Public Policies Essay Examples and Topics

Advices to the French Minister of Agriculture, the Head of the French Wine Industry Association and the Owners of Vineyards

Grape growing and wine making are the inseparable parts of the French image. As the Old World wine producer, France should pay more attention to the modern technologies. However, it is also highly important to keep the historical methods in order to save the unique quality and taste of the French wine products. The French […]

Nature of the Traffic Safety Problem in Oman

Introduction The focus of this paper is to clarify, elaborate and organize emerging perspectives of problem definition. Particular aims are: analysis of malleable nature involving public cases based on the problem definition, determination of common kinds of problem definition as such description posse powerful impacts for policy design and agenda access. In addition, the treatise […]

Can displacement of a few be justified for development benefitting many?

Introduction Development projects mainly include developers taking full charge of land that were in control of other groups previously. These development projects entail natural resource extraction, dam construction, renewing the urban centres, infrastructure projects like bridge, highway, and irrigation canals construction. Reviews of the available works indicate that displacement of persons due to developments focus […]

Housing Trust Funds in the US

Introduction Housing Trust Funds are distinct accounts that receive fund allocation from the public kitty so as to facilitate provision of affordable housing. Ideally, these funds are created through legislation or ordinance which creates the fund itself, regulatory requirements for expenditure of the funds, structure of administration of funds for overseeing funds operation and facilitates […]

Administrative Responsibility and Issues for the 21st Century

Abstract After Regan’s term, the republicans always wished to compel voters to take part in electing their own candidates since the ideologies formulated by him would be maintained. The nature and direction of American politics were marred by many myths and misguided beliefs that were used by both republicans and democrats in their campaigns. By […]

Analysis: “The Responsible Administrator: An Approach to Ethics for the Administrative Role” by Terry Cooper

The analysis of ethics integration with organizational customs and structures is important. In chapter seven of the book Responsible Administrator, Cooper (161), begins this critical examination. Evidently, his investigations portray critical highlights to this topic. For instance, he indicates that the philosophical course that mould and maintain resonate ethical behavior cannot be kept in isolation. […]

Public policy on corruption

Corruption denotes improper utilization of public office for personal gains. Widespread corruption is a clear indication that a given government is malfunctioning. A public policy created in this context regards anti-corruption. It is important to endorse a public policy, which advocates that no individual or any public/private office should indulge in corrupt dealings of any […]

California Medicaid Cuts

The proposed California medical cuts are initiatives, which the federal government has initiation to minimize the cost of treatment to the people whose income level is relatively low. This plan targets the low income group who depends on agriculture as the source of livelihood, thus might not be able to meet the high cost of […]

Mitigation of disaster

How the article aid DEM professionals in providing competent and ethical assistance to the citizens affected by disasters Digital Elevation Models are essential tools used by the geological departments in a nation to help reveal various aspects of earth’s structure. Generally, a combination of various factors is known to cause disasters; these include political factors, […]

Public Administration as an Interdisciplinary Field: Assessing Its Relationship with the Fields of Law, Management, and Political Science

The article under analysis is called Public Administration as an Interdisciplinary Field: Assessing Its Relationship with the Fields of Law, Management, and Political Science is dedicated to cross-examination of connection between closely associated fields to find specific processes and value that reflect those connections. Bradley Wright, the author the article, provides both theoretical and practical […]

Public Administration in the United States

Introduction Public administration can be described as the study or a field of practice or occupation. Politically, public administration describes or defines how the various branches of the government strategize and implement policies. Government involvement in the public sector can be either directly on indirect. When the government is involved directly, it employs public members […]

Corruption Definition

Introduction Corruption is the abuse or misuse of public resources, power and or office for financial or other personal gains. It is the use of illegal and illegitimate means to acquire advantage in private or public positions. Corrupt people lack the virtues of integrity, honesty and moral principle. Corruption has greatly increased in the world […]

Article Synopsys on Public Administration

The article under consideration is called Post-foundational development management – power, politics and complexity and written by Christ Mowles (2010). The author discusses the place of management theories in learning and development theories as well as how they are applied to introduce changes and improvement. Particularly, the author focuses on post-foundational management theory based on […]

Summary of Article on Public Administration

The article under consideration is called The Present and (Normative) Future of Public Administration and Implications for ASPA taken from the journal of Public Administration Review. Eikenberry (2009), the author of the article, believes that the ASPA future is closely connected with recent institutional tendencies in public administration that are formed by contemporary network governance. […]

The American Review of Public Administration

This article is an Inquires on the effectiveness of the tools employed by the government in realizing sustainable, effective and proficient public institutions. Early childhood education is the epicenter of the analysis, with the active integration of third parties in the public platform being one of the major emphases. Major theme of the article and […]

Public administration

The definition of public administration assumes several dimensions. The most common relates to the study of public entities and the relationship that exists among such entities and the world at a larger extent. It is, therefore, easier to explain the concepts related to public administration than attempt to offer a conclusive definition. The manner in […]

Public Administration

Introduction Public administration is the study, development, and effectuation of the different subdivisions of government policies. Public administration goals involve quest for public good by improving public service that encompasses civil society. Civil servants are the key players in public administration whereby, they run all activities from data collection and analysis, through legislation to execution […]

Has the Tea Party Ruined the Republican Party?

