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International Organizations Essay Examples and Topics

Reforms in the United Nations Agencies

Though the issues expressed by the founding fathers of the organization are not the same as of the 21st world century, there is a need to reform the UN to have a realignment of its [...]

World Bank’s & International Monetary Fund’s Rise

The goals of these organizations are ultimately similar as both aim at the increase of the well-being of the countries throughout the world, either by reducing poverty and granting financial support in the case of [...]

International Organizations in Global Politics

A number of scientists tend to prove the idea that the progress in the evolution of the international relations results from the growth of companies and organizations which become influential enough to act at the [...]

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

To improve the effectiveness of the response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, the UNOCHA was founded. The UNOCHA pursues the same goals as the Department of Humanitarian Affairs and the Office of the United Nations [...]

Humanitarian Actions and the Evidence Base

Evidence, or lack of it, directly influences the effectiveness of a humanitarian effort, as without information the participating organizations cannot devise a coherent and adequate strategy, which would address the critical aspects of a situation.

UNICEF: Ethics in Organizational Culture

Being the organization with a great number of workers who have different cultural peculiarities and ethnicity, UNICEF, of course, has its own and unique organizational culture, which also helps this organization to create a tolerant [...]

The Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE

The group was founded in Egypt in the year 1928 shortly after the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. The Muslim Brotherhood has been branded a terrorist group in the UAE, and it is under the [...]

European Court of Justice and Regional Integration

The European Union is one of the best examples of regional integration frameworks in the world. In the current essay, the author examined this organisation from the perspective of the European Court of Justice.

Anti-Defamation League: Evolution and Definition

The mission was to stop the defamation of the Jewish people. The purpose of ADL has evolved from fighting against anti-Semitism and fighting against all forms of discriminations against any group of people in America [...]

NATO: Theory of International Politics

This organization was able to survive the end of the Cold War since it went on serving several helpful purposes for the members and also because the members totally came to an agreement that they [...]

NATO’s New Developments and Changes

The member and non-member states are yet to agree on the new strategies that would foster the development and growth of the organization given the completion of its major mission due to the demise of [...]

UN Role in Syrian Crisis

Other actors in the international system, under the hospices of the United Nations, are considering arming the opposition and giving it technical assistance to oust the Assad administration, which has caused pain and agony to [...]

The World Trade Organisation Challenges

According to Baldwin the tariffs on agricultural goods is as a result of the bindings that various countries and organisations have on the agricultural items.

Humanitarian non-organization WFP vs. IFAD

The core goal of the agency pertains to the improvement of food production. The agency has been complimented for effective response to emergencies in terms of food distribution.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Despite the fact that UNHCR has in the recent past executed its duty in the best interest of all the refugees across the globe, the agency faces some setbacks and failures that need to be [...]

G8 summit 2012 Analysis

In this summit, there have been issues that arise; for instance, expansion of the membership in the forum to reflect the presence of the multi-polar world.

International Red Cross Movement

Apparently, the movement is made up of a number of components that include the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The European Union and Mercosur

The exponents of the liberal intergovernmentalism theories put emphasis on pressures of the internal interests of the member states and their impact on the processes in the international unity, considering the member states as the [...]

Worldwide Fund Hong Kong

By doing this, it sells its agenda to the public; the public is familiarized about the functions and responsibilities of the organization.

The World University Service of Canada Meeting

Volunteerism A report on the volunteering activities was presented by a representative from the students' body and another from the overseer of the public organizations and institutions on the different projects they were involved in [...]

League of Nations

Eventually these became the rules of the treaty and the covenant became one of the Treaties of the Versailles. For the contrasting parties to implement The Covenant of the League of Nations, they had to [...]

Mennonite Disaster Service

The year of the incorporation of the organization saw numerous occurrences of disasters including the hurricane Andrew and the floods that hit the Midwest.

History of Origin of the United Nations

The origin of the United Nations resulted from the effects of the World War II and the need to establish a new and stable world order by the world governments and the common people affected [...]

Integration of Nation States

To some extent this argument supports the theory of political liberalism which postulates that the policies of a state are inevitably affected by the interests of other players. One of them is the large number [...]