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Law Enforcement Essay Examples and Topics

Police Technology: Development and Progress

For the modern police departments and officers, the technologies are just as crucial as for the rest of the world as they significantly increase the efficiency of their day to day work and ensure a [...]

Law Enforcement Cultural Group: Detectives

This difference is important because it signals the work that the two groups do: police officers prevent crimes, so they need to be easily identifiable, but detectives investigate crimes so they need to look approachable [...]

Police Violence Issues

Commission on Civil Rights argues that police officers are legally entitled to use force to protect the public, apprehend criminals and avoid risking their lives.

Ferguson Unrest’s Causes and Response

The reaction of the public to the event in Ferguson supports the idea that there is an unresolved problem and a menace of the social division in the American society because of the expressed violence [...]

US Policing Evolution Since 1963

However, an increase in the rate of crime has made it necessary for the police to use vehicles in their patrols. In conclusion, policing policies have drastically changed to suit the needs of civilians.

Employees Management in the Police Department

It is important to understand the needs of each employee and make sure that basic needs will be addressed. It can be effective to ask the employees to complete a brief questionnaire on their aspirations, [...]

Corruption and Accountability of Police Work

In this regard, lack of strong and proper policies on misconduct and unethical behavior in the line of duty has helped to perpetrate the corruption of law enforcement officers in various sectors of their work.

CIA and Its Methods in the XXI Century

As a number of case studies conducted on the issue of the behavior of the CIA members towards political prisoners have shown, the CIA agents have been using tortures in order to attain information from [...]

“The Learning Organization” by Peter Senge

In the video "the learning organization," Peter Senge discourses on the importance of an organization's ability to work at its best by bringing together the various contributions of the members of the team.

Police Development Foundations and Functions

The objective of the paper is to compare and contrast the major characteristics of the political and reform eras of policing, and identify the skills necessary for the police trainees nowadays.

Ethical and Cultural Competency Issues

The officers are expected to watch over the involved individuals all the time for the entire period of probation. Probation and parole officers encounter numerous ethical challenges in the line of their duty.

Police Authority or Brutality?

For instance, in Maryland, the court decided that the use of Tasers by police officers is justified as police officers "should be permitted" to use Tasers "to shield themselves from any possibility of harm and [...]

Prostitution Legalization

If prostitution will be legalized, prostitutes will not fear to report the clients who rape them and the exploiters will stop this menace, as they will be afraid of consequences of their actions.

The Abu Dhabi Police

The vision of the Abu Dhabi Police is to ensure that it meets the needs of the public through effective training and integrity.

Organization of Abu Dhabi Police

This led to a change in the organization structure of the police force, an increase in the number of police officers, introduction of rigorous training and development exercises, and the acquisition of sophisticated technology to [...]

Intelligence–led Policing

The role of intelligence-led policing in the United Kingdom and how it influences intelligence led policing in the United States The 9/11 terrorist attacks revealed new security challenges that appeared to be beyond the capacity [...]

Ethical Problems in Corruption

The notion that in a court of law, it is normally the suspects' arguments against the amount of evidenced presented before the courts have greatly contributed to noble cause corruption.

Emergency Planning and Methodology

They maintain communication with the citizens to reassure and inform them about the progress of the investigation and security. Information about terrorism threats or suspicious incidences are brought to the attention of the FBI by [...]

National Intelligence Community

The Congress is also demanding change as the media continue to criticize the performance of the whole IC team. It is a paradox to learn that an agency like FBI can impede the process of [...]

Stop-and-Frisk Policy in New York

Since the present research aims at examining the way the policy is seen by people, it is important to identify the number of people viewing the policy positively and negatively.

Practice and Concept of Racial Profiling

Both of these definitions, of course, were meant to expose the policy of racial profiling as being inheritably wicked and above all - scientifically unsubstantiated, as definitions' very sounding implies that there is no link [...]

Bangladesh Police Institution

This paper will concentrate on the police institution reform in order to make the police institution free of corruption, compromise, and injustices to the citizens.

The KGB: A Historical Review

It then traces the numerous evolutions of the organization; from the State Political Directorate in 1922, the OGPU in 1923, the NKVD in 1934, and eventually the KGB in 1953.

Compensation Strategies

In order to alleviate shortages of Florida Highway Patrol workers, studies indicate that Florida Highway Patrol should still allow non-Florida Highway Patrol to work as officers in the Florida Highway Patrol facilities.

UAE Road Regulations

With regards to the alarming prevalence, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad instructed the Roads and traffic Authority and the Police in Dubai to come up with safety traffic solutions and crack down on road [...]

Racial and religious differences

Living in a largely Christian country, the South Asian Muslim community, experiences racial and religious alienation from the rest of the society. The racial profiling of South Asian minorities in America is a worrisome situation.

The U.S. Secret Service; Are they worth it?

Through advice by the treasury, the president established a commission to counter the problem, which was threatening the country's economy, a move that was followed by the establishment of the United States Secret Service on [...]

The Decision-Making Process of the Police Service

This paper would seek to discuss the decision making process within the hierarchy of the police service. In this case, the model suggests that members of the police service must come up with a technique [...]

Community Policing and Police Psychology

Community policing calls for police responsiveness to community concerns and not just the engagement of the community. Thus, the police need to induce the consciousness of the community and organization to deal with problems.

Police Misconduct

Actually, prosecutors are always reluctant to try these victims in the court of law for the following reasons; police officers, in most cases, are protected by the prosecutors.

Steelhead Police Department

Organization Theories that relate to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies Various organization theories apply in the running of various organizations in the aim of improving efficiency.

Minorities and policing

The justification for this discriminatory treatment of the minorities is that according to the national crime data, the minority groups are the greatest offenders and therefore, the police officers have to be more vigilant on [...]

Law Enforcement and Terrorism

This is whereby the leaders of the federal as well as the local enforcement agencies cooperate to reinforce the existing partnerships.

Justice and Inequality

The structure of institutions needs to be changed in that everyone can relate hence creating a rift in the judgment delivered between the rich and the poor is unproductive.

Riddle Village Retirement Homes

The paper looks at the strategies to be implemented in the convincing retirees to sell their apartments and move to the Riddle retirement home.

History of the Non-Profit Sector

Such transformational changes necessitate a change in management and the general operation of the organization leading to the running of NPOs as for-profit organizations.

Community Policing Programs in The U.S.

The U.S.is reputed to be one of the first countries in the world which embraced the concept of community policing. This helps to eliminate the fear residents have for criminals in the community.

Excessive force by the police

On the other hand, the media reported on the severity of misconduct by police officers and cited the Blue code of silence as the key setback against the fight against police torture.

Police Professionalism

In order to ensure that the much anticipated policing is achieved, the relationship between the police and the community needs to be streamlined.

Police Corruption

Some developments in the state fought the criminality of the state machinery indirectly, such as the endorsement of the civil rights in 1964.

Police subculture

The group of people that adopt a sub culture may or may not have the same goals and beliefs as the rest of the organization or community.

Sara model-Community Problem Solving

The methodology for solving this concerns that link to the club within a residential area would first involve identification of the main concerns of the residences and then development of strategies to address them.

Importance of Police Training

Majority of people have always aspired to become police officers for the reason that the job holders are seen to be the public vigor.

Interpol versus Federal Bureau of investigation

Interpol provides secure services of police communication worldwide; the basis of effectual global law enforcement is the capability of exchanging crucial data fast and in a secure way resulting to the development of a round [...]

Law and Policing

Through community policing, the police ought to know the three Rs policy and encourage routine and non-confrontational relations with the public.