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Public Policies Essay Examples and Topics

Privacy and Security as Conflicting Priorities

On the whole, it should be stressed that there appears to be a conflict of opinions in the society when it comes to the problem of choosing between protecting the privacy of individuals and their [...]

Australian National Aged Care Strategy

The problem of adaptation of the older generation in modern society is a rather significant issue because many old people can not afford some of the opportunities that are available to the youth.

Marijuana Legislation and Americans’ Contribution

To identify whether patients with intractable pain hold more favorable views regarding legislation of marijuana use than the general public, it is necessary to determine various inclusion and exclusion criteria that might influence the society's [...]

The American Hegemony Decline

This paper examines the re-emergence of geopolitics, the weakening of the U.S.defense strategy, and the internal divisions among political elites in the foreign policy team as part of the key problems that have triggered the [...]

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The challenging economic situation of 2008-2009 was the environment where the actions under the ARRA were to be taken, and the Act was the response to the situation.

Roots of Swiss Neutrality Policy

It is a general opinion that the neutrality of Switzerland started after the Battle of Marignano when the state's limits of military resolution of the conflict were exhausted.

Inequality and Public Policy

The presence of men and women in the labor force, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has been unequal for decades.

Smoking Bans: Preventive Measures

There have been several public smoking bans that have proved to be promising since the issue of smoking prohibits smoking in all public places. This means it is a way of reducing the exposure to [...]

Inefficient Decisions and Policy Bubbles

According to him, the sequence of the events is following: the incumbent designs a policy, then observes the signal about the effects of the policy and either continues or repeals the policy; voters revise the [...]

Republican Tax Rewriting

The purpose of the piece is to explore the consequences of the recent tax rewrite, pushed by the Republicans. An excellent alternative to the government's actions, in this case, would be to involve the public, [...]

Public Safety Decision-Making and Political Issues

The purpose of the article is to inform people about the controversy and support the statement of Charlie Beck. The case shows how leaders in public safety are impacted by political controversies and are forced [...]

The Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Many journalists, politicians, and members of the public blame the shooting on the lax gun control laws in Nevada. The new law would have placed the state in the C- category in terms of gun [...]

Recreational Drugs Use and Legalization

This means that illegal drug businesses promote corruption and bribery in the society and these are serious offenses compared to the consumption of recreational drugs. This means that there is a need to address the [...]

Politics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The civil rights movement that arose in the sixties ensured that the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963. Thus, the aim of the media events, orchestrated by the government, is targeted to change public [...]

Gun Violence’s Contribution to State Fragile

That is why the further deterioration of the situation will obviously lead to state fragility and the development of anarchy. Investigating the problem, one could understand that the mass export of guns by the USA [...]

Mass Communication and Public Policy

One example of the websites that help to exchange ideas but negatively is the In the real sense, there several public interests in conflict when the information about the funding of a politician is disclosed [...]

Texas Gun Legislation and Its Implications

These regulations include, the use of cannabis oil in the control of seizures for epileptic patients, legislation on border security was passed increasing the number of troopers to manage the security.

American Deaf Rights History and Disability Act

The key laws related to employment, accommodation and education of persons with hearing disability are the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Television Decoder Circuitry Act and the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Individuals with Disabilities [...]

Qatari Citizenship Access for Foreign Workers

Considering the number of immigrants in the State of Qatar, and the wide range of economic and social benefits that the citizens of the State are provided with, the access to citizenship is now significantly [...]

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in the US

The Children's Health Insurance Program is one of the current and robust healthcare policies targeting children in the United States. The main goal of the Children's Health Insurance Program is to offer medical insurance coverage [...]

Policies in Education

The real-life problem that contributes to those controversies is the multicultural genuineness of the community that was exposed to the federal and state standard reforms that transpired throughout the last ten years.

Policy Priority Issue: Dangerous and Vicious Dogs

In this paper, the researcher will look at the existing policies put in place by the state government of Illinois to guide the ownership and management of dangerous and vicious dogs and provide evidence-based suggestions [...]

Public Policy: the Issue of Drunk Driving

The Government puts a great amount of effort into the DUI policy to minimize the number of impaired drivers getting behind the wheel and mitigating the consequences of such conduct.

Myth-Based Education Policies

Media, political agendas, and myths influence the public and policy-makers, resulting in the formulation of ineffective education policies. One of the sets of values attributed to political culture is social relations and authority.

