Law Enforcement Essay Examples and Topics

Police Authority or Brutality?

Introduction Police is a law enforcement agency that ensures order and supremacy of law in the US cities. At least, police is aimed to be such an agency. However, recent events and numerous cases of police brutality and misconduct show that supremacy of law and order are becoming more of proclamations. For instance, Ferguson has […]

Prostitution Legalization

Prostitution has been illegal in many countries in the world. Despite this fact, prostitution has continued to be practiced in every capital, and other cities in every country. This being the fact the governments need to see that they are fighting a losing battle and continuous prohibition of prostitution is like chasing wind. There are […]

The Abu Dhabi Police

Abstract For a society to be sustainable in the short run and in the long run, it needs to ensure that its members are safe from any dangers that might arise from within or outside of the society. To achieve this goal, all nations around the globe have developed various law enforcement agencies to guarantee […]

Organization of Abu Dhabi Police

Introduction For a society to be sustainable in the short run and in the long run, it needs to ensure that its members are safe from any dangers that might arise from within or outside of the society. To achieve this goal, all nations around the globe have developed various law enforcement agencies to guarantee […]

Law Enforcement Race and Domestic Calls

Introduction In order to remain legitimate, citizens ought to have confidence in the criminal justice system. If these citizens think of the institution as trustworthy, just, and fair, then chances are that they will concede to it. Law enforcement is one of the most critical components of the criminal justice system because it interacts with […]

Intelligence–led Policing

The introduction to intelligence-led policing and how it has effected modern policing in the United States This study identifies Intelligence led policing by the acronym IPL. It is a radical policing model which began in the United Kingdom. It is an intelligence-based policing method whereby law enforcement operations are guided by crime analysis techniques, data […]

Ethical Problems in Corruption

Introduction Allegations of corruption mean different things to different people. Traditionally, has been defined as the use of position or status for personal gain. This could be in the form of an economic or other favors which may include sexual favors, among others (Martinelli & Thomas, 2006). This means that corruption is a form of […]

Emergency Planning and Methodology

Handling Suspected Terrorism The roles of local law enforcement agents in cases of terror attacks involve notifying the relevant authorities to carry out investigations on the attack scenes, controlling crowds, and securing the areas under threat. They maintain communication with the citizens to reassure and inform them about the progress of the investigation and security. […]

National Intelligence Community

Within the national Intelligence Community what are the primary legal restrictions to comprehensive integration? For example, can federal law enforcement share criminal information with the DoD? Use outside sources in developing your response. Additionally, what ethical concerns confront an analyst in the modern joint/inter-agency era. Several primary legal restrictions hinder comprehensive integration of the Intelligence Community […]

Public Administration Issue: Police Brutality

Currently, the US government is trying to improve its image following the shooting of unarmed black boy by a white cop. The incident raises various questions touching on the various theories of public administration. Any civil servant should be imbued to service delivery meaning his or her focus is to provide an enabling environment for […]

Stop-and-Frisk Policy in New York

Abstract This paper examines the attitude towards the stop-and-frisk policy in New York. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the USA and it has had lots of tragic events. Clearly, citizens should be protected but this cannot be done at the expense of their constitutional rights. It is clear that […]

Final Program Evaluation: Increasing Police Numbers to Reduce Juvenile Crime in the UAE

Abstract This proposal suggests that increasing the number of police officer in the UAE will help in managing the rising cases of Juvenile delinquency. The proposal however recognizes that beyond police intervention, the real causes of juvenile delinquent behavior are entrenched in the society. The police can therefore only play a complimentary role, but other […]

Proposal to Increase Police Numbers to Reduce UAE’s Juvenile Crime Rate

Abstract The cases of juvenile crimes have arisen so much in the UAE that it is now considered as a public crisis. Some of the causes for the rise in juvenile crime rates in the region include: parental neglect and drug abuse among other factors. The most effective way to deal with the problem is […]

