ventures which made it possible for Indiana to continue receiving funds […]

Bill Clinton Leadership

Introduction Bill Clinton is one of the most famous politicians in the History of the United States of America. He served as the governor of Arkansas and later on became the president of the United States of America serving between 1993 and 2001 (Mas 325). It is during his reign as the president that USA […]

Norm Dicks’ Political Achievements

When Norm Dicks recently announced he would retire from active politics at the end of his term, his political supporters became worried. They had to contend with the reality of having to do without Dicks when he ultimately makes his exit.On the other hand, his political foes have found a reason to celebrate. His political […]

Curley Effects on the Politics of Boston

Introduction James Michael Curley was elected for four times as mayor of Boston. He was also elected as a Governor of Massachusetts. His mission was to care for the poor people especially the Irish immigrants. He distributed wealth to them. However, he detested the richer citizens and made them to emigrate to the nearest cities […]

Congressman Parker Griffith: A Person to Trust

Parker Griffith is a 67-year-old American politician, who raised from a radiation oncologist to one of the most famous Republican members of the United States House of Representatives. He is a retried physician, a small business owner, and an ordinary person, who wants to achieve success and recognition by means of good and thoughtful actions. […]

The New Combination

The movie, The Obama Deception, and the readings from Dyer-Witheford’s the New Combination have become a popular narration of the reality of who the new president of the USA, Barrack Obama, really is. They have been used by their authors to represent the facts they have collected about the life of the then newly elected […]

History of the African Politicians

African leaders got involved in politics due to different motivations. Most of them sought to transform their societal thinking and practices through channels such as religion, culture and socio-economical influence. African culture held a vital identity, which necessitated its protection from being wiped out by the foreign cultures. In essence, political ideologies were formed as […]

Comparison of the Political Leadership: Ellen Jonson of Liberia and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia

Introduction Any positive progress in every country is absolutely dependant on the political and leadership stability it enjoys. This implies that political instability and poor leadership are the worst setbacks to constructive progress. Consequently, countries that enjoy political stability no matter how limited resources are at their disposal, development is inevitable. Thus, we cannot talk […]

African Countries Model of Leader in Film Do or Die Affair

It now became a commonplace practice among many political scientists to refer to at least a good half of African countries, as ‘failed states’. After all, it is not only that, after having gained independence, these countries failed at improving the living standards of ordinary citizens, but also many of them in fact regressed back […]

The Role of Sheikh Mohammed in Financial Success of Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed is often credited for the political, economic, and financial success of Dubai. This is why it is necessary to look at the goals and forces that motivate this person. First of all, he had several important visions and one of them was to build one of the most popular tourist destinations that could […]

The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli

During the Renaissance, the political situation of Italy consisted of instability, invasion, fear, intrigues, and violence. Several powerful families established their territories and ruled authoritatively. The Prince provided a practical direction to Lorenzo Di Medici to operate in this unstable political environment. According to Machiavelli, the republic was the best form of government as opposed […]

The American President Thomas Jefferson

Introduction Thomas Jefferson was one of the few American presidents whose administration was characterized by irony. Ironically during Jefferson ended up giving his presidency to his greatest rival. He was elected into office in 1800, and that was his first term. Although Jefferson had spent years in researching on how to be a principled leader […]

California State Senate

The California state senate is the higher house of the California State Legislature and it consists of 40 state senators who are restricted to serving two four- year terms. The state Legislature meeting takes place at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The Lieutenant Governor, who was the President of the Senate is currently authorized […]

United States House of Representatives

Introduction In comparing and contrasting two house of representative members in the state of Pennsylvania, there are two members whose contributions to their respective districts and to the state are significant. Thompson Glen and Mike Kelly have the experience to work with people across all age groups and gender. In this regard, they strive to improve economic growth through formulation of policies and implementation […]

Notable American Idealist: Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.

