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Law Enforcement Essay Examples and Topics

Police Officer’s Career Research

The minimum requirement for a successful applicant is as follows: the candidate should be a high school graduate or the candidate should have a GED Certificate. Police officers should be keen to self-develop and to [...]

Zero-Tolerance Policing

The findings obtained from this study may be used in improving the efficiency of zero tolerance policing or in deciding whether to abolish the policing style.

The New World of Police Accountability

However, to avoid misunderstanding and the incorrect assessment of certain situations, a monitor should have a law degree and working experience among the representatives of relevant agencies.

Deadly Police Pursuit

In the year 2010, specifically in Milwaukee, the policy chief introduced a new policy indicating that the police force was not to engage in these violent and high-speed chases if the crime of the suspect [...]

How Can Police Develop Trust Among the People?

The philosophy of community policing suggests that the community needs the police to provide policing based on service and to avail the cooperation of the community in such policing. A police chief is also committed [...]

Denby Constabulary Redesigning Arrest Process

That is in addition to supplementing the police services by the use of private security firms to perfect the roles performed by the police which gradually leads to lower costs.

Police Officer Situational Analysis

The demographic factors that affect effective operation of the police personnel are castigated by the poor working environments, the poor living conditions that police officers are exposed to, the dwindling of the confidence in the [...]

Noble Cause Corruption in Officer Employees

Therefore, I present this memorandum for you to be aware of the principles of ethical behavior, which are obligatory for every officer, and expect your ethically-sound conduct in the future.

Abu Dhabi Police Self-Assessment

It is imperative that the police is able meet public expectations and bring tranquility and comfort to the citizens, residents, and guests of the country.

Seychelles People Defense Force’s Performance Management

To analyze the application of this indicator, the Seychelles people defense force will be considered as a structural unit where the quality of performed work largely depends on the effectiveness of control and the involvement [...]

Police Accountability and Vollmer’s Reform

Accountability is included in the form of a commitment to protect the rights of the people, partnerships and collaborations with communities, and the impartial enforcement of law.

Police Managing the Ambiguities of Gifts

Nevertheless, while it may be prudent for officers to visit coffee shops and restaurants where their food and drinks are characteristically discounted or they do not receive a bill, it is reckless for them to [...]

Dubai Police Applying Total Quality Management

One of the key elements of the TQM model is that of innovation. The organization allows and encourages them to use modern technologies to meet the needs of the people they serve.

Police Misconduct and Forces of Deviance

Residents in the area at the time recall a climate of mutual distrust between police and black communities, and how the response of law enforcement was to militarize and see increases in incidents of police [...]

Racial Bias and Discrimination in Law Enforcement

After reading the letter to the US Department of Justice and Civil Rights Division, in particular, the findings from the investigation of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office are defined as compelling and credible sources of [...]

Police Accountability and Community Policing

The authors were trying to accomplish the cause of a rise of law enforcement misconduct that had been evident in various metropolitan cities leading to egregious human rights violations.

Police Workplace Discipline and Misconduct

The question of discipline is vital in every workplace with police not being an exception, as the government and the public need to know how officers' misconducts are addressed.

The Abu Dhabi Police Corporate Sustainability

The influence of some external factors is present; nevertheless, the internal structure of this organization and the principles of its functioning primarily influence the nature of any changes that are being implemented and how these [...]

Police Officer’s Must-Have Characteristics

There are a lot of other characteristics that should be present in every police officer, but these seem to be the most critical because without them officers would not be able to perform their duties [...]

Innovation in the UAE Border Control Industry

However, Springer says that some of the people getting into the country are radicalized and there is always the fear that they may become a security threat in the country.

Police Departments: Defective Areas and Solutions

The police are the main actors in the first cog of the criminal justice domain popularly referred to as "entry into the system", whereby citizens bring criminal incidents to the attention of law enforcement officers [...]

Interrogation Techniques Used by the Police

The literature on the subject shows the prevalence of Reid techniques in interrogation. The study makes a good representation of the entire population, as the participants were diversified in age, sex, race, and rank.

Police Communication Skills Importance

One of the main causes of misconceptions is the difference in the perception of each party. Suspects, on the other hand, often feel frustrated by the actions of police officers and administration, regardless of whether [...]

People’s Attitudes Towards Law Enforcement Agencies

Training based on the results of this research should be developed and provided to police officers. To achieve this goal, it can be effective to develop interventions that will involve police officers and representatives of [...]

Neighborhood Watch, Its Problems and Solutions

Considering that the formal side of the participation in the program of the Neighboring Watch is minimal and the main goal is to promote the desire to create safer conditions of life, it is necessary [...]

City-Wide Anti-Robbery Strategic Plan

After the consistency of the data is ensured, the fifth recommended step is to contact the police organizations within the city and locate the data on the robberies, which would make it possible to spot [...]

Police Officers’ Attitudes to Mentally Ill Women

It examines the police officers' attitudes and views to determine if they bear the signs of the PMI-related bias and sexism and examine the way the two intersect and affect the officers' behavior.

The US Policing Systems Development

Supreme Court and the facilitation of the community policing movement, and explain their meaning for the present-day policing. One of the most prominent figures in the history of the Supreme Court is John Marshall.