This “Issue Stance” paper presents facts to explain how the Tea Party has consistently ruined the Republican Party. In 2002, Charles Koch and David Koch established the Tea Party Movement thus changing the landscape of American politics. The party became popular after the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commissions case when the Supreme Court made […]

A Conflict of Loyalties

The government is mandated to implement policies that bring a greater good to the public. Government policies are implemented by people who work in the public service. These are better known as the civil servants. Public administrators have a wide scope of roles that they are supposed to execute. However, their major objective is to […]

Public Administration

Introduction People face situations in their daily life that require them to make decisions either on individual basis or collectively. The process by which people make decision collectively is called politics. Public administration translates politics in to real life situations that people face in every day life. People serving in public administration are called public […]

Economy Policy in UK

A policy is best defined as an alternative course of action that is typically followed for its expediency or merits in material nature (MacDonald 680). When circumvented in a political sense, public policy refers to a concept, most often a documented plan in which a government or a political union reaches at choices, action plans, […]

Relationship between Policy and Carbon Footprint

Problem and Policy Description Environmental degradation is one of the major problems that threaten the existence of humanity. Environmental degradation has led to the increase in greenhouse gases (GHG). Global warming is one of the effects of environmental degradation. This has necessitated countries to devise strategies on how to reduce their GHG emission. The Kyoto […]

Funding for Social Services in Canada

The National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organization (2003) reports that “Canada has 19,000 Social Services Organizations, which account for 12 % of the nation’s 161,000 nonprofit and voluntary organizations” (p. 1).In total, their annual revenues amount to $ 11 billion which is10 % of the total revenues receive by all organization in Canada. In […]

Leadership Skills and Management Techniques in the Business World

Today’s leadership in the public policy making arena faces a number of technical and fundamental challenges spanning from globalized marketing, advancement in the information technology and the dynamism of the hierarchical arrangements in organizations or firms. Recently years brings about wide changes in business transactions in the aim of facing out the global market modest […]

Media and Public Policy Problem in the US

Funding the News in the United States Living in the era of advanced technologies can become a serious challenge for any kind of new media. The government policies should introduce sufficient funding to sustain development of media in the United States. Certainly, the emergence of online databases and virtual communication networks has decreased the level […]

Abortion as a Current Public Policy Issue

Abortion as a current public policy issue/controversy in the news today Controversies arise because of different opinions of people due to individual uniqueness in beliefs, logical reasoning, religious, political, and social economic backgrounds that often lead to heated and argumentative discussions. While there are numerous public policy issues, the paper tables the scope, cost, policies, […]

Local Emergency Planning Committee’s (LEPC)

Introduction The Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) have the mandate of preparing and maintaining detailed emergency plans as stated in the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). Since the year 1987, the state emergency response commission (SERC), as stated in the Connecticut General Statutes’ Section 22a-601 (b) (DEMHS 1), created local planning districts. Upon […]

Impact and Strategies of Fiscal Stress on States and Municipalities

Introduction The following study will highlight how fiscal stress manifests itself in different states and municipalities, and how best it can be dealt with to avoid negative affect on the public. The public should not be deprived of essential services that should be provided to them by states and municipalities in times of fiscal stress. […]

Fire and Emergency Service Administration

Introduction Public safety is by far the most costly service provided by cities, in broad terms public safety includes the police, fire departments and emergency medical services. Santa Clara County (SCC) is faced with economic difficulties. These call for the change in the status quo to replace the deeply rooted traditions that are proving too […]

Interest Groups and How They Seek To Influence the Making of Public Policy

The history of American politics is a long one, composed of political representation of various interest groups, which play a key role in influencing the public policy. James Madison in his paper, ‘Federalist No. 10,’ observed the role of interest groups. However, it is important to establish who these interest groups are, before examining their […]

Why Technological Advances Led to Government Acts

There have been many changes in the advancement of information technology over the past two decades. Legal acts were created to better classify the rapid changes of technology and to protect the public. Many people find technology confusing, and there are people who take advantage of that weakness. Legal acts were created to protect people […]

ASPA Code of Ethics

The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) explains it ethical standards well. The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) outlines it ethical standards well. Its first standard focuses maintaining the public’s interest. The focus of the ethical standards include exercising discretion to boost the public’s trust, incorporating the public’s inputs in decision–making, and helping the […]