Practice and Concept of Racial Profiling

We live in time when the beneficence of many socio-political and judicial policies, currently institutionalized in Western countries, is being increasingly doubted not only by ordinary citizens but by governmental top officials, as well. For example, up until comparatively recent times, it used to be considered something utterly unlikely for the governmental official from a […]

Bangladesh Police Institution

Sustainable democracy offers a practical sketch map for intellectual development and political maturity. Besides, sustainable democracy ensures reliable governance and democratic issue base confrontation of challenges affecting the citizens from insecurity, social justice, and respect of human rights. Reflectively, sustainable democracy, as a concept of institutional approach in reforms, offers a solution based management of […]

The KGB: A Historical Review

Abstract The KGB was a Russian secret police agency that played a significant role in the totalitarian Soviet Union. This paper engages in an informative discussion of the KGB to highlight the agency’s evolution and its role in Communist Russia. The paper begins by tracing the formation of the KGB to the establishment of the […]

Using Taxes to Address Traffic Safety Problems in Oman

Using Taxes to Address Traffic Safety Problems in Oman Taxes are policy instruments used by governments on its people to induce behavior and not command it. Taxes involve a certain amount of money which is paid to governments by the public. A variety of institutions also levy taxes on their members who in return enjoy […]

Proposed Budget for an additional five police officers for the city council

Introduction The department of security in the city faces a challenge of an increasing workload attributed to an ever-increasing city population of 5% per annum. For the last six years, the department of city security has not conducted any recruitment for an additional police force. The increased workload due to the increased number of calls […]

Compensation Strategies

Introduction Florida Highway Patrol is currently facing a number of challenges since there is a trooper shortage. In addition, the salary paid to the state troopers is lower than what is paid by both the city agencies as well as the country law enforcement units. In order to effectively recruit, develop, and maintain the patrol […]

The Role of Domestic Intelligence Agency in USA

Introduction The September 11 attacks had different implications on the security system of the United States of America. It was an attack that indicated flaws in the intelligence and law enforcement sectors. Prior to the attack, most Americans would not have imagined that such a terrorist act was possible against the world’s super power. With […]

UAE Road Regulations

The United Arab Emirates General Traffic Department seeks to promote security of the public through availing information by publications with regards to traffic offences and penalties associated with particular offences. Drivers in the United Arab Emirates are advised to conform to traffic regulations and rules. In addition, fines have been enforced on traffic offences and […]

Racial and religious differences

Introduction Since the 9/11 attacks, America has increasingly become sensitive to racial and religious differences (Lansford 78). Particularly, racial profiling has dominated how law enforcement officers manage terrorism threats. Public perceptions of different religious groups have also changed as more people have become hateful and biased towards certain religious groups (Lansford 78). This paper claims […]

The U.S. Secret Service; Are they worth it?

Introduction As President, Barak Obama and other leaders deal with issues affecting Americans, it is clear that times have tremendously throughout history. This change has resulted into transformation of problems and emergence of unique challenges, only known to the current generation. Being one of the most respected American presidents, Abraham Lincoln was confronted with a […]

Prison life in the United States

In the United States, the Department of Justice set up prisons and corrective facilities to promote correction and rehabilitation of offenders. The correctional system is established primarily to detain federal offenders while offering them rehabilitative services. The criminals are removed from the society for a period that is considered as feasible to transform them. However, […]

The Great Recession and Its Impact on the Judicial System

The Great Recession has a tangible impact on the judicial system, just like on any other public and administrative fields in the country. The courts face significant financial losses due to decrease in budgeting and, as a result, they resorted to such measures as staff reduction, development of new positions taking large volume of responsibility, […]

Differences between Jails and Prisons

The terms “jail” and “prison” refer to two different correctional facilities even though many people use them interchangeably. These two facilities have the same goals and objectives but differ in the means that they use to achieve them. They both fall under the correctional facilities umbrella and offer different services that are meant to help […]