Introduction Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. was born in November 9, 1915 and passed away on January 28, 2011 aged 95 years old. He was born to Robert Sargent Shriver, Sr and Hilda Shriver and generally known as Sarge. He was the American unsung hero who contributed greatly to his society and the international society through […]

Women in Leadership

When Hillary Clinton went head-to-head with Barrack Obama for the right to represent the Democrats in the previous presidential elections, she did something that no other American woman was able to do before. She wanted to be the next president of the United States. It was unprecedented in this country but not in the world. […]

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV of West Virginia

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV of West Virginia is a senior US Senator. Rockefeller was first elected in 1984 and for over 40 years he “has proudly served the people of West Virginia” (About Jay n. p.). He is a chairman of the Senate Committee on Science, Commerce and Transportation. As a chairman for the […]

Senator Dale Bumpers

Introduction Dale Bumpers was born in 1925 and brought up in Charleston, Arkansas. When he was a young boy, the U.S. underwent through the Great Depression forcing Bumpers to do odd jobs to support his family. Bumpers spent the better part of the Great depression working in farms, canneries, and even acted as the hearse […]

Comparison of the U.S. president and the President of Mexico

The term president is a title given to various people in places of authority. It is given to leaders of organizations, companies, universities, and leaders of most nations of the world whose resulting influential abilities play a pivotal role in the success of the nation. It is important to note that etymologically, the term refers […]

Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler

Saddam Hussein A man full of determination and persistence, something that majority of world leader get along with in haste. He was born in 28th, April 1937 in Tikrit village, in Iraq. His thirst for readership oozed up when he was still a student, since 1957, while he was still at the university he was […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia

Thomas Jefferson was a truly important figure in our nation’s history. He was one of our Founding Fathers, an author of the Declaration of Independence, the third president of United States, and a famous abolitionist. Although he was mostly known as an important leader of his country, he was also considered an active abolitionist. During […]

Charles De Gaulle

At the culmination of the Second World War, several nations in Europe were devastated politically, socially, and economically because of the attack on Germany. The European countries were in pieces and a good number of people perceived that they would not recuperate from such an extensive damage. Nevertheless, in the midst of these trying times […]

Is Barrack Obama like Hitler?

Comparison of American presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis has become very common. After eight years of comparing George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler, Obama is also receiving the same treatment. The actions, believes and personal associations of Obama are compared to those of Hitler on many internet […]

Stephen Benjamin and his vision

Stephen Benjamin is a man who has aroused the political interest of most residents in the metropolitan area of Columbia. Steve has already been at the helm of this city’s leadership for over two years. This man, whose life started some forty-two years ago, has many accomplishments in his repertoire. Some of these preceded his […]

Qualities of a good leader

What makes a good leader of a country? A leader can be defined as someone who leads others. According to Greer, “a leader can be someone who is in charge or commands others in an organization or a country” (30). Leadership cannot be based solely on an individual’s responsibility. It is important to add that […]

Separate but Equal

Martin Luther King greatly contributed to the development of civil rights movement in the United States; in his books and essays, he was able to shape public views on the ethical aspects of civil disobedience and protests against social injustice and laws. This paper is aimed at discussing his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail. In […]

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Hiram Rhodes Revels was born on the 27th of September 1822 in Fayetteville (North Carolina). He was born as a free child, meaning that his parents were not slaves. His father (a clergyman) was of the African descent while his mother was of the White descent; a Scottish to be precise. His early education was […]

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards

Introduction A few women join the congress in US; however, Donna Edwards constitute such few persons. Born in North Carolina, she attained elevated levels of education. Consequently, she defined her career, which focuses on enlightening the public about their rights. She fought in the quest for rights, as evident in her actions in countries like […]

Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy: Partners or Opponents?

Barack Obama is the new President of the United States who was elected on this position not that long ago. At the very beginning of his president campaign he was very popular, and he still has a lot of people among ordinary citizens and inside his cabinet who support him. However, some of his actions […]

A Critical Evaluation of Criteria for a Successful Presidency from a Citizen’s Perspective

There exists a popular adage that argues that ‘leaders are born, not made.’ This adage, though used extensively by civilizations across the world, has been proved wrong by systematic studies, which have generated a body of knowledge and evidence indicating to the contrary. Today, more than ever before, the standards or criteria of what constitutes […]