Welfare Public Policy

Public policies are decisions, laws, regulations, commitments, and actions made by the government (Gerston, 2010, p.7). Welfare on the other hand involves programs that are geared to assist marginalized people to obtain a decent income or services; target groups for welfare are elderly people, disabled or poor people. Public policies are government approach to tackle […]

Public Policy and Government/Law

In society, governmental entities are usually given the mandate to enact laws that govern the people and their activities, make policies and also allocate the resources at all levels. The best definition of public policy therefore is a system that is made up of regulations, laws, funding priorities and course of action regarding an issue […]

Public Administration: Functions, Problems, and Educational Requirements

Introduction Public administration is one of the governmental bodies, which study, develop, and implement different branches of government policy. Policy may be described as the things, which government does or does not do. Activities of government representatives are crucially important for society, its further development, and prosperity. Local government is a kind of administrative office […]

Governance: Who Governs? Who Should Govern?

Introduction Governance is the mechanisms that are used by an organization in order to make decisions, analyze these decisions, and implement them for improving the situation in the country and international relations. The role of the state governance and public administration is considered to be important in contemporary societies because more and more challenges take […]

Virtual police department

Introduction A virtual police is a national policing intelligence unit which is responsible for combating crimes (Jenkins 66). The unit also investigates and addresses issues that are causing unrest to the population. History This policing unit is believed to have started some years back. It is suggested that, the unit has been in existence for […]

Public administration and Private business

Introduction Public administration is concerned with the advancement of policies and the necessary management to allow governments to function effectively. On the other hand, we could also define public administration as the act of managing public programs. It is mainly meant to ensure that politics are translated into a reality that citizens expect to see […]

Creative Industries of New Zealand

Introduction Creative industries of New Zealand (NZ) have the potential to create not only knowledge but also goods and services in several fields. These include screen production, television, music, design, fashion, publishing, textiles and digital content. The creative industries have been built on the unique aspects of NZ’s culture. These industries contribute to the economy […]

U. S Postal Service

The United States Postal service is one of the most independent state corporations in the US and the only provider of postal services in the states. The organization is one of the few established institutions from the US constitution in 1775 by a decree of the 2nd continental congress (Ferrara, 1990, p. 11). Nonetheless, the […]

Public Administration Officers

Public administration officers are people who are employed by the government to work as overseers of the government in their respective areas of jurisdiction. Public officers are entitled to apply evenhandedness when performing their duties. This is meant to enhance public confidence in government agencies. There are rules that govern the conduct of public officials. […]

Subvention Mechanisms of Non-profit Organizations

Introduction Overview of NGOs Non-governmental organizations are a form of social enterprises. These can be defined as revenue generating businesses, which perform social functions and achieve social changes by using business principles (LCS, social enterprises, poverty alleviation, and long-term care of the elderly in selected places p.2). These organizations are usually regulated by various organs […]

Seminar scholarly reflective report

Introduction Different scholars apply varying definitions to the term “public administration” depending on their use for the same. In essence, the term often describes the various aspects involved in the development and implementation of government policies. As an academic discipline, public administration refers to the study of the development and implementation of such policies with […]

The Constitution in Public Administration: A Report on Education

The American constitution is supreme to other laws in the country; with this notion, public administration must follow the demand of the constitution. The constitution should be the overall law that governs issues and management of public institutions; in some instances, the constitution may have some bureaucracy that hinders efficiency among public administrators however it […]

Kansas City Hyatt collapse

Introduction Disintegration of constructions is no longer news in the current society since numerous incidences fill the media habitually. The increasing number of incidences continues afflicting the society as illustrated by material loss and fatality (Coppola, 2007). Countless factors have contributed to the occurrence of this phenomenon. It is noted that the main known sources […]

Questioning and Investigation

In developmental planning and implementation, it is critical that the policy maker understands the needs of each individual, group, and class. In this regard, it should be comprehended that the needs of one community might not be similar to those of another community hence there is need to offer services based on the features of […]

The National Incident Management System

How well did they follow NIMS as it relates to area command? The National Incident Management System (NIMS) was made up of two incident management teams namely Type 1 and Type 2. The type 1 attacked the firestorm since it had been mandated to perform both the functional and operational duties. Over 600 firefighting officials […]

Cold-Storage and Warehouse Building Fire

In 2009, a fire broke out at the cold-storage and warehouse building and killed six fire fighters. The firefighters died after they lost their way in the warehouse. They were searching for two homeless people who had allegedly started the fire and exited the building. After a police officer on patrol noticed smoke coming from […]

The U.S and Japanese Ideas of Policing

Police officers share a set of attitudes, norms and values that are very essential in their extremely tough working environment. It is these set of values and attitudes that constitute what is referred to as the policing culture. The police culture has been dynamic in recent times due to philosophical and organizational changes that have […]