The Role of Policing in Modern Society

In the context of community policing, it seems appropriate to note the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy that serves as a paramount public policing program in the USA.

Law Enforcement Technology Group

It goes without saying that the LETG system has a number of significant advantages, among which one might note the possibility to store information and transfer it, the convenience of use, and others.

The Policing Role in Modern Society

In addition, it implies the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of people, the prevention and detection of crime, assistance, and services to the public in order to reduce the level of fear of crime, [...]

Baltimore Maryland Police Department

This is an implementation plan for the ethical situation, racial profiling in the BPD. Given the weighty matter of racial profiling in the US, the Police Commissioner is an important stakeholder for this plan.

Criminal Justice System: Racial Policy Change

This paper examines the Guidance for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, the new document aimed at the development of a new approach to equality, in the context of the FBI's activity.

Ending Police Misconduct: Cleveland Police Department

Furthermore, the events like the killing of Eric Garner in New York, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, and the death in custody of Freddie Gray in [...]

Law Enforcement Trends and President’s Policies

The first trend implies the improvement of various partnerships between the national police and other community organizations. The use of force by the police was discussed at the professional and public debate event.

The Models of Policing

In other words, the paramount goal of the mentioned model is to address the cause of the crime by changing the very way the police deals with it.

Budgeting and the Impact on Law Enforcement

The recession has drastically affected the private citizens' being and the operation of public services and the government. The impact on the law enforcement sector was the most tangible, and the challenges that the legal [...]

Civil Misconduct Causes

By carrying out the actions that can be interpreted as the violation of people's civil rights, police officers tamper with the citizens' image of justice, in general, and the representation of the state legal system, [...]

Internet Crimes and Digital Terrorism Prevention

The model has the potential to affect the social welfare of different populations. The political impact of the use of technologies to deal with digital terrorism cannot be ignored.

Future Issues for Law Enforcement

Similar to the way the law enforcement had to employ new practices to comply with the technological advancements of DNA and fingerprint recognition in the 1980's, the modern enforcement forces should go through extensive training [...]

Technology and Policing Methods Development

Although technology is an "enhancer" in the community-oriented policing model, it was used during the political era and "to a greater extent" in the professional era.

Local Law Enforcement in Public Opinion

It is noteworthy that the number of participants is often quite limited due to the peculiarities of the research method and the need to analyze a vast amount of data to be analyzed.

Neighborhood Watch Program and Community Involvement

The literature review focuses, inter alia, on such points as the definition of the concept of the Neighborhood Watch program and its goals, community involvement levels, and challenges, technology opportunities that may be used in [...]

Police Stress Within Law Enforcement

The author of the research proposal reaches a rational verdict concerning the insinuations of further investigation and discusses the present strengths and limitations of the study.

Protocol and the Law Enforcement

Therefore, protocol outlines the main aspects of how a particular task is to be performed; the violation of the protocol, especially in law enforcement, is not acceptable.

Change Management Steps in Police Organizations

In the constantly changing world, every organization needs to adjust to the current environment and alter according to the dictates of the time, and police departments are also subject to this phenomenon.

Identifying and Arresting Suspects

In a confrontation identification method, the bystander is introduced to the suspect to confirm if the suspect is the person in question. The element of authority refers to the legal power of the concerned police [...]

Community Policing, Its Success and Failure Factors

Usually, the police officers in communities may not necessarily be members of those localities, the concept of community policing injects into the system people with hands on experience of the concerns of the immediate community.

Power Abuse in Police Officer’s Actions

The fact that Officer Gregory possibly bribed the Commander by giving him the watch that he stole, as well as him placing his things in the Commander's car, shows that there might be an instance [...]

American Police Officers’ Ethics and Professionalism

The gravity of failing to follow the existing ethical principles is typically detailed to the future members of the law enforcement departments, yet the issue of police misconduct remains drastic in the United States, especially [...]

Policing in a Diverse Society: Issues to Address

Since the members of the police are supposed to safeguard the community and represent its interests as far as the security issues are concerned, it is crucial to make sure that the law enforcement units [...]

Dubai Police and Expo 2020 Security Strategies

The technological benefits observed in Dubai and the attention to a human factor that is evident in the work of the US and UK officers help to promote the strategy for Dubai police.

Blue Wall of Silence in Police Subculture

Nevertheless, the problem remains topical, and it is necessary to resolve the issue so that the members of the LA department could accomplish their tasks and, at the same time, make sure that the representatives [...]

Police Officers’ Morale and Resources Availability

To check the hypothesis, it is essential to ensure the conceptualization and operationalization of the major variables of the study. To conceptualize such terms as the availability of personnel, resources, and equipment, it is necessary [...]

Community Threat Definition and Security Design

This one refers to choosing a community- or organization-based threat statement and analyzing historical and intelligence data, as well as PPS, for assuming the risks of similar threats.

What Can Law Enforcement Do About Drug Trafficking?

Therefore, there is a need for the creation and implementation of new federal and local laws that would ensure the appropriateness of police operations in the field of drug trafficking prevention.