Public Policies and Legitimacy in Virtual Communities

In the summary of the article, it is important to mention that the researcher drew upon the institutional theory as the conceptual framework; the theory suggested that institutions were understood as resilient social structures that [...]

Disabled People and US Legislation History

The legislation was referred to as the National Defense Act, which permitted the soldiers to be integrated in the society. In particular, Section 504 was critical to the lives of people with disabilities.

American Marriage Trends and Government Measures

The US government should intervene and employ the most effective measures to promote the institution of marriage. This can still lead to a reduction in divorce cases, and instill marriage values among the US citizens.

Public Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

The UAE and the Dubai governments embarked on robust public sector reforms that covered a shift from e-government to the smart government to improve the quality of services to the public, performance management by regular [...]

Public Policy and National Service in the UAE

A literature review is done to analyze the underlying issues that triggered the formulation of the policy before investigating the various aspects of the policy with respect to its implications for the Emirati citizens.

The Current Political Problems of Sudan

The war led to the declaration of Southern Sudan's independence from North Sudan. The role of this authority was to help the government in managing both the citizens and resources at the local level.

Public Policy Formulation and Analysis in UAE

In order to understand the bureaucratic growth of this country and the number of employees working in the public sector since independence, the researcher will use a comparative analysis approach. In the same year, the [...]

American Gun Control, Limits and Background Checks

This shows that extensive limitations on gun ownership and sale can have a considerable impact on gun-related deaths within a country and supports the argument that amendments should be made on the Second Amendment.

Canadian Innovation Strategy and Policymaking

The aim of the program was to increase spending on information highway resulting in the better education system, development in science and technology innovation efforts, and technology diffusion in industries.

Lead Paint Policy: Regulation and Funding

The problem of the lead paint poisoning is not new, although, the government took actions to solve it, it should be highlighted that the issue is urgent as the poisoning still affects children and adults [...]

Social Security Dilemma

It has been realized that the huge retirement of baby boomers is likely to affect this social security program. It has offered tens of millions of employees with the base earnings they need to have [...]

Addictive Habit in Malawi

The public health problems addressed in the Malawian context incorporate inability to access clean water by most people, limited sanitary and health obligations within the region, cumulative health effects of nicotine, and public health concerns [...]

Tobacco Control in Malawi

On the other hand, one is to keep in mind that the treaty of the Convention on Tobacco Control was created to regulate the tobacco industry's production."Malawi is considered to be an extreme, but not [...]

Policy Analysis: Hyde Amendment

The policy was formulated following the court ruling that the state had to allow abortion to go on in society. According to the policy, even if the life of the mother could be in danger, [...]

Policy Making: PRWORA Act

This will help to reduce government expenditure on welfare beneficiaries who are not willing to work hard to in the country.

US Public Policies Social Issues

In view of this, the article is useful since it provides readers with brief and structured information regarding the differences that The Affordable Care Act makes.

The Policy of Community-Based Programs in Georgia

The policy of community-based victim assistance efficiently integrates the protection and means of relief for victims of a violation of the law with the development of knowledge addressed towards avoiding further deception.

The Third Party and Its American Political History

Despite the fact that the political structure in the United States seems to be divided into two political parties, the third one can still influence the election process proving that politics is very controversial, and [...]

Housing Trust Funds in the US

A survey conducted in the year 2000 comprising of seventy existing housing trust funds showed that, of the trust funds which had a dedicated source of public revenue, 84% of them increased their revenue allocation [...]

Public policy on corruption

The rationale of the policy The rationale of this policy is to eliminate corruption. Besides, this model will ensure that there is universality when it comes to the application of these policies.

California Medicaid Cuts

The healthcare medical cuts would also result to substantial reduction of Medicacid program that the state government rolls to help the low income earners meet the cost of treatment.

Mitigation of disaster

The way the infrastructure of a country is designed in relation to the geographical location has been portrayed as one of the factors leading to disasters.

Public Administration in the United States

When the government is involved directly, it employs public members to serve as employees for the benefit of the general population, while indirect involvement of the government would be when the government hires private contractors [...]

Corruption Definition

Neo-liberalism and corruption One of the major factors that contributed to the apparent rise and spread of corruption and which is a subject of debate is neo-liberalism which started in the 1970s and the 1980s.

Public administration

It is worth noting that such government operations determine the extent of success of the plans put in place to meet the needs of the public.

Public Administration

However, regardless of the motive behind action, whether it is a genuine one or not, workers have moral rights that permit them to air their views and call for integrity in work place.