The Decision-Making Process of the Police Service

Introduction Criminal justice is a process with a number of steps. It starts with investigating the suspect and concludes with the release of the accused from prison. The process consists of rules governing the decision-making. This would mean that a clear decision making procedure is followed in making decision to ensure fairness. The policies followed […]

National security policies that intersect/conflict with local police power

Before the 9/11 attack, the police intelligence had no connection with the military intelligence. The police intelligence was concerned with issues that affected the locals while the military intelligence was charged with the responsibility of ensuring that American interests are safe in oversees states. The police had a sole role of ensuring that local criminals […]

Community Policing and Police Psychology

According to (CPOP, 2008, p.1), “community policing focuses on crime and social disorder through the delivery of police services that include aspects of traditional law enforcement , as well as prevention, problem solving, community engagement, and partnerships”. This approach calls for collaboration between police and citizens. This approach also “balances reactive responses to calls with […]

Police Misconduct

Introduction Police misconduct refers to the awful actions taken by policemen while on their duty. This might compromise the aspects of justice. In order to prevent such misconducts, there is need for civil rights agencies to fight for the desired human rights (Streacker 1). In addition, they establish and propose disciplinary measures to be taken […]

Steelhead Police Department

Organization Theories that relate to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies Various organization theories apply in the running of various organizations in the aim of improving efficiency. Organization theories apply to management of law enforcement agencies as detailed below. Weber’s Bureaucratic theory deems the organization as a component of the environment that gives it chance […]

Errors Made by the United States Citizen and Immigration Service When Processing Immigration Forms

This case study takes place in the U.S. citizenship and immigration services office in Newark NJ. The agency is aware of a huge and noble task placed upon it by the government of the United States. The world has become a global village where information spreads fast and wide. The good prospects of the land […]

Minorities and policing

Introduction Minorities have often been victims of racial profiling by law enforcement officers. They receive discriminatory treatment in various instances, for example, while driving, in shopping malls or walking in public places. The police officers usually stop them and conduct thorough searches on them. In airports the minorities are checked more keenly as the police […]

Law Enforcement and Terrorism

We have all witnessed the adverse impacts of terrorism on our social and economic stability in our country. This only attests that it is not and will never be a hoax. Let us face it. The loss of our beloved ones, the loss of the right personnel, the economic instability of our country and many […]

Discipline as an integral part of effective police supervision

Introduction The police department, as faction of the judiciary and law enforcer, cannot be allowed to be tainted with traces of indiscipline. It is a ridicule and an outright insult to the judicial system in its totality. The duty to ensure that unbecoming behavior and unacceptable professional conduct does not gain ground in the police […]

Justice and Inequality

Throughout the history of time, people have been complaining about how justice is unequally delivered with the poor being the oppressed. The rich get away with everything and the law does not apply to them. People have come to adapt to the situation of inequality in the application of justice and thus public policy has […]

Concept of National and Transnational Entities

This essay looks into national and transnational entities. The essay looks into characteristics of modern nation states and makes distinctions between nation, state and nation states. Further, the essay considers how the United States fits into the description of a nation state. The essay also discusses transnational entities with the European Union as a perfect […]

Riddle Village Retirement Homes

Introduction Retirement is a definitive end or stage that is anticipated by every American employee. This is a period when they do not need to hustle with traffic to work or interact with demanding bosses. At this stage, people have unlimited time to involve in leisure activities. Retirees face a series of challenges ranging from […]

History of the Non-Profit Sector

Introduction Non profit organizations have always been considered as voluntary organizations that are officiated by private contributions. They are also regarded as silent contributors to the welfare of the public as well as the personal interests of individuals in society. The main difference between non-profit and profit organizations is that profit organizations core obligation is […]

Community Policing Programs in The U.S.