Police Technology: Development and Progress

For the modern police departments and officers, the technologies are just as crucial as for the rest of the world as they significantly increase the efficiency of their day to day work and ensure a [...]

Law Enforcement Cultural Group: Detectives

This difference is important because it signals the work that the two groups do: police officers prevent crimes, so they need to be easily identifiable, but detectives investigate crimes so they need to look approachable [...]

Dubai Police Force Organizational Culture

Some of the outside forces that have promoted an organizational change in the Dubai Police Force include globalization and sustained economic growth in the country.

Police Violence Issues

Commission on Civil Rights argues that police officers are legally entitled to use force to protect the public, apprehend criminals and avoid risking their lives.

Ferguson Unrest’s Causes and Response

The reaction of the public to the event in Ferguson supports the idea that there is an unresolved problem and a menace of the social division in the American society because of the expressed violence [...]

Self Identification at the Time of Enforcing the Law

However, the police officers carry the responsibility of executing the requirement of self-identification in line with the constitution to avoid violating the rights and liberties of the citizens.

Florida’s Law Enforcement Initiatives: Online Prostitution

The success of the operation and the necessity to provide the complex solution to the problem made the state authorities focus more on developing other law enforcement initiatives to address online prostitution and repeat the [...]

Police Officer Job Requirements and Hiring Process

With this in mind, it is possible to say that the humanistic image of modern society promotes the growth of the interest and the level of attention devoted to these very aspects of society.

US Policing Evolution Since 1963

However, an increase in the rate of crime has made it necessary for the police to use vehicles in their patrols. In conclusion, policing policies have drastically changed to suit the needs of civilians.

Employees Management in the Police Department

It is important to understand the needs of each employee and make sure that basic needs will be addressed. It can be effective to ask the employees to complete a brief questionnaire on their aspirations, [...]

Corruption and Accountability of Police Work

In this regard, lack of strong and proper policies on misconduct and unethical behavior in the line of duty has helped to perpetrate the corruption of law enforcement officers in various sectors of their work.

CIA and Its Methods in the XXI Century

As a number of case studies conducted on the issue of the behavior of the CIA members towards political prisoners have shown, the CIA agents have been using tortures in order to attain information from [...]

“The Learning Organization” by Peter Senge

In the video "the learning organization," Peter Senge discourses on the importance of an organization's ability to work at its best by bringing together the various contributions of the members of the team.

Police Development Foundations and Functions

The objective of the paper is to compare and contrast the major characteristics of the political and reform eras of policing, and identify the skills necessary for the police trainees nowadays.

Ethical and Cultural Competency Issues

The officers are expected to watch over the involved individuals all the time for the entire period of probation. Probation and parole officers encounter numerous ethical challenges in the line of their duty.

Police Authority or Brutality?

For instance, in Maryland, the court decided that the use of Tasers by police officers is justified as police officers "should be permitted" to use Tasers "to shield themselves from any possibility of harm and [...]

Prostitution Legalization

If prostitution will be legalized, prostitutes will not fear to report the clients who rape them and the exploiters will stop this menace, as they will be afraid of consequences of their actions.

The Abu Dhabi Police

The vision of the Abu Dhabi Police is to ensure that it meets the needs of the public through effective training and integrity.

Organization of Abu Dhabi Police

This led to a change in the organization structure of the police force, an increase in the number of police officers, introduction of rigorous training and development exercises, and the acquisition of sophisticated technology to [...]

Law Enforcement Race and Domestic Calls

It will be useful to understand how the social disorganization theory relates to the effectiveness of police response to domestic calls in this study.

Intelligence–led Policing

The role of intelligence-led policing in the United Kingdom and how it influences intelligence led policing in the United States The 9/11 terrorist attacks revealed new security challenges that appeared to be beyond the capacity [...]

Ethical Problems in Corruption

The notion that in a court of law, it is normally the suspects' arguments against the amount of evidenced presented before the courts have greatly contributed to noble cause corruption.

Emergency Planning and Methodology

They maintain communication with the citizens to reassure and inform them about the progress of the investigation and security. Information about terrorism threats or suspicious incidences are brought to the attention of the FBI by [...]

National Intelligence Community

The Congress is also demanding change as the media continue to criticize the performance of the whole IC team. It is a paradox to learn that an agency like FBI can impede the process of [...]

Public Administration Issue: Police Brutality

The trend is ongoing and is not expected to end any time soon because of the social structure and the culture that does not value the contributions of minorities and people of color.

Stop-and-Frisk Policy in New York

Since the present research aims at examining the way the policy is seen by people, it is important to identify the number of people viewing the policy positively and negatively.

Practice and Concept of Racial Profiling

Both of these definitions, of course, were meant to expose the policy of racial profiling as being inheritably wicked and above all - scientifically unsubstantiated, as definitions' very sounding implies that there is no link [...]

Bangladesh Police Institution

This paper will concentrate on the police institution reform in order to make the police institution free of corruption, compromise, and injustices to the citizens.

The KGB: A Historical Review

It then traces the numerous evolutions of the organization; from the State Political Directorate in 1922, the OGPU in 1923, the NKVD in 1934, and eventually the KGB in 1953.
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