Community policing can be defined as the partnership between a community and police officers to solve criminal problems which affect residents living there. It is a form of law enforcement which builds partnerships between police officers and members of communities with high criminal incidents meant to tackle the problem. Community policing has been used in […]

Racism and Anti-Semitism in the United States: The Issues Which Are Yet to Be Solved

What People Thought to Have Defeated Long Before Despite the fact that the USA is ruled by the democratic principles and that humanism is nowadays the most respected and appropriate policy towards the racial minorities in the United States, saying that racism is finally over will definitely get some weird looks. On the one hand, […]

Federal Correctional Institution

Lawbreakers have no place in the society today. Prisons have been established for people who commit criminal and civil offences. There are two types of prison systems, which include the federal and the state prison systems. However, research done indicates that there are more criminals in the state prisons than there are in the federal […]

Excessive force by the police

Introduction Police are charged with the responsibility of safeguarding citizens and dealing with crime. In performing these duties, they are authorized to use the acceptable force within certain limits. The amount of force that a police officer is entitled to use depends on the situation and it varies greatly from one situation another. However, law […]

Police Professionalism

Introduction Professionalism is the aim, conduct or qualities that characterize a vocation that requires advanced training in some liberal art or science. It is characterized by service to others, assessment of the client’s needs, practice as well as ethical conduct. Many confuse the term especially when it comes to law enforcement with a soft image, […]

Community Policing and Traditional Policing

Introduction The questions as to whether community policing complement or compete with traditional policing has been posed within security organs since the inception of community policing initiatives. The fundamental reasons behind this concern are not particularly hard to point out. Efforts in protection of life and property from internal and external threats demands more than […]

Police Corruption

Abstract The American society has gone through difficult times due to police brutality and misconduct mainly because of corruption that has threatened to interfere with the very survival of society. In the mid 19th century to early 20th century, clandestine police forces were popular and the representatives of Pinkerton’s and other police forces available for […]

Is Ethical Behavior and Leadership a Challenge to Law Enforcement Officers?

The fact that leadership is an inherent component of better control and regulation of law and order in the public sector is undeniable. Public officers, therefore, should follow all the established norms and take corresponding responsibility for safety of citizens. More importantly, law enforcement offers should acquire leadership skills to cope with community-based problems in […]

Police in law enforcement misconduct

The police or correction subculture is mandated with the responsibility of enforcing the law whereby the expectation is purely on upholding the law. Therefore, they are expected to keep up with the standards of the law and avoid any form of conduct that may implicate weaknesses when implementing the law. Quite often, appropriateness and correctness […]

Police subculture

In any organization, cultures factor is heavily on performance. Edgar Schein (1988) famously described organizational culture as “the way we do things around here.” This kind of definition sought to bring to light the natural development of culture amongst any group of people that frequently interact. A sub culture distinguishes itself from its parent culture […]

Sara model-Community Problem Solving

Committee Members of the Problem-Solving Team The community is made of diverse people with various needs, likes and dislikes. To balance the diverse interests and values, the residents must come up with community committee members who include elected officials to act as facilitators of various residential concerns problem. Better facilitators or representatives ought to be […]

Importance of Police Training

Introduction Majority of people have always aspired to become police officers for the reason that the job holders are seen to be the public vigor. After securing this position there is a chance of being absorbed in other sectors of the government with a higher job grade. Police officers who work relatively hard usually receive […]

Public and Private Investigations

Criminal and other undesirable behaviors among human beings have been in existence for as long as the history of mankind. There has therefore been a need to stem these problems since they affect the members of a society either directly or indirectly. The government has the sole responsible of ensuring the security and general well-being […]

Interpol versus Federal Bureau of investigation

Federal Bureau of investigation The Federal Bureau of investigation, FBI, is a national security agency that is threat-based and intelligence-driven and the United States justice department’s primary investigative arm (Theoharis 206). It is also a member of the intelligence community in the United States with mandate to investigate particular crimes. In addition, it supports other […]

Law and Policing

Community policing is a way of life meant to support the strategies of a society by mainly holding up on partnership with the civilians and by providing systematic procedures or techniques of solving diverse problems (Irvin and Stansbury, p.12). The policing programs address the immediate circumstances that cause disorder in the society such as crime […]